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on January 5, 2015
This review is SPECIFICALLY for the blue bottle I ordered - my wife's plain, stainless steel (unpainted one) is a fine, four to five -star product. I'm not gentle, nor am I delicate when it comes to my drinking apperatus(es?). That being said the paint SEEMED to be pretty tough on this bottle when I got it but it's been flaking off after only several weeks in. And it's NOT flaking of in a nice, easy to peel, good-for-the OCD way either. It comes off on my lip occasionally. It flakes off on my clothes and in my bag. There's a little blue piece on my desk right now which inspired me to write this review.

Let's hope there's none of it impacted in my innards.

Stick to plain unless you like to handle a steel bottle the way you would a wine glass.

Boo Blue!
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on December 9, 2013
This Klean Kanteen is far and away the best water bottle I have ever purchased. One of its major advantages is that it does not leak. This is the third Klean Kanteen water bottle I have bought, and as far as I can tell, none of them have ever leaked. I carry mine around in my backpack daily, and I do not worry about water getting anywhere, as long as I make sure the top is on tight. This water bottle is also incredibly durable. I have dropped it on concrete several times, and other than dents and scratches, dropping it has not affected the functionality or integrity of the bottle at all. Would buy again!

Major advantage: it doesn't leak.
Other advantages: durable, large capacity, large mouth (makes cleaning very easy), stainless steel (helps prevent nasty stuff from growing in the bottle).
Disadvantages: none.
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I love the wide mouth and the cap is very durable. However, after a few years the paint started flaking off. The constant shedding of paint became very messy and annoying so if you're going to buy one of these I highly recommend going with the unpainted stainless steel version. I'd give this product 5 stars if the paint stayed on.
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on January 2, 2017
Kleen Kanteen is about as high quality as it gets and this bottle is no exception.

The pros:
The bottle is thick enough to be rigid but thin enough to be light when empty. The paint is of high quality and does not scuff, chip or scratch easily (a problem with cheaper bottles). The color is accurately portrayed in the images.

The cons:
The bottom of the bottle is very round which reduces the footprint of the bottle and makes it easier to tip than other bottles. Not by a huge margin but I wish the bottom of the bottle was a bit more flat.
The bottle only comes with the cap displayed in the pictures so I had to order a plain cap from Amazon as I am not a fan of the snap caps.

Overall I like this bottle a lot and will likely order another once this one gets banged up.
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on July 15, 2012
To cut to the chase: Sure, the bottles are sturdy and can take some banging around. Great, but shouldn't that be a given?

The problem is with the sippable sports tops: They're awful.

Yes, as many here have posted, they make a noise like a 12-year-old polishing off a thick shake every time you draw a drink. The company has even posted a suggested improvised fix involving loosening the cap as you sip (Gee, could that cause its own problems?) and holding the bottle just so.... Really? Why not just fix the problem at the design end!

But just as bad, in my experience, is that the tops, even when closed, are not watertight. Picture this: You've stowed your bottle in a side pocket of your back sack. You bend over to tie your shoelace, or pick up a dropped pen, or to lock up your bike (this has happened to me a dozen times) -- and you realize water is running down your pant leg into your shoe. Good times!

Now, you might say, "But John, the small print on the tag warns you the closable sports cap isn't watertight. That's your fault! And besides, clearly it's not easy to engineer a leakproof drinking cap!" Well, perhaps fair enough, but still, I wondered...

And guess what? I noticed an old cheap plastic bike bottle lying around, with a sports top...and it fit the Klean Kanteen perfectly. And yes! The top off this old six or seven dollar cheapie a) makes no horses-at-the-trough noise when I drink, nor b) does it spill all over me if I spot a quarter on the sidewalk, or pack it sidewise in a pannier for a bike ride. It works just fine!

In other words, a well-functioning sports cap--a cheap well-functioning sports cap -- is doable!

Just not by Klean Kanteen, apparently.

I was a fan. This is my third bottle, after two (with loop caps) got lost/liberated.

But I'm no fan of the sports cap, which KK says is their most popular model.

I'd stay away--until KK gets it together and fixes this easily fixable problem!
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on August 15, 2017
Unfortunately the lid on this leaks, it seems the cap that fits over the mouth piece must slightly lift up the seal and allows for drips to come out. Normally this is an issue, but if it falls over, or if you have it in your backpack and then lean over to tie your shoe, expect some drops to come out. We even contacted Klean Kanteen to ask for a replacement lid, the only sent a normal solid lid (one you can not sip through). The result is that we use other water bottles when we require a bottle that will not possibly drip.
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on April 24, 2018
Bought this in 2010 for my kindergartener, plus a sippy top. For 8 years it was used almost every day. The caps were replaced to a sport cap and then to a regular stainless cap as my child grew. Have frozen it several times, have dropped it a hundred times. It went every where with our family. A bit battered, scratched and dented but no smell, no leak, no rust. Still shiny. Works great. Easy to clean. Now 12 oz is not enough for my teenager, so upgrading it to a 18 oz. Definitely worth every cent.
Some cons. May be heavy for very young children when filled. Dropping it makes a huge clatter. Can be dangerous when dropped on bare feet. Made a soft fabric cover for the bottle as cushion/insulation/ease of carrying.
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on January 11, 2015
I love this bottle! It's perfect for replacing my weekly water bottle consumption.

I bought this a year ago and it has survived wonderfully (even after taking many falls to the pavement--it's still going strong. It only incurred a few small dents here and there). The cap is a very strong plastic that doesn't chip or crack (remember, I've dropped it a bunch, full), and the paint on it also doesn't chip very easily, and definitely not from normal use. The only chipping that has occurred on mine is due to my dropping it on pavement or cement.

The only CON I could see for some people (not me though) is that the opening may be too wide for someone with a smaller mouth (my girl friend has a little trouble drinking from it at times).

I would suggest buying a long neck bottle scrubber/sponge so when it comes time to clean, you can easily get to the bottom.

I would definitely purchase again!
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on March 29, 2017
I bought two of these for myself and my girlfriend for camping and as a "just in case" emergency water bottle. They come with two tops to them. One that just screws on and has to be removed to drink. And the other is the screw on sport top. Both are great and come with a clip to use with a caribener and attach to a bag or belt. A big reason why I like these bottles is because in an emergency where you may not have clean water, you can fill these up with stream or lake water and boil them over a fire to purify the water to drink. These are a must have for any survivalist or serious camper.
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The bottles are lightweight and very sturdy. I opted to use the standard poly loop cap, which has a silicon rubber seal that perfectly and tightly seals the bottle. I didn't realize how convenient the loop cap would be until I started using the bottle a bit. On a bicycle, it's very convenient to stick a finger through the loop cap in order to positively pull it out of the water bottle cage.

The mouth opening is wide so that I don't have to fight to quickly get a mouthful of water, and adding ice is a cinch. Of course, these are not insulated and they conduct heat very well, so a water bottle full of ice in a hot environment is going to sweat and will not stay cold for very long. I tend to just fill it to the brim with ice and then fill the remaining space with cold water. That gives me cool water in 90+ degree temps for at least 1.5 hours or so.

Your mileage may vary if you choose to actually freeze water in the bottle. Klean Kanteen indicates that it could cause damage (from ice expansion) and voids the 1-year warranty.

I am thoroughly pleased with two 18oz classic Klean Kanteen water bottles on my Trek DS 8.5 hybrid bicycle. I'm holding them with a pair of Topeak cages (Topeak Modula Waterbottle Cage 2--see additional uploaded pictures). See my review and pictures at that product to read the pros and cons of the combo.

1 month update: I've removed 1 star because I had a difficult time removing a machining oil smell/taste from the bottles. Despite cleaning them with hot soapy water a couple times, the machine oil smell/taste persisted if water sat in the bottles overnight. It took several very thorough cleanings before the smell/taste finally disappeared.
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