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on October 25, 2013
Six months ago, I purchased two new Dell T3600 workstations primarily for use with AutoCAD, MS Office, Adobe Creative Suite, and SketchUp. It seems that memory upgrades from the manufacturer are always more than double what it costs to buy top rate components like this that I can easily install myself.

I know some of you will say that only an idiot would buy a workstation instead of building it yourself. Others will say that only an idiot would put aftermarket RAM into a new workstation. I don't have time to build a new workstation every 6 months (that is about how often we need to replace a workstation to keep things in cycle)and I appreciate that an off-the-shelf has Autodesk and Adobe don't know how nice it is until your software dealer's tech support staff tries to blame problems on your non-certified hardware. Additionally, I am still cheap enough to figure I would rather pay myself over $200 for 10 minutes of work to install this RAM than to pay Dell the same to do it for me.

Now to the subject works great, makes my applications run smooth, and makes me forget that it is even there. In my opinion, that is the sign of good reliable works so well that you forgot it is there.

After getting memory specs from Dell's website, I visited Kingston's website and confirmed that I was ordering the right stuff. Amazon delivered the product quickly at a great price and the memory has been working flawlessly ever since.
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on April 1, 2013
I have always had a great experience purchasing Kingston RAM. Typically I use Kingston Value RAM, but in this instance I went with the HyperX Blu product (even though it has a "souped-up" name).

My reasons for using Kingston RAM are (1) it is typically on the qualified products list of most of the major motherboard manufacturers, (2) they seem to pay greater attention to either the subcontracted components or the direct manufacture of their products, (3) they have a great amount of support through online forums and directly with the manufacturer), and finally (4) I haven't had a failure yet.

This RAM works flawlessly with my AMD FM1 processor on a Gigabyte motherboard. The performance frequency is as indicated, yet does take some slight configuration in the BIOS to reach 1600MHz speeds.

I will advise those purchasing RAM to consider two 8GB sticks as opposed to 4 x 4GB sticks - but read about your specific motherboard application first. The reason, typically, to go with two sticks is the dual-channel configuration that allows for optimal memory allocation and usage by the motherboard. In short, two sticks usually means faster access than four - but again much of this depends on the specifics of your motherboard / CPU manufacturer.

Months and months later this product is still working as specified on a combination OpenSUSE 12.3 Linux / Windows XP 64 system. I could not be more pleased.
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on September 25, 2012
I bought these as I was maxing out my 2x4GB sticks and only have 2 slots on my mother board. They were extremely easy to install, and I've been running them now for about a month and they have been working well. These were recommended to me by a "computer nerd" that owns his own computer upgrade/fix it shop. He said it is the only brand he runs. Overall, very happy!
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on February 9, 2014
When I started buying parts for my new PC I just finished building I went with the 16 GB kit I then decided to max out my ram so I got another one with the rest of the part I needed. It does not disappoint. All four stick arrived in perfect condition, The system runs smoothly and quickly. A benchmark I ran for FFXI scored 5500 on my old PC Dual core 5400 7gb ram Radeon HD 7800 (Frankly the only component worth anything in that rig) And my new PC which has the 32 GB of RAM I am reviewing an Intel Core i5-4570 3.2GHz LGA 1150 84W Quad-Core Desktop Processor It scored a 7200 that is absolutely amazing. I know all the new component helped the increase in benchmark score but the Ram has to be given it's due for contributing to an screaming fast machine. In addition to all of that I find most Ram to be flimsy but these sticks are thick and ridged. I'm not sure but its like there are heat sinks on the side but in any case I like the extra heft of the chip.
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on December 8, 2012
mini itx assembly 101 for all but graphic perfection...
[125]motherboard=intel dh77dx
[290]cpu=intel 5770 4core 3.4ghz...this processor will run 2mp[1080p]video stream w/o a graphic card...
more than adequit for movies and such...
if you need performance for games or 3d modeling then add a graphics card to your wallets limit
[70]mem=kingston hyper blue 16gb as listed...
[145]ssd=samsung 840pro 128gb
[635]total build cost[no gpu...excludes psu and case cost]
win7 scores out of 7.9max cpu=7.7...mem=7.9...gpu=6.5
if a perfect win7score isnt enough...they are nicely machine finiished and match the motherboard too
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on April 16, 2013
HyperX Blu is perhaps the single best memory I've used yet over the course of the last twenty years building machines. Highly compatible, completely tested and guaranteed, and a great performer.

Just recently purchased three of the 2x8gb sets (a total of 48gb in 6 sticks) for an aging motherboard that I'd like to keep in service, an ASUS P6T. The board was originally only rated to 12gb due to the density of memory sticks available when it was released, though the memory controller and chipset were claimed to be able to read 24gb and possibly higher to a total of 48gb.

I of course didn't expect all 48gb to run flawlessly, but that is exactly what it did. No bluescreens, no memory errors, the total installed memory was recognized right out of the box. Now the machine has 16gb for Windows 7, and a 32gb RAMdrive for all temp files and for software that needs a serious boost.

Definitely the memory to buy if you're looking for a compatible, hassle-free winner.
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on June 24, 2013
Have bought a total of 128GB of this RAM. Not one bad or flaky. Kingston offers lifetime warranties with all their products with little hassle. Not 2000+ MHz, but benefits in most applications, especially quad controller 2011 platforms, is negligible. Timings tighten down decently against rated. On a "strap" overclock, I ended up at 1666 due to the math, and was worried. Not a problem.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on April 9, 2013
I purchased this kit off of Amazon after spotting it on Newegg. It had a ton of positive reviews, which I've always put a lot of stock in, and the price seemed right. I put them in my brand new gaming desktop to expand my system RAM up to 32G and after a few days - endless BSOD. They typically pointed to Memory_Management, but weren't limited to just that. After weeks of troubleshooting and resource I pinned it down to a possible issue with the physical sticks of RAM I had installed. I ran memtest86 for several days, starting with the RAM I had originally in my system and testing one stick at a time (I currently have 6 of my 8 DIMMS filled) and low and behold the problem was with these new sticks! I'm talking 60,000+ errors in test 7, 80,000+ errors in test 8! I went back to Newegg and noticed a number of customers with the same exact issue as me. It seems this particular kit is prone to issues out the box, but once you get a working set they are good to go. I requested a replacement (which was very prompt) and have had no issues since (knock on wood). I definitely made sure I ran memtest86 immediately after installing the replacement set to make sure everything was good. So just be sure, if you do buy these, to test them thoroughly before you settle in and start using them, otherwise you may end up in a BSOD nightmare like I did.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on April 30, 2014
I have a two year old computer, and I had 8 GB of 1600Mhz memory in it. I bought this new memory, and installed it, and my computer refused to boot until I lowered the memory clock to 1333Mhz. When I put the old memory back in, it booted at 1600Mhz, but this new "HyperX Blu 16000Mhz" memory will only run at 1333Mhz.

The label on the package, and the sticker on both memory chips clearly says 1600Mhz.

I don't expect that I'll ever buy another Kingston memory product again, at least until all the other major brands have also let me down.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on April 12, 2014
The ram modules don't run at the 1600Mhz rating, you have to enter your bios and manually Set the profile to XMP.

One ram module was defective. I correctly installed the DIMM as the motherboard suggest (the 2nd and 4th slots). It wouldn't boot up. I tried switching the places. Same thing. I then only used one module. It works. Tried the other, it wouldn't boot up.

I'm in the process of getting a replacement, from Amazon.
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