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on September 26, 2015
I bought these for my early morning runs. After wearing them for the first time, one had a noticeable amount of water in it from my sweat and the other was full of condensation. The one with the water in it was no longer working correctly -- you're supposed to be able to move the device through three different lighting options by pushing the button on top (bright, really bright, and flashing). The one with water was skipping the flashing mode. I had ordered them from, but decided to send a post-run picture directly to the Knuckle Lights company. I got an email back from them assuring me that they had never seen such a thing happen before and promising me a new pair. And sure enough, in a few days I received a new pair in the mail. So I wore those running. And the SAME thing happened. (I then returned them to for a full refund.)

After having the same thing happen twice, I did what I should have done in the first place -- I started looking at people's review of their Knuckle Lights. It seemed that most people who were using them while running were having the same experience as I was. That made me doubt the content of the email I got from the Knuckle Lights company which assured me that what had happened to me with my first set of Knuckle Lights was a fluke. They MUST know that this happens.

If you're buying these for running, buy something else -- unless you don't sweat when you run. :)
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on December 10, 2012
I've been using these for a couple of months now for late night and early morning runs.

1) They are nice and bright - good light output.
2) Fit in the hand very well. Very comfortable to use.

1) Sensitive to cold temps - as is common with LED lamps, they are very sensitive to low voltage. On cold mornings, the voltage on AAA batteries drops off and the lights stop working. Its happened to me twice now, fortunately on mornings when it wasn't pitch black dark. I need to fiddle with some different brands of batteries, but it has happened on ones that were fresh out of the pack.
2) The plastic cinch clasp. I was dubious about the clasp when I saw it, but up until this morning, it seemed to work fine. But while I was adjusting the strap length this morning, the clasp fell apart and I was left searching under my truck, in the dark, for small black plastic parts. I was able to find them and reassemble the clasp, but its a pretty weak design and I'd be surprised if it holds up long term.
3) The "Multi brightness" mode. At first, I thought it was a good idea. In practice, not so much. I want a flashlight to be nice and bright - I've never once used the lower power light setting. And the flashing one seems like a good idea - a better way to catch the eye of on coming drivers. But when you are running, your hands bob up and down anyway and even when they are set to steady brightness, they still "flash" to on coming drivers. So what seems like a strength at first is actually a weakness because now you have to cycle the button 3 times to turn it off, instead of just once.
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on April 9, 2013
Super bright. My only complaint is that they make my hands sweat, but otherwise I love them. As a female runner I would recommend to the other girls out there not to get these in a girlie color for safety reasons...the color lights up when they are on.
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on September 23, 2014
So far so good, but we haven't hit low temps like some of the other reviewers have mentioned. I only wish that the flappy, excess part of the strap was running *down* my hand instead of up where it moves around and kind of annoys me. When I get a chance, I may take the strap apart and reverse it. Also, in retrospect, I wish I had gone with silver; pink seems an unfortunate choice. I've nicknamed my light (I split the pair with my early AM running buddy) "Aggie," which is short for "angry v@gina" - what my cousin said it looked like (language she stole from something Joan Rivers had said on Fashion Police!).

UPDATE: I received a personal email from Kunkle Lights' founder after he read this review - which I thought was super nice. He assured me that they fixed the problem with low temps in their production, so it won't be a problem. He advised me of how to (very simply - DUH, me.) fix the strap to my liking. AND he took my angry v@gina comment in stride! :) I love that!
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on July 10, 2017
LOVE these. I run at night in the winter, and after falling three times in one week due to cracks I didn't see on the sidewalk, I purchased these. I haven't fallen since. They are super easy to use and very comfortable; I don't feel annoyed having them on my hands at all. They fit easily over my running gloves and are small enough that I can tuck into the pockets on my running jacket when I don't need them. I haven't experienced the issue with them dimming/not working on colder runs that others have mentioned in their reviews, but--although I run in Chicago--last winter was mild, so I will see how they fare this year in colder temps. I use these roughly 2-3 hours per week and find they don't drain batteries too easily. The brightness can be adjusted, and it's always bright enough without being obnoxious. The light doesn't bounce around too much on my runs, so my path is always lit with a consistent glow. Plus, I feel like drivers can see me much better now that I have two beams of light shooting out of my fists, and as a bonus they make me look like some sort of super hero. At first I though $40 was too much for essentially two little flashlights, but having used them, the engineering that went into making them comfortable and stay put during my runs was definitely worth the price.
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on September 6, 2016
A friend referred these to me since I often run before the sun is up. I run with my dog and we stick to sidewalks and parks, so my concern is more seeing where we are stepping that being seen by others. Most similar products concentrate on having others see you. For me, I really wanted a light that helped me see the ground. I see people run and headlamps....and well no, that was clearly not an option. I am very happy with my purchase. I run with only one light and it provides enough light that my pup and I can see where we are going in the early morning hours.
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on May 6, 2017
I LOVE these lights and have now gone through several. Unfortunately I have a bad habit of putting them on my car after a long run and forgetting they are there. They don't hold up well when you run them over!!! However, I do love them. I only wear one at a time. Very nice fit over the knuckles and provides a nice bright light. Definitely keep a supply of AAA batteries on hand. When the batteries go, they go fast!! Before really long runs in the dark, I replace the batteries even if they aren't dead. Fresh batteries provide excellent light. After about 12 hours, they aren't as bright, until one morning you turn them on and they are very dim.
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on January 12, 2017
These are awesome! Any seasoned runner knows that running during daylight saving's time just sucks. I don't like wearing headlamps when I run and carrying a flashlight can be cumbersome. However, I like to light myself up like a Christmas tree so I don't get hit by a car. I honestly didn't even know these existed until I did a random Google search for a product "like this." These don't bounce around while you run and stay on, even when held very lightly. The blinking feature is nice during dusk and having two allows me to shine one on the road and one on my dog when cars go by. On top of having a great product, the customer service I received when I needed to contact the company (for something that was totally my fault) was outstanding. They really seem to care about their customers. Five stars for the product and the company! Also, I was not paid or "rewarded" in any way for this review. I seriously just love these things.
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on November 4, 2016
Inquired with supplier/manufacturer before purchase whether the warranty was valid for an overseas UK buyer and promptly received an email confirmation from the founder that it was.
On this basis, I bought the item which arrived in the UK in about 5 days - a pretty good turnaround I think.
Overall, I'm very pleased with these - they do the job exactly as described and expected. The only downside is that I need to maintain a closed hand position to keep the lights in place. I usually run with 'open' hands so the change took a bit of getting used to and also caused some sweating which didn't happen before. The lights fit over the lowest finger joints, though I think that a better design would be to fit BEHIND the knuckles so that a closed hand grip wouldn't be necessary.
In spite of this, I'm giving these a '5' rating as I'm beginning to get used to them and in terms if functionality, they're excellent.
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on December 7, 2016
Next to my running shoes, these lights are the best item that I have purchased. As winter rolled around this year, I noticed it was pitch black from street lamp to street lamp on my morning runs. Even though I was wearing reflective gear, cars were veering when they saw me.

I purchased these lights and on the very first run I could see a difference in drivers. They made room for me as they passed. I am able to flash the lights on to the road and then up to my face. When there is no car around, I can clearly see the road in front of me for at least 2 feet. I don't really use the three settings but it is nice to have them.

I am so glad I found these lights.
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