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on November 14, 2011
WARNING! ONLY PURCHASE FLASH MEMORY FROM REPUTABLE ONLINE SELLERS LIKE AMAZON LLC. This card is sold by both Amazon, and multiple other marketplace sellers for cheaper but for a reason. If you try to save a buck and go with a market place seller then you will probably regret it. ALWAYS avoid said "Bulk packing". That is a FAKE product, PERIOD! After visiting the official Kingston website for this card you will see that Amazon is a "preferred online partner" for the sale of this card. That absolutely DOES NOT include marketplace sellers. I can't stress enough the caution required to buy genuine flash memory. So please remember, only buy flash memory sold by AMAZON LLC. You will be able to see who is selling easily. Anyways, onto the review. I bought this for my HTC Flyer. Imediately after opening I ran a benchmark test using CrystalDiskMark and everything came out clear with true class 4 speed (4mb/s) a tested capacity of 7.4GB. I plugged it into my HTC Flyer and have noticed a huge increase in the speed of data transfer. (Upgraded from 2GB class 2) Otherwise I expect this card to perform admirably and I just ask that people be more careful in their online purchases.
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on February 12, 2016
Came fast, works great, didn't have a memory error. Kingston is so quality I even spilled soda on the adapter, took it apart to clean, and was able to snap it right back together. The reason this is noteworthy is because if Kingston used cheaper plastic (A penny of difference, which separates trash from quality IMO) then it would of broke while I tried to open it up in the first place, let alone allow for the friction of snapping it back together without breaking the infinitesimally small latches.

I just felt like that was worth pointing out, because it shows quality & thought in manufacturing - the kind of which is scarce nowadays.
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on August 20, 2016
I wanted to get a low cost memory card for my niece’s camera. All I was think about was price. Unfortunately, I did not consider speed. The memory performs very good for taking picture but when it came to using it for video there were significant delays. If you want a memory card for storage of information, then this card is fine. If you have a video device such as a Gopro then look for a higher performance card. There were no issues with memory corruption and write failures. The cost of memory cards has gotten so low I should have just spent the extra few dollars for a higher performance card.
Please let me know if this review was helpful.
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on July 22, 2014
Great product. As it is Kingston, I've always trusted in them. A lot of reading writing allowed, more than the rest of Flash memory card. I've had Kingston card for long, and they've have always worked like charm.
Update for this item: I've always purchased Kingston microSD cars for most of my applications and need. But, this is the first time I got a defective one. The one I received is not recognized by the system most of the times. Every time I insert it it asks me for formatting the device, otherwise, I'm not able to access it. So, there is no way I can copy my stuff from one microSD card to the new one in order to upgrade my cell phone storage capacity. So, product defective, unable to use it, but not only that, I needed it for today or tomorrow. BTW, I'm stucked with a useless microSD card, can't use it, can't transfer my files, can't upgrade my cell phone, can't install the needed apps on my cell I was required to by Monday.
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on November 10, 2013
I purchased this card specifically for use in a Garmin Oregon handheld GPS. It is a class IV, so speed wise it is not a blazing fast performer, and is probably best for "static" data applications like storing MP3 music in a media player or cell phone, or maps in a GPS (which is what I bought it for). By "static", I mean applications where the device is mostly only reading data and not writing much. This card will also work well in smaller or older digital cameras of 12 megapixels or less, for still photography or VGA video (640 x 480). Class IV cards like this will almost certainly NOT work for high-def video.

As a camera card, I would only use Kingston or Transcend cards with caution. I have only experienced a few SD card failures in digital cameras since switching from film to digital in 2003, but both were from Kingston and Transcend cards. I have never had a Sandisk card give me any problems in a camera.
Using these lower priced cards for music or GPS mapping data is not going to pose a problem since you have (or should have) the data backed up on your main computer at home. If a card fails, just buy a new one (8 gb cards are dirt cheap) and re-write the data. But a failure of a card in a camera, say on a once-in-a-lifetime vacation, is another matter - you don't want to take any risks with an economy priced memory card when the same sized Sandisk card is probably only a couple dollars more.

SUMMARY: A budget priced 8gb class 4 micro-SD card with an adapter, so you can use it in almost any device that takes either Micro or Regular SD cards. Works well for read-only applications like music or GPS mapping where you only write the data to the card once, but use with caution in digital cameras, especially for critical photography where a card failure would be a major calamity. This card is NOT SUITABLE for high def video (resolution more than 640 x 480 at 30 fps). The Amazon Frustration-free packaging is nice: much easier to open than a typical heat sealed blister pack.
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on September 9, 2016
This memory card is temperamental. It did not work in my mom's phone, even though I reformatted it to a FAT 32 file per the recommendations of various people in cell phone forums (notably, it came already formatted as FAT 32, but wasn't recognized in her phone, hence why I tried reformatting). I have the exact same phone as my mom, and my SanDisk 32 GB microSD card works just fine in my phone, so I know it's not an issue with the phone. Luckily, I was able to use this in my Lenovo Ideapad 100S (it's like a cross between a chromebook and a Windows laptop. . . it runs Windows, but comes with hardly any on-board memory).
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on July 17, 2015
Works great! I've bought several of these for backups of highly sensitive data. Imagine, after you've encrypted your data securely onto a couple of Micro SD cards (redundancy!), then look around wherever you are right now and think of all the hiding places! And with 2cm of scotch tape, you can stick one to the back or bottom of a shelf, inside your safe.

So maybe an 8GB MicroSD doesn't hold nearly as much as a 128GB MicroSD. But just how many passwords and tax files and scanned medical records do you have?? 8GB is still huge for such a teeny-tiny package!
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on August 27, 2017
Kingston honors their warranty but I had to pay my own shipping on RMA - and it is hard to justify paying shipping on cheaper older cards. Sandisk on the other hand paid for RMA shipping when I went through that process with both brands recently. Ultimately a good product so I won't ding too bad on stars but can't give 5 when Sandisk wins the warranty/RMA war. I recommend Sandisk SD cards instead.
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on March 11, 2013
this micro sd card for laptops pcs, cellphones, tablets, cameras is super dooper fast! the brand kignston has always been the best and with this micro sd card,.. the file size.. the speed.. and the price.. im very impressed and i do tend to buy more of em!

ive never been ashamed of kingston! id reccomend anyone to buy from this company! they are my number favorite!

the lock on the side is awesome... and very effective..

loading files back and forth are very awesome and fast..

this card loads a little bit slower on laptops because it has to rely on an adapter but its maximum performace is for smaller devices and file transfering.. it makes the best way to universalize your files or even hide documents or videos on your phone..

the quality of this micro sd card is very very good quality! its not cheap made material!

kingstons been out a long time and they was one of the 1st companys to start the flash drive micro sd card domino effect and in my opinion they not just number one.. but i believe they are the leading company that can offer you a cheaper deal for better stronger quality that will last a long time!
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on October 21, 2015
I purchased this to replace my 1 gb card in my cell phone. So far it is working wonderfully. As of right now I have 1348 photos and 9 videos on it. And I still have another 3 gb available for storage. I have had zero glitches. Everything transferred over quickly and smoothly. Highly recommend this. The package the product came in was hassle free it was perfect for my needs.
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