Customer Reviews: Knots Landing: The Complete First Season
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Before getting this DVD set, I had not seen one episode of "Knots Landing." I'm 21, didn't have any interest in the series but started watching the show it spinned-off from, "Dallas", on DVD and decided to give this a try. Well, I was not disappointed at all. This was, as they hype on the back, the "original desperate housewives." If "Dallas" was about the Ewing men, "Knots Landing" was about the women living in the cul-du-sac in Knots Landing, California, and their men.

Perhaps what made this series so appealing was the women. Yeah, we had seen Joan Van Ark's character on "Dallas" a few times but even on this show she comes off as rather weak and bland. Michelle Lee comes in and owns the show from the first scene she appeared in. It was as if she had been playing the role for years. Her acting is on spot, her expression and feelings made her character and the show something entirely different from "Dallas." Also, Constance McCashin who plays Laura Avery was a surprisingly strong character who really progressed in this short first season; she goes from being a typical at-home housewife to suddenly getting her hand in her household affairs.

"Dallas" is great but it seemed to be for the men. It was about aggressiveness in business, the Ewing brothers feuding, and the women sort of took a back seat. "Knots Landing" was about the entire community. It was nice seeing the families and cast always together, interacting, helping each other out. If one of them had a problem, it became everyone's problem. The show started off great, taking on big issues that common, everyday people seemed to face; pregnancy, education issues, rape, alcoholism, and so on.

It was easy to get into this series. While it felt it took "Dallas" a little while to hit its stride, "Knots Landing" seems to know where it's going from day one. Quality wise, it was a nice transfer to DVD. The show itself is not dated at all. I'd say if you're into shows like "Desperate Housewives" or other primetime soaps and dramas, you'll like this. It has a nice balance of comedy and serious issues. The box is slim, which is nice. I did feel as if the discs were a little strange. The "Dallas" seasons use double-sided discs but these are all one sided. The last two discs have two episodes on them each, which seems like a waste of disc space. Yet, the last disc does have a snipet from the "Knots Landing" reunion that aired on CBS not too long ago. It features Joan Van Ark and Ted Shackelford talking about Gary and Val's relationship throughout the entirety of the show. Be warned, it does spoil some plots of the later seasons.

Rarely do I feel anything is perfect, and while this may have some flaws, the episodes, the acting, the actors and everything about this series completely trumps that and puts this in the rare category of a must have (at least on my lists). Definately check this out; there's a reason this show lasted 14 seasons.
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on January 24, 2006
In the beginning, there was a Ewing.

Oh, sure, Gary was one of THOSE Ewings, but you wouldn't have known it when he and wife Valene arrived on the cul-de-sac to give married life a second chance. Sure, you might have recognized his handsome young brother, Bobby, who was on hand to hand over the keys to their new life. And you might have been thrilled by the mention of their mama, Miss Ellie, who'd bought the Southern California house for her favorite son, the black sheep of the family. But any similarity between the Ewings of Dallas, Texas and the Ewings of Knots Landing, California ended there...

While Dallas was the story of big egos, bigger money and just how different the rich really are, Knots Landing focused on people who were much more relatable to the average TV viewer. Gary and Val wanted nothing more than to try and make a life with one another and, if things worked out, eventually their wayward daughter, Lucy. Next door, there was Sid and Karen Fairgate, with their three kids and rarely seen dog. And who didn't know a neighbor like Richard Avery, who was oh-so obnoxious and often said things about his wife - in her presence - which made anyone in the vicinity cringe? Then there was Kenny and Ginger Ward, the young kids who were just starting out in their marriage and already hitting a whole lot of trouble thanks to his swinging lifestyle and her desire to have her record-producer hubby settle down and give up his crazy ways.

Yes, these were the people in your neighborhood. Or they might well have been.

In this first season, many of the problems revolved around visitors who descended upon the cul-de-sac to stir up trouble before packing up and moving on. There was Sid's daughter from his first marriage, Annie, who was desperate for a little of daddy's attention. And her mom would later swing through just to make supermom Karen doubt herself. Of course, the occasional Texas Ewing would visit as well, including the irrepresible Lucy. Perhaps most memorable of all was the visit from Val's countrified mama, Lillie Mae, who would leave her poor daughter ready to run for the hills.

Perhaps more than any other soap primetime soap of the past, Knots Landing stands up well to the test of time if only because the issues - at least during these early seasons - were relatable as opposed to life or death. What woman couldn't relate when Karen found her attentions wandering after Sid's idea of a romantic gift turned out to be a set of pots and pans? And anyone who's ever known an alcoholic understood the fearful look in Val's eyes everytime Gary was in the same room as an open bottle of booze.

Unlike Dynasty, Dallas or similar shows, this was not a serial focusing on glitz and glamour. The clothes worn by the characters was more J.C. Penney than Christian Dior. And we loved them all the more for it. Yes, in later years, the show would venture into the territory of it's more glamorous sister soaps, but during this first season (and those to come, we hope, in short order), the focus was on the people next door.

In the beginning, there was a Ewing. And in the beginning, it was good.
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on December 16, 2005
Finally The Classic Dallas spin off and The original Desperate Housewives(and 100 times better)is too be released on DVD. The 13 Episode First Season will debut on DVD on March 28 2006.First of all this Classic Tv Show Which was a Original Spin off of Dallas which included Gary & Val Ewing.The show like Dallas was one of The Greatest Tv Shows of the 80's and our time and Knots Landing being one of The Longest Primetime Drama's (14 Seasons , which has been beat by The NBC Series Law & Order)It will be so great to own Knots Landing on DVD lets just hope they release them faster then The Dallas DVD's.
The 13 Originaly Aired Episodes in a 5 SINGLE SIDED DVD Boxset!
At least The packaging will be better then Dallas !
Epsidoe Guide For Season 1
#1 Pilot
#2 Comunity Spirit
#3 Let Me Count The Ways
#4 The Lie
#5 Will The Circle be unbroken
#6 Home is For Healing
#7 Land of The Free
#8 Civil Wives
#9 Constent Companian
#10 Small Surprises
#11 Courageous Convictions
#12 Bottom of The Bottle Part One
#13 Bottom of The Bottle Part Two
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on February 27, 2006
There were a lot of Soaps in the 80's but Knot's was one of the best because although it did have some outlandish stories from time to time it was more grounded in reality than the others as most of it took place in a Cul de sac. A great cast and some wonderful writing kept this show going and going and going for more than ten years. More than Dallas or Dynasty.

The shows first couple of seasons are more about the every day things going on in people's lives and after that they get into story arcs and bigger than life stuff. What keeps Knot's so good though is the characters and their interaction with each other.

This show is a winner. Much better than that Desperate Housewives show. I miss the show and the characters who, as weird as it may seem, became almost like family over the years.
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on January 5, 2006
I had to take a double take when I saw the heading for Knots Landing on DVD. It's about time CBS woke up and smelled the coffee. This is in my opinion the BEST night time soap ever. I have been a die hard Knots fan since the beginning. I have longed for the day this would be released ! I only hope they have the good sence to continue with the other 13 seasons. All else I can say is, BUY< BUY< BUY !!!
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on November 20, 2006
As of my writing this, Amazon is offering this Season 1 set for only $11.99. What a great deal and such a cheap way to introduce yourself to one of the best, and second longest running, nightime shows in television history.

This season begins with the 1979 pilot and contains the full season plus some fun bonus stuff and commentary on certain episodes.

Now most folks will agree that Knot's picks up in Season 2 (just like Dynasty, after Joan Collins joined) when Donna Mills' Abby Cunningham joins the fold.

While this may be true, it in no way takes away from the fantastic opening season and the chance to introduce yourself to these fun characters....many of whom have 13 more seasons of hilarious fun, evil backstabbing and utter heartbreak in store.....

this show may start off slow but just wait!
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on January 4, 2006
I can't wait for this release! If It's the last DVD I buy I'll be happy. Until Season 2 through 14 of course.

The first two seasons of Knots remind me so much of my life growing up in a suburban neighborhood in the 70's & 80's. Kids playing in the street, those bikes with the plastic fringe on the handle bars, neighbors fighting, garage sales, that scrumptious orange carpet like in Karen's house....mmmmm nostalgia at its best. Of course the heartwarming stories, talented acting, and delicious tie-ins with Dallas don't hurt either. This is simply the best show from my childhood.

Owning this great show on DVD is going to be a great start to 2006. Shows like this are exactly why TV on DVD was invented.
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on January 22, 2006
Knots Landing is certainly one of the best shows of that kind, especially for a spin off. Perhaps a bit more on the family and emotional than on the business side, but who cares. Good acting throughout. Over the years the characters were developed much better than in most shows, to keep the interest successful alive.

Please note that from the actors mentioned in the list above, Donna Mills as the intriguer Abby just took part from the second season on. William Devane first entered in the fifth and Kevin Dobson somewhere in the fourth.

A must for any TV collection and good for some enjoyable hours. Looking already forward to the next season on DVD.
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on January 9, 2006
Wow, finally, Knots on DVD. I can't wait to get my hands on this series on DVD. Let's hope that they release all of the seasons! Many of you will remember Knots as the soapy night time drama that was a spin-off of Dallas.

In many ways this program was actually better than Dallas was. Dallas got rather campy toward the middle and downright silly toward the end, but Knots was a consistant performer throughout it's staggering 14 year run. It got a little more glitzy to match Dallas and Dynasty in the middle of the 80s, but was always much more realistic in it's deliverance. Desperate Housewife, Nicollette Sheridan was a fan favorite on Knots as well, playing the seductive and sexy Paige Mattheson!

It will be great to see the show restored and in it's glory as the families who lived in the those delightfully showcased suburban homes on Seaview Circle enchant us again. Incidentally, I think that the houses should have gotten co-star billing as well, just like Southfork on Dallas, they were an integral part of the show.

Buy Knots Landing as soon as possible. You won't regret it!
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on July 7, 2007
Knots Landing was a fabulous show and to release only the first season on DVD is absolutely cruel to the show's fans! I just can't say enough about Knots...the actors were terrific and I just loved those storylines. I know the first season was a little slow moving...but for those who never watched it me, it gets better and better! Those of us who love this show and want the rest of it to be released need to call/email Warner's and let them know how we feel! I wish they would release several seasons at once, I would definitely buy the entire set if it were available. I know others who would do the same. It is such a shame that quality shows like this one are not available. I am so amazed by this because whenever I'm out shopping for DVD's, I see so many inferior shows on the shelves. I just can't figure it out. I am going to do what I can to contact Warner's, I hope those who love this show as much as I do will do the same.
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