Customer Reviews: Kiss The Abyss
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Customer Reviews

2.6 out of 5 stars
Format: DVD|Change
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on April 28, 2016
This was better than your typical zombie or vampire movie. You actually cared about the two main characters and could feel how much they loved each other. It was a little sad and tragic yet had some scenes where some of the bad characters got their "just desserts" and even a little humor as in the scene where her brother is trapped with a crazed "undead" woman. This was an entertaining little flick, better than most and while it may be predictable in some ways, the story is a little different than most of this type.
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on May 4, 2013
Much of this story line was used from other monster, horror, or thrillers movies in the past. After the first half, the plot starts getting predictable. There is some uniqueness as it does not follow all the common vampire rules, though.
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on July 6, 2013
After reading the reviews, I expected something tedious, poorly-acted, absurd. The film was a pleasant surprise. The acting wasn't bad and the story was imaginative and engaging. In fact, it's better than many horror movies.
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on April 3, 2016
I think I put this on because the cover art looked cool. The first 20 minutes are basically worthless, a collage of flashbacks inter-cut with car scenes, so it's a relief when the plot finally gets off the ground-- or so you'd think: what initially seemed like a low-budget hipster take on "Let The Right One In," with shoddier acting but at least some good chemistry between the two leads, soon veers off in a completely different direction, a mess I can only describe as, "Deadgirl meets Kalifornia w/ naked dungeon mutants." The low-key vibe of the middle part or interlude, a relatively straightforward plot hinge not unlike in "Come Back to Me" or "Pet Sematary" where the characters are deciding how to deal with the central dilemma and there's still some interest to be had in what happens next, is eventually sacrificed for a cheesy gore-fest without a discernable or even possible dramatic resolution, just hokey actors beating on each other for violence's sake. Honestly I was already lost by the time a supporting character who I thought had died earlier showed up near the end for second helpings.
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on May 24, 2013
So I read about 6 good reviews on IMDB about this mess... Err ..... Movie. I was jazzed at how good it sounded. Just like restaurant and hotel reviews, movie reviews are now stacked by the producers. I saw no obvious directing or attempt at directing. It was almost as if there was just the actors and the cameraman. The high point was where the lead actress took off her shirt. Mostly because she stopped talking while her shirt was off. She was nicely endowed but had the allure of a NyQuil commercial in bed. So few FX, so little character development and no action, save about 15 minutes worth if you compiled it from all scenes. No, I can't say I liked any of this. If I could get my money back I would ask for it. But since I have already been robbed of my $3.99 I thought I would save you yours.
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on August 26, 2015
Don't listen to the people who gave this a poor rating! I really enjoyed this, great acting, great plot twists, very interesting story, keeps your attention the whole time. I will recommend this to others.
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HALL OF FAMEon March 11, 2013
KISS THE ABYSS is a bizarre movie to say the least. A young wife dies after an assault from a loutish neighbor. Her grieving husband, father and brother take her to a man in the desert who has some kind of serum that brings her back to life but with the requisite unpleasant consequences. Think “The Monkey's Paw”.
KISS THE ABYSS tries hard to be original but it suffers from an incoherent plot and mediocre acting. Its enigmatic finale is also disappointing.
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on October 9, 2015
And the media wonders why all the wild and murderous rampages! With all of this gorefest smut for widespread dissemination and consumption who could possibly wonder why murder is becoming a major staple in the Amerikan Diet!
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on June 25, 2013
Yes this is one of those forgetful movies that has perhaps one or two moments you might recall after seeing it but for the most part is pretty forgettable. There are many movies like this released each year and its sad to think someone worked hard to get a movie made that falls into this category but it happens. I will say that there was enough creativity on display in this film that maybe down the road those behind it will come up with something better.

The story moves back and forth in time but essentially boils down to this. We have a young newlywed couple, Mark and Lesley, happy and in love but with a terrible set of neighbors. The neighbors constantly fight and the guy seems to enjoy beating his wife which causes Mark to step in between the two of them and break up a battle. Never a good thing.

The result of Mark's interference is that the neighbor shows up to his house one day and while threatening Lesley accidentally kills her. Mark finds her body and mourns her loss but her father has other plans. He shows with Lesley's brother and along with Mark, they take her to a strange trailer located out in the middle of the desert. Here a fast talking mysterious stranger named Gus who takes the trio and corpse into his home. He warns them that they can't come back ever again and that whatever happens happens. No take backs. That should make people pause but then again this is a movie.

Of course he brings Lesley back from the dead but at what costs? When things begin to get a little strange they eventually head back to the desert and confront Gus and have him fix whatever is wrong. Hey wait; didn't he say no take backs?

As with most movies where the dead are brought back to life by those who love them they never quite come back the same way. Nothing new here. But there are some nice touches to the film that just never quite makes its way into making it one worth watching. Low budget film making that shows it but as I said, the potential in those involved can be glimpsed but never to the point of making the film entertaining.
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on August 10, 2015
Bought this for a work mate.
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