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on February 8, 2014
I was just hoping for something good enough for practice and small bar shows. Unfortunately, this wireless doesn't fit those needs.

- Subpar sound quality, lacking in lows and highs
- Frequent static
- Constant hissing noise. You really notice it whenever the music stops
- Distortion. When plugged into the mixer, it there's always distortion unless I feed it volume so low I can't hear it. Try turning up the receiver, it distorts AND there's loud static
- Occasional weird high pitched UFO sounds and other random noises. Happens sometimes when you're too close to music gear, other times no apparent reason at all
- Unreliable. Sometimes I can't get sound, even though it shows good signal
- Batteries pop out if you bump it against anything. They literally eject, barely any force is required
- Included ear buds are bad, you'll need better ones
- Input is stereo, if you connect mono you only hear out of one side. Mono cables are common when working with live sound, so an adapter is needed

- Includes a few types of cables and adapters
- Takes common AA batteries
- Battery life is good
- Design and build quality are ok for this price range

Unfortunately, the word "Professional" doesn't belong anywhere in the name of the product. It's barely entry level. I have enough difficulty using it for practice, I'd never take it out to gigs because of reliability issues. I hope Koolerton improves on it, with a few tweaks it could be decent.
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on July 6, 2015
Too much hissing noise, even within 3 feet. The seller just contacted me to ask that I remove my review of this product. Not because my review is inaccurate, but because the manufacturer said the hissing is unavoidable. WOW! You sell a product that is intended to transfer audio via wireless radio signal - then you tell me that all radio signals cause your device to malfunction? Okay so it can basically only transfer properly if it stays in the box, unopened. This is not the seller's fault. The seller needs to find quality products to sell.
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on January 18, 2012
I've owned a Shure psm 400 system. There isn't much of a comparison, however, I am pleasantly surprised. The Bodypack is sturdy enough. The transmitter is a bit cheap looking, (but cmon.... this is a cheap system.) I wasn't expecting much. I purchased 2 systems for our church because I wanted to see if the frequencies interfered with each other, but they didn't so, I'll buy probably 2 more. It did take me 5 minutes to tweak the frequency to get it where i wanted it. Would not recommend for road/stadium gigging, but for small setting and a small budget, it will do fine.
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on November 22, 2013
After using many different IEM systems over the years, my Shure system finally gave up the ghost (a roadcase fell on the transmitter) and in a pinch I ordered one of these with very low expectations. Well I was pleasantly surprised last night during the gig when this cheap little wireless worked fine. Granted, the transmitter sits about 10 feet from where I am playing but I did walk around the room a bit and had no interference problems. The unit sounded good with just a bit of hiss and the amp in the receiver was pretty robust. I did not use the supplied ear buds but the unit sounded great with my Shure buds and a simple monitor mix. The build is as expected. Plastic and cheap feeling but the unit worked fine sooooo....It will be a great backup while my Shure transmitter gets repaired.

In the mix was...
My Vocal
My Acoustic Guitar
My Electric (direct output from a modeler)
A little kick and snare
backing vox
2 stage mics

Worked fine..
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on January 27, 2015
This thing is unusable. I purchased this for my wife to use in our band. I currently use a Shure PSM 200 monitor system, so i know what a quality IEM system sounds like. This thing is terrible. First of all, the plastic build as extremely cheap. I was worried the battery door was going to break off when I installed the batteries because it feels so flimsy. Secondly, the sound quality is absolutely awful. You have to use a frequency tuning knob on the body pack itself to even get audio to transmit to the earphones. When you are finally able to get sound, it often is not balanced in both ears. I saw other folks indicate that the background hum is manageable. I completely disagree. Sure you won't here it so much when the band is playing, but that's because the overall sound quality of the monitor is terrible. It sounds like a poorly dialed in FM radio station no matter how close you get to obtaining the proper frequency setting. If you are playing a softer song, then you will hear an annoying buzz the entire time. I figured it was worth a shot for 60 bucks, but it is worthless and will not stand up to the minimal quality necessary for a live situation. Just don't even bother. I'm going to try the Galaxy AS-900 in its place.
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on February 3, 2014
We used these in a community theater production of "Schoolhouse Rock Live". They were very helpful, and the right price for our limited budget. The range was good in our space (approximately 100' wide x 60' deep, with the transmitter in the back of the house).

1) Excessive input signal level will knock the system off-line
2) A bit noisy

Some of the band members used them with $20 Sony over-the-ear headphones instead of the supplied earbuds, which were much more comfortable and seemed to work as well for range.

Though I cringe every time it happens, these receivers have been dropped many times. The battery door opens and the batteries fall out, but so far no permanent ill effects.

These are definitely a budget, not audiophile, solution, but work fine for non-professional use.
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on June 25, 2013
The user manual written in Mandarin was my first suspicion that this was a bad buy. I was excited to find something simple at this price, but it is, of course, too good to be true.

I used this in stage applications for a couple gigs and wasn't happy. I also have a wireless guitar transmitter/receiver set that interfered with this. As others have said, tuning the frequency knobs on each device can help, but I would still get signal drops intermittently.

The audio quality is also terrible. When I read the other reviews on here, I saw people say it was bad, but I figured it would sound like a pair of $10 headphones, which still sounds like music. This device cannot support very many frequencies at sounds like someone dropped all the highs and lows on an equalizer and then cranked the mids. It was bearable for a few minutes.

You get what you pay for here and its not worth the money at all.
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on February 7, 2014
I bought this to listen to my laptop, not for music performance, so I can't comment on actual stage applications. But I do have experience with live sound and EFP for corporate video, so I think I can comment intelligently.

The build quality is actually better than I expected. The pots for volume and frequency are smooth and stiff enough that they wont shift in use. Operation is a no-brainer (good because the manual is mostly chinese). There's an LED on the beltpack that turns green when the tuning locks on. The sound quality is okay but not great. There's a fair amount of self-noise, and the lows are rolled off (manual states 50Hz). But it doesn't sound like a telephoone or anything like that. I had no trouble with clipping or distortion with lots of different sources and types of music, so I think some of the other comments about "not enough headroom for rock'n'roll!!!!" say more about the user than the equipment - like anything, you have to get the gain structure right.

One major caveat - the included earbuds are pure trash. If I plug in my Sony 7506s, it sounds pretty good (albeit still with the rolled-off bass response). So if you're going to try these on stage, maybe budget for some Shures or other real pro earbuds.

In summary: I don't think I would want to rely on these for musical performance, but they are a great alternative to wireless headphones because you can plug any 1/8" stereo phones into the receiver, and unless you have audiophile pretensions they're good enough for music or movies at home.
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on February 27, 2014
I first must say that i did not expect much, but I got a much better product than what I thought I would. So lets break it down.
Great price. You can always add more receivers.
Great range (tested at 75ft away)
Easy to connect and set up indicator light helps a lot.
Uses AA batteries, I dislike 9v batteries.
Can be used on live events or at home to watch tv at night so that you wont disturb anyone.
Durable material receiver.
Great volume level.

Headphones are cheap, but if you use ipod headphones, sounds better. I bought sport headphones.
Transmitter looks old school.
Distortion if bass level is high.
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on May 3, 2014
The sound is on par with more expensive equipment. The weak link is the belt clip. I suggest you go to Dollar Tree and buy a neoprene cellphone holder. You can put the transmitter in a neoprene holder to make it safe and so you don't break the belt clip. Belt clip is not replaceable so take care of it. Works at a pretty good distance. I even used it at home as a wireless TV monitor system. Works with any 1/8" stereo headphone. The buds supplied are OK, but you might want to upgrade, or use on-the-ear or over-the-ear phones for better sound isolation, especially when recording.
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