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on June 18, 2011
Well, it just came as we were heading out to the beach for the week and I wanted to get it before we left. Nice packaging and everything is simple to use. I wish the cable was a little heavier, but for under $20-- no complaints. It is nice that you can charge it and use it at the same time which is something others cannot do. As far as sound, I chose to just get one to use with an iPod or my Blackberry with Pandora. I plugged it in to charge it and turned it on, no surprises which is a good sign. As far as the sound quality it is very good for what it is. Did I expect anything great, no but it is damn good and this is with me being particular with how I like things to sound. With the top open and the bellows extended, the sound is full and I can actually feel the bass on the table. Vocals are also good and it is also can play loud without distortion and is *exactly* what I was looking for. Do I need stereo? No, it is the beach and really doesn't matter as it is about having fun and being able to carry this along will simply rock.

As long as it holds up and works reliably I will be thrilled.

UPDATE: Well it has survived a week at the beach as well as a couple nights at the pool. Everyone that sees it can't believe that such a small speaker can sound, well, so "big". Battery life is simply excellent and when hooked to my iPod Nano--- it is the ultimate micro package. It is cool when someone smiles when they see it as it has that cool/ funky/ gotta have gadget that blows away having to drag around anything larger. Don't get me wrong, bigger products will sound bigger and better, but how many can fit in a pocket???

UPDATE: It is going to be almost two years with this little guy and it still works perfectly. I have been selling some things on EBay recently and I have been using it with iHeart Radio on my Android smartphone--- really does a nice job. It is great as the battery still lasts long and it plays clear and loud enough that as I move around the basement I can leave it in one spot. I am still very happy with my purchase and I hope it continues to work as well as it has. What has also been nice is the storage pouch it came with--- keeps it clean and safe from debris or errant pokes to the speaker through the grill if I toss it in my bag.
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on July 17, 2012
After reading through many, many reviews and comparing similar products I got down to a choice between the Kinivo ZX100 and the X-Mini II Capsule Speaker (Black). I watched the review videos of both on Amazon and then YouTube to see if there were any comparisons between the two so I could make up my mind. I found a few videos comparing each to other speakers but none comparing them to each other. So I looked up the technical details at their respective official websites and found this:

TECNICAL SPECS*****Kinivo ZX100****************X-Mini II*****

Dimension.........68.5 x 68.5 x 42mm (closed)...........60 X 44mm (closed)
Net Weight.....................94g........................................83g
Input........................L/R 380mV.......Battery Capacity.....400mAh
Power Output..................3W........................................2.5W
Signal to Noise...............>70dB.....................................>80dB
AMP Freq Range............280Hz-16KHz..........................100Hz-20KHz
Charge Voltage..............5V+=0.5V....................................5V
Charging Time................2 hours............................2.5 hours minimum
Playback Time..............~6 hours........up to 12 hours (amazon says 11, some reviewers say much less)

From the technical aspects it looks as if they are pretty similar, each having slight advantages over the other, which is what I thought before. When looking for more comparisons between the two, I came across this additional info.

Other Oservations*****Kinivo ZX100***********X-Mini II*****
Warranty.........................1 year..........................1 year
Speaker Connect..........Can daisy chain..............Can daisy chain
Stability..................Stays relatively still.....Bounces & travels with bass
Price (may change)...........$20.95..........................$21.95 (on Amazon)

Besides the Kinivo looking really cool with a unique shape, I prefer a speaker to stay in one spot & not dance its way off the table. If looking at just the technical aspects, you might be tempted to choose the X-Mini II based on its longer battery life. HOWEVER, what really made my decision (and what I think is the most important argument against buying an X-Mini from Amazon) was the following statement I found on the official X-Mini website: "Do note that we do not have any authorized resellers on Amazon or eBay. Get the real deal at the X-mini eStore today." This quote, plus the difference in price of the official X-mini II ($29.90USD + $15.00 shipping) on both the X-Mini website and at Walmart ($35), in addition to lots of complaints in the Amazon reviews, leads me to believe some are selling well-made and maybe some not so well-made copies of the X-Mini II. (There seem to be a lot of people having quality issues, batteries dying quickly and the thing breaking on them within the first week, one person even said they received an off brand very obviously not from X-Mini.) When you go to the Kinivo website, the ZX100 sells for the same exact price on Amazon as their website (with free shipping too), plus they link back to Amazon from the Kinivo Facebook page. This leads me to believe Amazon sellers do carry real Kinivo brand ZX100 speakers. While a real X-Mini II might be a great speaker, they also cost more than I wanted to spend. Therefore, I figured the Kinivo ZX100 would be a better bet. So I went ahead and bought the speaker from Amazon, confident I would receive a real Kinivo ZX100, getting all the quality, benefits, and features promised as well as a redeemable warranty.

When I tested out the speaker I was not disappointed, it lived up to my rather high expectations. I did indeed get a genuine Kinivo product. It looks very durable and well-made, definitely worth the $20 price tag. It enhances the sound from my laptop greatly, while watching a movie I didn't even have to turn it up that loud to hear voices clearly. I tested it on various types of music and the bass sounds absolutely lovely, especially for something so small, without becoming distorted when you turn it up loud. Before, I used a pair of comparatively priced Philips SPA3250/27 Multimedia Speakers 2.0 for my laptop that were just terrible, this single ZX100 speaker completely blows them away in sound intensity, quality and range. Plus, the ZX100 has the advantages of being much smaller, more portable and has a rechargeable battery. The Philips speakers ate up batteries like crazy and could barely be called portable. With all the good attributes of the ZX100, I don't really have any complaints. Even with the power button, which some reviewers have said you need to hold down for 5 whole seconds, I don't notice an issue with, mine turns on very quickly, maybe needing to hold it down for 2 seconds total. I even like the original way the volume is raised & lowered, as if those and the power are one continuous button. (You won't accidentally press more than one function as there is "dead" unclickable space between the buttons.) And should the blue power light bother you when the lights are off, you can temporarily fix it by placing a small dot of electrical tape over it & remove the tape in the morning. I am truly pleased with this purchase, after all the extensive research I did on portable speakers I can safely say this is the best available speaker of the type at this price. I may even buy another ZX100 speaker in the near future so I can get stereo sound.

UPDATE 8/9/12:
I won a Kinivo BTH220 in a contest on the Kinivo facebook page. Its basically a bluetooth version of the ZX100. I was pleased to find out I can hook them together & run them both off bluetooth using the BTH220 as the control. They sound really good in stereo and I love that they can be run wirelessly now.
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on October 5, 2013
Awesome little portable speaker for the price! Perfect travel companion for any device! Love the design and color. A must have for any one looking to have reasonable sounding speaker without hurting your wallet..

Quick Product look: comes in a small box with manual, usb and audio cable, speaker and carrying pouch!

Pro: rechargeable long battery life, small compact, bass packs a punch even at its highest volume virtually no sound distortion, its loud for its small size, recharge fast, and carrying pouch!

Cons: the cord attach to the speaker is really short,only can charge with usb charge, no bluetooth but thats ok with me...

Suggestion: hold the power button a few seconds to power up and blue light appear. Some reviewers did not like this feature but i like it because it eliminates accidental power ups when traveling. I totally recommend this little speaker it works extremely for the price! I am going to buy more!!!

Here's a small video testing Kinivo ZX100 pocket speaker
review image review image review image
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on November 30, 2013
Just browsing through Amazon for portable speakers and ran across this one. I ordered two as the site said they could be connected for a type of surround sound. Even it if didn't work as well as promised, I wouldn't be out a lot of money. They were delivered quickly and I found them to be very cute, small and powerful little speakers. One was already charged but I had to charge the other one. It doesn't take too long, I think four hours but I love the fact that you can turn them on and off and adjust the volume up and down. You just twist the top to open up the speaker. The speaker is small enough to fit in your pocket or purse for on the go. I take it with me in the car and listen with it instead of the radio. I have used it on my iphone as I listen to Pandora radio. It gets so loud my husband has to ask me to turn it down. I use it also with my kindle and more recently while rewatching Hunger Games on my laptop. The two together gave me great sound. My grandchildren ask to borrow mine and have all requested one for Christmas for their phones and ipads. You can't go wrong getting these darling little speakers.
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on December 4, 2015
I got this item in the mail yesterday, and have been using it ever since it was taken out of the packaging.
The resonator does increase the bass and make what you are listening to sound clearer.
The first thing I expected was it to be loud. My Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 was louder than it.
I bought a Boom Cube for 7 dollars, and it was louder than the Kinivo ZX100.

Overall, I don't think it is worth 25 dollars. Get something else.

EDIT: Today I tried to use it and it didn't make a sound at all. Don't buy this overpriced speaker.
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on August 15, 2016
Purchased to boost volume on smart phone for streaming video apps, looking to get another chargeable speaker w/ volume control like one I found on clearance at Walgreen s, no such luck here so wasted money- too much hassle to return. Physical clearance shelves really do have great hard to find anywhere else, especially online, items! Takes forever to charge, difficult to turn on, 3 inch cord limits use the few times it seemed to work, no boost when it actually did turn on despite volume boost app that kicks in anytime I connect phone to speakers. Maybe I got a dud, but item Not as advertised for me.

Incidentally figured out after a year with my Samsung s5 phone (gee do I feel like a dolt), that putting phone on plastic Correlle or Pyrex lid but not ziploc actually reflected the sound thus boosting volume/loudness enough to make a significant difference, unlike this Kinivo mini which did not. Hope this helps, as I too spend time reading reviews before making a purchase on an unfamiliar product, as I did with this mini.
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on July 8, 2016
I bought one of these speakers because I needed something louder than my phone, but would only cost me around $20.

-Speaker is very small and lightweight, can fit in bigger pockets
-Good, loud sound and bass considering its size
-Top twists to expand which improves bass
-Battery lasts me a long time
-Attached aux (3.5mm) cable that hides in the bottom (very short)
-3.5mm jack to connect multiple speakers together or a longer aux cable
-Bag/pouch is included to carry speaker and wires
-LED light to show when its on and charging (might be too bright for some people)
review image review image review image review image
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on November 28, 2014
I'm a music therapist and needed a speaker for my music therapy groups at the hospital where I work. I do five, one hour groups a day, and I only need to charge the speaker one entire night a week. It's loud and adjusts the sound easily. The pop up mechanism a great to adjust the sound in bigger or smaller rooms. I'm thinking of buying a second one to attach to the one I have to create a fuller sound.

The only drawback is the intense blue light. If I'm showing a movie clip on my iPad with the lights off, the blue light is blinding and always seems to naturally face forward. The cord you plug in to the headphone jack is short, so the speaker hangs oddly from an iPad, but I don't mind it. It's the light that's the problem. I've got electrical tape over the light.
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on August 22, 2015
Great personal speaker. Battery lasts a long time. I left the speaker turned on all night once. I then used it the next day and the next...and it kept right on playing. Very happy with the battery charge lasting so long. The supplied attached cord to plug into your audio player is short but long enough for most uses. I had a very long cable of of own before I bought this speaker so out of habit I've just kept on using that. The LED on the speaker is very bright. A nice feature. Also this speaker is amazingly light. Many people ask about volume level. Is it loud enough for a party some ask. I'd say no. It's a great personal speaker or for a group sitting around a table but not loud enough for a whole room. Look at the size, I'm sure it was never intended to be a party speaker system. That said you can string together several of these speakers to get more coverage. I haven't tried this so I'm not sure how effective this would be.

To sum it all up:
Overall rating- 5 out of 5 stars. Very happy with this product
Size- Small, a great stow and go item
Weight- Very light
Battery- Long lasting
Volume level- Fine for personal use or a group around a table. Not a party speaker.
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on June 3, 2016
This speaker is smaller than what I thought it would be. I don't know if there is a description about how many watts it is but it's only a 3 watt speaker. Its not as loud as my Alpatronix ax400 Bluetooth speaker but my wife loves it because she doesn't have to plug in headphones anymore. Which was a pain because I would have to get her attention. I can hear a difference when the speaker is closed and opened while music is being played. It has more bass while opened. It takes 2 hours to charge and you get 6 hours of playback. The only thing they could improve is the 3.5mm headphone cord. It's short and makes it impossible to position the speaker while plugged into a headphone jack. It's cool to that you can connect more than one speaker also. I got it for my wife for her tablet and she loves it. So I'll give it 5 stars because she loves it. If it was my speaker I would have giving it 4 stars.
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