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on November 16, 2010
This replaced a Krups coffee maker (KM4065).

This coffee maker has been wonderful. As another reviewer mentioned, it has one of the best pouring spouts around. The carafe keeps the coffee hot for at least 2.5 hours, and reasonably warm enough after 3 hours. A side note: make sure you see the small arrow indicator on the lid of the carafe, and that this arrow points toward the spout of the carafe when installed. We had placed the lid on the carafe with the arrow facing the toward the handle because it appeared to be a "selector arrow" matching the selctable positions with words on the carafe for "lock" "pour" and "open", but the arrow is actually supposed to point toward the spout "outlet" while pouring coffee. It'd be helpful if Kitchenaid could modify the lid with a white (or molded) dot to indicate in which of the position it is set. That's a negligible issue.

Coffee is brewed at a pleasingly hot temperature. Other coffee makers I've used have not heated the water enough.

The removable water tank is a superb feature that the Krups had which we were not wanting to give up. This coffee maker has a much better implementation of the tank that allows it to fit snugly into the coffee maker with practically no fussing or adjusting; it just settles into its slot perfectly. The Krups unit required lots of adjusting to have the tank drop into place.

The blue lighted display is very nice and matches a lot of the current appliance displays. It's not a glaringly bright display, which is nice because the Krups unit was unfortunately like a night light. The numbers not huge, and are somewhat fine, not bold or blocky.

This unit has a feature which should be user-selectable to be switched off: the unit beeps once when the BREW button is pushed, and emits 3 short, semi-loud beeps when brewing is finished. It's nice to have a audible confirmation that the Brew button has been pressed, or when brewing has finished, but if someone is sleeping nearby and you're trying to make coffee quietly, the beeping can be a bit annoying.

The only other very minor issue is that the coffee grinds basket is shallow (but hasn't overflowed any coffee grounds) and uses the "Bunn" type flat bottom filters which have been difficult to identify as to the type. Fortunately, this coffee maker comes with its own gold tone reusable filter basket, so filters aren't really necessary. It also comes with 3 or 4 "trial" paper filters. The gold tone basket is great, but because we use a coffee grinder we sometimes have very fine coffee "powder" that can flow through the gold filter basket. Nowhere in the documentation does it mention what type of paper filters should be used; the "trial filters" provided came in a clear plastic bag with no identifying labels. Since this is a 12-cup coffee maker we're going to try the Bunn flat-bottom 12-cup filters, but they appear to be too large, so perhaps the Bunn 10-cup flat-bottom filters would work better.

Overall, I would highly recommend this unit as one of the best 12-cup coffee makers currently available. The carafe and removeable water tank (reservoir) also help make this unit one of the best.
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on August 5, 2011
I've been using a Starbucks Barista Aroma coffeemake for almost 5 years. Turns out, it was recalled and even though I haven't had any troubles, I did the prudent thing and called the recall hotline to return it. Besides, I figured I could use the $100 to buy an equally good or even better coffeemaker. So I hit Amazon to find out what's changed in the last 5 years and hit a few stores to check out the options in person. My old Barista had a thermal carafe--back when thermal was a relatively new feature, removable water tank, and control buttons at the top of the machine--features I didn't want to give up. So that limited my options. Even though the reviews are divided on this one, the nature of the complaints, along with the many excellent user suggestions, made me take the plunge. I also decided to read the manual before using. Seems many of the complaints could be avoided if users would read the instruction manual and take heed to the posted suggestions. I do take away one star because the Kitchenaid is not so user-friendly you can skip the instructions manual. However, I am overall pleased with it, and got a better cup of coffee from the Kitchenaid than I did my old Barista. Some comments:

* First off, a kind nod to Amazon. Three days after ordering, with Super Saver Shipping, the box was on my front door. Well done!

* The machine is really nice looking! Sleek and modern without being over the top. It will look good on your counter.

* There seems to be no standard on what makes 8 vs 10 vs 12 cups. There is not that much of a size difference between the carafe on my 8-cup Barista and the 12-cup Kitchenaid. Not that much size difference in brew baskets either. On the Barista, it took a few brews to find my optimal brew. Two healthy scoops of beans and 6 cups in the tank gave me two big mugs. Before getting rid of it, I measured 6 cups in the old tank, then poured into the Kitchenaid. It came out slightly over 7. So with this one proactive step, I don't need to complain about the measurements being off and not getting enough coffee.

* The brew strength feature is GREAT! I expected this feature to be fluff. Not so. I like strong coffee--only buy dark roasted beans, use more coffee per cup than instructed, and grind beans every morning to brew immediately. Co-workers once said I brewed motor oil! I used the same amount of water and beans, but the BOLD brew selector. WOW! Aweseome coffee. I can't believe that much more strength was contained in the same amount of beans. I have programmed the default to BOLD. I've maintained my optimal brew from the Barista, yet have a better cup of coffee with the Kitchenaid! For those that like a lighter coffee, the factory default is REG.

* The complaints about leaks are most likely due to user sloppiness. You do need to ensure the water tank is flushed and the brew basket is correctly in place. It would be very easy to get one or more of these wrong. I agree that these features should be more forgiving, but design didn't account for user sloppiness. You really can't blame the machine for user error.

* Again, the control buttons are at the top of the machine. If you do get sloppy one day and your brew leaks, you can fry the machine as water leaks over the controls. I don't plan to be sloppy, but why take the chance and fry my coffeemaker because of one lazy day? Or what if my visitor makes coffee and causes a leak? Not worth it.

* There are many complaints about a slow pour. Complainers mean "slower than my old glass carafe." A thermal carafe is NOT a glass carafe. With no heating element to keep the coffee warm, if the lid fit as on a glass carafe, exposing brewed coffee to air, the brew would quickly turn cold. You can't complain about a thermal carafe pouring slow(er). That's not a fault of Kitchenaid. That's a feature of design, so stick with glass if this will irk you. That being said, the pour on this one is actually pretty good. You have to line up the little arrow to the spout, not the the unlock/pour/lock labels.

* Several reviewers complained about having to turn the carafe upside down to get out all the coffee. Valid complain. Design flaw.

* The thermal carafe does a decent job of keeping coffee warm. My complaint with a glass carafe is the taste of coffee changed as it "cooked" on the warmer, whereas with a thermal carafe the flavor is still relatively fresh. I don't always have my mugs back to back, so when I'm having the 2nd cup an hour or more later, even though the coffee is warm, I nuke it. I want it HOT, just like the first cup. I've never found a carafe coffeemaker, either glass or thermal, that can maintain the temperature for an extended time. Most do well for shorter periods. I think the benefit of the thermal carafe is taste vs warmth.

* The filter is a nice feature, but you may not need it. Many people have filters on their refrigerator or water service. If you do, use your already filtered water and skip the filter on the Kitchenaid.

So overall, for the features important to me, the nice surprise of the BOLD brew strength, and the price, this turned out to be a great buy for me! I purchased knowing what could go wrong, so with a little care, I'm avoiding those issues. A couple other hints:

1 Kitchenaid often runs rebates. I own several Kitchenaid products and have never purchased one w/o getting a rebate or something. I got a free coffee grinder!

2 With so many people complaining and returning, see if there is one in Warehouse Deals. I snagged one for $50 less than the new price! (And still got the grinder!)
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on February 12, 2011
Just got this one today, after the premature death of 2 Cusinarts. I agree that there are not that many choices for a 10-12 cup programmable coffee maker with thermal carafe and pause and serve. Very happy this one is 12 cups. Got it in silver, very nice looking. Set up was easy. The first full pot (made with water only to clean it) brewed 12 cups in 14 minutes, which I consider a reasonable time. Then made 5 cups of Starbucks Cafe Verona decaf, auto drip grind, in the gold filter basket, on regular brew setting. I used the supplied scoop, 1 scoop per cup, and the coffee came out surprisingly good (I'm not a big decaf fan). I expected that I would need to use the Bold setting, since I like my coffee strong and black but now I think that the regular setting will be fine.

I hated having to pull the Cusinarts out from the wall to fill them. I agree that you must do this with the Kitchenaid too. However, filling the tank at the sink is much neater and more convenient (we were always spilling the water when we filled the Cusinart). Didn't bother with the water filter, since we live in an area with good tasting water. The door to the brew basket closes with a snap. I think perhaps some of the other reviewers did not close it completely, leading to leaks. It is hard to get the last few ounces out of the pot.

My only real complaint is the lid. Not intuitive, no instructions, hard to read. If you leave it on "locked" and try to pour, the coffee will come out of the fill hole in the top, not a good thing. The arrow on the lid needs to point to the spout, not the "pour" in order to pour the coffee (a perfectly understandable error by a prior reviewer). After grappling with it for 10 minutes, I just decided to leave it so it pours, and forget the "locked" position. This works fine. The manual says that the coffee will stay hotter if on "locked", but it is still hot 3 hours after brewing and that is good enough for me. But, really, Kitchenaid should redesign the lid or improve the instructions.

One last thing: I love that it has a "clean" light to remind you to decalcify it. Haven't had to use it yet, obviously.

Overall, I'm pleased with it so far.

UPDATE: I still think this is a really good choice. Now that I have figured out the lid, it is no problem to lock and unlock it. Just takes a little practise. For those who have trouble with it leaking on the counter: I have found this to be true if you use a fine grind of coffee and make more than 8 cups. The coffee does not flow into the pot quickly enough, the coffee basket gets filled with too much water, it overflows and makes a mess. Since we seldom need to make more than 8 cups on a daily basis, this is not much of a problem personally. Overall, I think that the benefits outweigh the flaws. The coffee is very good, stays hot for a long time and the machine itself has held up well. I still recommend this machine.
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on April 25, 2011

After my 10 year old coffee maker started leaking, I began a search for a replacement. Requirements were: removable water tank, thermal carafe, adjustable brew strength (bold was very important), automatic brew timer.

I almost gave up after searching through the popular brands, talking with friends about their failures with coffee makers, and trying out several duds. But then I found this Kitchenaid and all our problems were solved!

It works exactly as promised. I can fill the water tank at the kitchen sink and slip it into the back without spilling the water everywhere, I can load the ground coffee into the flat brew basket, and I can pour out of my thermal carafe without the burned taste that comes from a glass heated carafe.

As other reviews noted, there are initial confusions about the carafe lid not quite working intuitively. After analyzing the problem of seating the lid properly, I put 2 little dots on both the lid and carafe to match up for pouring, and now anyone can figure it out! It just takes a little patience to check out the 3 different positions; one to take off the lid, one for locking, one for pouring. As with all things, it just takes getting used to, and now that I have marked the positions, it's second nature. And all the positive points overcome this initial confusion created by Kitchenaid in not clearly marking the lid.

Also, be aware that after unpacking and plugging in your new coffee maker, upon the very first activation and programming, you will receive a display notice to go to the Cleaning Cycle. I called Kitchenaid, and they said this was normal, and would clean out any manufacturing dust. Just have a big bottle of vinegar on hand! And don't think you can just unpack it and immediately start making coffee.

It looks like a little happy robot sitting on my counter, and we couldn't be more pleased. In fact, our friends liked it so much they bought one too!
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on January 20, 2013
I bought this coffee maker as a gift for my brother. One of the main reasons I chose this mdoel was the removable water reservoir which I have found very convenient on the Capresso coffee maker that I own. Unfortunately for some reason, Capresso discontinued making the model I bought with the removable reservoir so I thought I'd give this model a try and I was very disappointed.
I have only two real complaints about this product. One is that compared to the Capresso I own, this is one slow-brewing machine. It's better than a lot of the old models that are still floating around out there but pales in comparison to other high-quality units. The biggest complaint I have is one you will see on many of the other reviews which is the horrible carafe. The fact that you have to tip this thing completely vertical to get your coffee out each morning may not sound like a big deal but don't underestimate the annoyance factor here. What drives me crazy about it is that there is simply no reason that this carafe ever should have made it through their product quality review. You will ask yourself every morning who on earth thought this was acceptable? It's just inexcusable. If you can live without the removable water reservoir I would look for a Capresso brand machine. It's the best coffee maker I have ever owned and will never stray from that brand again.
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on June 30, 2014
It brews coffee fast and hot BUT KitchenAid just can't get the carafe technology correct. I am on my third carafe, with the newer "arrow" top, and the problem remains with the rubber seal which has a notch in it which must be in alignment with the spout in order to pour correctly. It is not supposed to move or come loose from the carafe but it does and trying to put it back is quite a task and sometimes it just can't be done. Yesterday I gave up trying and was about to toss the whole thing but my wife gave it a go and, after some time, managed to get it in the groove and properly aligned. If you are finding it is not pouring correctly or not at all check the alignment of the notch in the rubber ring and then (good luck!) in trying to reposition it correctly! Sometimes you can and sometimes you can't. My last two carafes I could not get the rubber ring back in place. PS Make sure your arrows on the lid are in the OPEN position to both brew and pour.
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on December 17, 2013
I have used the coffee maker for about one month. It is supposed to make 12 cups. The reservoir holds only 11 1/2 cups, so the remainder flows over the top. I have tried to make 4 cups, 6 cups, 10 cups and several other variations. There is almost always overflow from the top of the carafe. I have witnesses who have seen this. We have tried to reason why this happens. I always read instructions before using any new appliance. I seems that the cover to the carafe is the problem. Possibly the design. I am so disappointed because it is Kitchen Aid and the other appliances that I have from Kitchen Aid are fantastic! Please help!
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on January 23, 2011
I bought the KitchenAid based on my good luck with their toaster oven and their generally good brand reputation. It replaced a Cuisinart thermal carafe unit that I'd been using for about 5 years and, though that was well made, it had a few features that irritated me the whole time I owned it (loud, long alarm and messy when pouring). After using the KitchenAid one time, I nearly sent it back. Here's why:

1. Totally counter-intuitive programming. I still don't understand it and I'm a _programmer_ for grid's sake.
2. The lid to the water reservoir hinges from the middle, rather than the back. This means I have to pull the unit out from the wall and turn it around to fill it.
3. The carafe is difficult to empty. At first I thought it was _impossible_ to empty, like an old tire full of water but I persisted and found that if I turn it completely upside-down over the cup, it will get just about the last drop.

That last one was nearly the deal-breaker for me, but I've now had the KitchenAid about a week and I've made my peace with it. I *does* brew a good cup of coffee and does so rather quicker than my Cuisinart did. The carafe does a decent job of keeping the coffee hot -- not piping hot, but hot enough to suit me. I may just un-plug it to reset the controller, then put black tape over the display so that I don't have to think about it anymore.

Finally, I'm moved to ask, don't people who design products actually _use_ them? The evidence suggests not.
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on February 19, 2015
So after reading several reviews, I picked this due to style and the KitchenAid brand. I have had it for two weeks, and cannot say anything bad about it. Easy to program, this works great! Love the fact that it came with the reusable filter, cannot tell you how many times I would run out of filters with my old coffee maker! Just remember if you want to use paper filters, take out the reusable on first! Clock is easy to read and the thermal carafe is much easier to clean than my old Cuisinart carafe. The opening is wide enough so I can fit most of my hand in to clean it with a sponge. The top of the carafe comes off easily without much effoert, the removable tank has a wide opening to fill it. I can only say that you do have to turn it completely upside down to empty the entire last bit of coffee or you can remove the top of the carafe. If that is the biggest flaw, i'll deal with it! Coffee tastes fresh and stays hot. I am not one to make a pot in the morning and drink it in the afternoon, so I cannot say exactly how long the coffee is hot for, but it definitely beats using a glass carafe that allows the coffee to "cook" on the bottom. Fits perfectly under my cabinet for storage. I have no complaints, will update review if needed.
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on February 1, 2014
I used this coffee maker for two years, it makes pretty good coffee but has it's quirks. The thermal pot keeps the coffee warm for several hours with no warmer so you don't have cooked coffee. It helps if you warm the pot with hot water before making if you like it really hot. You have to very careful to put the lid on the pot and that it's placed properly in the maker or it will dump the pot of coffee all over the floor and counter, overflowing the basket. This happened to me twice, both my fault but still shouldn't be that finicky. The opening to the pot is very small so it's hard to clean inside it, you must use a brush as you hand will not fit, mine anyway. There is a version of this maker that has a glass decanter with larger capacity and warmer, which I discovered after purchase. I thought about the option of buying that with the thermal decanter available separately for just a little more combined but never did. It might have been nice to have the extra capacity with the glass decanter for company but use the thermal decanter when usage will be lower and over several hours, just a thought to consider.
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