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Flavor: Butter Chicken Curry|Size: 3.5 Ounce (Pack of 6)|Change
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on October 22, 2015
Want to kick this product up a notch? This is how I prepare it.

1.) cubed chicken and marinate in full fat yogurt with some tandoori masala spices. 2 hours if you're feeling fancy. I buy it on amazon, search tandoori masala.
2.) roast the chicken in the oven on a baking sheet unless you have some crazy authentic tandoori from India then use that. Go with 400F until it's fully cooked. You want to fully cook the chicken before adding it to the gravy so it does not steam and dilute the gravy.
3.) the product under review, butter chicken curry paste from "kitchens of India." Do what it says on the package. Then ignore the package and add about 3/4 cup of tomato purée.
4.) add the cooked chicken to the gravy you made with the curry paste.
5.) simmer this on low for at least 30 minutes.
6.) after your done simmering to your heart is content break out the heavy cream. Add about 3/4 cup, or whatever you think looks rad. You can't screw up heavy cream.
7.) serve with some naan, basmati rice, or an old shoe. It will taste amazing regardless.

This is not the authentic method exactly, since I cheat with curry paste since the spices are difficult to find, and a pain in the ass. Adding the tomato purée, and heavy cream give you something legit. Making a mock version of tandoori chicken to add to the gravy is worth it. No one from Punjab will know the difference.

So that's actually my recipe from trial and error, hope you all enjoy.
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on July 23, 2016
This is simply the best product ; I wont recommend to use on its own but follow recipe below. Basically - Use half of the Paste and half traditional recipes of real Indian spices.

** I personally done this for at least 3 parties of 50+ people and my recipe always best

1. Heat oil and add - bay leaf, green cardamom, small cinnamon stick, cloves, ginger garlic paste, kasuri methi

2. Add onion - add very little salt. Add cream and half pack of Kitchen of India Masala.

3. Add half can of tomato paste (fresh tomato will be better- if use fresh tomato add pinch of sugar and remove seeds)

4. Add Chicken pieces (for best results marinate in Yogurt for about 30 min with chilli powder and garam masala)

5. Add plentiful cashew powder (very important) and few coriander leaves for garnish
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon March 14, 2016
KoI Paste for Butter Chicken has a permanent place in my pantry. Despite the word "chicken" in the name, this lovely red stuff lends itself to just about any dish you care to apply it to, and it makes a wonderful soup base.

Last night, I threw a diced onion, 3T butter, six semi frozen chicken thighs, 2 1/2 cups of water and 3/4 cup of brown rice into a big pot, covered it, and cooked on a flame tamer over low heat for 2-3 hours. I stirred a couple of times, but otherwise left it alone. When the rice was done, shredded the chicken, removed the skin and bones, put the meat back in the pot and added a half cup of heavy cream. The resulting dish was absolutely delicious; thick, substantial, and just a bit spicy. The only effort involved was chopping the onion, measuring the rice and water, and opening the sauce. Major payoff, and the perfect comfort dinner for a really lazy rainy Sunday. It only required one pot, and cleanup was about as minimal as it gets. I suppose I could have added frozen peas to the pot, or fixed a salad or another green vegetable, but dinner was perfect as it was.

If my husband was a bigger fan of Indian food, I'd do something with this paste once a week. As it is, I can only get away with it once or twice a month, but on those occasions he grudgingly admits that it's "pretty darned good" before going for seconds.

I have it on automatic delivery, and if it ever became unavailable, I'd cry and sulk. I've made butter chicken from scratch. It's a lot of work, and isn't significantly better than the KoI. At less than $1 50 per packet, it's one of the best pantry bargains around. One packet was all I used for 3 lbs. of bone in chicken, and it was enough, even with the rice and extra water. A couple of shots of Tobasco wouldn't have hurt it any.
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on May 16, 2016
This is one of the best tasting curries I have found. I have tried a large variety of curry, including those are local curry restaurants, and I feel that this is outstanding compared to all others! It's also extremely easy to make. I usually use about 4 large chicken breasts, the exact amount of butter it requires but a little more than a cup of water. This seems to be the best way to make this curry. It is about enough for 4 people and goes really good with rice and Naan.
It's about 30 minutes total prep and cook time, but by the time your done cooking this, your rice cooker will be beeping. It's a simple and quick meal, especially for those of us who are busy and just don't have a lot of time on our hands.
This has an excellent flavor to it. Try adding green onions, cashews and cream.

I would recommend this to anyone who loves curry! This is also not very spicy. Its just right!
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on September 13, 2016
I struggled with 4 vs 5 stars. I finally decided to dock a star because it's described as "mildly spicy" and it's definitely spicier than that. I've had butter chicken in indian restaurants numerous times and made it from other mixes and it's always been milder than this.

That said, I really like it. I just don't want someone to buy a box thinking it's mild and then be disappointed.

Prep tip: put the paste in a bowl and then slowly incorporate the water. If you add the water all at once like in the directions it'll be very difficult to get the clumps out. Adding the water gradually makes it easy to get a smooth sauce.
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on January 6, 2017
We have always purchased another name brand in the stores that's a big bar that you break apart. This one was much easier to use and mix with food. The instructions are very easy to follow if you have never used a product like this. The curry taste was excellent and the seasoning was perfect. We added nothing to it at all. Some people think that Indian food is very hot, but this in my opinion had just a touch of heat (according to my wife, I disagree) that anyone could eat. In the future, I will be adding a hot sauce to give it a strong hot flavor, Indian style. This is probably the best curry mix I have ever used. The sauce came out nice and thick in my curry stroganoff and there was enough to put on the rice. If you don't want it thick, add water, but the thicker it is, the more curry flavor you'll get. This would go good on chicken or pork and even chicken wings which is what we are doing next time. Overall, we loved it!
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The Kitchens of India Butter Chicken Paste is a boon for this Asian girl who loves Indian food, but for the life of her cannot cook it. Well, maybe it's not so much that I can't cook it, but I don't want to have a surplus of spices I won't use frequently (garam masala, turmeric, cumin seeds, etc) and lets be honest, I'm too lazy to go through the many MANY steps it takes to make this tasty dish. Google NYT Butter Chicken Recipe - it's insane. Now, browning some chicken in a pot, adding butter and this sauce mix, I can do. The sauce is rich and delicious, and if you want, you can add different types of meat, no meat at all, and a variety of vegetables if you want to. This sauce goes great with rice, and if you have leftovers, it tastes just as good, if not better, the next day.

Overall, if you're hankering from some tasty Butter Chicken, this is a great option if you don't want to go out for dinner. It's easy to make and is very tasty. With six packs, I'm good for a little while, but I will definitely buy this again.
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on October 8, 2016
Having lost our closest and best Indian restaurant we had to try making our own butter chicken. it still did not taste the same so the reviews looked good for this one so I tried it.I LOVE that the directions are so easy and you need minimal add ins, chicken & butter & water, piece of cake right? So it is a quick meal, this cooks up while you do the rice or have a pkg of naan bread ready and a side salad.
The directions say to cook after the first 20 min for another 5 on high flame, well, this just about burnt ours so I wouldn't recommend it or if do, stir while its at this high heat.
It is probably a medium spice level but still a bit too spicy for me, but that just meant I had a good excuse to use chutney, that made it much more palatable for me. The rest of my family loved it and would be glad to eat it again.
So overall, happy to have a quick Indian dish at home
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on December 7, 2016
This is one of my favorite products. I've bought the individual pouches in the store, but this a good value and lets me stock up so as to have this option readily available in my pantry. I like to make a simple, hearty stew using the curry paste, water, diced chicken, carrots, and potatoes. It's easy, and great to have on cold days. That's just one option, though...there's lots of other things that you can do to create Indian-style dishes with these. The only other thing I'd mention is that this is a very mild curry base. If that's to your liking, then by all means, get this product. If you like your curry a little spicy (like me), I'd recommend getting the Vindaloo paste instead. Either that, or you can always add your own spices to generate some heat!
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on May 18, 2016
This butter chicken paste has rescued many a harried weeknight "what's for dinner?" dilemma: Inexpensive, convenient, healthy and above all, DELICIOUS! We keep this on hand all the time for quick and satisfying weeknight meals. We put a pot of brown rice on the stove to cook and while that's going, we throw together a salad and then toss together the butter chicken items (paste, butter, water and boneless chicken pieces) to simmer. A remarkably healthy and inexpensive dinner is on the table in 50 minutes (for the brown rice to cook - much shorter if you go for white rice) with only about 10 minutes total prep time for all three dishes. It's as good or better than you'll find in Indian restaurants at a fraction of the price.
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