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on May 28, 2014
We purchased this model refrigerator in December 2012. There are a lot of great aspects of this refrigerator (space, lighting, ice and water) that we have enjoyed, however, I would not recommend this product. We began having issues with the cooling system the end of April 2014. The food in the freezer seemed a little "soft" and I thought perhaps that someone in the family had not closed the freezer drawer properly. I began to pay closer attention to the freezer drawer--it was shut properly and indeed our food had started to thaw. We realized the seriousness of the problem when our young daughter asked us why there were crumbs in her milk after finishing the glass. We called the Whirlpool Service plan people and they had a repair tech come out on May 1, 2014. I had taken all of our food out of the freezer compartment (because it was thawing) which in turn allowed the cooling system to "catch up" and return to an acceptable cooling range based on Whirlpool's guidelines. We were told by that repair tech that our system was fine and no repairs were recommended by Whirlpool as this point. Unacceptable. We were told to put food back into the freezer and refrigerator so that it could be tested under normal use. Unacceptable. A different repair service came out on May 2, 2014, investigated the problem in more detail, ran some tests and returned May10 to receive the test results. It was determined that indeed there was a leak in the cooling system. Over 10 days without a refrigerator at this point. Our claim had to go through an internal Whirlpool process to determine if our claim would be handled through the KitchenAid Repair Plan Plus One Service or if it was a manufacturers claim. It was determined that Whirlpool would replace our malfunctioning refrigerator (under the manufacturer's warranty) with an updated model of the same refrigerator. We were given an estimated delivery date of May 22, 2014 for our new refrigerator. The refrigerator never came and was then told May 29 as an estimated date of delivery because this model is on backorder. Now per a conversation today with a Kitchen Aid Product Review Board Representative the estimated date to receive a refrigerator is June 3. We will have gone over 34 days without a refrigerator! I am extremely disappointed and frustrated with Whirlpool's replacement process. I have had to initiate every contact with Whirlpool regarding the status of our claim. I have experienced long wait times to reach someone by phone (over 25 minutes today to speak with an actual person) and another 20 plus minutes to accelerate my call to a supervisor. We thought we were purchasing a high-end product from a reputable manufacturer. Over a month without a refrigerator and still waiting. Unacceptable. The replacement process, unacceptable. Long wait times to speak to someone at Whirlpool, unacceptable. Unacceptable.
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on August 8, 2014
I bought this refrigerator on April 13, 2013. By October 2013, I had problems with the ice maker and condensation build up in refrigerator. I bought this product at BrandsMart, which by the way has atrocious customer service. The bouncing back and forth between departments is pathetic. I had continuous problems with the ice maker and condensation problems until April 2014. After April 2014, my extended warranty kicked in. Apparently, there is a problem with the ice maker and Whirlpool (which owns KitchenAid) has not been able to fix it. This is per technicians that have come to fix the unit numerous times. My freezer and refrigerator stopped working on Sunday, August 3, 2014. I called service repair from my extended warranty company. I was able to finally get a technician to come out on August 8, 2014, after fighting with BrandsMart about scheduling problems, in which they were at fault. My refrigerator has been non-functional for 6 days now. The technician had to order parts, which included a compressor. I was told parts might come in some time next week. So in a nutshell, I have had nothing but problems with this refrigerator beginning 6 months after purchase. The unit price was $2,399.88 plus tax. What a piece of junk. Taking time off from work to wait for repair on a faulty product is unacceptable and consumers should not put up with inconsiderate and disrespectful treatment. Would filing a Class Action Lawsuit be beneficial? Any suggestions on how to start one would be highly appreciated. I'm in Florida.
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on July 3, 2014
ave had this fridge for almost a year. We have an issue where the freon lines freeze up and the freezer is not cold. Apparently this is a known issue according to the technician who finally came out today (waited a week for someone to show up to do warranty service). There is a kit we need to fix it, and he did not have one and would have to order it. He told us we will have to wait another week to get him to come back with the part to fix it. As you can imagine, going 2 weeks without a freezer is not acceptable to me. Warranty service from Kitchenaid is very poor, I have called several times trying to get service sooner and I all I have been told is sorry, not going to happen. Ice production is not very good, makes only about a pound of ice per day unless you turn on the "max ice" option (which probably doubles production). That option only stays on for 24 hours, so I am every day having to remember to turn the max ice on. In summary, its a very pretty, expensive, noisy and useless fridge.
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on December 3, 2013
This refrigerator is LOUD, there is condensation/frost buildup on the back wall and ice maker doesn't work! Do not buy this refrigerator! Purchased this in March 2013 and immediately noticed that it was VERY LOUD. KitchenAid refers to this noise as "normal sounds" and "sounds that are unfamiliar to you". Yes, I am unfamiliar with sounds so loud that I thought the thing was going to explode, even had to turn up the volume on the TV! (I've recorded it a few times and the repairman can't believe it.) The condensation and frost started almost immediately and the ice maker stopped working after the first repair. The repairman just left for the fourth time trying to fix the frost and condensation problem and we have a 5th visit scheduled to install the third ice maker.
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on March 24, 2015
This unit works great, until it doesn't. After 6 months it just died. kitchenaid customer service was horrendous. when they finally answered the phone, they kept transferring us and giving us the run around, and they magically had no record of our previous conversations or our service request. when we finally did get some service we waited 10 days betwen each repair visit...yes, there were several, and they still didn't fix the unit. After 3.5 months of no refrigeration, i finally sarted dialing arbitrary extention numbers and happened upon a VP of the company. She authorized a new unit which I got 2 days later and had to reject because the front was dented and scratched. i think they were trying to pawn off someone elses reject on us. finally got a new unit...it only lasted a year before it died too. Going to try and have it repaired because we have too much money into to it at this point. If you like taking high risks and you do purchase this make sure you get an extended warranty....we did do that both times, and lo and behold they have no record of us purchasing the exteneded warranty.
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on August 19, 2014
I feel everyone's pain, my fridge has been " repaired" 3 times to no avail. I asked for a replacement today. I mentioned I knew I was protected under California's lemon law. I hope that expedites the process. I WILL see this through, I'm seriously disappointed in this product.
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on March 26, 2015
We purchased this refregerator in Dec 2012 from a local showroom. The refrigerator has many features that we do like. However, by July of 2013 we had had problems of ice "drippings" forming in the top rear-left of the refregerator compartment. Many times the ice despenser was frozen into the compartment by a solid sheet of ice. And we had ice/frost forming in the upper left-hand side of freezer drawer (on the inside drawer itself and extending into the frezzer compartment). We had simply developed a habit of breaking off the ice/frost periodlicallly. I did not call for warranty service immediately, because I, too, thought that maybe one of the kids was not making sure the freezer drawer was completely shut. From July of 2013, untill December 2013; the service technicians made 9 service calls to attempt what ended up being 4 "competed" attempts. Some calls were to document problems and initiate parts/kits orders. It is apparent that KitchenAid/Whirlpool were very aware that a problem existed. The manufacturer developed a series of service kit(s) to address these issues. I've had the kit(s) installed TWICE. The only problem is, mine has not been fixed. We still had the persistant problem throughout all of 2014 and dealt with it because we were told everything had been done to fix the problem, according to manufacturer. I have had to throw out countless dollars in food because of the "frosting and thawing" in the feezer drawer as well as the temperature changes in the refreigerator comparment. This recently reached a frustrating point again and I have called for service on the same problems (2-22-2015, and today, 3-26-2015). I eally need to say that ALL of the technitians that have come to my home have bee very knowledgeable, courteous an prompt, I have no problems with their service attempts. The problem is with the manufacturer.
Today, I requested for a replacement unit due to the documented manufacturer service calls exceeding 4 within the first year of ownership; and now SAME issues on-going even into 2 and half years of ownership. Customer service manager from Whirlpool told me that a "lemon" replacement clause does NOT exist in their manufaturer's warranty policy.
KitchenAid/Whirpool, if you are reading this, my model is a LEMON!! My model and serial number are: KFIS29BBMS00 K24408552. You can find me in your system from the service calls submitted to you on 8-14-2013, 9-26-2013, 12-11-2013, 12-23-2013, Feb 2015 and one scheduled for this coming Tues! I WANT A NEW UNIT!!!!!
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on March 17, 2014
So disappointed. We searched for ever for the layout we wanted. Many fridges required a lot of effort to get to the ice bin, we loved that this ice bin was easily accessible inside the door, not doors to open or trays to be lifted out. We loved all the spacious easy to see area inside the fridge and the multiple drawers in the freezer.
Two months after ownership the upper fridge seam started to show ice build up. In their efforts the problem, this created a new problem where now the ice still builds up and the ice maker no longer works.
Kitchenaid has sent repair people to my house for 5 appointments now for the same problems. They are unable to repair it. Their techs say that the kitchenaid lab knows they have a problem but Kitchenaid refuses to replace or refund on my 4 month old fridge, even though I have been having them repair it since it was 2 months old. Kitchenaid states that as part of their warranty their only obligation is to continually make repairs, indefinitely. You will wait on hold forever to get them to answer to set up your repeated service calls. The staff is only trained to repeat the policy of unlimited repairs and schedule you another day to take off work to wait for someone to repair the fridge again. My entire kitchen is kitchenaid products, I am so sad that I ever selected a company with such poor warranty coverage. They do not stand behind their products. It's too bad because they seem to design amazing products and I am a Realtor, I get to recommend products to a lot of people but I wouldn't ever be able to recommend a company that guarantees their products so poorly
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on January 5, 2015
I don't post many reviews but took the time to post this one. This is by the far the worst peice of equipment I've ever owned. I love my kitchenaid mixer, my kitchenaid oven, microwave as well as my whirlpool washer/dryers (even though they needed a new circuit board 35 days after purchasing). But this is is evil. It is so incredibly loud I can't watch TV in the family room. In fact, I can hear the fridge upstairs.

Spent hours with kitchenaid on the phone, who says 'noises are normal'. When the service techs come, they were able to say it is 'abnormal' before getting to the kitchen. Then when the second level tech comes, they will tell you it's a normal noise and it is all in the spirit of effiency. Irony is that while they're telling this to me, it is over the loud drone of the fridge.

I am working with my builder of my home to get this resolved. Thankfully in the two months I've owned this I haven't run into issues with ice makers, but the noise makes this unusable in a home. Perhaps in a commercial kitchen it would be fine, but having a out of tune droning sound in the background nearly 24hrs a day is not appropriate for a residence. For those that are interested, I can post a video clip of the noise. Buyer beware!
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on October 11, 2014
If there were some way to give this piece of crap zero stars, I would have!! Most expensive refrigerator I 've ever purchased and it is the biggest piece of junk I've ever seen. As with all the others that rated this a one star I thought that it was an attractive piece and figured that it's a Kitchenaid and would be reliable (I've bought Kitchenaid products for the last 30 years) boy was wrong! Even the repair man said that since they were bought out, there isn't any training for servicemen on the new products. He wasn't kidding because he's been here several times and can't fix it. The best one was when he told me it was the touchpad and they don't make it anymore, but he could send it back to the factory and they might be able to fix it. Probable time it would take, about two weeks!! Leaving me with no refrigerator or freezer. I declined and refused to accept that as a solution. Three weeks later they call me and say they have an alternate part and will install it. Serviceman said I was all set and I looked at the part he said he changed and it was my original part. It had a scratch on it that identified it with no doubt. He said the other one wouldn't work but, the unit was working now. Of course now the warranty has run out and I'm stuck with it. WILL NEVER BUY KITCHENAID AGAIN!!!
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