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on November 10, 2012
It is impossible to talk about this book without mentioning the fact that Robert Jordan died after the completion of this work. I do love this series but the last couple of books have suffered. It lifts my spirit to report that Jordan went out with style. This novel has a lot of story movement. It has many emotional scenes were it feels like something is actually getting done. Most exciting is I got the feeling that Jordan was really building to the ending of this long tale.

I can still find complaints about this book. Rand isn't in it enough. Perrin has so many characters surrounding him that I couldn't keep track of his story as well. What I would like to get across is that this isn't a perfect book but that doesn't mean it won't blow you away. Knife of Dreams is one of the best of this series so far.

RIP Robert Jordan. I can't wait to see how you finish it Brandon Sanderson.
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on October 15, 2012
I had to put this down 1/3 of the way through, and picked it up a year later just to be done with it. I kept going because I wanted to get to a book that Brandon Sanderson wrote for WOT. Now that I just finished the 13th book, I must say I'm happy I finished book 11, Knife of Dreams. Books 12 and 13 are so much better and the pace is that of a normal novel - not the slow, drudgery of the last few by Jordan - I mean really; must I know about the detail of every freaking dress?!

Jordan, rest his soul, was mired in minute and unnecessary details - and if he mentioned 'bosom' once more, I think I would've puked. We all know about that fetish, or fixation.

Sanderson's take over of the series is a massive improvement. So for all of you out there who felt about the last few books Jordan wrote, take heart and press on. Am looking forward to the last book.
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on September 24, 2017
Few dull spots, plenty of action and intrigue. People make plans and act on them. Things happen in this book, finally! You actually get a sense that the end of the world is near, rather than decades off. Very good.
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on January 14, 2017
Great improvement over the last book, but I wish Jordan would give a little more build up to important events. They always seem to pop out of nowhere. I'm not a writer, so I can't say this is the wrong way to do things, but IMO I would like the suspense built up a little. You can't have the minor 2nd progression on bass (Jaws theme) playing in the background, but maybe describe the mood and atmosphere so that we the readers sense something important is coming.
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on February 24, 2017
I enjoyed this book so much I can't wait to read the next one in the series, but I have to buy it first! The endings in each of these books tend to keep me up late at night, it is difficult to put them down until you've finished them. The Last Battle approaches and Rand and his friends are still struggling to prepare for it; but they *must* succeed!
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on November 19, 2013
I can say that this volume was a sight better than the last one, but the pace is only minimally better. As I have suggested in any previous reviews I have done, you should start out this epic from volume one. It is a long read, however, as Mr. Jordan can get quite wordy at the most inconvenient times (like when the world is on the brink of ending)

For the most part, much of the subplots that were developing over the last two or three volumes gets the majority attention with this one. Let it be known that while these subplots can be interesting, none hold the excitement and fervor of the main characters plotlines. There is a little more of the main character, which is good news simply because he is so bad-ass. Mat and Perrin also have decent turns over their respective story arcs.

The payoff of the conclusion to this 20-year marathon is right around the corner, as someone else takes over the writing tasks for the final three volumes. Any fan worth his salt knows this already, and indeed, said fan has most likely read most volumes several times. I myself am re-reading the series, as I have read everything up until A Memory of Light, except it was so long ago, I wanted to intake it all while its fresh now that the series is completed. I would recommend this to any epic fanstasy fan. The long-windedness of the series as a whole might turn off quite a few people, but the payoff is worth much of the trouble it took to get to this point. Re-reading it as I have affords me a little more patience when judging the books. When many of the later volumes were published, it was hard to be satisfied when they were only being released once every two years. Reading the series as a whole, one can better appreciate the whole of the world Jordan painstakingly created. I always got the impression that he wants the reader to know the whole world, not just the world the main characters occupy (although, the latter part is hella good it does get attention).

It's worth the wait.
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on April 27, 2018
Finally stuff starts happening in this book. Some plots get solved. Matt’s storyline is fantastic as always (he is my favorite). Perrin’s part is kind of annoying but hey at least Faile gets rescued. Elayne’s story is so slow; I got tired of reading about her mood swings. Rand who is not in the book a whole lot has some interesting parts too. Great to read about Nynaeve and Lan; you can tell they love each other a lot but must do what is necessary.
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on August 5, 2015
I ripped through this series in about two months, reading when I wasn't working or doing homework. I wish Robert Jordan was alive to see how beloved his books are devoured! All my friends also read them and they seem to be universally enjoyed. You can't convince me now that Rand, Elaine, Perrin,Matt, Thom the gleeman, Morianne, Lan, and Nynave, and all the other memorable characters don't exisist, somehow some way. I can see Nynave tugging on her braid and glaring at the affronting thought! I reccomed this series to anyone, any age!
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on January 17, 2013
Knife of Dreams is a return to fine form for Jordan. Multiple plots are moved forward in this book, leaving the reader feeling satisfied by the end of the bok. Still, it's not as good as when the Aiel were a large part of the books.

A plurality of the book focuses on Mat's continuing journey away from Ebou Dar into Altara. There's quite a bit that goes on here, but the good part is that Moiraine's letter to Thom is finally shared with Mat, setting up some later events. How much later? Two books. Jordan always did have a problem with pacing. Still, the Mat sections in this book have battles and assorted other interesting tidbits. And the Mat section also has a resolution to the Mat/Tuon pairing, including an interesting denouement that involves Semirhage and Suroth.

The Elayne section also sees serious resolutions of a few plots. Thankfully. All the diplomatic maneuvering was getting old fast. You'll be happy that the plots were moved forward and satisfied by the resolutions. Plus its discovered that Aviendha can identify ter'angreal - including an awesome one that is a depository of books. This should help the society of Randland.

The Perrin/Faile section is finally resolved too. Joy.

The Rand section is some of the best of the book. It involves awesome battles with Trollocs as well as an encounter with Semirhage.

And for me, the Egwene section was the highlight. Captured by the White Tower Aes Sedai, Egwene is forced into novice white in the Tower. From within, she works to see Elaida deposed.

And then another third of the book was told from other peoples' points of view.

Jordan upped his sniff count. 22 for this one and Nynaeve finally hit the 50 mark. And while her Crown of Sniffs is assured, Elayne managed to take runner up from Egwene.

Knife of Dreams
Barasine - I
Siuan - I
Beonin - I
Village Wisdom - I
Renee Harfor - II
Corvil - II
Nynaeve - III
Selucia - II
Setelle Anan - I
Lini - I
Seonid - I
Elayne - II
Asne - I
Dyelin - I
Ellorien - I
Javindhra - I

And for the books so far,

Aviendha - IIIII IIIII II (12)
Min - IIIII III (8)
Moiraine - IIIII III (8)
Leane - IIIII II (7)
Faile - IIIII I(6)
Suian - IIIII
Elaida - IIII
Bair - III
Corvil - III
Dyelin - III
Idrien - III
Lanfear/Selene - III
Larine - III
Melaine - III
Renee Harfor - III
Romanda - III
Teslyn - III
Amys - II
Beonin - II
Cook at Inn - II
Deira - II
Feraighin - II
Laras - II
Lelaine - II
Liandrin - II
Lini - II
Joline - II
Setelle Anan - II
Tiana - II
Adine - I
Ailhuin - I
Alise - I
Alivia - I
Aludra - I
Asne - I
Balwer - I
Barasine - I
Berowin - I
Bornhold - I
Breane - I
Cadsuane - I
Caira - I
Carlinya - I
Daigian - I
Edelle - I
Ellorien - I
Essande - I
Erith - I
Females in Crowd - I
Galina - I
Garenia - I
Graendal - I
Javindhra - I
Jeaine - I
Jeaine - I
Kireyin - I
Latelle - I
Marin al'Vere - I
Merana - I
Merilille - I
Nesta din Reas - I
Nildra - I
Nisao - I
Renaile - I
Rendra - I
Rhiale - I
Samitsu - I
Seonid - I
Sevanna - I
Signet Ring Fellow - I
Silk Shopkeeper - I
Somara - I
Sorilea - I
Suroth - I
Tavern Wenches at the Woman of Tanchico Inn - I
Therava - I
Tion - I
Tylin - I
Vandene - I
Verin - I
Village Wisdom - I
Woman in Fal Dara - I
Women of Emond's Field - I
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on September 1, 2014
The series is starting to improve with more focus on main plot lines and characters. It is finally moving forward to the final confrontation between Rand and his destiny. The personalities of characters, main and secondary is still one dimensional and unrealistic. In this series so far no one ever grows up, learns and changes how they treat others. Here all women are bullies and nags and men stand around and take it - all while describing their latest coat or tea set. Still this one is worth reading.
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