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on September 23, 2010
The first thing I did was a properties on the card. It formats out to 29.7Gb under FAT32. That's normal. Using ATTO Disk Benchmark it had write transfer rates on average below 6MB/s and read rates on average around 12MB/s. When performing a disk capacity benchmark using H2test on the card, it had a sustained write speed of 5.35MB/s and sustained read speeds of 12.6MB/s. This card performed more on the lines of a class 4 card, not a class 6. It had no errors so it is a genuine 32GB card. I have a SanDisk microSDHC 16Gb, class 2 that has sustained write speeds of over 10MB/s and sustained read speeds over 18MB/s (I know, impressive for a class 2 card. SanDisk is modest when it comes to class speeds.) All in all I would not buy this card again if given the opportunity to do so. I would just settle for a SanDisk 32Gb class 2 microSDHC card as it appears that it will outperform this generic card. If this is the competition that SanDisk has, they need not worry. I have not decided whether I wish to send this card back or not. Video preview included.
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on December 20, 2010
I purchased this card in September 2010 and used it for two months in an HTC HD2 Windows Mobile phone. The size upgrade over the stock 16G card that came with the phone was well worth it to me, as I have hundreds of large (300M+) WMA/MP3 audio files and Audible audio books. Overall system performance was (subjectively) equivalent to the stock 16G card, and with twice the space as well.

In December I got a Samsung Focus Windows Phone. I used it for a week to get a feel for how it performs with only built-in storage (8G). I then moved my 32G card from the HD2 into the Focus (after saving my data and formatting the card, of course). Two weeks later I can say that the performance of the Focus is just as good as before. Side-by-side tests with another Focus launching apps and songs show startup times to be nearly identical. If you have a Focus and have been considering getting an internal MicroSDHC card, but have been concerned about compatibility, I can say that in my case it has been flawless.
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on January 7, 2016
This will not block out exterior sounds very well. In fact there is no stereo sound. Difficult to use and setup was impossible. BTW, This retailer is TERRIBLE. I had a set that had failed and the retailer was EXCEPTIONALLY AWFUL. They made the return EXTREMELY DIFFICULT and they were SO non-accommodating. It's awful to have a retailer that does not stand behind the products they sell you. There's always a possibility that something might be wrong with a product, KOMPUTERBAY, will take ANY problem you might have and make it WORSE. KOMPUTERBAY, wanted ME to pay for the RETURN SHIPPING of the defective product and would NOT sent me any replacement. Customer service was TERRIBLE!
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on October 28, 2010
Congratulations Komputerbay for your honesty and integrity!

I admit when I saw their Amazon advertisement for a New 16-Gbyte Class-6 micro-SDHC Memory Card for just $42 including shipping, I was reluctant to believe it. After all, if it really ran a little slower than advertised, who would know?

I would!

As soon as I received it I put it to my tests:

First I tested their advertised capacity (which Windows also reported) to be certain it was a REAL capacity. (It is possible for a seller to `spoof' capacity and trick Windows to report a capacity 4X higher than it really is.)

Result: 16 Gbytes of data files were copied to this micro-sdhc card and verified. Great!

Next, to test their speed claim of "Class 6":

The `Class' speed rating is a WRITE speed rating. (The Read speed is typically even faster.) Class 6 indicates a WRITE speed of at least 6 Mbytes per second. I use the free memory card testing program, "H2TestW" v1.4, freely available over the internet.

Result: For this memory card, H2TestW reported a Write speed of 7.7 Mbytes per second (and a Read speed of 11.2 Mbytes per second). So Komputerbay's claims are true!

What a nice deal!

This order comes with an sdhc adapter (which I used in the tests). It also comes with a micro-sdhc reader, but mine did not work; However its' monetary value is so small I won't give Komputerbay demerits for that. I'm just happy the memory card tests as-advertised.

Side Note (to Amazon): I noticed that one of the ratings attributes is simply "SPEED". This could be unfortunate for Amazon's advertised Class 2 memory cards because someone might rate that poorly just because it is not as fast as Class 6, when in fact the product may perform just as-advertised.
Recommendation: That attribute should be renamed, e.g., "SPEED (as advertised)"

Finally, a tip to buyers: I learned the hard way that it is better to buy micro-sdhc cards rather than standard sdhc - especially for an expensive one. I once bought an 8-GB sdhc card and eventually the tiny moveable `write-protect' tab fell out - leaving me with an 8-Gig card that can be written to but not ever erased. However, buying instead a micro-sdhc would be safer because there are no moving parts, and so you can use any sdhc adapter (which has a write protect tab). So if an adapter ever goes bad, only it needs to be replaced (for about a buck).
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on November 13, 2010
Edited Review:
I had originally not seen the speed from this microSD card that I was expecting. The included SD card adapter was completely useless. However, after using another adapter sold with a Transcend Micro class 6 card (which verified with class 6 speeds) I was only getting Class 1 (<2MB/sec) speeds with the Komputerbay card vs Class 6 (>5&6MB/sec) speeds with a Sandisk and Transcend microSD Class6 cards(both 8GB). I had concluded that the Komputerbay 32GB module was slow.

I'm editing my original review because after I tested a USB connection to my phone (T-Mobile G2) the Komputerbay 32GB Class6 card was performing perfectly. I have moved over several medium sized movies(450MB-1.1GB), each of which was getting more than 6 MB/sec. I've amended my review to reflect the difference for performance in the phone versus using the included adapter or another SD card adapter.

Please keep in mind the Class rating is supposed to be a rating of minimum speeds to be attained with transfers to (and from) the card. The numbers and times you get can be variable depending on what you're transferring and how many files are in your transfer group. Your mileage _will_ vary.

Thank you for reading.

The memory card registers correctly at 32 GB of space however the maximum transfer rates were around 1.3 MB a second. The included SD card adapter didn't even work and ended up not even being detectable by the OS (Windows 7 and Vista). Once the card was in another adapter the card was detected by the computer, however it was still slow in comparison to my other class 6 cards (5+MB/sec). I'm currently using it in my G2 just for testing, however I would recommend for users who need speed not space to get one of the other 16GB Class 6 cards instead.

A-DATA 16 GB Class 6 microSDHC Flash Memory Card AUSDH16GCL6-RA1

Of course I just tested one of these, but I'm not going to spend any more cash just to test the product.

Great if you need space. Horrible if you need performance.
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on October 8, 2014
This memory card did not work in any of the devices I have tried it in including:
Samsung Mobile Phone
Custom PC
Asus Laptop
Generic DashCam

I also tried using it with the included USB adapter, the included Memory Card converter, and my own card reader. It did not work with either of those.
I independently tested the converters that were supplied, and they worked fine with other MicoSD cards, so I can be sure the problem is the MicoSD card itself and not any of the other devices.

When I try to open the directory, it tells me it recognizes the converter, but it does not register there being any MicoSD card inserted.

Unfortunately, I only tried this card in one device when I first bought it (dashcam), and I incorrectly assumed it was the dashcam that was causing the error, not the SD card. But recently I tried to add this memory card to my phone to increase its storage capacity, and found the problem was present on other devices. The unfortunate part is that it is now well past 30 days when I could return it. My fault for not checking and returning earlier, but the bottom line is that I received a dud SD cad from Komputerbay.

I'm surprised since this is supposedly a genuine Samsung SD card, but I would expect a little higher quality from a worldwide brand.

I would recommend buying somewhere else, or at least confirming this card works in your device, so you can take advantage of Amazon's excellent return policy.

I'm giving it two stars because the included converters were handy, and worked with other SD cards. And also, it is partially my fault for not returning in time, so I cannot hold it 100% against Komputerbay.
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on April 27, 2014
UPDATE: On 6-3-14 I received a request by the seller to review my order, even though I had already reviewed it on April 27th. I sent the seller the text of my review. Seller promptly replied with offer to replace defective USB adapter. Offer accepted, new adapter received. Satisfied with seller and appreciate their service. Would not hesitate to buy from seller again.

(Original microSD card and microSD adapter working perfectly.)

ORIGINAL review:

I ordered the Samsung MicroSDHC 32GB Class 6 Memory Card with the USB card reader and SD card adapter for a yet to arrive dash cam. The card arrived as expected.

The micro SD card and the SD card adapter function/are recognized by a computer. The Mobilemate USB Reader is functionally ornamental; it DOES NOT function at all. I sent a message to the seller, no reply yet. From several other reviews it appears the USB adapter is only ornamental for other buyers also.

At least one method of reading the card works; which is tolerable. But still, it would be nice if all 3 components functioned as they should.
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on August 31, 2010
I ordered this card as a replacement for the 4GB card that came with my Blackberry Torch. I had assumed the card that came with the phone, was only a class 2 (I am uncertain, but since they are the cheapest kind, it's probably a good bet).

I tested this new Komputerbay 16GB card against the old SanDisk 4GB card using the included SD card reader adapter, thereby taking the phone's capability out of the equation.

The Komputerbay 16GB class 6 card averaged a 6MB/sec write speed and a whopping 19MB/sec read speed.

The 4GB SanDisk averaged a 3.3MB/sec write speed and an 11.3MB/sec read speed. From these numbers, one could draw the conclusion that the card is roughly twice as fast.

However, once placed in my Blackberry Torch, the numbers change a bit. With the Komputerbay 16GB card, write speeds still averaged around 5.8MB/sec, but read speeds dropped to 10MB/sec. While the 4GB card maintained the same specs as above. Read speeds were actually faster with the 4GB card in the phone.

This would appear to be some limitation with the phone's memory bus itself, not the card. So, unfortunately for me, this won't appear to be any major speed improvement (if any) while playing or scrubbing through videos on my phone. But, I suppose that is offset by the added capacity. Perhaps this is some software issue with the Blackberry that will be resolved?
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TOP 50 REVIEWERon January 17, 2014
I read online that the Samsung Galaxy products (I have a Note 10.1 and S4 Active) don't do as well with UHS Micro SD cards, and seem to like Class 6 best. The 64gb ones are all Class 10 UHS, which makes sense. So, I looked for the highest capacity I could find that wasn't UHS (Class 6 or Class 4) and found this card.

I bought two - one for my Note and one for my S4. They both formatted in the blink of an eye - literally. They also took over 9gbs of mp3's from my laptop in a few minutes. I didn't time it, but it was quick. I put them in the devices and the music played instantly. No problems. For about $20 with 2 different adapters, I'm not sure how you can possibly not think this is a great deal.
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on November 3, 2011
Hello, I've been purchasing SD cards for a long time but the one day I look to buy something other than a Sandisk this is what I get...I placed my order on May 2, 2011 and it was $77.00 then (I don't know how it it so cheap now).

When I got the item and inserted it, it doesn't read and then becomes to hot to handle, I think if I didn't remove it in time it would have caused a fire.

Tried it in the supplied reader, didn't work, tried it with multiple readers, still didn't work. Still getting so hot you couldn't even touch the card. I even looked at the connectors on the card with a magnifying glass to see if there was a connector making contact with another but everything seemed good.

I only got a chance to check it out last week because you see I live in Trinidad, when I order stuff from Amazon, it is delivered to a cargo consolidator in New York. Whenever I am in New York I pick up the items and sometimes they ship the items to me here in Trinidad. This is why I am now writing this review.

Maybe I got a defective card, I hope Komputerbay can rectify this situation, I am willing to ship it back for replacement!
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