Customer Reviews: Koolertron Rear View License Plate Backup CMOS Camera
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on March 25, 2012
OK folks - I KNOW the cam is less than $15 but if it hold true to the description...then don't deceive us! I'll start with the price, it has IR that really works, and it has backup grid lines that are pretty handy. Sounds great so far right? Well...what is all that worth if the cam "is" going to fill up with water and be foggy? It doesn't matter how good the cam is if you can't see thru the darn thing! One rainstorm day and whammo...waterlogged cam. When I checked it out, I hoped it was just water on the exterior I could wipe such had like a 1/8" of water inside the cam pooled right on the lens and the IR sensors! Waterproof - IT IS NOT! BEWARE! Shame on these guys for falsely advertising this product. If it didn't claim to be waterproof, that's one'd almost expect it to be leaky for the price you're paying. I'm going to get a refund and return this.

Word of advise...if you already have one, AND it hasn't been rained on or gone thru a carwash yet - go to HomeDepot or Lowes and buy a small tube of clear silicon. Just squeeze a pea sized bead on your finger and smear it all around the camera's seams - including the screw holes. That should seal the camera from water, then you're golden. I wish I had done that it said it was "water and fog proof"....I didn't and here I am returning this thing.

Hope the above helps anyone planning on buying or who already has one that isn't yet waterlogged! Moral to the story - if you get one, the cam works good, it's cheap, JUST WATERPROOF IT WHEN YOU GET IT (clear silicone will run you $2 only, if that). If you don't want to bother doing that - I'd steer clear from this one or you're going to be looking for another camera soon after a few rainstorms or car washes!

Disgruntled and misled!
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on May 13, 2012
For the low price of these I think they are just awesome. The first one I bought came in a retail box with included instructions (if you can call them that LOL ) the second two came in plain white boxes? Why three? I'll get to that later.

After searching all over to try and find info on wiring this camera ( to NO AVAIL - there is NO SUPPORT FROM THE MANUFACTURER ) Here is what I have found - this camera has a a long cord with proprietary plug in the line about three feet out from the camera end so if there is a problem after installing it later on you will NOT have re-wire this all the way from the interior where your display is ( at this plug there is also a red and black power connection I will get to that in a bit ) on the end of the proprietary wire there is a RCA plug to connect to your display with a red wire coming out next to the RCA plug.

This was NOT explained in the instructions.

The RCA plug is self explanatory, it provides the video signal to the display.

The power connections are as follows - you can either connect the red wire by the RCA plug to be your 12v power supply for the camera ( which is what I did because it was way easier to connect this end in the cab to supply power from the reverse switch or as I did connect this wire to a toggle a switch to turn on the camera manually (this way I can use it whenever I want - sometimes when towing I like to be able to see what is on the trailer while stopped at a light to make sure straps or chains are still good and the load has not shifted or to see if anything is wrong back there ).

Now back to the power wires that are back in the line by the plug- if you connect the red wire by the RCA plug YOU DO NOT HAVE TO SUPPLY POWER FROM THIS CONNECTION just connect the black wire to a good ground and you are good to go. If you DID NOT use the red wire in the cab these wires need to be connected to your reverse light to activate the camera when the car is place in reverse, RED to positive reverse signal and black to a good ground.


The proprietary plug in the wire is a good idea if there is a problem "later down the road"- It would be a real PITA to rerun this connection all the way from my head unit to the license plate, having this connection in the line allows the camera to be switched out fairly easy and seeing as these are so CHEAP, I bought two extra to just have on the shelf in case of a problem later also to make sure I had ones with the same plug- my luck the manufacturer would change this plug a few months later and then I would HAVE to rerun the whole wire. This way I have them PLUS you know how it goes - if you have a back up the original usually never fails you if you don't have one they quit in a week LOL

The camera does work well, day AND night ( ooh everything is GREEN :-P ) the only problems I had with actual use were, the mount is to long it will cover your registration date stickers( I trimmed mine down as to not give a bored cop a reason ) and to get this camera CENTERED on my hitch for hooking up it had to actually be mounted shifted to the left of center of my plate ( so far over I had to drill a new hole through the mounting bracket to get the "view" centered over my hitch.

MINOR gripes though, especially considering I got THREE of these for less than one quarter of the price I paid for my last one. and YES these cameras do have the "GRID" in the display to show the APPROXIMATE distance from things behind you.

Hope this helps.
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on February 9, 2012
I think FOR THE MONEY it's a nice little camera and very easy to mount considering the license plate holes. The plate holes are very long and the actual plate bolts go at the very beginning of the long holes so I think I might just trim off the excess parts that are blocking my expiration month and year on my plate. Wiring from the camera (that you need to strip) is VERY thin but as long as you're careful it's not horrible to use. I tapped into my reverse light's 12v to power it and grounded it on my back hatch. Overall I'd say for the money there's no reason NOT to get this and try it out before spending much more on something that will do the same basic function.
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on July 4, 2011
I was able to install this on my Pioneer DNX5140 in about 1.5 hours, with no experience what-so-ever in this field. I took power from my reverse lights using two e-z splicers, and used my internal trim to run the video wire from my dash to the trunk. There was enough space to run the wire from the camera into my trunk via the license plate lights. Color video during daytime operation is clear enough (this is not an HD video camera, so do not expect the results to be the same). Black & White infrared camera during night time operation is also good.
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on April 28, 2012
I bought this camera,in a bundle with the bullit camera, & the 3.5 inch monitor. If you can install a car stero then you will have no trouble installing this camera. My vehicle is a 2002 F250 superduty pickup truck with bullbars, I had trouble seeing small cars in parking lots so I mounted the koolatron camera on my rear license plate, this also is situated so I can see the hitch ball & makes hooking up a trailer quick & easy. I used splice connects to hook the power & ground wires to my reverse lights. the hardest thing about the install was running the wires along the frame rail zip stripping them to the factory wire bundle. (I put the wire in protective plastic wire protector) A bit of advice, the camera is billed as waterproof, but I took no chances, i used clear silicone on all seams on the camera casing, I also used dielectric grease on all electrical connections. Camera works great! color is excellent & the night vision works well.
review image
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on July 27, 2011
Here is my video review of the BackCam Rearview Backup Camera. Great value for the money. Infrared appears to work great!

Can't speak for the reliability of the product, but for the price, my standards are not set too terribly high. It would also be very easy to replace the product as the wiring unplugs from the rest of the wiring harness.

As other reviewers have noted, the wires are very thin, but again, this is not an expensive camera! Won't be too much of a loss if the camera is stolen.

5 stars because it works better than expected for a camera of this price! Hope the video helps!
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on June 3, 2012
There still seems to be some confusion about the wiring which I will try to address.

There are two wires coming out of the camera which attach to the two loose cables that come with the camera. You can't hook them up wrong as they have different connectors. So far so good.

The red/black connector terminates in two very thin wires colored red and black. The red provides power for the camera and the black should be grounded. I suggest that you tap the red wire into the reverse lights although you can go also run it to an always hot source and add a toggle switch (you can also do both but you will need two relays to prevent "backfeeding" the reverse lights and having them go on with the toggle switch). Ground the black wire - a sheet metal screw into the body work where it is double walled will work. So far, so good...

The yellow/yellow RCA connector goes to the head unit. Now here's the confusing part - the cable for the RCA connector has a thin red wire "pigtail" on both ends. This wire actually runs inside the cable and is continuous. You connect one end to the sensing wire on the headunit (I don't know if the colors are standardized but mine was purple with a white stripe) and the other end to the same place that you connected the red wire on the black/black connector (reverse light or toggle switch). So when you shift into reverse, the reverse lights get current which a) feeds the camera through the black/black connector and turns it on and b) feeds 12 volts to the head unit through the red wire part of the yellow connector which alerts the head unit that the camera is on and automatically switches the view to the camera.

You can always leave the red wire in the yellow/yellow connector unhooked but then the camera will turn on automatically with the reverse lights but the view on the head unit won't and will have to be manually selected on the head unit.

The other thing I discovered is that the with the exception of the swiveling camera part, the rest of the bracket is just plastic, no wiring or anything. So you can cut, drill, grind it whatever way you want (you can even just remove the camera part by undoing the four very small screws on the back) for mounting. I mounted mine with sheet metal screws to the bottom of the dealer-supplied license plate frame. That way it doesn't block any of the plate itself.

The camera works fine, colors are good and night vision decent. I have a Mazda sedan and don't really need a backup camera but since it was so cheap and since I have a little trouble judging the back of the car (and I like gadgets), I grabbed one to help get me to an order total of $25 for free shipping. Unfortuneatly it isn't much use at close distances so it really doesn't help with judging.

We'll see how long it lasts. For the price, I'm not too worried.

Update July 2012 - I ran the wires BEHIND the license plate and when I put a bicycle carrier on the back of the car, the weight of the carrier pressing on the stamped edges of the license plate cleanly cut the wiring. No problem to re-solder and we're off and running again, but just something to be aware of.
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on March 18, 2012
I bought this not as a backup camera, but as a fulltime rearview on the back of a 45' long trailer/truck combo that otherwise has zero rear visibility.

The good news, picture is clear in sunlight and installation took me 30mins including fishing 75' of video wire (not included with camera) through the chassis and connecting power to my trailer's normal run lights.

The bad news: this camera super-imposes a giant three color, three bar overlay on the image! Yes, its intentionally there for range estimation when used as a backup camera, but obnoxious as a forward-moving rearview (other than guaging tailgaters perhaps?). This overlay is not mentioned or shown in the listing that I saw! I would have gotten a different camera if I knew.

Update: I picked up what externally looks like an exact twin of this camera made by Pyle, and it doesn't have the overlay. Beware of vendors switching these, depending if you want the overlay or not...
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on July 8, 2011
This Camera is a great bang for your buck if you have a DVD Headunit that has Backview capabilities. It was simple to install if you have any experience installing things into cars. IE: Radio, Lights, or remote start/keyless entry. The camera even produces a little measurement image overlayed on the Display so you can judge how far from the Objects/cars behind you.
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on April 3, 2012
Just received and installed today (4/3/12) I was not sure about the quality but after installing I am glad that I bought it! For the most part it works great and I am glad that the RCA line includes an ACC* line that I am able to wire to my headunit. The only real problem is the color profile. It does not produce true/vivid color, my lawn shows up tan instead of the luscious green that it currently is. Other than that the only other issue was cosmetic. The mount extends very far and covered up my expiration stickers on my license plate. I went ahead and sectioned out roughly an inch from each side and bonded the rounded edges to the open cut. I will try to add a customer image so you can see.

*Quick note on the ACC line: If you run 12v source to the ACC line, you only need to ground the cameras supply line. You do not need a second hot line. I have a MyGig unit w/LockPick, this has a few power sources near the head unit so it was convenient to just run my 12v w/the video feed.

4/28/12 Update: I have driven ~1000 miles with this camera on and it is still functioning as advertised and as previously reviewed. I still have a second I will wire up as a front camera. I have tested that one and the parking lines have shown 50% of the time. I am not taking anything away from this as I secretly hope the lines do not show on the front camera view!

9/28/12 Update: Still doing a great job! I've been through plenty of wet conditions and my camera has yet to show any signs of leakage. Still not happy with the color profile but for the price I paid I do not expect an "HD" experience.

9/26/14 Update: TWO PLUS YEARS AND STILL GOING STRONG! Again, goofy color palette, but I am not expecting an HD experience with this camera. No issues with moisture. Only thing I am not happy with is that it does not "snap" into place. I often find myself adjusting the camera angle and it is unnecessary.

3/16/15 Update: Almost three years with this camera and it is still working great! Adding photos of screen view so you can see the off colors and adding a picture on the car so you can see how its holding up!
review image review image review image review image
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