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on October 17, 2012
I have limited use of one arm and using a knife is fun but I risk cutting myself. This item works quite well at dicing & chopping.I can almost use it with just one hand. Hint:Remove the bowl before attaching base to counter. Just press the base, alone, then reattach the bowl. I canned some homemade spaghetti sauce requiring mincing garlic cloves and finely chopping onions, carrots, & celery. The product worked very well for both actions and the clear bowl allows you to see the results as you work so you can stop at just the right amount of mincing/dicing /chopping. It's easy to assemble/disassemble & clean. I gave it four stars, only because of the smallish bowl, not because I had any problems. I'll have to wait to see if the plastic holds up but since it's only about 20 bucks I believe I'll get more than my money's worth. I'd buy it again.
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on March 29, 2016
My husband uses this nearly every weekend for chopping up veggies and he really loves it. The cup part is really small though. It's also made of plastic and it has cracked. He's broken one, the handle broke, and bought a replacement he likes it so much. I personally think a cutting board and a knife is just as quick, but he loves this. Because it breaks so easily I can only give it three stars.
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on July 19, 2015
Love love love this tool! After seeing a tv infomercial for a similar product, I naturally checked Amazon for a less expensive version. This is it! This thing does everything you expect it to after seeing the similar item's infomercial. In a hurry, we drop in our salad components, give it a few spins and everything is chopped and mixed within seconds ready to put over a bed of lettuce. Need something finely chopped? 20 seconds is all you need. We actually had to learn to STOP spinning it for too long, with the 3 razor sharp blades, it seems to spin 6-7 rotations of the blades per one turn of the handle. Think of it as 21 knife chops per second! This tool is amazingly fast, super sharp, and I encourage you to use recipes made for it. Guacamole, fresh? Oh man, yeah. Chopped barbque pork? No problem, just put in the small chunks of pork and let 'er rip. Add teh sauce and it's ready to eat right out of the bowl. Get this one. Solid build, nothing flimsy on it, and the suction cups on the base are MANDATORY when you get the handle going. Awesome product. Our favorite kitchen gadget, and we have too many gadgets sitting collecting dust over the years, mostly from gift giving.
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on May 31, 2013
I am an Asian Indian and I cook a lot. I mostly use it as a food processor. As none of the reviews made any comments on the mandoline part of the product, so here goes.

Food processor attachment - chops onions, tomatoes, cabbage, cauliflower, makes salsa, guacamole.
Complete grinding still has texture which I like a lot
It chops NUTS. Even Almonds, needs few more turns but does the job very well.
I chopped dried Apricot in water and did a good job. Without water, it gets sticky but still does the job.
Slicer attachment - good but not uniform thickness.
French fries attachment - does not cut completely. All the pieces will be still stuck together. Does not cut all the way.
Whipper attachment - works only for cream. Anything heavier, it gets difficult to turn.
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on December 29, 2013
Over the past few months, I've used my Kitchen Pro several times and it has never disappointed me. The suction cup feet keep it securely stuck to your counter. You simply insert a twist-lock plastic bowl (comes with 2) into the base, seat the chopping blade, toss in your food, seat the twist-lock lid, and crank the handle; it turns both clockwise & counter clockwise, which is helpful if you get "stuck". I have chopped pecans, lettuce, fresh spinach, onions, tomato+garlic+onion (for salsa), baby carrots, fresh cilantro, hard boiled eggs & avocados. After chopping, pull the blade out by the handle, and you are left with a bowl of chopped whatever. My only complaint is that the bowls are ribbed on the inside, so when you scrape with a rubber spatula, you have to scrape bottom to top instead of around the bowl in a circle.

A salad spinner is also included: insert bowl, seat basket inside bowl, lock lid in place, crank to spin. Very handy if wash/tear your own greens for dinner salads.

I have used the slicer for onion, tomatoes & cheeses. Like any other slicer I've used, you get a few log jams, but you can easily pull the lodged pieces free and continue. The slicer is adjustable so you can do thick or thin slices.

I bought this to replace an electric Cuisinart food processor that my children broke. I was worried about quality when deciding on a manual processor, but the Kitchen Pro is well-made and has a sturdy feel. Good luck!
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on January 8, 2013
I've been searching for a chopper ever since I figured out the only thing standing between me and Iron Chef America was chopping onions. All the previous electronic "choppers" I tried before never worked out for me - they usually ended up mincing the onions, leaving them soggy and me teary-eyed. I was quite skeptical with this chopper as well, half hoping it would not end up like those electronic ones. And was I in for a surprise. The chopper didn't just chop the onions, it was also able to chop the onions to fine pieces without mincing them and turning them soggy. The more you turned the handle, the finer the chop. Well, that is all I asked for from a chopper, and this delivered.

But not stopping there, I also threw in a couple of beets yesterday to see how well the chopper diced them. Beets, in my opinion, are harder than carrots and I reckoned the blades would have a difficult time cutting through the vegetable. And it sure did struggle when I cut the beets into quarters and threw them in, with the blades only bouncing the beets around without chopping them. So I took out the beets and cut each of those quarters into two pieces and threw them in, and now, the chopper went back to business and diced those beets with little effort. Needless to say I am pleased.

If your cooking involves chopping onions a lot, here is your answer.

Update 7/16 : After about 7 months of using this twice a week or so, the container is beginning to crack and it is beginning to feel flimsy when chopping while locked into the base, making me feel it is going to disintegrate anytime. I would be surprised if the container doesn't break in the next few months. For $21, it is beginning to show its quality I suppose.
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on April 1, 2012
I just bought it based on having seen an infomercial for a similar product that online research proved to be a bit shady-but I found this on here and saw the glowing reviews and relatively low price (with free prime shipping). First-had to do waffle batter....it was so quick and simple...'gonna have to start doing more arm reps at the gym to replace the hand mixing workout that i used to get..Then I used the slicer on top which worked well and the helical chopper blades-wow! that geared ratio- I was cutting the veggies for an omelet- I ended up with salsa in about 3 or 4 cranks!...it then blended the the omelet itself so fast.....and-even though at first it looks a bit cheap...(but you get a slew of stuff including a second mixing bowl)-it does clean really easily (the aforementioned waffle batter was left overnight on it....)....I am going to buy this as a gift for a few people...the only worry that I do have-I am trying to figure out if replacement blades for the mandolin, slicer and the chopper lades (I may just buy another one of these anyway in hopes that I will always have one if they become unavailable).
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on June 17, 2013
Well, i thought -- I'm an avid cook, but I don't have much space in my kitchen. And I don't like taking up counter space with a lot of gadgets and appliances. The food processor is heavy, and since I live alone, my giant salad spinner has too much capacity for everyday use. So I bought this rather funny device, which is really a collection of device parts with several functions. It was quite a bit larger than I'd expected, with so many functions, there are a lot of parts, which don't store as compactly as I'd like. The salad spinner is good, but I haven't found myself using the rest of the functions much -- too much assembly! Yes, this "preparation station" is lightweight, so if that's your issue, you might be very happy with it. The blades for the chopper function are verrrrry sharp -- more points to the positive. But in most cases, my smallish KitchenAid food processor is just, well, easier -- and not that much bigger than this device.
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on March 2, 2013
I have had a little salsa chopper of one brand or another for years. They are cheap, but cheaply made, and always break eventually. I get them because for certain kitchen chores, the Cuisinart is overkill (it will puree and onion instead of chopping it in about 3 seconds).
The Kitchen King is the same idea as the cheap choppers, but built properly! In works like a dream. The angled handle prevents grazing knuckles on the lid, the suction cup really works, the Madeleine attachment is adjustable, and the blades are really sharp. The cogs don't grind, you can really fill it up and it does it's thing in just a few low effort spins of the handle.
This is three times the quality of every other chopper I've had for a just a few extra bucks.
I know this reads like ad copy, but I'm serious. I love this thing.
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on October 7, 2013
The three-bladed chopper dulls rather quickly. It still chops, but not as well as it did when the device was new. I wonder if there's a way to sharpen the blades.

Also, the bowl is plastic. I cannot really fault the device for this--I've never been able to find one with a glass or Pyrex bowl, which is a shame, because I'd buy such a device in a minute. The plastic bowl eventually gets scored and cloudy (especially if the device is used with anything acidic like lemon or orange-rind/fruit/juice) and also is fairly fragile. We've been careful with our first one (this is our second), but within a year, the bowl started to crack.

Again, this is an endemic problem with these devices. The bowls are plastic. They all crack. They should be made of glass. Then there would be much less of a problem, and the extra weight would probably help improve the device's stability.

I'd gladly pay an extra $10 for the same device but with a glass bowl, perhaps even with gradated measuring marks on the side.
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