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on September 19, 2016
This game is adorable! My daughter purchased this with some of her birthday money, and it was definitely a great choice. I've played a lot of Kirby games and they are always cute, but this one takes the cake. Kirby has been turned into yarn, and that means everything around him is yarn too - it's just too cute seeing the backgrounds and enemies in this new style.

The game is a little easy for adults, but most Kirby games are. But for a kid, either one new to games or one who doesn't often play in this genre, it's perfect. Even a younger child could play it, as the story is told by a narrator as you progress through the game.

All in all this is a pretty solid game, and a great addition to the series. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a game for a child with a Wii or Wii U - or just to returning fans of the series.
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on January 10, 2018
Even though the cover looks "babyish", the game is fun and challenging. I purchased it for a 4 and 6 year old. They are learning how to control jumps, swings, throwing, and grabbing items, plus work on how to get into blocked and/or high areas. It has both single and 2 player modes. The 2 player mode allows working together. The most important aspect is that the game doesn't have any lives, so no matter how many times you fall in the water or jump off a cliff, you don't have to start all over. You lose your gems, but that's all. The gems reappear so that you can pick them up again and move on. I feel that makes the game much more user friendly for a younger age group. This has been one of the best games I have for the Wii.
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on April 29, 2015
Kirby without his inhale ability? Well, plenty of Kirby titles have him lacking his signature move. Cannot really either when air goes right through.
Yarn and fabric and thread? Oh my yes; Kirby yanks apart enemies with his heart? star and the background of the entire world of Patch Land is constructed in such a way that you see how it is fabric but it does not shove the aspect in your face. Everything compliments itself rather well. Found myself wanting to experiment with each button, unzip the hidden locations, walk behind fabrics and notice the budges.
Mind-blowing music complimentary to a Kirby title? Triple yes. 50+ Remixes from past titles and new additions. The game recognizes this and has part of completing everything as collecting CDs for the music in every level (bosses present after defeat).
The idea of gameplay revolves around gathering beads/jewels, stringed together to reach new ranks and unlock patchs which futher more levels (or for beating past scores). The game can be easy in the sense that you never die, but if an enemy hits you or you fall off into oblivion, there goes your string. So yeah, try completing stages without damage (it is possible, have done so with most).
Customization? Yep, in the form you have an apartment and gather/buy pieces/fabric to design it whatever/however (Items being amassed during each level) Beds, chairs, you can sit or sleep on; toys rock or make sounds, etc. Large selection of fabric for wall and floor (no crafting own print, but variety with quality).
Mini-games? In the form of challenges from apartment neighbors, who reward you with fabric prints (the best ones out of total selections). Those I enjoyed, even if some were downright annoying.
The story overall was basic and rather there to give reason to the whole existance of this fabric-y realm. However, the fact that King Dedede and MetaKnight appeared compensates and this Kirby title really shines fine without.
Probably one of, if not, the lengthiest Kirby titles. Those 50+ songs? Each level does not repeat the same music. 30-40 hrs to finish everything.
Did I enjoy? Yes. Replayability may not be the strong suit (will play again in future though), but the journey was epic.
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on November 12, 2014
Got this for my two daughters, and it is one of the few games they can play together without all the arguing that usually ensues. With one in 3rd grade, and the other in Kindergarten, it is very hard to find a game they can play together, without some sort of squabble. Either the game is too easy for the older one, and she gets bored due to lack of challenge, or it is too hard for the younger one, who winds up running out of lives for her character, or her character gets left behind. With Kirby, they both play on the same screen, but it seems like most of the time there are both easy and more challenging things to do, which keeps them both fairly happy. Also, the gameplay is such that your character never 'dies', the goal of the game is to complete different 'rooms', with each room having a different sort of puzzle to solve, while collecting goodies like gems or stars along the way. If you fall off a ledge, for example, your character doesn't die, you just lose a few of your goodies. Also, if one character gets too far ahead or behind the other, they do not die, they turn into a sort of 'angel' and floats to the other character, and when they get back together, it reverts back to the normal character, and play is resumed.
Gameplay is clever, and has kept my kids entertained for quite some time. 'Kirby' is the character they control, they each get one of a different color. Kirby is made of yarn, as are most of the other characters (hence, the 'epic yarn' part of the game). Because he is made of yarn, Kirby can shape shift, as he goes into different worlds, which opens up new dimensions of gameplay. For example, Kirby normally walks, runs, jumps, etc. However, when he jumps into the water, he may transform into a kind of submarine, with special moves/abilities that he only has when he is a submarine. The same sort of thing happens when he goes into outer space, Kirby morphs into a UFO, again with special moves/abilities the kids need to figure out in order to get through that particular 'room'.
The game starts out in Kirby's own 'room' which the kids can decorate as they wish. They can buy decorations, and even furniture with the stars and jewels they earned from solving the puzzles in other rooms. At first, I thought this was gimmicky, but I was surprised at how much my girls enjoyed decorating and re-decorating Kirby's 'room', personalizing it to their whim. Maybe it is more a girl thing, but they really enjoy that aspect of it, as well.
All in all, a good game for younger kids, as there is at most some light cartoonish violence, but defeating an 'enemy' mostly consists of unraveling the yarn he is made of, and after a little time, they re-assemble themselves. Also, there character never 'dies', at worst they just lose some of their bonus points/jewels. Of all the games we own, this one probably is the one that the kids can play together on the best.
For one or two players. If you have more than 2 kids, and want something as many as 4 people can play on at once, I suggest Mario Kart, or if your kids are older and can handle more cartoonish violence (like head bonking, no killing) try one of the Raymon Rabbid games. If you don't mind taking turns playing instead of playing simultaneously, I'd suggest the Wii House Party games.
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on June 22, 2015
I was so late into realizing just how amazing this game is. We're already in the next gen era of consoles and did expect too much from this game. I initially bought this game for my youngest nephew to maybe get him into games and hopefully develop his decision making skills. Its great because you never really die in this game. There is no huge "game over" sign if you made a mistake to discourage the player. The player can play and play and trial and error his/her way into beating a level. The graphics and look of this game is pretty awesome considering its a game for the Wii. It is also two players so if my nephew had any troubles, which he did, I could help with my character. I highly recommend this game to play with your young one. For older, established players, this game could be fun for you too.
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on September 28, 2011
When first seen at E3, the buzz surrounding Kirby's Epic Yarn was the stunning visual design. The Nintendo Wii is never going to render a more realistic game than the XBox 360 or PlayStation 3, but Nintendo has long made games that exceeded standards on an artistic level, regardless of technical detail. With Kirby's Epic Yarn, Nintendo has taken its rotund, pink hero out of the world of fairly standard cartoon-like graphics and into a world fashioned out of fabric.

From yarn to felt, cotton to denim, Epic Yarn is a game fully devoted to the driving conceit, that the story takes place entirely in an alternate universe where everything is made of cloth or cloth-associated materials (such as buttons). This change in visual design also extends to the gameplay, as Kirby is no longer able to swallow enemies for specific abilities (since he becomes a length of yarn). While taking away the core gameplay element of the Kirby franchise seems disastrous on paper, the feature isn't missed. If you like that part of Kirby games, there are plenty of them to keep you company, and this one is a welcome departure from the old style.

Epic Yarn, Kirby has a star-studded yarn lasso he can use to grab enemies, ribbons, and buttons, at times changing the world itself by tugging on fasteners and strings. Kirby will also spend lots of time transformed into various forms of transportation, from a submarine to a train, a shark to a kind of cotton drill, a fire truck to a flying saucer. These elements pop up enough, and have enough of their own flavor, that they break up the light puzzle-platform action perfectly without overstaying their welcome. There are also boss battle levels like most Kirby games, and they're generally unique and fun.

The game isn't very difficult, but again, this is a Kirby game, and the franchise has been historically easy, making the bar of entry relatively low. A young child can play the game fairly well, and an adult can spend extra time finding all of the hidden gems and treasure chests in the levels for high scores. Epic Yarn also supports cooperative play in the form of the Prince Fluff, who shares a similar body shape and identical abilities to Kirby, though he is blue and has a golden crown (and large eyebrows). Playing with a partner is fun, but it isn't necessary.

The soundtrack is also worth mentioning, a downright stunning collection of tunes that eschew the traditional sounds most people associate with video games while also growing throughout. What starts out as piano in the early levels grows and evolves throughout the game, and there is a soundtrack room where the tracks can be enjoyed separate from play. That this score isn't available for purchase separately is very disappointing. Even against the beautiful, tight visual design, the soundtrack stands out.

Kirby's Epic Yarn is a charming, inventive platformer that takes a venerated franchise and does something fun without completely abandoning the very core of the experience. It marries a beautiful soundtrack to devastatingly charming visual design, and the gameplay is varied and enjoyable. It's good, clean fun for all ages.
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on December 6, 2011
This is a great videogame if you're going into it with the right expectations. The game is a little on the easy side, which shouldn't be that surprising given that it is aimed at children, but this doesn't take away from the fact that it is a beautiful, well designed game.

The graphical style of this game is perfect, it couldn't fit the game any better. There's not much that can be said about the graphics that hasn't been said before but this game is proof that you don't need extreme realism and cutting edge hardware to making a game that is incredibly visually appealing.

The gameplay is very good. The levels are fairly easy but there is plenty of challenge beyond just getting to the end of the level between collecting beads and finding the hidden items. For the most part it plays like a typical 2D platformer and is very competent at this. The parts of the game where you transform into a train, dolphin, etc are all fun and provide good variety to mix up the gameplay. Also, you can go to the aparments in your apartment building and replay levels with timed goals like collecting so many beads in a set amount of time or bringing a character to a certain spot in the level within the allotted time to unlock more items. These levels are also fun and provide more variety to the game. All of the items you collect can be used to decorate your apartment, which I didn't find particularly exciting but perhaps children would enjoy it.

The game can be played with two players and this is great if you're a gamer and have a non-gamer girlfriend/boyfriend or if you're a parent and have a younger child to play the game with. It's easy enough that they won't get frustrated but again there's hidden items to search for and the goal of collecting as many beads as possible to keep the game fun for you.

The game is divided into themed worlds like most 2D platform games and while there's not necessarily anything out of the ordinary in this game, the graphics really do make the worlds come alive.

My only real complaint is that the game is a little on the short side but I wouldn't say it's any shorter than other 2D platformers and it's a tribute to how good the game is that you just won't want it to end.

This is one of the best Wii games that has been released and is absolutely worth playing through whether you're young or old, serious or casual gamer.
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on June 4, 2012
I purchased this recently along with another game but have found myself playing this one more.I have only gone through two of the worlds and must admit that i have been having alot of fun with it.Yes it is easy for the most part i haven't really been challenged but regardless i am enjoying myself every game doesn't have to be difficult, also keep in mind that most of the wii games are intended for a younger audience.The Inventiveness that the creators of this game have came up with is in my opinion great,i have not gone through much of it but have had a smile on my face while playing it.This game to me is refreshing after playing other games that involve having to figure things out in order to play them (Don't get me wrong there is nothing wrong with those games) However sometimes you just want to have something casual to play and have fun with.So if you are looking for a challenging game this isn't it, however if you want something to kick back with and have a good time with i recommend this game.
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on October 17, 2013
This game... this game is...


Yeah, how can you go wrong with the most loveable video game character of all time being in a world of yarn? I don't know and they don't give me anything to say is wrong with the game "Kirby's Epic Yarn" and fantastically there's nothing wrong with this game.

The game is bound to a "yarn world" where the villain doesn't even pose any threat or ill- willed dastardly plans. He just banishes Kirby to the world of yarn and you are greeted with Prince Fluff to stop the wizard in question. The game-play is where Epic Yarn shines the most with a quite unusual mechanic, its impossible to die. With that the challenge is henceforth put onto going through all the fluffy locations to collect: patches, music from the soundtrack, stickers to decorate a room with, and gems (in which you keep to the end of the stage to get a Gold Emblem for that area). But there's no need to do this as in Kirby 64, which poses a great deal of relief to play this game seeing as all the collectables are kinda "fluff" in a way. So if you just want to go through the stages then you can do just that. Since Kirby is turned to yarn his "copy abilities" are no longer effective and are replaced with "yarn maneuvers" to turn Kirby (or Prince Fluff) into various items from parachutes, trains, dolphins et cetera.

For those guys who love to play video games Kirby's Epic Yarn is perfect for you and your intimate acquaintances. Seeing as this game is 2-player the latter player can control Prince Fluff to join on the adventure with Kirby and since dying isn't an option and you aren't required to get any of the collectibles, this game is a non stress maker and due to it's adorable yarn presentation with its "fluffy" atmosphere it will surely be the best co-op game for any relationship.

The music is also charming by the way to go with every single stage.

Kirby's Epic Yarn:
with it's
- fantastic visuals
- great cooperative gameplay
- delightful music
- well made challenges
- and a simple easygoing theme to the entire game

This game is impossible to not please, with it being long enough so that the relative ease of the game did not become unsatisfying at the end of the campaign. Cutesy setup on all the visuals, abilities, music and challenges. Lack of death and failures when exploring areas and proceeding through enemy terrain. It is like when Yoshi's Island for the N64 tried to be the cute Nintendo game for the entire family. It was short adorable and was relatively easy. But it was way too short while Kirby's Epic Yarn can be played in small or large doses and it is very adorable no matter what.

a 2-player experience that's just as good as a single player experience.
Kirby's Epic Yarn - (9.5 out of 10)

It's a perfect game and is worth getting a Wii or Wii U for alone and you should get it as soon as you get either console.

-Charles Hauenstein
Owner of/ Reviewer of Kirby's Epic Yarn
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This was purchased for a 7 year old who has previously played video games but never for very long. She has fun playing Kirby and this version has been a great addition to her collection of games.

The premise is simple -- get Kirby to the end of each level while collecting jewels, furnishings and music for other levels. There are challenges as you progress and tricks that Kirby learns along the way.

The graphics are fantastic and the levels are just easy enough for her to get through even if she doesn't get all the items. The creativity in the graphics is wonderful since everything is sewing and stitching based. There are patches, buttons, and all kinds of sewing related imagery.

As an adult, I've had fun playing it and have found it to be challenging (and addicting!). There are many areas that are reminiscent of Mario games (rising lava,temples, icy landscapes, etc).

You can save up to three games at once and there are two player options that are sometimes helpful and other times get in the way.

A great game for the younger crowd or just to relax whenever.
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