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on December 2, 2012
I was looking for a small, portable mini keyboard to use on the road, or just relaxing in my recliner and laying down some tracks on my laptop when I don't feel like going into my home studio and firing up all the equipment I keep there. This board fit perfectly with my needs. With 37 keys, it has a lot more range than the typical 25 key controllers, but it's not much wider than the full-size 25 key models. I was amazed at the feel of the keys. Obviously, they're not like my Axiom keyboard, but they're pretty darned good and nicely responsive, with the included Editor. And most of all, this little keyboard will fit on your lap or right in front of your laptop without taking up much space.

This is a well-built keyboard. Nothing feels cheap about it, and everything worked exactly as it should. I like the fact that is has pitch and mod wheels, unlike some other mini boards which have buttons instead of wheels. The other great thing about this keyboard is that you can get Korg's Legacy Collection for half price as a MicroKey owner. I found this to be a fabulous deal, since it saves you more than you'll pay for the keyboard. With Legacy, you'll get access to a whole batch of Korg's truly classic synths and sounds. I've found literally hundreds of good presets that I can use in my music. It's absolutely the best deal I know of for quality vsti's.

So if you're looking for a compact little keyboard, get this and then buy the Legacy Collection. You'll be glad you did.
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on January 8, 2015
I am experiencing the exact problems as stated by some others. I was delighted with this little keyboard until about a week ago, Jan 2015 (purchased Aug 2014). Intermittent MIDI -- mostly not working -- with Windows 7. I even downloaded a little MIDI monitoring utility so I can watch the status as I play notes. It will generally play a few notes, and then I get nothing. I'm also leaning toward the idea that this is a Windows 7 compatibility issue, as so far it seems to work fine on my iPad. But I need it to work with Sibelius 7.5. I'll be on the phone with KORG in the morning. The lack of online troubleshooting advice is shocking. I guess we're a pretty small community of users, but I was really expecting (hoping) there would be a lot more computer geeks who could diagnose and fix my problems!

FIRST UPDATE 2015-01-16: I have contacted KORG. That took a while because they only do consumer stuff via email. The guy that I called was very helpful in providing contact email addresses and describing the process. After three emails (post Christmas rush), they wrote me back and gave me a return authorization number. Next step is to send it in. Stand by...
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on October 24, 2013
Please see all updates to understand how this product fell from 5 stars to 2 !

You can't tell if the mini keys will work for you until you've tried them.
If you expect piano action or you're focused on live performance then maybe this product is not for you. But if you are more focused on composing and want to record chords or melody lines into a software sequencer, this product certainly has great value.

Less space on the desktop, with more octaves and the included Korg instruments are of course amazing emulations of Korg's legendary hardware. Worked out of the box with Mac & PC. Keys have a slight spongy feel, could have seen some improvement there, but for the money overall a great deal.


After almost 6 months of use, I have to add that this keyboard has some USB issues.
It will occasionally power off for no reason and you need to unplug and reconnect several times for it switch on.
Changing the USB port it's connected to seems to help although there is no clear logic for that.

Considering the bundled software, I still think it's great value, but with the drop out in connection I would not recommend it for live stage use, only for a desktop studio when you're prepared to occasionally spend a few minutes fiddling with a USB cable.

Have had it for about a year now and while I still think the included software makes this a great value purchase, I have noted some problems using it on a mac:

- device sometimes shuts down even when it's still connected to the mac via USB.
- sometimes works through a USB hub, but other times, just won't power up unless connected to a computer USB port directly.
- a few months ago I noticed my mac would not restart properly, just idling around for minutes. I tested if this was caused by any connected peripherals and sure enough, once I unplugged the Korg micro-key, the computer booted just fine. This isn't a fatal issue for me but it's a bit of a pain having to remember to unplug the Micro-key every time I start or reboot my mac.

I'm still keeping the 4 star review because while these USB issues are annoying they aren't a complete deal breaker and the usefulness of the device coupled with the great software instruments, for the price is still outstanding value. Not to mention lots and lots of fun.


Okay so I've had this keyboard for well over a year now. I've mentioned the USB problems it suffers from and that I was prepared to live with them.

HOWEVER: things have got so bad, I've decided to unplug it and stop using it. My mac mini was becoming fairly unstable, (freezing and restarting) and this began to occur more and more frequently. I investigated the issue by disconnecting peripherals and even swapping out the memory. The problem still persisted.

Finally as an after thought, I decided to try and remove the Korg Micro-key. Sure enough, the random hangups and restarts disappeared.

Because I like the keyboard, I initially tried to apply any driver or firmware updates. I found that I already had the latest drivers installed. Nonetheless, I deleted and reinstalled the drivers, but that didn't seem to help at all.

Conclusion: I've decided to stop using the keyboard all together and go back to using my old novation keyboard.

It's a shame since this is a pretty handy midi keyboard with a lot of octaves in a small footprint. But the instability was just not worth it. I'd originally given it 5 stars, then 4 and now 3 stars. I'm not giving it an even lower rating because perhaps those issues aren't present for other users. But for me, it's now parked against the wall in my studio, providing nothing more than abstract decor.


I happened to need an extra keyboard for a jamming session so after about 9 months of abandonment (because of the previously discribed problems) I decided to dust this keyboard and plug it in.

And ... nothing ... just wouldn't power up. Apparently it died in it's sleep.

I started off giving this product 5 stars, reduced it to 4 stars in spite of the USB quirks, because of the wonderful software instruments included. I then bounced it down to 3 stars because I discovered it was the reason my rock solid mac was freezing and restarting at random. Now, having it simply die out... I am tempted to give it one star, but to be fair, the virtual Korg synthesizers are still a favorite choice when I'm writing, they simply sound awesome. So with a shaky hand, I finally rest on 2 stars.
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on December 31, 2015
Purchased on August 5, 2013; died on New Year's Eve, 2015. Got a good couple of years of usage out of this keyboard, until it inexplicably died. I'm sure there would be an explanation for this - such as the USB power circuit's crapping-out, which, according to other reviews, seems to be the main flaw with the the microKEY series, and which seems to happen at any given stage of its post-purchase life. So, that's the front-loaded "caveat emptor" portion of this review. (This is my reason for only three stars out of five.)

Otherwise, I was pleased with the responsiveness of the keys and the body's having been constructed sturdily enough to sit still on a desk while playing. The keys are a bit springy, but not nearly as much as those of other keyboards in its price class. The keys are sensitive enough to register dynamics, though a "real" keyboardist might find them risibly insufficient. I used this keyboard mainly for playing synth lines and bass guitar samples, and for "entering" notes which I would tweak in the DAW. The pitch and modulation wheels yielded reliable results.

Buy this (bearing in mind the prospect of sudden, unexpected failure) if you are a home-recording non-keyboardist or a keyboardist who wants a compact synth-duty MIDI controller for performance or portability. Do not buy this if your fingers really need full-sized keys (as mine really do), you need keys which provide full dynamic sensitivity, and/or you need to use a sustain pedal (for which there is no input on the microKEY).
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on January 23, 2016
The Korg MicroKey 37 keyboard - -

This became one of my very favorite keyboards, and I would NEVER give up this keyboard! (The Yamaha Tyros 4 is my all-time favorite, then the Arturia Keylab - I have two Keylab keyboards.)

When I first got this keyboard, I was a bit disappointed because as you played the keys and they hit the "bottom stop" the stop was a bit "soft" and I was used to a "hard" stop. But that feeling soon turned completely around as my fingers became used to the keyboard. I don't know if I learned to like the feel, or if perhaps the keyboard just needed a bit of "breaking in" - but now I like the feel of it!

I bought two of these Korg Microkeys 37, one for home and one for work - - sometimes I use ten minutes of my lunch break to play. This is the perfect keyboard for my cubicle - I like both the size and the feel!

Now I see there is a 61-key version - I have just ordered it 5 minutes ago. If it feels the same as the 37 key version, well, I will be very pleased indeed! If I like the 61-key model, then I will order a second one for my cubicle.

In short - great keyboard, and good job Korg!

Negatives - only one - the 37 key model has a USB hub, so that you can plug other USB devices into this keyboard - I am not sure, but I think that this hub made it draw so much power that I couldn't use it on my IPAD. I wish it did not have the USB hub. Evidently, this hub causes it to draw so much power that it can't be used on an IPAD / IPHONE. Because of this, I had to get an IRIG Compact Midi keyboard, and the feel of the IRIG is quite disappointing compared to the feel of the Korg Micro keyboard - very disappointing, in fact.

To sum up - I love this keyboard, and for the size and feel, I don't know of anything that can top it!

When I get the 61-key version, will I toss this one out our sell it? No way! This keyboard has a special place in my heart. I have enough keyboards that I could toss this one, but I wouldn't do that because I just like it so much. I will always keep it!
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on December 22, 2014
Difficulty avoiding input delay, using sonar x3 producer and others. Maybe these should have faster usb interfaces. It seems instrument manufacturers tend to pass off these types of issues blaming them on "audio interface" and drivers. Audio interface is just a fancy way to say sound card, whether internal or external, and I can say that i have personally tried 4 different interfaces, 3 internal and 1 external, installed the updated drivers from the website, and have a beast of a daw with no latency issues (top notch 8 core cpu, 32 GB 2400MHZ ram, 500GB ssd).

The keyboard is a nice size and decent build quality. Keys don't feel as natural as you would expect from Korg though, but what can I say, its a small / lower price unit. The fact that you have to hack the wheels to do a pedal, and there is no other interface for a pedal seems just ridiculous. Even if we have to buy a pedal separate, make an interface for it, or suggest one that will work well together.

Comes with a decent software package.
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on August 14, 2015
The keys feel great and the response is satisfying. You really feel like you're playing this thing, not just tapping a bunch of keys on a cheap piece of plastic. The velocity sensitivity is also great, although you may have to use the Korg Kontrol Editor to change the velocity curve to your liking. The default setting requires you to hit the keys fairly hard to get full velocity, which does allow for some very intricate playing styles, but may not be what you want for every application of this device. The pitch and mod wheels work as expected, not much to say there - the spring in the pitch wheel seems fine to me. The lighted octave buttons are a nice touch, and are quick enough that you can change octaves on the fly without missing a beat. The real value of this keyboard comes not only from the general build quality, but also the bundled software and VST licenses. You basically get a full stock M1 softsynth with your purchase (although the version that comes with the microKEY is more limited and doesn't allow for expansion), as well as licenses for other VSTs and even a copy of Reason Limited (basically the older equivalent of Reason Essentials) - not bad for an $84.99 keyboard. No complaints here.
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on July 15, 2014
I was looking for a keyboard that I could use for note-input into Sibelius that was portable enough to be taken on trips across the country. This keyboard fits the bill perfectly. It is light, well-constructed, and looks appealing. There are plenty of keys for composition purposes, although you will have to use the octave keys quite a bit when writing keyboard parts. The feel of the keys is smooth yet firm, and not sticky like the M-Audio keystations tend to get. It's a high-quality product and it does exactly what I want it to. I still prefer to play on a full-sized keyboard when I'm at my office but this may become my primary keyboard just because it is so convenient.

I don't have any complaints because I knew what I was getting this for but in case you didn't know: the keys are mini-sized. So I wouldn't recommend this for performing piano.
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on October 13, 2014
I have to give this product only 2 stars because of Korg's very customer-unfriendly licensing of their M1 LE software and that so far the product just doesn't seem to work all that well with SONAR (my DAW of choice) or even CuBase. I used this product last year and for some reason didn't register it. Then we moved and I've misplaced the CD which apparently has the Authorization Code you need to register. Now the software won't work and I can't even get support on the product! Sucks.
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on February 7, 2014
I love this micro keyboard. I wanted something smaller and portable to use with macbook pro and Logic ProX software and this little one does the job great. Its not so portable as others available, but the 37 keys made me decide on this one. Twenty-five keys in my opinion limits you in some cases, but individual styles are different so I can't trash the smaller keyboards. The keys are "micro size", it gets sometime to get use to them. I advice you trying one of these at a local retail music store since I know some pro keyboardists can't stand getting used to little keys. Korg is a great brand and I am very familiar with it. I am sure it will last sometime as the other Korg keyboards I own.
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