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on May 17, 2014
As a kid growing up I had just a handful of Nintendo games, with Kirby's Adventure being one of my favorites. I mastered levels, figured out how to get all the secrets, discovered the best powers for getting through tricky areas. When I saw that Kirby Triple Deluxe was coming out, all I really hoped for was something to feed my nostalgia - but this game is SO much better than that!

Kirby Triple Deluxe is beautiful, from its bright rich colors to its fantastic use of 3D. Traps and enemies come rushing toward the viewer from the background to the foreground, looking like they'll pop right out of the screen. And the background isn't there just as a backdrop - in some areas Kirby can transition to the background and find secrets and goodies. As I scaled levels I wasn't just looking ahead of me, but in to the distance to see what else was available.

Which takes me in to level design. There is much here to feed the nostalgia, but that also makes use of the 3DS's capabilities. There are still plenty of optional puzzles where if you don't have the right power or aren't quick enough or just don't want to, you can skip it, though you'll probably want to come back. It's nice to have that extra challenge when you want it, but it won't frustrate less experienced players since you can leave it for later. The player does have to collect a certain number of "sunstones" in order to keep progressing through levels - in my experience there are enough in plain sight to keep progressing, with some others offering more of a challenge if you want to be a completionist.

I also want to note that Nintendo did a great job of balancing the challenge in this game. Sure, the earlier levels are a walk in the park, but as you go on the challenge starts to ramp up - without ever feeling frustrating or cheap. The greatest risk I found as I progressed was breaking a piece of a puzzle so that I had to come back later to complete it. But when it came to your basic combat and getting through a level, you always know what got you, why, and how to avoid it next time. The bosses are wonderfully designed as well, and well they are more difficult to get through (as bosses should be!), it is reminiscent of an old-school game in that they have patterns and you learn quickly how to avoid the bad and whittle them down.

My nostalgia was well fed with plenty of older enemies and powers, with many new powers added as well. I don't want to spoil any of the new ones because I was so pleasantly surprised every time I found something new, just know that you will find a power you love using and that will suit your playstyle! It also gives you multiple ways to get through the same level - maybe power X will make it easier, but do you need power Y to get in that secret area?

This is a wonderful entry to the series, whether you're trying a Kirby game for the first time, or are a seasoned pro. I found plenty of replayability as well as just pure joy in rediscovering the world of Kirby, and if you enjoy Kirby, platformers, and/or general quirk, I think you'll enjoy Kirby Triple Deluxe as well.
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on July 22, 2014
Looking at trailers for this game, you may think that it is no different than the Kirby's Return to Dreamland, and while the game plays very similar and looks very similar to that game, this new game being on the 3DS adds some new features. For instance, the 3D is very nicely implemented in this game, the player not only get's a strong sense of a foreground, mid ground, and background visually while playing each level, but there are several mechanics in the game where the enemies or environment will come at Kirby from the foreground/background. In other words there is a nice sense of depth to this game that I haven't seen in other 3DS titles.

Kirby's new big super-power-up in this game is quite fun, there is something very rewarding about being able to suck up anything, the environment, massive enemies, you are almost invincible, but this does not happen in every level, it would make an already easy game TOO easy.

Another thing I liked about this game over other Kirby installments was that the collectables made more sense. For example, in Kirby's Return to Dreamland, you had to collect these cogs in each level, and when you collected enough you could unlock mini games and extra things, which I never really made use of. In Triple Deluxe, I felt like the collectables made more sense. HOWEVER, they did throw in a second collectable item that as far as I know is completely useless.

The only things that bugged me in the game was the use of the "motion control" in the 3DS itself, I'm not sure if there is a better name for it, but there are parts in the game where you have to physically rotate your 3DS to control something in the game, it just felt gimmicky to me and I personally felt it didn't really add anything to the gameplay. I've seen other 3DS games do this, but I just don't particularly care for it.

Also, towards the very end of the game, it ends up recycling old boss fights in place of new levels, this is something MAY games seem to do, I don't mind it TOO much, but I do think it's a little lazy on the game developer's part.

Like other Kirby games, there are a couple mini games in addition to the story mode, and once you beat the game, two new mini games open up, one of which you get to play as a different character, but I won't spoil it.

All in all I enjoyed playing this very much. I am a long-time Kirby fan, and I think this will also please other fans of the series. It's also great for anyone who has never played a Kirby game before too, you don't really have needed to play any other installments to know how to play this
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on May 30, 2015
I've enjoyed Kirby in various other games, such as Squeak Squad and the DS version of Superstar Ultra. And in this installment, we get the same fun, but more polished and deep, so to speak. The visuals are fantastic and show the 3DS' ability to have the quality of older consoles, and was an extremely enjoyable transition from the previous games mentioned above (with 2D and less detailed graphics). The music was orchestral and a pleasure to listen to (even when not playing!), and the enemies were fun and gave some quite enjoyable abilities. Each Kirby form has at least a few attacks, with some boasting quite a few fun ones. There is combat, but the music, colorful stages, and cartoonish-ness of it all keep the game light-hearted and a blast to play. It's not the most challenging game, but it's great if you're looking for something fun and silly to play, or something for your kids. There's a few extras thrown in, which give the game some more play time. Replayability is more for the fun of it, but I've played at least one stage again for no reason other than the fun and music in it. Definitely recommended, a fantastic Kirby game!
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on May 6, 2014
The story mode was pretty easy but the beauty of detail, colors and 3D effects plus the other games offered make this game worthy of five stars.
I did wish for it to be longer and far more challenging. Second playthrough as King Dedede makes the game more challenging.
If you collect all crystals on each world, you're in for a surprise.
Collecting keychains is fun as it brings back memories from previous game characters.
The goal game at the end of each level requires precise timing in order to get to the 7th cloud which grants you an extra keychain.
There's a few very challenging levels and the game reminds you of any good platformer game such as Mario Bros, Mega Man and so on.
It would be even better if the arena could be played online with players from aound the globe but it's only local and doesn't require an extra cartridge so that's good.
King Dedede's Drum dash takes time to get used to the beat and get "Greats" and all the coins before time runs out.
So for any Kirby fan out there, this game is a must.
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on July 30, 2015
I haven't played the game all the way through yet, but I already love it. The only other Kirby games I have played are Kirby's Adventure for the NES and The Crystal Shards on N64. I loved both of those games, and Triple Deluxe combines a lot of the elements I loved from the older games into a fresh new adventure. NES players will be delighted to hear the familiar, although slightly remixed, versions of some of the old theme music. While the N64 lovers will enjoy the pseudo-3d world and effects. The powers are cool and the featured super-nova sucking ability is definitely a nice feature and provides a few new ways for puzzle solving.

Overall, this is a great game. If you love Kirby games, this one brings just the right amount of familiarity along with some really cool new elements all on your handheld. 10/10 would recommend.
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on January 7, 2016
In the past, handheld Kirby games were mostly involve 2D-style platform for over two decades. In 2014, that would change with Kirby Triple Deluxe. Kirby's first 3DS game contains (1) Story (2) Music/Rhythm and (3) Battle Mode.

Story Mode: Clever plot, great dynamic change with background and foreground, awesome new copy abilities, and cool boss battles
Music/Rhythm: Good song selections and remixes, and unique gameplay
Battle Mode: Fantastic arenas, wonderful selection of copy abilities, and fun chaotic matches

Overall, the entire package is stunning and perfect. Triple Deluxe is the best Kirby game I ever enjoy. Die-hard fans must recommend this 3DS title.
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on May 6, 2014
Sometimes you need a break from complex games that require you to dig through guides and walkthroughs...this game is the perfect antidote. It's just simple fun- nothing too complex, just bright, colorful, engaging fun that anyone of any age can enjoy. It's a gorgeous game for the 3ds as well, and the 3d effects are put to use in a way that actually works with the gameplay, it's not just a cosmetic effect. Kirby is only the second 3DS game that runs at 60fps while 3d is on, and it looks really great/polished because of it. Not to mention the controls are spot on as well. So it's just another AAA release from Nintendo all around. I play this when I need a break from Dark Souls 2, switching off between the 2 of them works out well for me.
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on August 8, 2014
I'm writing this review at 21 years old. I grew up with Kirby games, and I just recently picked this one up to pass time in the summer. It is truly amazing! The 3D effects are incredible- seeing enemies float in and out of the screen is just spectacular. They really put a lot of effort into using the 3DS to its full capacity.

Apart from that, the actual gameplay is a joy. Back in my day, Kirby only had one move for each ability. Nowadays, he has different dash attacks, down attacks, aerials, etc. for every single one of his copy abilities. It truly is fun to try them all out.

If you're looking for a game that will wow you with 3D effects, this is it.
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on August 14, 2017
It's not Nightmare in Dreamland but the story of Triple Deluxe is fun, fast, and leaves room to re-explore stages for secrets after beating the level. The mini games actually steal a lot of the thunder away from the main campaign here and are a lot of fun to play with friends. Though, after a few play throughs the minigames begin to show their shallow nature. Once you beat this there isn't a whole lot to return too, though.
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on June 6, 2014
Kirby got the short end of the stick for a long time when it came to new entries in his series; for whatever reason, it was decided that instead of focusing on action platforming and copy abilities, he should star in a series of gimmicky spinoff titles of varying quality (at least Air Ride was fun). Return to Dream Land was the series savior by taking the gameplay of Super Star / Ultra, refining it, and making it better in almost every way. Kirby Triple Deluxe is a spiritual successor in that it plays similarly, but also improves it even further.

The game's story is thus: late one night while everyone is asleep, a massive beanstalk sprouts under Kirby's house and King Dedede's castle; when Kirby wakes up the next morning, he sees his house isn't on the ground anymore, instead being high in the air in a mysterious kingdom called Floralia. When he goes outside, he sees King Dedede's castle above, and climbs the beanstalk to get to the castle, presumably to check on Dedede. Upon entering the castle, he spots a spider creature (revealed to be named Taranza) easily defeating Dedede's Waddle Dee guards and proceeding to capture Dedede himself. Taranza then breaks through the ceiling and ascends the beanstalk with him, and Kirby chases after to save Dedede. The rest of the game's plot does not really come in until the final world; Kirby games have never really been story-based, more using it as an excuse for gameplay, so the fairly barebones plot is fine.

This game continues the trend set by Super Star / Ultra of giving every copy ability multiple attacks (save for Mike and Crash, which are limited use), rebalances them from Return to Dream Land, and adds five new abilities in Archer, Beetle, Bell, Circus, and Hypernova, the latter of which replaces the Super Copy Abilities. The first four new abilities are interesting and don't feel like any abilities before them, while Hypernova is used to solve puzzles and get through certain levels. Sadly, the Water ability introduced in Return to Dream Land did not return, even though Leaf and Whip did. Tornado, though not a new ability, was also removed but replaced by the return of Wheel. Speaking of Hypernova, it's on an entirely different level: Kirby turns golden and his inhale is made drastically more powerful, capable of inhaling enemies, objects, hazards, even parts of the level he gains the ability. To give you an example, in one level with Hypernova, Kirby's path is blocked by a tank, and upon attempting to inhale it, you get to watch Kirby's inhale quickly strip the tank apart piece by piece, and eat all of it.

A fairly large gameplay gimmick is 3D space: the game functions like a 2.5D game, as the background and foreground of levels almost always have things in them, and Kirby can move between them using special stars that appear at certain points. Full advantage of the 3DS' 3D technology is taken by frequently having Kirby, projectiles, and other things move toward or away from the screen; for example, Kirby can get flattened against the screen by some hazards. Enemies can enter Kirby's path from the background and foreground, and certain items and abilities let him attack enemies from the background, foreground, and the level. The bosses in this game are some of the most creative, dynamic, and elaborate in the entire series, which is saying something considering the Kirby series' standards, and they make full use of the background and foreground in their attacks and movement.

The soundtrack features remixes of some good songs from previous games, and keeps a few themes from Return to Dream Land, but all of the songs exclusive to this game are also great to listen to as well. The jingle when you get a copy ability is an updated version of Super Star / Ultra's, and the Kirby Dance themes (short and full) are played at end of every level depending on how well you do at the cannon minigame, while only the full version is used when a world boss is defeated. A special mention goes to each of the final boss' themes, which sound like they came from a different franchise entirely, and rank among the highest of the series'.

The main game (which the game refers to as Story Mode) is single player, which is unfortunate considering Return to Dream Land and four player co-op. I suppose it makes sense to an extent: King Dedede was kidnapped, Bandanna Waddle Dee gives you items in some levels and before each boss, and Meta Knight is not present in the game at all, but it would have been nice to have two player co-op, especially since the new minigame Kirby Fighters can be played with up to four people. In addition, though there are many levels, and has its own version of Extra Mode based on Meta Knightmare Ultra (from Super Star Ultra) called Dededetour, the game still feels a bit on the short side.

Speaking of Kirby Fighters, it is essentially Smash Bros. with health bars, wherein 2-4 people (or 1 player and 1-3 CPUs) pick from one of 10 copy abilities and fight one another. Archer, Beam, Bomb, Cutter, Fighter, Hammer, Ninja, Parasol, Sword, and Whip are the abilities available. Stages to choose from are fairly varied, featuring classic locales like King Dedede's arena from the Kirby's Dream Land (though based on Super Star / Ultra), Castle Lololo, and a forest with the animal friends from Kirby's Dream Land 2, to give a few examples.

Shortness aside, the game is still excellent. Its only real flaws are that it is somewhat short, lacks multiplayer in Story Mode, Kirby Fighters needing more abilities (Fire, Ice, and ESPECIALLY Circus should have been present), and the nerfing of Ninja (Quad Shock is now ground-only, the ability does less damage in general, and it's almost worthless in Kirby Fighters). If you like Kirby games, definitely get Kirby Triple Deluxe for the Nintendo 3DS.
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