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on January 25, 2013
I do have some criticism of the BTC450, but I also love it.

I bought the product to use in my car with an iPhone 5. My car already has Bluetooth, but it only supports HFP and not A2DP for music. I use the BTC450 for audio streaming and for a siri button on my dashboard. Although the BTC450 HFP works better than my car's stock bluetooth, I would rather use my car's bluetooth because it displays the caller's name on the navigation screen.

I did extensive research on similar products, and for the price this is the best product I found. Belkin, Gogroove, Scosche, and Griffin all make bluetooth products but they all have their shortcomings. The only product I found that seems better than the BTC450 is Parrot's Mki9000 series lineup. Parrot's lineup seems to outperform the Kinivo, but at a starting price of $150.


1. The BTC450 auto connects. This is huge...especially if you are traveling from place to place. Having to remember to press a button to auto connect every time would be extremely annoying. The only other product that did this was the Griffin Bluetrip, but it lacks accessible buttons.

2. Music sounds amazing. After reading reviews of bluetooth technology and the not so good audio quality this product puts all those worries to rest. I cannot tell the difference between audio quality from a wired connection or bluetooth. The only difference that comes into play is the bass. For some reason the BTC450 overcompensates for the bass which makes it louder. Not a problem because you can always turn it down.

3. Phone quality is superb and outperforms my expectations. Although I rarely use it, but when I do use it I am placing a call with siri. The quality of the call outperforms my car's stock bluetooth.

4. It works great with siri. I read reviews of bluetooth devices not being able to communicate with siri because of microphone quality. Not a problem. The BTC450 handles siri with ease.

5. The design is elegant and simple to use. It looks great in your car. The mounting strip is very strong. I remounted the same strip more than five times. The buttons are easily accessible and seem to be able to hold the test of time. The length of the cord and the car charger were designed meticulously.

6. The last and a deal maker for me is being able to use my car's bluetooth and the BTC450 simultaneously. Initially, I was having problems using both at the same time. Siri wouldn't work, music would skip, and sometimes it wouldn't play. However, I think it had to do with trying to use two devices with the BTC450 at the same time. Unfortunately, you can only use one device at a time and it only auto connects to the last paired device. Fortunately, over the last two days my iphone, the BTC450, and my car's bluetooth have been all working flawlessly together. I can switch between devices while still being connected to both. If music is streaming I can receive or place a call with my car's bluetooth, and when the call is done music will resume playing. I can place a call with siri and transfer it to my car's bluetooth with no problem while music is playing. Once the call is done, music resumes playing.


1. The BTC450 only connects to one device. I read a review in which you could connect two devices simultaneously using different profiles, but after consulting with Kinivo support and trying haplessly myself I could not get it to work. The only other product I found that can do this is Parrot's Mki9100 and 9200 devices. Bummer!

2. As stated before, I was having problems using my car's bluetooth and the BTC450 with my iPhone 5 at the same time. Even after I removed the second device from the equation, for a couple of days it was not working, but over the last two days it has been working great. I am glad it is working because I would have returned the product.

In concluding my review, the BTC450 exceeds expectations and I highly recommend buying this product.

Update 1/13/2014

The BTC450 also works with the iPhone 5S. I have been using the product for a little over a year, and I still stand by my initial review. The BTC450 is so useful in your car. I use it everyday.

Additionally, The USB charger did stop working, and Kinivo replaced the entire device immediately at no cost.

Update 7/29/2014

DMD posted a comment stating Kinivo made a new device supporting two devices. It is called the BTC455. Just wanted to share this information. The link is below.

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on January 24, 2013
I am very pleased with this purchase. Originally I was going to purchase the Belkin model, but the price of it was increased. I decided to purchase this one since it was cheaper and just hope for the best. I am pleased to say that I have been using this for a week now with out any issues. Audio quality is great. The device has a forward and backward track buttons on the top and comes with 2 adhesive pads to mount it to your dash (1 is an extra). The center of the device acts as a large play/stop/call button. Press the center button once to play or stop music, or to answer a call. Press it twice to call the last person you talked to. Pairing the device with my android phones was really easy (just hold the center button down for a couple of seconds). The device is charged through your cigarette lighter, but has a usb input in the back of the charger so you can still charge your phone with a micro usb to usb cable (assuming Droid phone). The microphone on the device seems to work great (I have had no complaints from people regarding the quality of the call on their side). The only minor problem with this device is that only one device can be paired with it at a time.

This device coupled with a Bluetooth Autoconnect app, means I can literally just sit in my car and begin to play music from my Phone without taking it out. This has significantly reduced the cable clutter that used to be required for me to connect my phone. If you have an aux jack in your car and are looking for bluetooth adapter I would definitely suggest this one.

- Forward/Backward track buttons on top
- Easy set up
- Very litter effort to connect to the device each time
- Good Microphone phone
- Excellent Quality and no skipping
- Cheaper than alternative
- Ability to charge your phone and the device at same time
- Relatively small and non-intrusive to add to dash

- Can only pair one device at a time

Update 12/4/13: I've been using one in my car and one in my wife's for almost a year now and they are both still working fine.
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on July 20, 2017
UPDATE: Since originally posting my full review, I've increased the rating from 3 to 4 stars. I've actually figured out how to use the in-car Bluetooth for phone calls only, and will be keeping the BTC450 kit because I can use it for Siri, which is a major value add. I actually have the option of using the Accord's HFL via steering wheel controls for calling people I put in the HFL phone book, or using Siri via the Kinivo device to initiate other calls, send text messages, get directions (iPhone nav with Google Maps or Maps app > 2009 on-board navigation), etc. If I call via Siri from Kinivo, I can use "Transfer" command on HFL to move over to better quality microphone built into car. I have updated by one star in light of the flexibility this unit has given over the cheaper Bluetooth receivers which have other drawbacks like no automatic power on, no remote microphone, etc. I also am aware of what I had to pay to get slightly better audio quality with a Jabra visor-mounted Bluetooth hands free kit and think there is totally value with this device. Will update review again if I have issues down the line with reliability, etc.

Ordered this because my recently purchased older (2009) Honda Accord only has Bluetooth support for Hands Free Link (HFL) and doesn't support streaming music or Siri integration with my iPhone. I hoped to use this for both phone calls and audio streaming. It works fine for audio streaming though it is more expensive than more basic devices which don't have a control and microphone which can be placed where you want them. Unfortunately the audio quality reported by the people I called right after installing it was poor. Because the iPhone can support both the HFL and a Bluetooth audio receiver, I will likely give up on Siri in the car, get a cheaper and smaller Bluetooth receiver, and use the HFL for calls for the superior voice quality. If your car didn't have call support for Bluetooth, and has an AUX input near a 12V accessory plug somewhere you can conceal the charger piece (center console for example) this would probably be a fine enough unit.

Final note: Mine seems to have shipped with a ground loop noise isolator, easily adding $5 or so in value, if you need it. Older card are more likely to need this to prevent engine electrical noise (whine) from ending up in your AUX input.
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on April 28, 2017
Love this product. I'm disappointed in myself for not picking this up sooner. I use it in my 2008 Acura MDX. I have the Entertainment package - which really just means I have the DVD Player. Ironically, with this package you don't get an auxillary 3.5mm port in the center console. Instead you get RCA ports in the back of the center console. I had to run an RCA to 3.5mm cable from the back of the center console under my seat. From the 3.5mm male cable I have a 3.5mm coupler, then I plug this bluetooth unit into that. This is superior to the Acura HFL built into the vehicle as it allows not only phone calls but music.

What do I like?
- Automatically connects - no need to pair after the initial pair. Within 5 seconds of the car starting my phone and audio system are paired automatically
- Audio quality of music/podcasts is fantastic. Sounds like XM radio, very clear and crisp. Even sounds good when loud.
- Voice quality during phone calls is good. Never had a problem with someone saying they cannot hear me.
- I can charge my phone while using this device.
- if I press the button once, I'll automatically be taken to my last audio use. If I used Amazon music, or podcast, or spotify, Apple Music, etc. earlier that day (in or out of my car) it will take me back to that album or podcast and continue where I left off.

What do I not like?
- Slight delay in clicking the button and Siri being available to hear me. Maybe 1 or 2 seconds. But once you get accustomed to it, not a big deal.
Not a big enough complaint to reduce stars by 1. One of the best values I've found on Amazon. Why didn't I buy this a year ago? Oh! This would work with a tape deck using the magnetic tape to 3.5mm cable. You'd just need a 3.5mm female to 3.5mm female coupler as I had to use for my RCA to 3.5mm male cord. Thereby allowing your 10 or 20 year-old car to have bluetooth.
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on July 11, 2016
Ok I am not going to belabor you with a lot of details, I am going to get right to the point. This thing works awesome on my 2004 Titan. I was concerned when I read other users had an issue with what I call "engine whirr" or noise when using the device. But from the first plug and start up this thing worked great. As far as clarity for music, honestly, beside having to turn the volume up a little more, I really didn't notice, but I am not an audio critic when it comes to music. I thought it sounded great. The call quality is very good and from what my wife tells me, it's very clear. I recommended this device to my daughter and she loves it as well. Connects everytime to my phone on start up, and no it does not stay on when the car is off, so you don't have to worry about battery drain. I would recommend this device to anyone who ask.I have photos of my setup before.
review image review image
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on August 16, 2017
I got this to replace my BluJax, because the BluJax wouldn't come on automatically when the car came on which was super annoying to have to reach into the console to turn it on. "You had one job..."

This has better sound than the BluJax, and the bass is huge. I had my car's bass set to 10 with the BluJax, and I had to turn it down to 6 with the BTC450. I like alot of bass but I don't want to annoy others outside the car. And sure enough it automatically connects as soon as I turn the car on.

I can say "OK Google" and the BTC mic picks up the command, so I can leave my phone in my pocket if I want (another reason I wanted this). I haven't used it for phone calls yet bcs that's not why I got it, but nice to have the option. Anyone who doesn't want it for that could just turn off the phone profile in the bluetooth settings for the BTC in their phone. The play/pause and forward/back buttons work great on my Pandora on Android (Pixel XL) out of the box.

I will update if I find any downsides but so far this seems like a home run.
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on May 27, 2017
I have gone through countless Bluetooth devices to make my car smarter and safer. Each one has ALWAYS had a problem. Bad sound, too bulky, crappy sticking and/or mounting, people unable to hear me. This has NONE OF THOSE PROBLEMS. Plus, on top of all that...I don't know about you but it feels like everything I've ever tried has been complicated in the way it has too many buttons that are so hard to keep track of that you wind up taking your eyes off the road to play around with it (which defeats its purpose) or giving up using it all together. But this is SO SIMPLE. It has very few buttons but they do it all. Anyone who sees me use it wants it. Many have ordered it within days of watching mine work. I am still sort of in shock that after all of these years, and hundreds of dollars wasted, I finally found the perfect device that turns my car into a great working smart vehicle!!
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on April 19, 2017
Ive had this about 18 months and the first several months it worked perfectly. After a few months it would no longer automatically connect to my phone when turning the car on. Initially I was then able to just press the button when I got in and turned on the car and it would then connect to my phone. A few months later that stopped working to connect my phone to it so i had to start doing it manually. Not really a big deal, but it was nice not to have to go into my phone's bluetooth settings and force the connection everytime i got in the car. I dont recall exactly when it was, but somewhere around the 8 month mark the audio out to the left speakers in my car began cutting in and out or just being much lower in volume compared to the right (balance in the car stereo was equal). Sound quality has always been very good with it. Call quality is OK as the microphone doesnt seem to work as well as my phone's mic, so i usually end up just doing speaker on my phone rather than calls through bluetooth to my car speakers, but I was more-so buying for music/audio purposes than calling purposes, so this didnt bother me at all. Overall, I am satisfied enough, but am going to try another brand for my next one.
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on March 18, 2014
I tested my voice quality though this by calling my father. He said my voice sounded bad with the Kinivo, tinny like I was on a bad speaker phone. He said my Motorola bluetooth and Alpine Stereo bluetooth (not ATDP streaming version) both sounded fine generally and by comparison, on his end of the phone.
However, music streaming through this sounds as good as if the phone (Samsung Galaxy Note 3) was plugged directly into the car stereo.

In my Kinivo bluetooth settings on my phone, I unchecked using this device for phone, but kept checked the box for media audio. I leave my alpine or motorola bluetooth, and this bluetooth, connected at the same time. The media (kinivo) audio pauses when the phone automatically switches to a phone-only bluetooth during an incoming or outgoing call. In this way, the two bluetooth functions are separate. It would have been SO nice if the microphone in my Kinivo was as good as any other one I have.
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on August 12, 2016
First off I am very satisfied with this! I am a producer and audio engineer so having the highest possible sound quality in my car is very important to me so I was hesitant to buy this because every Bluetooth device I heard sounded awful. This had great ratings so I took a chance and I couldn't be happier.

Important note: you may need to get a device called a ground loop isolator. If you ever get any kind of buzz in your car (usually happens when your playing audio from your phone and charging it at the same time) then you'll definitely need one of these. They aren't expensive either.

The device itself lives up to all the hype and there are plenty of reviews out there so I won't go into too much detail other than that. Though I will say it does boost the low end bass a little bit which is actually kind of nice and it is not a lot. Most people probably won't even notice but it's just a subtle boost which in most situations will probably be a good thing. And if it isn't a good thing you can always turn down the bass in your cars audio settings.

The call quality was a little lacking in my car compared to just plugging my phone in to the aux and talking through that using the phones microphone. But that being said its not terrible. I did a test call and they could hear me just fine and it was no problem. It pretty much sounds like every other cars Bluetooth phone call.

Overall excellent product and I highly recommend it to anyone!
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