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on September 23, 2013
Okay, so when I was considering buying this Trilogy set, I had already known for sure that I wanted to own the movies. But for DVD, I wasn't sure how good this edition would be. One of the things that bugged me a little was that most of the reviews here is for the Blu-ray version, which includes bonus content in film and artwork. As a young guy who isn't crazy about comics or comicbook movies, but who still loves Christopher Nolan's original approach to the Batman franchise, I knew I only needed the DVD edition, and that'd be good enough for me. But for the listed price? I wanted to be sure it would be WORTH it. You guys out there, reading this know what I mean. You hate getting ripped off with the purchase of a DVD when you are forced to get Blu-ray to get the REAL good stuff.
But have no worries. This set is good enough for you if you're like me: like the movies, want above average packaging, and a little bit of fancy artwork that sets it apart from regular DVDs. As mentioned above, this DVD edition only comes with the three movies and no special features, except for BATMAN BEGINS (which is like the regular, individual DVD edition, where this "special feature" is simply a trailer of the actual movie, lol). So yeah, don't be fooled. But the box is wonderfully done: pleasant feeling texture, a fantastic 3D holographic cover showcasing the three movie wallpapers (yes! it isn't only on the Blu-ray edition!), on the back it has the Dark Knight bat-symbol in black with a dark grey backround; when you open the flaps, your eyes are greeted by the three movies with awesome disc cover work: each disc has the Bat symbol, but with the correlating theme for that movie. It's nice, because it looks like a Trilogy, like it should.
The inside of the box has nice artwork. You know, behind the plastic part that holds the discs in those kinda sets? Real nice. It is the Bat symbol like on the cover of the box, blown up in proportion. In the inside flaps, it has a wide panel view of Batman on the "Batpod", as seen in The Dark Knight. One last detail that might be of interest to some of you guys out there: each disc now has the new "DC Comics" logo; this is pretty cool, because separately, only The Dark Knight Rises dvd has this new DC logo, which makes the other two not quite matching.
And one last thing: in case ya'll are wondering, on this DVD edition (I don't know about the Blu-ray edition), when you play each movie on the computer or tv, everything plays exactly like the normal DVDs. Basically, it doesn't come with a "special" version of the Main Menu or anything. But trust me, as a DVD user, I was totally satisfied.
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on December 4, 2012
Just got mine in the mail. It does indeed come with UltraViolet copies of all 3 movies!

It also comes with:
A 64 page excerpt from "The Art and Making of The Dark Knight Trilogy."

Batman Begins: 1 disc (Movie and special features together)
The Dark Knight: 2 discs (Movie and special features are separate)
The Dark Knight Rises: 2 discs (Movie and special features are separate)

And a code for discounted memorabilia. I will be posting some pictures soon.

Hope this helps!
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on January 9, 2017
I love this trilogy.

The cases and blurays have excellent designs.

The book has great photos and well printed.

This collection I recommend, not only for the batman fans, for the whole public.
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on February 12, 2014
The more I watch these films, the more I love them.

BB is a good movie but moves a little slow for my taste. The first half seems to drag, but I understand they have to establish the the characters and the darker Batman mythology.

TDK is the best of the series, all due to Heath Ledger's Joker. Everytime the movie ends I get really p.o.'d cuz we will never see a standalone Joker origins movie with Heath, as I am pretty confident that would have happened purely because his performance. This is personal taste but I really wish Katie Holmes would have reprized her role as Rachel cuz IMO Maggie Gyllenhall has the face of a "sad turtle" and Katie was just simply better and more believable.

I seem to be watching TDKR more than any of them tho. I love the music score, and just the "fall and rise" story line. Bane was tricky to understand in the theaters but is A LOT better on my home theater...IMO. I like the way it ended and seemed like they were going to morph it into another series with JGL (which could still happen I guess). But once they announced Ben Afleck as the new batman (yes I know its a different Mytho, I thought those hopes were all but dashed. That said when I heard "Heath Ledger" as joker I thought...W..T...F...but I was WAY wrong. So who knows.

On a side note and I may be completely alone with this, but before TDKR ever came out to theater's I always thought, Joseph Gordon Levitt looked like Heath. So I always thought he could work well with some sort of Joker Origin movie. But now I don't think that would work cuz he was hinted in TDKR as the heir apparent to Batman.

But, This trilogy is fantastic, the 3rd one took a couple run throughs for my to really appreciate it and I feel is just .001% below TDK. But Heath puts that ahead everytime.
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on January 27, 2013
Christopher Nolan had to expertly make a trio of Batman films like no other: truly dark featuring expansive sets, state-of-the-art FX, and, most of all, impressive performances from its stars.

The first of the three, "Batman Begins," sports the best performance by star Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne/Batman. In the movie, Bale delivers his distinctive turn in the role previously assayed by the likes of Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer, George Clooney, and, of course, Adam West on TV. Bale is very good, demonstrating why he was chosen for the role and why he is constantly in demand in Hollywood.

Bale takes a backseat to the late Heath Ledger in "Batman Returns." In this one, Ledger takes the role of The Joker to a more psychotic level than has ever been presented before. Ledger's take is more frightening and demented than previously has been presented. He deserved the posthumous Oscar awarded him.

Finally, "The Dark Knight Rises" suffers from what befalls many films: it's just too big...too many villains, overuse of special effects and violence at the expense of character, and a hazy plot that appears just thrown together.

Although Tom Hardy's "Bane" is a worthy menace to Batman and Bane does admirably in the role, the film starts rather lacklusterly and ends on a rather predictable note. The first thirty minutes alone move too slowly.

Additional acting kudos should be given to the other regulars common to all films: Gary Oldman as Commissioner Gordon, Morgan Freeman as Lucius Fox, and Michael Caine as faithful butler Alfred Pennyworth.

Overall rating: 5 stars for films 1 and 2; 3 stars for the conclusion in the trilogy
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on July 17, 2013
First off - the product itself and packaging. This is a very nice set, the quality of it is top-notch and the art book is a nice bonus. The outer box that holds everything even has a nice feel to it. They need to make more sets like this, a lot of people could learn from this set. The 5 discs are nicely contained and kept safe in their own fold out style book, and easy to remove when needed. Not much more to say about it really, just very nice set especially for the price.

Not going to get too much into the movie because chances are if you are here looking to buy this you have seen them or know something about the movies already. I will keep it short...the movies are well done, the Blu-ray quality is up there and if you are even a remote fan of comic style movies this is a must see/own collection.
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on January 9, 2014
of course this is totally different imagining of the Dark Knight and all three are done as perfectly as movies can be. Total action, total integration of plot-line from movie to movie...making an over 6 hour seamless story that works perfectly. A little bit of a stretch but keep in mind suspension of disbelief and enjoy this epic tale. Now, does "Catwoman" and "Joker" both hold up to the characters represented in the original Time Burton versions? In my opinion, NO ONE will EVER top Michelle Pfeiffer's portrayal of the feline temptress, and Jack Nicholson's portyal holds up on it's own to this day, but Heath Ledger NAILED the role...with a pencil and a magic trick. JEEZ! Both sets, the two Burton versions (the rest that followed are terrible) and the three Dark Knight versions are both fantastic visions of the hero, just through different eyes and different times. But no one, PERIOD, wore the cowl with the same presence as the fantastic portrayal by Michael Keaton. Christian Bale may be tougher, more cut...but Michael owed the mystique of the "Dectective".

But for pure story telling, for action for just plain fun, get this trilogy!
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on February 27, 2013
Firstly, I am a Batman fan. He is my second favorite superhero character (behind Dick Grayson actually), so when I write this review, I may be a little bias in my support of these three films. My review is more topical and complete so I won’t go into a lot details, thus if for some reason you have not seen any of these films, this review will not spoil anything for you.
The Dark Knight trilogy is fantastic, my second favorite trilogy (behind The Lord of the Rings). I love how each film stands on its own and it is only the third which makes references to the previous films, but give you enough in case you missed either one. In Batman Begins, we have, in my opinion, the greatest Batman film origin story you could possibly tell. There are other Batman origin stories out there which are wonderful (like Batman: Year One) but Batman Begins has the more cinematic qualities to a big budget super hero film along with a very grounded, very personal starting place for both Bruce Wayne and Batman. If Warner Bros. decided to re-boot Batman (as I feel they should in order to have a character which fits into a world with other superheroes and one who is more detective focused) I would strongly urge to just not create an origin story. Just kick off with Batman as Batman, maybe from flashbacks to his parents’ murder, but do not try to compete with Batman Begins because, as origin stories for this hero go, you will not find a more perfect one.
The Dark Knight is the best superhero film made to date. It has every element of not only a great superhero film, but a great film in general. You have a conflicted hero trying to separate himself from his alter ego, but you ultimately cannot. There is a sort of hubris story where the very act of good is turned evil. And a perfect villain, written and acted exceptionally to tear everything down. The scope is epic and yet the characters make it feel like a small movie at times. The Joker is the villain he is always supposed to be. He is chaotic, psychotic, mischievous, murderous and always one step ahead of the great detective. The character is played beautifully by Heath Ledger who give the character real life and depth while, at the end of the film, we really know very little about him which only adds to the terror that the Joker is meant to inspire.
The trilogy wraps up with The Dark Knight Rises, which, once I realized this is not intended to be a traditional superhero film, I was able to appreciate the movie for what it was. It is the end of a legend, but not the one you think. This ends the legend of Bruce Wayne and established the true legend of Batman. The acting in this third film is all-around the best of the series with greater performances by all the veterans and the new comers. It is a broad scoped plot all fit wonderfully together and held their by Bane. Traditionally not a primary villain, Bane become more in this film and the link to the League of Shadows (primary villains in Batman Begins) was a wonderful way to bring Bane on equal ground with Batman. The story has everything you want as a fan and moves along at a very quick pace to the war-like finale in Gotham City. It was a very fitting end to the Christopher Nolan Batman era.
While I would have liked to see certain elements in the trilogy, namely the inclusion of Dick Grayson (not Robin) in the final chapter (Dick provides a father-son relationship with Bruce which links him back to his father) I was very happy with the end results. Some characters die that you don’t expect to and the overall history of Batman is altered which, in the end, I was okay with. If you are familiar with the comics or other films, what is important to realize is that this Batman is in another universe that the other stories. It is a more realistic universe where villains like Clayface or Killer Croc would not be able to exist, along with superheroes like Superman or Wonder Woman. In this universe, this trilogy tells the complete legend of Bruce Wayne and the first chapters in the legend of the Batman.
Overall, I give the trilogy a 5 out of 5 putting up on par with the trilogy The Lord of the Rings, and very much like the Greek legends told in poems like The Odyssey and The Iliad.
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I ordered this and received it quickly, the blu rays all play perfectly. What I was surprised to find is that this also included a code to get digital copies of the movie through the ultraviolet program. I had no idea it included that. Now the digital copies are standard def, but that's still pretty cool having digital access.

The movies themselves are complete, it comes with a little book which is nice but the movies are what I wanted. Everything played perfectly, the sound was great and picture was clear.
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on January 29, 2013
So glad that I got a PS3 so that I could play Blu-rays, like these movies!
-There's no reason to actually go into reviewing the movies themselves, because that's what iMDB is for (but I will say they are FREAKING AMAZING!), but they all work perfectly, and look/sound beautifully.
-The packaging looks/is awesome.
-It comes with a little book, which is a selection of imagery from "The Art And Making Of The Dark Knight Trilogy," which has a little over 60 pages of random pictures, concept art, and behind the scenes pictures of the 3 films (very cool to look through).
-Comes with Ultraviolet copies (which I've actually never bothered with before, but figured I could make these movies my first). If you haven't used this before, then it'll explain how to get everything. But it doesn't explain that you're actually going to be using a program called "Flixster" which is where all the magic happens. I'm pretty sure you stream your movies with Flixster, but since I don't rely on streaming, I downloaded the movies to my computer so I could watch them whenever (not to mention they look pretty damn good in Standard Definition!). If you want to take your movies with you on the go, then you'll need to get the "Movies by Flixster" App on your mobile device (iOS, or Android. I don't have any other type, so I don't know about them). Then you can sign in, and download the movies onto that. Sadly it isn't going to look perfect, but that's because the downloads aren't in Blu-ray ;)
-Comes with a bonus discs for each movie (though I haven't watched any, I'm sure they're cool to watch as well).

If you love, or even just like the movies, and you have a Blu-ray player, I'd say this collection is a must buy!
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