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on August 7, 2017
Saw this on a plane and then watched it with my wife and kids a couple weeks later. This was a nice surprise and we really enjoyed it. There is a little something in this for everyone. Lots of action, comedy, romance. Overall great movie.
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on April 16, 2017
Say what you will about Tom, he makes a pretty good action flick. This is an imaginative movie, and although I don't think Cameron Diaz is any great thing as an actress, she does well enough here.
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on May 18, 2015
June is just going about her life, when a stranger bumps into her and changes her world.

The next thing she knows, she's on a plane, trying to impress a stranger she likes, named Roy. And then she goes to the restroom to primp and comes back to discover that Roy has killed everyone on the plane except the two of them.

Since that everyone includes the pilot, they have a problem. Roy does his best to land the plane, but it couldn't be called anything but a (barely) controlled crash.

Which pretty much describes the rest of the movie. It's one gigantic controlled, slow-motion, never-ending crash, with a mystery (is Roy the bad guy, or a good guy caught in a bad situation? and what the heck is going on?), a romance, and just about everything you can think of.

This is an exciting, roller-coaster ride of a movie.
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on August 13, 2014
It's actually a fun movie. It's not going to win any awards or anything and I did find the molestation scene (where he changed her into a bikini without her consent) was really offensive and annoying. I'm just tired of all these movies acting like it's cute when a guy sexually harasses a woman. In Leap Year Amy Adams finds it 'adorable' when the guy who stole her items tries to sneak a peak at her naked... In American Pie when the student is recorded having sex without her knowing it's 'funny'... I mean really when will it end?

But overall the film was funny. Tom Cruise plays a guy who's off his rocker and June eventually seems to be fine with the fact that he's not completely sane. The movie isn't very realistic at all, but it's a fun ride.
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on April 7, 2015
This was my first time renting a movie through Amazon. I loved this movie - however my ability to play the movie was so horrible we were not able to really truly enjoy it. The movie itself timed out about every 3 minutes, and this is no exaggeration. We play Netflix movies and Amazon prime movies just fine on our TV. We only had issues with this PAID movie. At one point, I just walked away and did something else and let it go through all the stops and starts by itself. Interestingly enough, once we had "played" through it once with all the stops and starts, we were able to play it through without any issues the 2nd time. Almost as if once it was in memory it had no issues playing.

I'm not sure I'll rent a video through Amazon again for this reason although Amazon did take care of us regarding this playback issue.
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on August 20, 2013
The only one in the movie that I've seen before is Tom Cruise; therefore, no comparison with other films can be made for other performers. About all that can be said about them is that they served as suitable foils for The Star. On the other hand, I was a little surprised that Cruise managed the light touch as well as he did. It seems to me that he has not previously done the Doug Fairbanks, Senior and Junior, Cary Grant, gay, daring-do with same panache. He handled it pretty well, not up there with the Masters, but more than adequate for the demands of this movie. The female lead, Diaz, serves mostly as a foil for Cruise, although this being a 21st Century film, she was given her segment in which to shine.
The plot was not only forgettable once the film was over, it barely existed while the film was unwinding (to use an old pre-digital adage). I know a number of people were paid what, to me, is megabucks, to put something down on paper to give the actors words to say and things to do; however, the instructions to them might as well have been, don't worry about it, just listen to the Director while he makes it up. The result was mostly incomprehensible and incoherent. Never mind, you will never miss it.
My advice: if you are in the mood for light and airy, sometimes humorous, well staged fight and other action scenes, this is a good one. It also fits the occasions when you really don't want to try to make sense of what is going on, just want to watch lots of 'let's pretend' stuff.
This fits the bill. I enjoyed it without ever figuring out, "Who's on First".
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on March 30, 2013
This is an exciting and delightful film packed with lots of action and thrills. Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz come together like never before. Their chemistry ignites and we have comedy and a lighthearted fast pace adventure, which is fun to watch. The extended edition fills in many of the questions that were not answered in the original film that hit the movie screens. The sound track is easy and most enjoyable. In many scenes it sets the stage for what comes next and this is very important in a film that goes at jet speed during many of the action scenes. I loved the film because I have never seen two actors so naturally together. The only down side was that the deleted scenes that were used in the extended version may have been more finesse instead of in one case at the railroad station a bit chopping. But the rest was very exciting and at the end you were left with a marvelous feeling and that is why I gave it five stars! So you are either with me or not but the action may just take your breath away. So if you are looking for lighthearted comedy with two great actors than I strongly recommend Knight and Day the extended Edition.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon December 4, 2010
An amicable Roy Miller warns a guy: "For your own safety, stay in the booth." Hindsight dictates that all those who got in Roy Miller's way should've just stayed in their booths. A sexy Cameron Diaz and a slightly creepy Tom Cruise make KNIGHT AND DAY a grand, over-the-top spy adventure, and I sure liked it a hell of a lot better than its close cousin KILLERS. Even at the age of 72, Tom Cruise can still kick it as a master secret agent. And, going by this DVD's Behind-the-Scenes featurette, Cruise did most of his own stunts. And if you factor in all the unbelievable things that his character gets up to in the film, that is an impressive reveal.

The story initially throws out just enough ambiguity concerning Cruise's character that you're not sure whether this guy's to be trusted or what. Roy Miller, cloaked in mystery, first latches onto June Havens (Diaz) in an airport, and there's a spark. June is flying out to her sister's wedding. She restores automobiles, which makes her infinitely sexy. We don't know why Roy is flying. We do know the flight ends in body bags and a plane crash, preceded by a pretty damn nifty fight sequence in the plane. On a side note, if it's bugging anyone, that bit of tango music used to score the fight is Gotan Project's awesome "Santa Maria (Del Buen Ayre)." I love that tune, but it's getting so that everyone and his blue-haired granny is putting this song in their movie.

June survives the plane crash. Can she survive Roy Miller, who seems bent on shadowing her everywhere she went? Government agents show up to inform her that Roy a week ago was the most trusted covert agent in the Agency, that is, until Roy's full blown break with reality. Except that Roy, earlier on, had warned June that men would be coming to say exactly this kind of stuff. So who's lying? Who's paranoid? Who's unstable? Can a romance blossom when colored by deception and incoming hails of gunfire? Waves of assassins come out of the woodwork, and they're also targeting June. You'd think this would add to Roy Miller's credibility.

A movie like this requires a McGuffin to send its characters frantically dashing around the globe, and so we learn of the Zephyr, which is this inexhaustible battery prototype that could theoretically power a city in perpetuity. Everyone wants this device. Roy Miller, delusional or not, gone rogue or not, possesses this device. What are Roy's intentions regarding the Zephyr? We're in the dark for some time.

Roy Miller is so impressive as a secret agent that he attains an aura of near comic book invincibility. There's never one moment in which you get the sense that Roy's bit off more than he can chew. KNIGHT AND DAY isn't meant to be gritty nor is it grounded in reality. It's straight-up summer popcorn, and I had a lot of fun watching it. Cruise and Diaz are great together, Cameron Diaz as sweet as ever. But it's Cruise's slightly off-hinged performance that kept me engaged. Fast-paced. Quirkily romantic. Cloak & daggery. Big, explosive stunts. Big special effects. Exotic locations. You can tell where the money went. This movie isn't touchy-feely or socially relevant. It won't challenge your brain. But it achieves what it sets out to do, which is to entertain. The two leads are pros at being appealing. There are sequences in which your jaw may even drop. I think you'll chuckle in spots. I'm still smiling at Cruise's frenzied "Life expectancy... with me... without me..." speech. And I did say this was better than KILLERS. The difference between the two is like... KNIGHT AND DAY.

The DVD's bonus material: "Wilder Knights and Crazier Days" is the behind-the-scenes featurette focusing on the crazy stunt work done by Cruise and Diaz (00:12:30 minutes); "Knight & 'Someday'" is a segment chronicling Tom Cruise's visit with the Black Eyed Peas in London during their 2010 world tour as the Peas debut "Someday," the song the Peas composed for the end credits of KNIGHT AND DAY; it's a cool song, too (00:09:09); two viral videos promoting the movie: "Soccer" (Tom and Cameron spectacularly kicking around a soccer ball; 00:01:08) and "Kick" (Cameron rehearsing a kick on Tom; 00:01:21); and the theatrical trailer.
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on September 20, 2016
I've seen this film several times on cable TV and found it highly entertaining, charming, at times quite funny. When I bought the DVD I thought I would have the same experience, but the DVD version has been edited and the deleted scenes of the wedding reception toast and the motorcycle verses the bull in the narrow Spanish street made for a less enjoyable film. Why this was done is a mystery as each scene adds to the story and overall film.
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on September 10, 2017
love this movie, watched it as a family and we were left laughing almost the whole movie.
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