Customer Reviews: Kohler K-GP1059291 Canister Flush Valve Seal
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on January 5, 2015
Looking for the replacement for that RED seal at the bottom of your Kohler canister? This is the one. I know its yellow, but this is the correct seal to stop the leaky/running Kohler toilet. SO easy to install.

1: Turn off the water at the base of the toilet
2: Flush the toilet (should be empty tank after flush)
3: Un-clip flush chain
4: Twist stem counter clockwise (twist hard till it clicks/pops)
5: Lift out unit from toilet tank
6: Replace red seal with yellow
7: Install in reverse (twisting the stem clockwise to tighten)
8: Re-install flush chain
9: Turn on water

The seal package also has instructions that refresh all that i have said above. This is a do-it-yourself type project.

I have uploaded pics of the old (red) and new (yellow) washer.

review image review image
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on August 16, 2013
I used this to replace the seal on a canister type Kohler flush valve. The outer diameter of this part is 3 3/8" and aside from color (yellow instead of red), it perfectly matched the part I was replacing. The package includes installation instructions on the back (see customer images) and it's a simple process. You can also find installation videos on Youtube. Lowes/Home Depot do not seem to stock this item, so I was happy to see Amazon selling it.

It's little more than a large rubber washer, so I can only give it 4 stars due to price. Otherwise, it's doing its job - no issues with the toilet running after installing the seal.
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on October 19, 2013
When our relatively new Kohler toilet began leaking water down the drain and then refilling again and again I took a look inside hoping I could just replace an old flapper like on the other toilets I've wrestled with over the years.

However, when I lifted the lid there was no flapper to be found. (I'd forgotten about this since installing the toilet). Instead, there was a black, plastic "canister" with what looked like a worn O-ring enduring its final death throes.

I couldn't tell by looking at the unit or by reading the information on the lid how the heck to replace it. So, I went to the Kohler website and finally located the part--called a "valve seal"--required to fix it. The part number is GP1059291 and the price was $6.90.

After I added the product to my "cart" on the Kohler website and began to check out, I learned I'd also be charged $7.95 for shipping. That seemed pretty high so I thought I'd check to see if Amazon handled this product as well.

I ran a search on "Kohler toilet replacement seal" and was directed to a different Kohler part, #1097686. The picture didn't look quite right and when I read some of the negative reviews I learned several people had been looking for the same part as me, but ended up with this one--which actually fits in another area of the toilet. So, it didn't work for them and their frustration was reflected in their "thumbs down" reviews.

Fortunately, on the same page--under the section entitled: "Customers who Bought this Item also Bought..."--there was a photo of the seal I needed with the proper part number listed.

The price was $6.90 with free shipping on orders over $25. When I read the informative reviews on the product I found out it was the one I needed and shouldn't be too difficult to install. I also learned there was a video on YouTube illustrating how to handle the task if I couldn't figure it out with the written directions on the package.

Well, I usually have a few items on my "Wish List" that can be used to fill in the gaps, so I ordered two seals and a book or two.

Today I received my Amazon order and started reading the directions for installing the new seal. I'm an old fart and need reading glasses, but the print was so tiny I had to break out my trusty magnifying glass. Still, I could barely make out the words, bit by bit, and the illustrations were even more difficult to interpret.

So, I made a search on You Tube and found an excellent demonstration at [...] generously posted by "brianmcdrummer." I'm a horrible handyman, but thanks to the video it was a simple task to fix and flush.
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on January 5, 2016
OK... I deleted my first review of 1-star and upped this to 3-star, here's why. $7 for a rubber band, lame right? Here's why I changed my review. I had two toilets fail on this same part at the same time -- and when I found out the replacement for each gasket was $7 I felt ripped off. Then I noticed something peculiar-- both original RED seals failed when the supply water coming into the house ran colder than usual, even for December in Minnesota. Both seals were recovered under the piston warped out of their position tray. I threw each of them onto a bathroom counter, and didn't think much of it. Two days later at room temperature, I noticed the seals were no longer warped-- they also weren't torn, flaked, or otherwise deteriorated -- in fact, they were in pretty good shape. I am guessing that below a certain water temperature these seals warped. As it turns out-- Kohler felt that the RED seals had various performance problems and replaced them with the new YELLOW seals-- which are supposed to be more durable and dependable. When I called Kohler Customer Service, even though my toilet was out of warranty, they very pleasantly sent me free YELLOW seals at no cost. I still had to pay the $14 to fix the immediate problem (when the seal goes under the piston, you don't have little leak, but are rather losing 1.28 gallons every 30 seconds-- as the piston is gapped and the float cannot rise to shut off the water supply. So, even though I paid $14, at least I have a free replacement parts should the new YELLOW seals eventually breakdown. F for the original RED seal. A+ for the Kohler Customer Service. and Grade TBD for the new YELLOW seal.
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on November 29, 2013
This seal took five minutes to install, and it fixed my constantly running toilette problem. A new Kohler fixture that in less than a year developed the running water problem. Now it's one of the new efficiency models, so I could not run out and drop a conventional "Fluidmaster" replacement in. I asked my plumber( as he was replacing the old cast iron under my kitchen sink) about it; "sounds like a bad seal to me" his reply. I matched that with the diagram on the web and concluded it was worth a shot. But, I'm not going to run all over town looking for a seal that only fits a specific make and model. Amazon has never let me down,so type the part number from the Kohler manual in the search box and bam; six bucks at my door in two days (Prime Member). Next "one click".
Installed it in five minutes and my water headache was gone. For the dollars involved one of the best purchases I have ever made. My praise is not for Kohler but for Amazon in saving me gas,time and the fear of having to pay a plumber for something that in the older models was a easy fix.
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on April 12, 2015
At first I thought I had ordered the wrong part since this is Yellow compared to the RED valve seal on my Kohler canister flush unit. It fit perfectly on to the unit. There is a Youtube video out there showing how to remove the canister from the base of the toilet tank and how to remove the valve seal (hint, just tug on it).

My old seal had crud and was really thin... This part needs to be changed out once in a while or you will have water leakage. I was wondering why my tank was leaking water when it filled up. Now it works great with the new part. I kind of wish the price wasn't so high, but other than that no complaints.
review image
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on September 30, 2013
In spite of the negative comments about price, I decided to order this gasket to repair my Kohler unit. I found the YouTube video that demonstrated how to loosen the assembly, and was able to swap old gasket for new in two minutes. That annoying partial refill was instantly eliminated.

I have a secnd identical toilet in the house, so I ordered a second gasket and intend to replace it now, before the leak develops since they are the same age.

One concern I have is the toilets are five years old. Is this the typical age where these fail? Maybe. My part number was listed on the bottom of the lid, and only the last six digits match this part number.

So much cheaper than a service visit, it's hard to go wrong.
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on December 1, 2015
We have a Kohler Cimarron toilet that has the Red valve seal. This was a perfect fit replacement. Reason we got it was because after 2 years the toilet became very difficult to flush; you really had to put a lot of pressure on the flush handle - it was like it was stuck. Replacing this made all the difference - its back to new. A little tip here, the package comes with instructions on the back so when you come to the part where it shows to rotate the center disc portion of the canister mechanism counter clockwise to loosen, well when I did that it sounded like the plastic was going to snap at the shaft. So here's what you do, just lift the actual canister up enough to reach down below it and grab the center shaft at the base where it connects to the toilet tank. It will feel like a + sign in your hand - take that and turn it counter clockwise to loosen it, and then do the same (clockwise) to tighten it. It's a much sturdier way to take the canister mechanism off and on without feeling like you're going to snap the center shaft off.
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on September 2, 2014
This fixed my toilet's problems immediately! The original valve seal had been in the toilet for 4 or 5 years (really can't remember when I replaced the toilet) and had begun to break down and get sticky. It would get pulled off the canister by having part of the seal stick to the place the canister rests, so that it wouldn't seal properly and the water would just keep running. The tank wouldn't fill. It came with clear instructions on how to replace the valve seal (there are some youtube videos about it also) and was a matter of only a few minutes to complete the repair and now things are working fine again.
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on July 13, 2016
Read the review that localized the problem to the cold water affecting the gasket. Tried a simple solution: drained the water from the tank by flushing and manually.Let the gasket warm up for 12 hours. Problem solved - 2 days and counting.

Update -the problem remains 'solved' for 2 weeks.

Just to be more sure I have applied water proof glue to the ring.

Will update only if it restarts leaking.

No leak so far - it's been 3-4 weeks. Hurrah!!
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