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on November 15, 2011
When I first received this set of needles, I opened up the hard plastic "book" the needles are contained in. It's obvious to me that without a lot of care the plastic case won't last very long. It's made out of plastic- the kind that the older it get the more brittle it gets... anyway, for $50 I'm not complaining about the case. There is a fabric case you can buy to hold all of your needles and parts- it is advertised on the tiny insert in the case of needles. There really aren't directions for how to use this set when you get them. All there is is an advertisement track with one section containing instructions for connecting the cord to the needles. Not that it takes a rocket scientist, but I really wanted a short tutorial telling me all the different options I have when using the needles.

I was pretty excited to see all the needles I received in this set. I immediately went to work on a beret I had been eyeing in my pattern books for a while but couldn't make because I didn't have the needles. The beret turned out beautifully and I fell in love with these needles. My yarn slides easily along the cord and needle, rounds seem to fly by, and you can easily change the length of your cord and size of your needles. It was easy to go from size 6 to 8 and I could remove the needles, add the connector to my cord and try the hat on before it was completed. That was for a hat- I'm not sure if I would like to use these needles in place of my metal straight needles but if I had to, I'm sure I could adjust.

I was concerned about the negative reviews I had read regarding these needles but it occurred to me that there wasn't a perfect set out there- even the expensive Addi set had it's share of negative comments. I can see how the needles may come disconnected from the cord but you would have to knit very tightly and turn your needles pretty hard for them to disconnect. I found that they actually have a very tight connection but not tight enough that you can't remove them. I'm incredibly happy with these needles. For the price and the amount of needles you receive with this set you can't go wrong. If you worry you won't get your money's worth from this set, DON'T! It's definitely worth the money for hours/days/months of fun!
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on January 17, 2013
Even though I've knitted for more than years than I care to count, LOL, I never seem to have exactly the right sized needles or cable length for circular needles for whatever new project I start. And since my gauge always seems to match exactly to what's called for with the specified size needles (true for most knitters, I think, which is why it's used as the gauge, lol), I can never seem to make do with a different size unless I want to go through the bother of altering the pattern too.

I ordered this interchangeable needle set because of the flexibility - it has all of the single needle/circular needle combinations I need, with a huge versatility available in the lengths for the circular needles, all at a fraction of the cost of buying them individually. I usually use wooden needles, as I've found metal needles to be too slippery for me (stitches are always falling off), and so was a little concerned that the same thing would happen with plastic needles that come with the set. But I've had no problem at all. These needles are actually very similar to wooden needles in how the yarn "works." No, plastic isn't quite as nice, but then, my wooden needles aren't nearly as versatile.

I read somewhere (no, I don't remember where) that when you use this set as a circular needle, it often helps to put a smaller gauge needle on the left side (gauge is determined only by the right needle anyway), and the knitting will go much faster. I've found that to be absolutely true, and my knitting has sped up since I tried this. Obviously, this trick won't work if you're using the set as single needles.

I was also a bit concerned that the connectors for the circular lengths would catch on my yarn, but I haven't found that to be a problem. I haven't used them for the smallest gauges, but I generally use double-pointed needles instead of circular ones when I work in small gauges (as for socks) anyway. The locking mechanism isn't difficult, and seems to hold together quite well - at least, nothing came apart when I was using them (unlike the screw-together kinds that seem to constantly come apart and drop stitches). You insert an end into the connector, twist until it pushes down into place, then twist again to lock it in. Make sure to lock BOTH ends into the connector.

All in all, I'm extremely glad I got these, and have no reservations at all in highly recommending them.
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on July 15, 2010
I am a fairly new knitter. I kept finding patterns I wanted to try but couldn't because I didn't have the right sized needles. I read about the Denise interchangeable circular needles on a web blog. I did a lot of internet research reading and watching many, many reviews from both lay knitters and professionals. Now that I've bought the set, I have to say that I am very happy with my purchase.

The yarn slides very easily over the needles. The connection point doesn't get my yarn caught, either. If I need to change the needle size up or down one, it is very simple to do. I've even used the one size up and one size down as dpns to finish out a hat project. It worked quite well. Another thing I love about this set is that any pair of needles can become either circular or straight needles, depending on what you need. Plus, they are all in one box and at your fingertips whenever you need them.

The reason I did not give the product a perfect five (well, nothing is really perfect right?) is that the cords keep their bend from the placement in the box, and the "size" of each cord is not labeled in the box. You have to refer to the paperwork to determine the size cord you need to use (other than measuring them each time.)

,,, UPDATE ,,,, I love this product so much I had to add an update. I am still very happy with the performance of my Denise needles. After reading some of the "dislikes" in the reviews, I thought that I might have an issue over time with the needles disconnecting from the cords. NOPE! I have yet to have that problem happen to me. I have used several different types and sizes of yarns and have not had a problem with them sliding over the needles or cords either. I've made things as small as baby booties to items as large as small blankets. This set has been great for them all.
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on September 22, 2013
I have loved this knitting set. I have completed many small simple projects. I am a loose knitter and have not had any difficulty with these needles at all until I took on a larger project with the smaller needles. The larger project required a tighter tension and that is when I ran into problems with this set. In setting up the needles, you twist the needles onto the cord. They seem secure at first, but if there is a need to move the yarn from the cord onto the needle and you need to use a little twist in getting the yarn into position, the needles detach causing a huge problem. If you are a person who knits a lot of projects, I would not recommend this product. You will end up buying another set of needles to finish your project. If you are a person who does small, quick projects, this is a nice set for the price.
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on March 14, 2016
Most plastic and acrylic interchangeable knitting needles are too flexible and bendy. This set has a slight give that feels more secure. The joins are smooth and kind of unique. The Denise set includes 10 different sizes of needles and 6 lengths of cables. For the price, I think they’re a great buy!
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on April 9, 2017
only meh...
my mom loves her Denise interchangeable needle set.
However I have had problems with the joins coming apart, and dropping stitches on two projects so I am not so much a fan.
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on November 13, 2011
For the price, and being a new knitter, I was kind of worried that this set would be a bit too much to start out with. But seeing as I needed some various sizes of circular needles and wanted to get into more advanced projects, I took the plunge and bought a whole set rather than single needles one at a time.

WOW. What a difference. I transferred a blanket I was knitting on Boye aluminum circulars to these Denise needles - firstly, the ability to infinitely extend the cord length means you don't have to worry about smooshing or stretching your work to make it fit on the needles you're working with. Additionally, I noticed a distinct difference in weight once I switched over to these needles - they are SO LIGHT!

If you're working in the round, their suggestion of using a smaller gauge needle head on the feeding side is amazing, and this set lets you do it with ease. Since the gauge is determined by the knitting needle and not the one you're knitting off of, you can pick up each stitch with ease. This made it so easy when I got to doing k2tog which are usually really difficult for knitters (like me) who knit really tightly.

All in all, I've only started two projects recently but I've already pulled out several of the cords and different needle heads. Everything snaps in place easily and comes together on the cords in a cinch. AMAZING! BUY THIS!

The key difference that influenced my final purchase of this product versus the similarly priced Boye Needlemaster set was the SHORTER cord lengths available. Ultimately, you have more options up front without having to purchase additional accessories, and that's a great thing to have!
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on March 21, 2014
I'm a beginning knitter, bought a set of traditional aluminum needles to learn on a few weeks ago. Once I got the knack of it and started my first project, I found myself frustrated at the unwieldy way the work bunched up on the needles and became difficult to work with. After a lot of online review reading about interchangeable knitting needle sets, weighing the pros and cons of the different brands, I decided to order the Denise set. A big "pro" for me was the fact that they're made in the USA, and from what I read about other sets, the fact that the Denise needles lock onto the cords is a big plus as well (many reviewers commented that other sets have a tendency to detach from the cords). The Denise set came today (less than 48 hours after I ordered them, thanks Amazon Prime!), and let me tell you, I am SO HAPPY with the purchase! They are a breeze to knit with, lightweight, come in a handy organizer case, securely attach to the cords, and they're quiet (no clack-clack when hubby is sleeping next to me). I love them, and am going to get a set for my mom for Mother's Day, too! Looking forward to many happy years with my new hobby and these super convenient and ingenious needles!
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on December 23, 2015
The best! I have used my set for 12 years and absolutely no complaints. Nice smooth joins and so versatile. I wish there were a Denise set with smaller sizes. I find myself doing lots of lace as my skills have progressed and would love a size 1,2,3,4 set. The light plastic is a great contrast for most yarn that i use and I love the slippery-ness/non-slippery-ness of the needles. Just enough grip on my yarn but still glides. A perfect thing in an imperfect world. I love these.
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I love them so much I bought all my grown daughters a set and they love them too.

The cable is NOT stiff, but if it's cold they are a little less flexible I guess.

Yarn slides easily yet the needles have enough grip that the stitches do not slide off your needles.

The needles do not accidentally come loose from the cable, as you are knitting, as the Boye circular needles do YIKES that happened to me several times before I threw the Boye set away!

I do all my knitting,.... straight, and circular, on these needles and absolutely love them. I've had my set for 2 years. 5 STARS
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