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on March 12, 2016
Just like I remember it on the Super Nintendo, but better! (and by better I mean much more portable with extra content to keep the fun going longer.)
Kirby Super Star always was a fun experience for me because of the multitude of gaming options to choose from and how stages are set up it was an easy game to pick-up-and-play whenever without having to be committed to getting to the end. And the sheer number of copy abilities (with few special-secret abilities thrown in too) made tackling obstacles an interesting freedom-of-choice as some abilities can achieve similar results on certain puzzles.
The SNES classic Kirby Super Star was a relaxed, charming experience that supported another player jumping in to help at any point and this DS remake does not appear to revolutionize this formula, rather keeping fairly faithful to the classic with a few modern tweaks to cut scenes, a couple new story-line games, and a couple of new touch-exclusive mini games. Fun little casual Kirby platformer that can be picked up or put down and replayed for the journey, not the destination.
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on December 31, 2013
So yes, this is a remake of the SNES Kibry Super Star, but before you say that this is just a remake, they did add quite a bit. They updated the graphics just a little to make it seem new, but it also has the 8 original game modes plus an additional 4 new game modes (the TrueArena is crazy challenging, took me 2 weeks of hard work to beat). Also it has 2 original minigames plus 3 more new minigames. This is the best deal on any handheld system.

-Classic Kirby is taken to a whole new level in difficulty, but still keeps the same feeling as it did on the SNES
- It's one of the few DS games that is way better to play Co-Op than it is to play alone (that said, it is still crazy fun to play by yourself)
- There are 19 abilities that you can use (plus a couple special abilities such as, paint or mike)
- Each game mode is super unique and it feels as if you play 12 different games.
- The game actually has animated cutscenes (pretty amazing to have all this content on one cartridge)

- This is one of the few games that, to me, is perfect in everything from style to gameplay to replayability. So I have no cons.

- I highly recommend playing Co-Op with a friend (you can download play it)

You should buy this because this game is a classic, hence is why it was remade. This is what every remake should strive to be.
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on January 10, 2015
Great classic. Yes you can play this free on an SNES emulator but I wanted to be able to play this on the go without lugging around my PC or Laptop and a USB controller. The 3DSXL is cheaper and smaller. Since I don't want to risk modding my 3DSXL I went with buying the actual cartridge. Only a few Gamestop stores have a used copy of this game on their shelves, typically the centralized ones in big cities. It's getting more expensive to get a copy anymore because they are drying up, so get it while you can. Info on the game can be found anywhere since it's so old in the original form, it's a great classic Kirby game with good controls and a decent amount of gameplay. Difficulty can vary mostly on user skill level, but it greatly ramps up towards the end to give even lifetime veterans like me a challenge on the last few segments. For the most part it's a fun and slightly forgiving game.
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on June 5, 2013
Being an enormous fan of the original Kirby Super Star (I've still got it and play it occasionally on my ole' Super Nintendo), this seemed like a no-brainer for me. It's still a great game, though I actually prefer some of the graphics on the Super Nintendo, which had a primitive 3D look to many of the pre-rendered backgrounds. However, it plays great on the DS/3DS, and if you've never tried a Kirby game (or you've tried and liked others), this is the definitive high point of the franchise. The game is split into 7 or so smaller adventures that build on one another, and the change in tone and whatnot helps keep it from getting old. The only annoying thing is that co-op is more difficult to utilize than before, given that you need a whole other system if you want to play anything more than Spring Breeze, whereas before you just needed another controller and a friend. This is a shame, since Kirby Super Star Ultra is at its best played with a friend. All in all, a great game and a great deal, particularly if you missed out on the original.
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on July 14, 2017
my son gives a 3 star
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on March 14, 2017
kids like it
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on July 26, 2017
Great, thank you.
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I love Kirby games!! THis game is a lot of fun..I did however find it a little disappointing that the first game is actually a stripped down version of the original kirby for gameboy! They left levels out and that was disappointing to me. It is a very fun game though
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on July 5, 2016
I remember playing the original on the Super Nintendo and I would have been satisfied with just a port. But the developers went the extra mile and added lots of content to give us our money's worth. If you can find a decent price for it, then definitely buy this!
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on June 24, 2015
I have good memories playing this game with a friend as his helper on the Super Nintendo when I was a kid. This version adds a good deal of content but I found the 3D cutscenes less charming than the original 2D cutscenes they replaced. Oh well. Maybe the new generation will like it more.
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