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on November 20, 2011
Great camera, terrible service. I loved this camera for 5 months, then the LCD had problems. Pink vertical bars obscured the lighter portions of the display (like any outdoor shot or inside with a window on a sunny day. I have the $99 mini Kodak, and this LCD works fine in the same conditions, so I know it is a problem.

It was too late to return, so I had to get it serviced. Kodak service is terrible. You can't speak to anyone, and have two lines to describe the problem. I specifically wrote that pictures were fine, but LCD had a problem. I had to send it (at my own expense) to a "factory authorized service center" in Indiana, even though I'm in California. I used Google Street View to look this place up, and it's just a camera shop! Any way, some weeks later, I got the camera back with a note "lens replaced", and the problem is still there.

I emailed Kodak customer service & complained. They emailed back that they were sorry and sent me a $10 coupon for my next Kodak purchase. No word about how to get the darn thing fixed.

I've been buying Kodak cameras my entire life, but this soured me on the whole company, which, I read, was going bankrupt.
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on January 6, 2012
Everything is "preset" style. No advanced programming mode but that's ok cause this is a compact camera and not a professional one. It has a programming mode but "light and easy".

The wide angle lense really does its job. Indoor pictures are great even in "automatic" mode. No need to get far to cover great spaces or group of people.

Movie format is MPEG-4. Ready for iPod & iPhone but if you want to display your videos as AVI or MKV, you will need to acquire a video converter. I used DivX Plus to convert files to MKV. The registered version offers AVI as well.

Picture quality: great @ 14 megapixels! when viewing the pictures at the computer you can zoom on them at a great size before they get "granny". I tested the Panoramic feature and I got very impressed with it!

Video quality: Sharp and colourful! I'm looking for the "anti shake mode" but still learning. Anyway, totally acceptable.

Flash behaviour: the camera does control the intensity of the flash according to the enviroment and/or object distance.

NOTE: it use a MicroSD card (NO a regular SD). I bought an 8gb Class 10 and works great with it.

Compact, light weight

The menu dial is kind of small for big fingers. Users may gert confused between the Power button, the Movie Record button and the Shutter button. All three are aligned together.

No Date In-Print for the pictures directly from the camera. The battery life is excellent. You can charge it directly from the camera or, you can buy an aftermarket charger for less than $12.

Really happy with the camera! ;-)
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on November 6, 2017
What a shame they don't make this one anymore. It's palm-sized, feels good in your hand, has a large viewing window, and has a great zoom for taking crystal clear photos from virtually any distance. I got this to replace an older model Easyshare, and I like that they moved the "on-off" button to make it more difficult to accidently turn it on while it's in your pocket. That was annoying with the older model but just doesn't happen with this newer model. Get one while you can - IF you can!
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on July 23, 2012
Let me first say I have had a Kodak camera in the past and it served me well. It was durable and took decent pictures for the price. So when it came to getting another camera after having the worst experience with Fujifilm camera, I decided I'd go back to Kodak.

Here is what I found:

Takes Good Pictures
Quiet shutter
Comes in nice colors
Has 8x optical zoom lenses
The price is right
It is thin & fairly light weight
Has mini USB for charging and downloading capabilities (I can use any mini USB cord including my blackberry cord.)
It has several options for photo taking (Film Effects & Scene Modes etc.)
Easy access photo & video record button for those random moments
Large viewer screen
Tripod stand capable
It takes on average to charge from low battery to full about an 1hr.
Decent battery life (I've found I only need to charge about 1 a week--I'm using it about 3-4 times a week for about 30mins or longer each time.

Is not compatible with Twitter even though it claims it is
Does not come with a silicon case like previous models
Slow to send to e-mail (May not send at all)
Does not have a touch screen

Over all, the camera is really good for the price. However if your looking for something that you can send pictures wirelessly and flawlessly this might not be for you. It does seem to lag and or not work at all in that department. (I've only tired the e-mail and twitter share app.) Despite the fact that I'm disappointed in the lack of wireless capabilities I do like the camera enough to over look that deception and I also feel there is enough pro's to outweigh the con's so I'm not 100 percent disappointed.
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on February 15, 2012
I had a previous Kodak dcamera. While I was very pleased with its features and photos, its casing was of average quality at best; though though camera lasted several years until it and I where totally submerged in a stream. I liked the features so much I wanted another Kodak camera. I found the M583 to have better features at a reasonable price. When it arrived I was excited to see that Kodak jacketed it in a top quality housing. This is everything I want in a point and shoot that does so much more.

My main d camera is a Cannon EOS 20. I have wanted to upgrade it, but now I don't sense the urgency.
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on June 19, 2014
I bought THREE of these cameras about 2 years ago because after the first one, I was so happy with it that I never wanted to be without it. So the other two are back-ups. After 2 years and hundreds if not thousands of photos and videos, I'm still on my first one! I wanted a small lightweight point and shoot camera. I love my photos, mostly taken on trips, but I didn't want a heavy complicated camera. I tried and sent back at least a dozen different cameras before this including Fuji Finepix, Canon and GE among others, but this was the keeper. It takes sharp true to life beautiful photos and HD videos. Doesn't do too well outdoors at night, but for my needs, that isn't all that important. For my needs, I'm very happy with this camera!
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on July 27, 2012
Title says it all...I bought this camera for my 9 year old daughter who wanted one of those cheap digital video cameras. I bought this instead from Amazon for under $70, and it is a great little camera for the money. The pictures are clear, high-resolution, and the camera has a nice optical zoom / image stabilization system. In addition, it INCLUDES A MEMORY CARD AND A CASE! I looked online beforehand to try to verify this and could not, so I ended up ordering a memory card from Amazon too (that's now in the Wii). In the end, you really can't go wrong with this camera for the price.

So, why did I only give it 4 stars? For 2 reasons - First the auto-share button only has limited functionality...I tried to upload a video to YouTube using the Share button, and it said it was no longer supported (it also no longer supports Twitter or Flickr). Second, the warranty on this camera is going to be serviced through a 3rd party since Kodak is in bankruptcy and exiting the digital camera business. That's not great, but honestly it is unlikely that the camera will break in the next year unless my daughter drops it, and even if it does break and I can't get it serviced under the warranty, I'm not going to lose too much sleep over it considering I bought it for less than $70. Otherwise, this camera is great, and I'm sorry to see Kodak leaving the business as it is clear they CAN make a quality product.
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on June 4, 2015
I thought that the 8X zoom and 14MP digital camera would exceed my 3X zoom digital Kodak easy share camera. Little disappointed with the quality of picutres that I get from this camera compared to my old camera, plus I paid more for this camera then I did my other camera brand new, and still get better pictures from the smaller camera. This was supposed to be an upgrade, I wish I could replace this camera with one like my old one, I would be much happier.
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on January 15, 2012
The pictures turn out really nice and clear. I got the red and it's a cross between a ruby red & fuchsia. It's really beautiful. I love all the features and the fact that you can share these photos directly to facebook. I haven't used it too much but I'm already impressed with it. It comes with a usb cord that connects to the camera and the computer and the same cord can be used from the camera to the power adapter that plugs into the wall. This seems to be a good quality camera that I'm sure I'll enjoy for years to come!
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on September 7, 2017
I would give the camera 5 stars if I could find a download for the EasyShare program
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