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iKlear iK-26K Complete Cleaning Kit
Style: Cleaning Kit|Change
Price:$29.95+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on July 13, 2016
​I love this product and it's my favorite when it comes to cleaning my phone. we all love it when out iPhone is nice and clean with no scratches and that is why I love this product. One spray on a simple rag and you are good to go. it makes the screen super smooth. What makes this different from other companies is the fact that it is so cheap and the bottle is so big you will never run out. not only that but one spray works with every device. I use this with my tablets my phone my laptop and my monitier. The shipping just comes in a normal box that has an advertisement from the company on it and inside the box, you will find a 8 oz bottle of iKlear. Overall an outstanding product to help clean your screens
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on February 24, 2014
OK this review has some important info so read it lol!

I had boughten my LG Flatron LCD monitor back in Dec 2009... so roughly 4 years and 3 months-ish. That's quite a while. Well, I've had smudges, HARD SMUDGES, the ones you can't get rid of with just a microfiber cloth. Fingerprints and soem other stuff too, but mostly unsightly smudges at just the right sunlight or otherwise. I tried everything free that I could but nothing worked. I got microfiber cloths and they only got rid of dust. I finally decided to buy iKlear Cleaning Kit. I was very worried because I was fearful that the liquid could leave streaks or that pixels could be messed up forever or something. I read the instructions several times, and then got the large grey microfiber cloth in the kit and sprayed a side of it once with the larger bottle. I then moved over the smudges left and right. Sometimes you have to press harder and faster for some. After doing a cleaning area when the liquid in the cloth had dried up (quite quickly actually) I got the large blue microfiber cloth and used it left and right, up and down to dry up/polish the screen. I repeated these processes quite a lot over the screen. When all was done and dry, I turned on my PC, and it was all perfect! From a hardcore monitor smudger, I highly recommend this product!!

(btw, make sure you turn off power to monitor BEFORE starting to clean and make sure the monitor is not warm at all)
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on December 10, 2015
I received this product 5 days after placing an order and am satisfied with it, although I wish that it came a little bit smaller. I understand that this is designed for monitors and tv's really, but the cloth is huge! It has this very soft and appealing suede like feel that picks up and absorbs dust very easily. I swiped it over my dusty lamp and the dust on the lamp instantly transferred to the cloth. Washing it with a little dish detergent and some warm water made the towel nice and clean, then hanging overnight, the towel was ready again by morning.

In the box
- One large Microfiber Chamois Towel (Suede like feel, stitched edges so that the fibers don't start unraveling.
- One travel anti-microbial microfiber towel (wrapped, says it's able to kill 99% of germs and can be rewashed and still retain anti-microbial ability.
-Two (Step 1 Wet) travel kits (Basically a pretreated cloth that you can use to clean your devices until it gets too dirty
The box itself is able to be opened and closed again so that you could keep your items inside of it.

-Cleans dust very well. Oil takes a bit longer.
-The towel was way to big to carry around just for my phone or even my 13'' macbook air. I thus followed a review from someone else who said that they cut it. DO NOT CUT. The piece that I cut started having fibers come out of it because it was not stitched like the edges. I acknowledge that this is my fault, but I hope that you all do not do this.
-After using the cloth to buff, it doesn't leave a nice smooth layer, but rather leaves more of a dry one. I feel that if I use the Iklear spray, separate purchase, it may leave more of a smooth layer. What I mean by smooth layer is that I am able to glide my finger across, which is especially important when either typing, or playing games.

- Instead of coming with the anti-microbial cloth, perhaps give a portable Chamois cloth as I really didn't need the anti-microbial cloth, but would have preferred a travel size.

I really like the product, but I can't say I love it, especially since for me it was too big and it starting unraveling once I tried to make it more travel size. Just going by amazon's system here.
If you guys have any questions or want pictures, feel free to leave a comment asking me to add them.
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on June 18, 2011
I've actually been using the same 5 oz bottle of iKlear purchased over 8 years ago and only recently ordered a new bottle once it was almost empty. Used on laptops and small electronic devices, a bottle will last a very long time. The original bottle outlasted multiple iPods dating back to a G1, a Powerbook G4 from 2003, a MBP unibody from 2009 and was being used on a 2011 MBP before finally being replaced.

While I have used this on a wide variety of devices, it seems to be formulated in particular for the aluminum surfaces used in virtually all Apple computers as well as the glossy screens used in iPads, iPods, iPhones, and all glossy screened computers.

On matte aluminum surfaces, it leaves a slick, lightly polished finish after removing any light stains and oil from finger prints. On hard, glossy screens (glass) it leaves a slick, frictionless, streak free finish. Works well on the matte keys on Apple keyboards as well.

It will clean matte/non-reflective screens, but if sprayed excessively and not buffed off correctly with a good polishing cloth, iKlear will leave streaks on this type of screen. In addition to using a good, clean polishing cloth, apply iKlear sparingly to a cool display that has been off for hours to avoid evaporating fine mist spray before it can be properly buffed off. If both are done, a streak free polished surface will be the result on any matte screen.

I imagine I'll still be using this current bottle at least five years from now. Heavy iPad users will probably go through a bottle quicker.
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on February 11, 2015
This is the best PC, TV, Tablet, and cell phone screen cleaner I've ever used. It removes absolutely EVERY fingerprint, smudge and grimy piece of junk on your electronic devices. It really makes everything I clean with it look absolutely brand new (I take very good care of my devices but after a while the fingerprints and dust pile up so I use iKlear to renew them). Another interesting thing is that my LG G3 phone has a screen protector and it had small micro-scratches you could see if the phone was titled towards the light...well I used this spray and most of them are gone. It's like the iKelar spray healed the screen protector. Now I'm not saying it will repair every scratch, but the small ones seem to disappear - just make sure you are using a high quality microfiber cloth.

I bought 2 of these so far and this will be the only screen cleaner I'm going to use on all my electronic devices going forward.
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on October 25, 2013
My electronic devices always get dirty courtesy of my nephews and nieces always using them. You've guessed it, the keyboard has faint smudges of food and the screen has streaks. I used to lightly dab a cloth with water and wipe my monitor and screen, but it didn't remove the residue.

So after reading the reviews that this is the best cleaning solution, I bought it (the Travel Singles), and I'm very happy with the results. It comes with 20 packets and 2 microfiber cloths. The Travel Singles are small enough to tuck into your back pockets/wallet/purse. It looks like wet wipes. The packets are easy to tear and the wet cloth has a faint smell. The smell isn't unpleasant but it isn't pleasant, either. Stenches tend to aggravate my chest, but this one didn't cause any aggravations. I've used it on my laptop which has seen better days and now it looks fairly brand new. It doesn't leave any streaks and the smell fades away after a few moments. It also doesn't leave your hands feeling sticky. The microfiber is very soft. You use it after wiping the screen with the wet section. You wipe it horizontally and then vertically.

I've also used the microfiber on my brand new Samsung LED flat screen. It removed the dust particles perfectly without scratching the screen. I've also going to use it for my video game consoles and DVD player and sunglasses.

Overall, I'm happy with this product. When it comes to any cleaning product, I always look for non-toxicity. IKlear is non-toxic so it's generally safe to use and won't harm your health. It's also alcohol and ammonia free. I recommend buying the Travel Singles because it is portable and won't require you to spritz the solution onto the screen. Since we're on the go most of the time, the travel size packets are very convenient. My only minor complaint is that I wish it came with more microfiber cloths.
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on September 21, 2015
Totally agree with other reviews that this is the best cleaner for Apple products. I use it to clean my Macbook, iPad, and iPhone. Before I found this, I used quick wipes (already wet tissue in a plastic container kind of stuff) but it dried up easily although I tried to tape the plastic wrap (not so strong cleaner, had to brush and use many wipes to achieve the same result like this). Yes, this kit works like magic! I also like how they have travel size bottle, extra cloths, and single packaged ready-to-use wipes. Very practical to keep some wipes on my laptop bag during travel.

I recently used it for my Apple Watch after I realized that the watch screen was not that clear anymore (looked like there was this thin oily layer when I see it under the light), tried to clean it with damp cotton cloth but didn't really help that much. I tried to use iKlear, and it amazingly works. It looks brand new now! So happy I found this, thanks for other reviewers for the recommendation!
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on May 4, 2017
iKlear is the best product I have found to clean screens: computer, television, iPod, and any other screen you can think of. I went to the Apple Store to purchase this product, only to learn that they no longer carry it. I clean my MacBook Pro from head to toe, inside and out with iKlear. My sister liked it so much that she usurped my previous bottle (and cleaner rag) for her iMac screen, as well as the other screens in her house. She cares for young children and that means hand prints and smudges all over the computer and television screens. iKlear, properly applied, will also reduce the collection of dust on your screen. I, highly, recommend iKlear!
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on November 10, 2016
Absolutely love this! I got this in February of 2016 (forgot to review it, oops!) because of all the positive reviews, and because my laptop needed a good cleaning. For 20 dollars, this is a truly great product. The little mini bottle is so handy to keep in my backpack and the bigger bottle stays at home. It is so easy to use and really keeps my laptop screen and keyboard clean. The little travel packages are great too for when I don't have the larger bottles available. All of my friends borrow this from me lol. I strongly recommend this product.
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on October 27, 2017
When I ordered this stuff, I accidentally ordered two bottles instead of one. I am glad about that, too! Not only does this cleaner do a great job on my iPad, it is also great on the information screens of my C7 Corvette. I keep a small spray bottle (2-3 oz) stored behind my Navigation panel, along with a magic fiber cloth. Since that screen gets a lot of fingerprints on it, the iKlear does a great job. The cleaner does well on screen protectors on both my iPad and Android cell phone. This Amazon sold item is a keeper!
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