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on January 20, 2015
Easiest plumbing repair I have ever done. I read the reviews and made sure I had some plumbers grease, you will need this to hold the O rings on the back when you insert the pressure balance unit. I wasn't having a leak problem, I was having a problem getting hot water from the valve. Plenty of cold showers. The old balance unit was 14 years old. It was easily removed after the trim was taken off and water was shut off with two screws. I used a pliers to remove the old balance unit.

I put some plumbers grease on the O ring positions on back of the balance unit, put the O rings in place, and slid it back in place. I then put plumbers grease on the two O Rings on the back of the mixer cap, and some around the large outer O ring, these O rings were already installed. I placed the new mixer cap in place, and installed the two screws. Turned on the water, and I now have hot water again from the tub spout and shower head. I adjusted the temperature protection and re installed the trim with one additional screw. It took less than 10 mins. Preparing and reading all the documentation took longer.

There is a great YouTube video that can be found here
It shows how easily this can be done. If the link doesn't work, just search YouTube for 304:305:11748 Mixer Cap and Pressure Balancing Unit Replacement Parts and Temperature Adjustment. The video takes away any anxiety you may have doing this yourself.
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on March 20, 2015
To DIY handy persons who will install this kit themselves: Two other customers noted the same problem: Kohler's new replacement for its mixer cap/valve is seated in the shower housing in the OPPOSITE position of its old mixer caps. Since Kohler doesn't tell you "This Side Up," you have to figure it out the hard way. In my case, I had to start over by turning off the water again at the mainline, removing the mixer cap/valve and reinstalling it by doing this: You would first locate the red collar on the valve stem of the mixer cap. The red collar is tucked next to a 1/4" high peg. The mixer cap must be inserted into the shower housing with the peg at 12:00. The peg in my old mixer cap is installed at 6:00. If you install the peg in the new mixer cap at 6:00 you will not get hot water. You must remove and reinsert the mixer cap so that the peg is pointing up at 12:00. Once installed properly, the mixer cap/valve works like it should. 5 stars for the plumbing part but 1 star for Kohler's failure to inform the customer of the installation update. You don't need a plumber to install this kit. I'm a woman and it was easy to do myself, except for the "backwards" installed valve. Kohler has an instructional video on its website that was simple to follow. ALSO IMPORTANT: You don't need to buy this kit, Kohler will ship it FREE via 2-day Fed Ex because it provides a lifetime guarantee against leaks. 5 stars for Kohler's lifetime guarantee.
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on October 25, 2014
I installed this upgrade for my 1989 shower/tub faucet control around 5 years ago. That on was relatively easy. On the recent one the inner valve could not pull out. I finally resorted to grabbing inside the two holes with pliers and it still wouldn't come loose. I resorted to needle nose pliers to break the front half down at the two holes. I then resorted to the Dremmel with a bit and ground the front half down and away at the two holes in the unit. I took the needle nose pliers and broke the front half of the unit away and pinched and chipped the sides away with the needle nose. I then took the pliers and wiggled land pulled on what was left until it finally broke free. I've always had solf water and there was very little debris in the cavity when I opened it up. You likely won't have this problem but if you do keep in mind that once you distort the inside of the two round holes you can't go back. That item is ruined at that point. The metal retainer around the outside would not fit down on the valve. I used a grinder on the dremmel to make the interior of that retainer slightly larger. It is needed to hold the finish plate on. Another option could be to use oversize finish screws into the plastic on the sides on the valve. I could not use the spacers that the directions indicated I should use when installing the valve. The water leaked out the shower head when the toilet was flushed or water was run in the upstairs sinks. At that point I did remove one of the two sets of the white spacers and still had the problem. I then removed the second set and the problem was solved. After all of that, it was worth it. The valve assembly works like a dream.
Good seller, good product!
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on November 13, 2015
Was no longer getting hot water out of my Kohler shower. First i just replaced the mixing valve and that did not fix the problem. I then replaced the pressure balancer as well and this has solved my problem. I now have hot water freely flowing from the valve and i also learned a little bit about plumbing which has inspired me to do a little more work in and around the shower.

This video was immensely helpful when it came to this installation as well:
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on July 5, 2017
Replaced original guts on Kohler shower valve.
Everything the same except the metal flange that holds the outer piece in place for the handle mount.

When I went to install the large piece that has the 2 brass screws at 12 o'clock and 6 o'clock , I realized the flange holes are not large enough for the screws. I had to dis-assemble and install the original round piece that has word "TOP" stamped on it. The screws now passed through.
Someone asleep at wheel for quality control.

All worked fine after installation.
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on January 6, 2016
These do exactly what they are supposed to do. Other reviewers referenced the You Tube video link below; it was very helpful. I spent far more time researching how to do this that the time spent doing it. One tip: if your prior unit has a small black square attachment that fits over the end of the cap that allows it to fit into a square female end of the handle, keep it to use on your new cap. Mine was so deteriorated that I couldn't pull it off the old unit. I had to go to five different stores (HD and plumbing supply stores) to find on for $1.99. Without it I couldn't have completed the job.

304:305:11748 Mixer Cap and Pressure Balancing Unit Replacement Parts and Temperature Adjustment
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on September 8, 2017
This kit did the trick for us. Our shower suddenly started having low pressure for the hot water was coming out as a slightly more forceful trickle. Anticipating a full valve replacement, I was happy to find out about this kit and how easy it was to replace the valve's "innards". With my wife reading the instructions and me turning the screwdriver we were done in about 20 minutes. Showers are enjoyable and warm once again!
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Enthusiast: Kayakingon October 5, 2014
I have very mixed feelings about this repair kit, but I hate it when buyers review things based on principle rather than reviewing the actual product itself, so that's why I gave it 4/5 stars because OVERALL the product worked and was relatively easy to install.

Okay, first of all, Kohler...sheesh...really? Can Kohler make a valve any more different/proprietary than every other company? Because I seriously doubt it. Plus, i really don't think this is the best valve design and definitely more prone to leaks. All that being said, kudos to Amazon for having it for a fraction of the price of the local hardware stores, and it was great that it was a combo instead of having to buy the items separately (yes, they're both needed to repair a leaking shower).

I purchased this to repair the six-year-old shower in our six-year-old home, and I'm rather surprised to find it so different from the original part. Basically, it's rather similar, but there are some significant differences, too. First of all, I had to install it a complete 180-degrees from the original. Not sure why they felt the need to do that, but I (of course) didn't notice it until I installed it and tried to test the hot water. It wasn't that big of a deal, but it was annoying to have to turn off the city water valve AGAIN, and drain all the water our of the system AGAIN, and then reinstall it "upside down". There is also no way to install the fixture handle perfectly straight, and it has to be a few degrees from vertical when in the off position. Again, not a huge deal, but I definitely think that was a botched assembly on the valve stem by Kohler.

In the end, I'm not watching expensive Florida water steadily drip down the drain anymore, so I'm happy. Definitely not the worst plumbing repair/install job I've done. I still think it's an overall bad design, and I find myself wishing that when the house was under construction that we had gone with a different brand to get something with valves and a valve pot that are more standard.
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on August 12, 2017
Converted my 17 year old Kohler mixing valve (square stem) to modern standards. This was necessary for the installation of the KOHLER K-T15621-4-CP Coralais Mixing Valve Trim, as Kohler no longer manufactured trim for the old valve. Installation was a few minutes with pliars and a phillips head screwdriver; and I saved about $350 of plumber charges. Contact Kohler Customer Service for help in identifying the proper repair kit. They are very helpful.
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on October 6, 2015
My kohler shower head was leaking recently and I learned how to fix it online. I initially bought the PBU and mixer cap at home depot for 90+tax. I then realized it is about $30 less at amazon. I went back to HD to try to get a price adjustment but the lady at customer service denied my price match request. I didn't feel like arguing nor asking for an ASM nor contacting CC, so I just returned them. I think she was wrong and certainly this is another big ass stupid mistake on HD's part. I then ordered this on Amazon from HOMEPLUMBING on Sunday and it came freaking two days later on Tuesday. I installed it and WOW no more leaks. Also I did call kohler because my original plumbing had the circular metal containment plate. Kohler told me to ditch that and just use the new metal plate that came with the mixer. I changed out both the PBU and mixer cap. Hopefully won't have to do this again for a long time.

Thanks again for HomePlumbing for the awesome speedy service! Package arrived as advertised and worked!
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