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on November 22, 2013
The removal tool does not work; the old anchor parts just spin in the hole no matter how hard you push on the immobilizing tool. I used a wonder bar, a piece of bike inner tube (to shield the bowl) and a lot of care to work the old anchors out of the holes. I started with a large bladed screwdriver to pry up the edge of the anchor so I could work the bar in under the lip of the old anchor (don't lever against the plastic hinge attachment) then I gently pried at the anchor over and over until it collapsed and pulled out. Plan to spend 10 minutes per anchor, don't rush and take care to shield the porcelain using the rubber. After that I had to use vice-grips and pliers to unscrew the old anchor so I could remove the screw from the seat attachment. Once you have cleared out the hole the new anchors and installation tool work well. Follow the instructions in the kit. I suggest cutting washers out of inner tube to replace the old ones that are not included in the kit. I agree with other posters 1. Kolher should be embarrassed about this situation and figure out a better method of attaching the seat to these types of toilets. 2. The kit is way overpriced, this is a design flaw, and they should give it away.
I am still left with the problem of the two little doors that are supposed to hide the screws. Mine never snapped shut very well and one broke off and was thrown away by the cleaning crew. Rather than look at one missing and the other sticking up because it would not stay shut I cut the second one off.
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on February 27, 2014
I had to use 2 of these Kits to replace the seats on 2 Kohler Rialto toilets.

The first one was a bear, I was able to remove one bolt by pulling it straight out (the kit did not help as it would not hold the insert from spinning, and the instructions say to pull straight up if it doesn't), the other bolt head had to be cut with a dremel and then the lip of the insert cut so I could push the bolt into the hole.

The second toilet had one that I could pull straight out, but the second one required a lot of turning using the tool and finally most of the metal underneath broke off so I could pull it out, but only took about 20 minutes in total vs about an hour for the first toilet (due to the cutting)

After that, putting the inserts back in were easy and secure.

I do wish they sold the inserts separately so I did not have to buy a whole second kit as I had all the tools.

I also took the advice of another reviewer and installed the quick release seats and bought 2 extras so next time I can just swap out the seats without removing the hardware....

Not worth the money IMO, but it is the only way to replace the seat....
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on October 24, 2012
The kit was not worth the price. First, I had already gotten the bolts out of the toilet but damaged them and the expansion nuts, to which they were secured in doing so. So, I didn't need the "tools" that were supposed to help with that process. Second, I was expecting the kit to include basically the same thing that was in the toilet to which the seat was attached, a brass nut encased in a rubber sleeve. It did not. The "fix" was a plastic anchor that expanded to fill the hole in the toilet when the seat was screwed in.
There was limited change in resistance when I was screwing in the plastic anchor so I ended up overtightening it to the point I damaged it and couldn't use it.

I ended up at Home Depot getting Crown Bolt Brass 1/4 in.-20 x 5/8 in. Expansion Nuts that seems to have fixed the problem. However, in hindsight, I would have preferred an expansion nut that was a little bigger in diameter and longer than 5/8". Didn't find anything bigger at the Home Depot when there and I just wanted to get this done so bought them.

Kohler's kit should have at least included the same parts for securing toilet seats as was in the toilet originally. A brass nut encased in a rubber sleeve.
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on August 2, 2013
Overpriced and didn't even work. In the end I had to buy a hacksaw blade and saw through the bolt. Not sure why Kohler designs the seats this way - absolutely stupid. So far I paid a plumber to come out (who couldn't remove it) and a friend (who "earned a bottle of wine) and I ended up without fixing the seat yet. I would return the kit but IF I ever get the seat off, both Home Depot and Lowe's said they did not have bolts to attach a replacement seat that matched the ones in the kit. So I'm stuck. So far I'm out nearly $200 and I've been living with half-removed, cracked toilet seat for over a month. I will never buy another Kohler product. And I used to think of Kohler as a quality product. Never agai !
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on September 6, 2015
I wish I had this kit when our toilet seat broke the first time. On some Kohler models, you can't get at the bottom to put a nut on the fastenening screw. It's hidden inside the porcelain casting. So what do you do when the original screw corrodes and freezes to the built-in nut. The first time I cemented a nut in with epoxy putty and it worked for a couple of years. Now with this kit you can use the expansion nut (similar to the ones you hang things on drywall with but made out of metal) and the tools to insert it.
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on December 5, 2013
This poorly engineered, grossly overpriced repair kit is an embarrassment to Kohler. Your average plumber is likely to be unfamiliar with this deviation-from-standard toilet seat arrangement, which may lead to inflated bills or even "Lady, you need a new toilet". The Kohler Rialto, and other versions that employ this fiendish attachment method are now seeing (after years of service), their toilet seat anchors break, and hapless owners diverted to this crude repair kit. I'm surprised Kohler isn't the subject of a class action lawsuit. I propose Kohler offer to mitigate the situation by offering to sell this kit at their cost, which I peg at roughly $3.00. It's not a cure, but it will offer some relief.
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on May 28, 2017
Worked perfectly, and it really saved me time instead of having to figure out weird rigged ways to install a weird toiletseat that you almost have to visit an alien civilization to find. Sturdy, good tools and fasteners. If you too are faced with a weird toilet seat replacement conundrum... do yourself a favor and get this. Don't skimp. It's not going to be worth it to not get it.
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on July 21, 2015
This is essential for changing the seat on Kohler one piece toilets, and by rights, should come in the original box. Instead you pay $20 for a replacement seat, and $27 for this kit to put it on. As far as the kit goes, it does the job very well. The hard part is taking off the old hardware that held the seat on. Watch the youtube video before you attempt that from the meager instructions in this kit.
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on April 24, 2017
I tried my own plastic anchor, but it did not hold very long. This, however, worked well. Yes, a little expensive, but this is the exact item that is needed to fix the Kohler toilet models with anchors when the screw anchor breaks. The hardest part is to try to figure out if you are tightening the anchor enough.
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on January 2, 2016
A year ago I repaired the broken seat on my Kohler one piece toilet. The connection is non-standard and took many hours including several trips to the hardware store. Ultimately, I needed a piece of wood and a CROWBAR to remove the old seat! Fast forward to this week and I am replacing the same Kohler seat again. So, I am out another $50 for the seat and another $25 for this non-standard "toilet seat anchor" kit. Why they did not just built it with a normal bolt and nut, I don't know. Worse for Kohler, why don't they acknowledge this was poorly designed and stop charging people for the replacement anchors? Again, I don't know. If you look at the Kohler web site, they not only make kitchen and bath products (what they are known for), they have expanded to include furniture, engines, generators and now "golf destinations". No, I am not kidding. What next...Theme parks? They have clearly not learned the lessons from Apple--focus on a limited number of products and make them exceedingly well. That is what generates good reviews and customer loyalty.
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