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on May 25, 2015
I bought this tent for car camping with my wife and 2 kids, ages 5 and 3. I wanted something that could withstand abuse from 2 rough kids. I liked the idea of canvas because I know how long it can last and I know how durable it is. below are a few my thoughts.

the instructions in my mind are poorly written and should be redone, It took me a solid hour the first time putting the tent up because how the pictures in the instructions describe the top cross bar. The second time putting the tent up probably around 20 minutes with one person.

use a rubber mallet when you pound in the stakes, don't do what I did and use the back end of an ax. I tore 2 of stake holders on the tent. not the tents fault, but my fault for not using a rubber mallet.

the awning in my opinion is useless. not big enough to sit under, when it rains, it sags in the middle and is hard to prop upper to properly allow water to drain off.

weight a lot heavier to move around than I was expecting, can be done with one person but two is a lot easier.

lastly, go with the bigger size, I bought the 8 person for my family of four and am really glad I did. We had one XL large and one queen blow up mattress and very comfortable for space. I think if I would have gone the 6 person we would have been tight on space.

Overall, my first weekend in the tent it rain 14 hour straight, we slept through some solid down pours and my family stayed bone dry. Overall I think this tent will last me a long time and I am glad I bought it.
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on August 24, 2015
Great tenet. The only bad thing was the slide bar (on top-supporting bowflex) was damaged (tube/pipe split along nearly invisible seam lengthwise due to button release/catch on corresponding rod) after very first use (Put up to season it as recommended). I called Amazon; they gave me a choice of contacting Kodiak for replacement, or Amazon giving me a cost of part credit. I contacted Kodiak and sent photos along with explanation. After a couple of weeks- NO SHOW, nor information update. I ORDERED the part ($5.50 cost) ...My customer info must have RED FLAGGED my original request because I FINALLY heard back from Kodiak. I got my part within the next ten (10) days. I love the tent.; It's easy to put up, and to breakdown. Sure, it's a little HEAVY (65 lbs.) but it's NOT a hiking tent. My wife loves it...grandson loves it. I put up 2 (two) queen size aero beds in the tent an still had loads of room. The storage accessories are also a great asset. I also purchased the recommended 10x15 tarp/groundcloth to put under the tent. As a former United States Marine, I had my share of tent cities...this tent is OUTSTANDING ! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND TENT WITH 5 STARS...As for customer service of Kodiak, well, maybe a three(3). The customer service at Amazon for this item/problem, a STRONG 5 STARS.
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on June 4, 2017
I bought this tent after having used a friend's similar style (but different brand) tent several times and being quite impressed. When I started looking into buying my own cabin-style canvas tent, the Kodiak tent was a few hundred dollars cheaper and had a lot of extra features while maintaining a similar level of quality. After using the tent about once a month for the last year, I have not been disappointed. It fits my family of five (two adults and three kids) and all of our stuff very comfortably.

The test is very easy to set up, basically as quick as you can pound in the stakes and unfold it. I have set it up by myself several times though it is a little easier with two people, mostly because that's twice as many people pounding in stakes and the last vertical pole can be a challenge sometimes. It comes down very quickly too and the cinch "bag" that is used to store the tent is WAY better than trying to stuff the whole thing into a sack. I bought a 10x14 tarp that fits the tent's footprint almost exactly and I can fold the tarp and the stake bag into the cinch storage bag too but that does make it tougher to buckle.

I have used this tent in many different conditions. I used it for a week during a hot and humid July where the heat index was around 115 degrees. It got pretty warm inside during the day but the tent is better ventilated than you might expect if you unzip the windows and utilize the vents on the sides. During that week I also had a few nights of severe thunderstorms while under tornado watch and the tent is like a fortress in the storm, barely moving in the high wind and heavy rain. It has never leaked at all, though I could sometimes feel a little "mist" that I think was coming in through the vents during the worst of the thunderstorms. The awning worked well to give a drier area in front of the tent though the rain does pool in the awning so you have to push up on it in the morning to drain the water. I have used it in the winter with night temperatures around 10 degrees and it insulates extremely well in the cold too. The heavy floor probably helps contribute to its insulating ability. I don't know how it would handle a heavy snowfall on the roof but my instinct would be that it would be fine.

One of my few complaints would be that the tent is really heavy, but this is a direct correlation to its quality. The canvas can also be slower to dry than with a nylon tent and you really want to make sure that it's dry before you store it.

The quality of this tent is excellent and, while expensive, I believe this tent is a prime example of getting what you pay for. I expect to use this tent for at least the next decade with my family. With proper care, I can't see a reason why I would need another tent before then.
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on October 3, 2016
We just gave this tent a trial run in our back yard and were quite impressed with how easy it was to set up and take down! (Neither my husband nor I are seasoned campers and tent users. We bought this tent to have our own space on family trips to the sand dunes.)

Some newbie tips I'd like to share:

1) Scotch Guard the white canvas. If you're nit picky like me and you want things to be neat and clean, consider spraying scotch guard on the white canvas to keep it pristine. Our trial run was under a canopy of trees in our back yard. Tree sap made its way onto the white canvas and now it's got mild stains. Nothing terrible, it'll probably wash away over time and if you're a seasoned camper, you probably don't care, but for infrequent neat freak users like me, I wish I would have protected the white canvas.

2) Staking doesn't mean stretching! When we put the stakes down, we did it so that the tent floor was tight. Once we put up the tent, you could see the tent floor was stretched tight across some of the stakes. This made the floor seem warped and put unnecessary strain on the tent. Next time we will just lay the tent out and not pull it tight before hammering down the stakes.
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on April 9, 2017
I took this tent to standing rock North Dakota and lived in it for months during sub zero temps and 50mph wind gusts. I stayed warm, dry and comfortable. This is by far one of the best tents available and one of few that survived the extreme wether.
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on May 28, 2015
I just recently purchased this tent, and after sitting in several lightning strikes, high winds, and thunderstorms, I'm happy to report not one drop of water in our tent. I bought this tent to do some serious camping over the next couple of years, and decided that the more popular nylon tents would not cut the mustard. This is a heavy duty tent and well worth every penny you will pay for it. Setup is a "BREEZE" and the poles are made out of "STEEL". These are not going to bend or break over time, granted if you have a tank roll over them, they "may" be affected ever so slightly. This would be too heavy for backpacking of course, but if you have drive up camping facilities or if you have an ATV to pack up and bring with you, you should be good to go. The quality zippers, construction, and materials are what drove me to purchase this tent - not to mention that Kodiak offers a lifetime warranty as long as you own the tent. The fabric/material is just one or two grades shy of full on military grade tents. This is well worth the money that I paid for it, and is a tent that will be passed onto my kids one day - once they catch the camping bug again. :-)
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on June 23, 2016
I got this tent on Tuesday. I set it up right away. It was pretty easy to setup. There’s really not much to it. I seasoned the tent and let it dry per the instructions. I left it setup all day Wednesday and we had a huge thunder storm come through. It rained pretty hard and we had some 45MPH winds. The tenet did well. I found one rain drop of water in the far corner where the needle hole was slightly bigger because of the needle going through. I got on my hands and needs and went over every square inch of the tent and found no other water. I did find a spider though.

One thing to note is that with the No-See-Um screen is that it can get less breezy in there. When it was windy out I did notice a big difference between the screen and having the door completely open. It’s really a trade-off, no bugs vs less wind.

I think it’s a perfect tent and it will suit my needs perfectly. I never slept in tent before so it will be interesting to give it a try this weekend.
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on August 1, 2016
I was skeptical because a lot of tents say they are for "x" number of people, but when you set them up you realize they must be talking about children. This one says 8 people and I believe you could actually fit more than that. IT'S HUGE! Perfect for our family of 5 and 2 large dogs to fit very comfortably. It sets up very easily and the poles are very sturdy. When we aren't truly camping, my 6 year old likes to camp out in the back yard. We live at the mouth of a canyon so we get direct winds a lot; our last tent had several poles snap during a summer storm last year. This one had no issues at all and I forsee it lasting us a very long time. HIGHLY recommend this as it is well worth the price paid.
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on May 28, 2016
I purchase this tent for an upcoming elk hunt. I received it earlier than expected which was nice. I did do some Youtube research on how to set it up so I had a pretty good idea of what to do before I received it. Once I received the tent, I set it up in the front yard and weathered it by soaking it with the hose. It took about 4 hours in the Arizona sun to completely dry. You must make sure it drys completely or else it will smell like mold. Putting it back in the carrying sack was a little difficult, but once I've done it a few times, I think it will be a lot easier. I was able to use this tent in the field and was pretty easy to setup by myself. I encountered light snow and rain on the trip, but the tent stayed bone dry. I would recommend this tent to anyone who spends a bit of time outdoors and like myself are tired of paying $100 + for a nylon tent that only lasts one or two seasons. I've only owned this tent a few months but from the quality of material used to make this tent, I can tell I will own this tent for a lifetime. Plus the look on your buddy's face when you roll out this mansion will help you know you've made a wise investment.
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on June 5, 2016
First review is five star. We have only had it out for a test run of a couple of days of camping locally before heading west for some time in our national parks. We set it up in the rain, and it took about 15-20 minutes. Now that I have done it once, I would estimate 10 in future. Tip, don't stake it too tight or the upright poles will be a bugger to get locked into the pin on the bottom. That said, once up, it performed like a champ keeping us dry, and then drying out in a reasonable amount of time after the sun came out. Plenty of room for a family of five hanging out on a rainy day. The quality is impressive. From the massive chrome plated stakes to the hefty poles, zippers, vinyl, and canvas, I can't see any issues with its construction. It folded up and into the innovative "bag," which straps around it easily. Tip, fold both sides to the middle and then in half before rolling it tight, and it will be neat and compact to get into the bag. Anyway, wonderful tent with plenty of room and quality construction to last a long time.
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