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on February 18, 2011
I got this for my 12 year-old girl. It was for her science expeirement. She absolutely LOVES it.
I got to try it out myself. I love the quality and the picture result it gives out.
It includes several things such as a full screen viewer for those who have trouble seeing
into the actual microscope viewer. It's got something to cut with, tweesers, glass tubes, 12 glass slates, a seperate magnifying glass, a glass dish for holding liquids too. I appreciate the manual very much.
It's very helpful. It lists things that you can review on your microscope and has 2 pre-made glass plates.
I rate this 5 Star and above! I really enjoy how the light at the bottom can turn on and off by rotating 180 degrees. It's great for kids to play and expeirement with. My daughter loves it and again so do I.
It holds a whole new world filled with amazing wonders.
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on April 28, 2013
I bought the item for a child as a first 'toy' scope. I unpacked the scope and my first impression was the scope seemed cheap--on the small side and more plastic components than I thought. The zoom lenses are very cheaply constructed. I proceeded to set up the scope and could not achieve focus on any of the prepared slides I purchased. The slides were clean and didn't appear damaged.

Then, I assumed the optics/glass were dirty. I cleaned the glass on the stage. I pulled apart (pretty easy to do) the optics in the eyepiece and there was a hazy smear on the glass. I tried to clean it off and managed to remove some of it but not all. I think the problem with the glass is combination of poor quality glass and chemical scoring or some sort of glue smear. I tried to clean in completely in various ways to no avail.

The scope is useless if it can't focus--in this case bad/damaged optics in the eyepiece.

I would find an alternative 'toy' scope to this scope or invest in a 'real' or higher quality scope with better reviews that specifically address the quality on the optics, if you anticipate long term use.
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on May 10, 2014
I purchased this microscope for my kids and nephews to play with. The microscope is fine to play with if the kids are careful. The very first time I removed the microscope from the box I pulled a knob off the microscope. It is cheaply made. I did not realize until after playing with the microscope that you need a light above the slide to view lots of things.

The positive side is the microscope has good magnification. The microscope has a nice little setup for young kids but beware of the razor/scalpel and glass sides. This microscope seemed to be the best deal for the price I paid. If I wanted a microscope for a serious hobby I would get a much more expensive one. However this microscope is fine for kids.
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on January 21, 2013
I bought this scope after a lot of research and regret my choice. Unfortunately the review site I read praised the microscope's "durable metal construction," which as it turns out, is totally false. The scope is plastic and feels quite chintzy. I chose it over a slightly more expensive scope because of the features it promised--viewing screen, wall projections, camera attachment--only it turns out none of them work. I would not recommend this microscope to anyone and profoundly regret not having bought the My First Lab Duo-Scope Microscope. If there had been enough time between its arrival and Christmas I absolutely would have returned it for a refund.
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on January 2, 2013
We bought this set for our 11 yr old son, and he was floored to get it. It comes with so much stuff, and it's in a case to keep it all together. I wish the booklet it came with would fit in the case with it. That would be nice, so I made a pocket on the back of the case for the booklet out of construction paper and tape to hold it. The knobs that allow you to adjust the height of the eye piece does feel brittle from being made out of cheap plastic, but other than that it is great. The light does switch off when you flip it, and the batteries are easy to install, but once you remove the rubber footing cover it does not like to stay in place. Overall it is a great first microscope, but be ware that it does come with sharp blades and glass items.
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on January 17, 2013
I bought this for my daughter for home use. Imagine our disappointment after taking it out of the box! The light is way too dim and you can't see anything!. It's not a matter of not using it correctly because I've used many microscopes in my lab at work. Now i didnt expect it to be of lab caliber, but this thing is worse than the ones they used when I was in grade school. I didn't want to invest too much on a first microscope and this seemed a good deal since it came with a lot of accessories, but it's poorly made. Now it sits in the closet collecting dust. I thought of donating it, but I didn't want to disappoint anyone out there with this piece of junk!
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on December 26, 2013
I bought this for my daughter who is interested in science/lab. This microscope is junk. We all tried to be able to see anything from prepared slide and could not get it to focus at all. The microscope is almost all plastic and the lenses probably are as we'll. could not tell the difference between the different magnification levels. Honestly the best thing about this was the case. I would not suggest this product to anyone looking for a microscope that works.
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on December 13, 2012
Poor quality. Insufficient instructions and descriptions to use product. I ended up having to wait for 3 weeks to get this when I expected 5 to 7 days shipping that I had paid for. They only count shipping days from time they ship it out. The delay in shipping already caused frustrations and I went out to look for a replacement to use for a birthday gift. There are better quality microscopes for less money but they do not have the slides and other tools provided in this kit. The extra accessories are not worth the loss in quality.
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on January 8, 2013
I bought this for my 8 year old grandson for Christmas, and he loves it! With any luck, this will peek his interest in science and he'll discover the cure for cancer or old age. ") He and his Pop, my husband, played with it for hours Christmas morning. It's just the right size and number of items for a child his age, and just "grown up" enough for adults to be interested too.
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on January 9, 2014
This was purchased for my grandson for his birthday.
Hayden had a hard time using the microscope and we found that the slides were
not clear. He used it a few times and then it was put away and forgotten.
I was hoping for a better product to do some real Science.
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