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on October 29, 2015
My daughter has been using Klean Kanteen water bottles for a couple of years now. We absolutely do not use any kind of plastic even if it's BPA free . We only use either glass or stainless steel.
This bottle will last you a long time. It's great for elementary school kids, just the right size to hold just enough water for the day.
I usually don't go for the color/printed versions since they get scratched and look old pretty fast. Also the plain stainless ones are neutral and both my daughter and son can use them. You can see in the pic attached that I got a sippy spout for one of them, which will be replaced with the loop cap when my toddler is ready.
This one has been dropped on all kinds of surfaces numerous times. It does get dented slightly eventually, but it has never leaked or ruined her backpack/lunch-bag ever.
Another reason for the bottle not leaking is the really tight cap. This is both a positive for why it never leaks and the reason I took away a star. Sometimes the cap gets so tight that my daughter is unable to open it and it's even a little bit tough for me, but this happens occasionally. I make sure I don't get carried away and give it too many turns while closing it.

Now coming to the cleaning part - It is a breeze cleaning this bottle! No straws and small parts to mess with! You can rest assured you will have no funky smell because of improper cleaning.
I only use this for cold water. My kids prefer slightly cold to room temperature water, so this bottle works just fine for us. If you wanted your water to stay cold, it would do that for a couple of hours, I guess.
Overall, a great product and it should definitely be one of the water bottles you own.
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on October 30, 2008
Last month I bought a 40oz Klean Kanteen bottle and a 33oz Sigg bottle. In the end I prefer the Klean Kanteen.

Both bottles are very light and look good. The Sigg is lighter, but not so much to really matter. Sigg wins easily in the looks department with different artwork to choose from and the bottle I have has a nice textured powder coat finish compared to the KK basic look and smooth surface.

Sigg uses an epoxy to protect your water from the aluminum and tells you not to use the bottle for long term storage. Could be a bit worrisome not knowing what's in the epoxy and the possibility of aluminum contamination. I have not noticed a metallic taste from either bottle drinking straight unfiltered tap water. I prefer the stainless steel of the KK just because it's probably on the safer side.

The bottles are both lightweight and made of thin metal. I haven't dented either but I have been very careful with them. Both feel like they would dent quite easily. I have not scratched either bottle and the paint on both looks like new after daily use from work to the gym.

The KK bottle has the cap threading formed into the neck of the bottle while the Sigg uses a metal ring insert in the top of the bottle to thread the cap onto. Some people have complained that the Sigg's threaded insert is sharp, but I have not had this problem. The KK is more comfortable to drink from though. Also the wide mouth of the bottle makes it easy to put ice cubes in, which you can't do with the Sigg unless you have very small ice cubes.

I have the loop cap on both bottles. The Sigg I really have to twist the cap on tight so it doesn't leak. The KK cap seals quite easily and has never leaked. The KK also uses a thicker thread size and is easier to screw the cap onto because of this.

Some people are complaining about sweating. On a hot day with the bottles filled with ice cubes both will sweat, but plastic bottles will also.

If I was going to spend that much money on a water bottle again, I would go with Klean Kanteen without a second thought. The only advantage of the Siggs is the exterior design.

Update Dec 09: Over a year of use now and I have stopped using the Sigg due to their older bottles do in fact have BPA. Something they said it didn't have, so I won't buy another bottle from them again since it appears they were lying before. They will replace the older bottles, but you have to pay shipping.

I have 2 Klean Kanteens and both have held up well. Some minor scratches and dents, but still look quite good.
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on May 26, 2017
I love Klean Kanteen products. I am a big user of water bottles, I probably have around 10 (mostly because I misplace them). My favorite are the canteen or glass bottles, as I try to avoid buying plastic and using plastic containers for food and drink. I've had this Klean Kanteen for years and it is still in great condition. That's after going through college, grad school, and seven moves around the country. You can throw this in the dishwasher or hand wash it, it's very easy to clean due to the simple design. You can also fit ice cubes in the mouth, which I really appreciate and use often. I've brought this water bottle to class, work, the gym, intramural sports, and traveling. You can also attach a carabiner or latch for outdoor activity or traveling.
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on August 15, 2017
Unfortunately the lid on this leaks, it seems the cap that fits over the mouth piece must slightly lift up the seal and allows for drips to come out. Normally this is an issue, but if it falls over, or if you have it in your backpack and then lean over to tie your shoe, expect some drops to come out. We even contacted Klean Kanteen to ask for a replacement lid, the only sent a normal solid lid (one you can not sip through). The result is that we use other water bottles when we require a bottle that will not possibly drip.
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on July 12, 2017
I bought my first Klean Kanteen here in 2012. Since now, after 5 years, I am about to order additional ones (various sizes including 12oz ) in the original "color" (stainless steel) speaks my satisfaction in the quality of the product as well as the company.

When you find a company that provides good service and a quality product that is STILL going strong after 5 YEARS ( FIVE YEARS!!!), you stick with the company and product.

In addition, I do not miss spending money on bottled water or the "plasticky" taste in my water.
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on March 29, 2017
I bought two of these for myself and my girlfriend for camping and as a "just in case" emergency water bottle. They come with two tops to them. One that just screws on and has to be removed to drink. And the other is the screw on sport top. Both are great and come with a clip to use with a caribener and attach to a bag or belt. A big reason why I like these bottles is because in an emergency where you may not have clean water, you can fill these up with stream or lake water and boil them over a fire to purify the water to drink. These are a must have for any survivalist or serious camper.
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on August 31, 2016
Klean Kanteen is the standard when it come to Stainless Steel containers. I have been using these products for several years and find them to be reliable and indestructible. The new screw on lit is different from the older model which is longer and goes over the spout instead of into. I noticed at times the older lid would leak if no fully inserted. This upgrade has improved upon this minor design flaw and results in less spills. We choose the smaller 12oz bottle so it could fit into my child's lunch box. Keep up the good work.
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The bottles are lightweight and very sturdy. I opted to use the standard poly loop cap, which has a silicon rubber seal that perfectly and tightly seals the bottle. I didn't realize how convenient the loop cap would be until I started using the bottle a bit. On a bicycle, it's very convenient to stick a finger through the loop cap in order to positively pull it out of the water bottle cage.

The mouth opening is wide so that I don't have to fight to quickly get a mouthful of water, and adding ice is a cinch. Of course, these are not insulated and they conduct heat very well, so a water bottle full of ice in a hot environment is going to sweat and will not stay cold for very long. I tend to just fill it to the brim with ice and then fill the remaining space with cold water. That gives me cool water in 90+ degree temps for at least 1.5 hours or so.

Your mileage may vary if you choose to actually freeze water in the bottle. Klean Kanteen indicates that it could cause damage (from ice expansion) and voids the 1-year warranty.

I am thoroughly pleased with two 18oz classic Klean Kanteen water bottles on my Trek DS 8.5 hybrid bicycle. I'm holding them with a pair of Topeak cages (Topeak Modula Waterbottle Cage 2--see additional uploaded pictures). See my review and pictures at that product to read the pros and cons of the combo.

1 month update: I've removed 1 star because I had a difficult time removing a machining oil smell/taste from the bottles. Despite cleaning them with hot soapy water a couple times, the machine oil smell/taste persisted if water sat in the bottles overnight. It took several very thorough cleanings before the smell/taste finally disappeared.
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on March 27, 2013
This bottle is simply amazing and amazingly simple. That's all that needs to be said, you will be satisfied with the quality and function of it. However, the sport cap has it's own issues. This came with the Sports Cap 2.0, as everyone else reported... yes it makes a weird noise and draws attention. Additionally, I rested it on my bed sideways and it had leaked a little from the silicon valve (the culprit of the weird noise). You can silence the noise from this valve by gently pushing on it as you sip, but that can be a nuisance.

I ordered the sport cap 3.0 as a replacement and can finally drink in confindence :D. It works well and seems to deliver more water, overall happy with it. Only complaint about the 3.0 is the silicone material the mouth piece is made out of builds up whatever is on your lips (peels off in dry layer) - so push your lips against the top, do not wrap your lips around it to solve this problem.
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on May 27, 2008
The only reason I did not give 5 stars is that I did notice a slight metallic taste (with distilled water), even after a few washes with dish soap. I fixed that problem by swishing around about an ounce of vinegar, off on on, for about five minutes. After that I used about 1/2 ounce of baking soda with about two ounces of water as a rinse, then a regular dish soap rinse, then life was good.

Every day now, I go to work with my 27 ounce 'Klean Kanteen' and have no regrets about my purchase. I have since bought a second 27 ounce, a 18 ounce, and two 40 ounce containers. I use the 'flat caps' so I cannot comment on any other caps. The caps I have, provide a good water tight seal.


I have been using the 27 ounce model as my work 'water bottle' for four months and absolutely love the thing. It is easy to clean and disinfect (if desired). It fits in my lunch container and just does not leak (with the flat cap). When people ask me about the metal water bottle, I just smile, and say that I have read some bad things about reusing plastic water bottles.

I have a 40 ounce size in the trunk of my car for emergencies. I sometimes use it to get get a drink of good water when I am out and about. I do not have to worry about the water containing absorbed chemicals (as in from a plastic water bottle stored in a hot trunk). It has the flat cap and has not leaked, even after 'riding' in my car for a few thousand miles.

No regrets about these purchases, none at all. :) They are now five star in my books.

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