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Kirby Mass Attack
Format: Video Game|Change
Price:$44.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

I liked the idea of a Kirby game but this one is a bit disappointing. The game is level-based similar to Mario games and in each level you have to find fruit to fill up a meter that gives you another Kirby & collect gold coins similar to Star Coins in Mario games. Another thing to look out for is the baddies that can even throw fire balls at you. With each hit, the kirby hit, loses pigment and will eventually fly up into the sky where you have to catch it or lose it. What was confusing to me is that I did not understand how the injured kirbies got their color back and it is through a petri dish shaped object with pink ink. There is an image above, signally its use, a kirby needs to go through it--up through the bottom center and out on the opposite side, now pink. These are to look out for as it is easier for a kirby to die than it is to pass a boss which leads me to my next point. Tutorials are not the easiest thing to do, I would suggest exploring. There are various Kirby actions you need to do to get a high score per level. Fruits and gold coins as well as defeating baddies are important and this may take several attempts. The game is not bad but would have preferred a story mode as well as to the level-based mode. In terms of movie the kirby clan around, though, and learning game features there needed to be improvement.
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on October 4, 2011
This game is a great one, focusing on the cuteness of Kirby rather than his trademark ability.

The game is controlled entirely by touch screen; pressing the buttons on your DS does nothing. However, the controls are very simple. It is all very nicely taught to you in the first level. Essentually, you tap where you want the Kirbies to go, and you fling them at various things. There are some tugging puzzles where you have all the Kirbies doing a 'tug of war' with something where you manically press a Kirby-shaped button until it comes loose. It works and it isn't tedious at all, unlike so many touch screen-only games. They've added a half-dozen 'mini' games to the story, but they are actually very fleshed-out. You can really spend three hours playing all the minigames.

The story is that the group called "Skullys" are terrorizing Kirby's world. They break him into ten pieces and now he must find him to become his normal self again. It's this reason that he isn't able to use copy abilities. It's a simple story that is looped together with story book-like story chunks in the beginning, end, and in between worlds.

As for my experience, I've had a ton of fun. I own pretty much every Kirby game that has come out in the US, and this one isn't the best of them, but it is in no way the worst. I found myself wondering exactly what made this a Kirby game, because it is very much like a Pikmin platformer. However, it is a great game that really should not be missed, even if you usually don't like Kirby games.
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on January 3, 2016
Being the last Kirby game on the Nintendo DS, Mass Attack is an interesting game that no one comes to expect. Payed it for a cheap price online was a reasonable to give it my best shot. After playing, it was the most challenging platformer that I didn't expect see this coming.

The graphics look beautiful, the side-games are fun, and controlling with the stylus is very unique. Be warn that holding the stylus might be painful to play or likely be frustrating when you are not plan correctly.

But still, Mass Attack is a unique Kirby game. It's not the "true" Kirby game you're looking for, but it is a solid DS game that fans will like bits of challenges.
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on March 14, 2014
This is the first game I have ever beaten on my own! I didn't have to call my husband in to beat any of the bosses! Some of it was a challenge, but for the most part it was just fun. It has many fun mini-games as well. I would highly recommend this game for all ages!
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on November 20, 2011
Initially, I was a little hesitant to buy this latest Kirby game since Kirby doesn't have any of his traditional powers and it's a stylus only game, which I usually don't like with action games. However, I've been really satisfied with all of the previous DS Kirby games so I decided to give this one a shot. I was very pleasantly surprised - this Kirby game has turned out to be a lot of fun! Things I specifically like about it:

1) It's actually very challenging! To get a gold medal on a level you have to get through it not only with all 10 Kirbys, but without a single one ever getting hit.

2) Movement. The only Kirby game I don't really care for is Kirby Canvas Curse because Kirby was just all over the place and I was afraid this second stylus movement game was going to be the same. However, Kirby's movement is nice and fluid, even when you have all ten. If you get one to jump up or go through a door, the others follow which is nice. And you can round them all up in a ball and move them as one, which is essential when fighting a bad guy in a closed area.

3) High replay value. The levels are easy to play over and over again, especially if you are trying to get a gold medal at the end (or even a bronze!) and want to get all of the medallions in the level.

4) Hints! Every Kirby game I've ever played has always had crystals, treasure chests, etc. that I either a) could not for the life of my figure out how to get or b) couldn't even find, and I have always wished there was a hint option. I know you can go online and look up how to do it, but I want a hint to help me figure it out, not just be told what to do. And this game has that, which is really nice for the ridiculous medallions.

5) Fun mini-games. There a lot of goals to reach in the game (like beat 5 levels with gold medals, get 10 medallions, etc.) and you unlock mini-games when you reach them. Some of them are lame, but there are a bunch that are actually pretty fun like Kirby Pin-Ball

One of the few downsides is that this one is a little on the short side. Each world has like 10 levels, which initially I was surprised and pleased by how many there were, until I figured out it's just because there are only like 4 worlds. I do miss Kirby's traditional powers, but the new challenges this game presents without those powers to rely on is actually really refreshing and helps set this apart from the other Kirby games, in a good way.

Overall it's a great game and I think it's actually one of the best Kirby DS games you can get.
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on January 6, 2017
A must have for any Kirby fan because it's so different, while still feeling like a typical Kirby game. They did a great job with this! My husband also likes this game and he hasn't played many Kirby games before so it's great for long time fans and newcomers alike.
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on October 30, 2013
This is almost like some weird hybrid of Kirby and Pikman... it's just crazy fun all the way. The gameplay is very original and addicting -- and if you're a fan of using the stylus in your gameplay, this game really takes advantage of it.

This is a fairly old game at this point, from the latter days of the DS system, but defnitely still give it a try. It looks great, even without the 3D, and is as good as any other Kirby game I've ever played -- which is saying a lot.
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on April 22, 2013
First off the game is addicting you are always controlling 1-10 kirbys at any time and you can choose how quick or cautious you want to go through most stages. Each of the 5 worlds is a level and there is around 12 stages and a boss battle for each world. Up to the end of world 4 nearly each stage was fun and interesting, but controlling kirby in the water does not work so well with the stylus. However the problem occurs at the end of the 4th world to tell you that to access the final/5th world that you must collect all the shiny coins (1 in each stage roughly) to access the last bit of the story/gameplay. Personally I dont care for this option of forcing the player to rehash so many levels over again just to beat the games story, so I have no plan to complete the last bit of the game now. Overall its a really fun game and shines as a game you can play for even just 10 minutes at a time.

Also the mini games are quite fun that you unlock, they are worth checking out.
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on March 26, 2016
One of those games that my kids are so excited about and love to play but holds 0 interest for me.

They're kids. It's a simple game with a E rating so if you let your kids play games it's a good option that they will probably love and you wont understand.
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on September 21, 2012
Once again, this is fully touch-screen based. It follows a different style of gameplay. And the story is interesting. An evil being multiplies one Kirby into 10 smaller ones. Kirby must use his copies to help him return to normal. It's interesting, but a lot of fun. It's also very challenging. If you intend to get 100%, then it's going to take a lot of time and patience to do it, as Gold Stars are not easy to collect, especially in the later stages. By far, this is the hardest Kirby game ever made. But it's also a lot of fun, if you're willing to put up with it.
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