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on June 3, 2016
I purchased this microphone/headphone because I needed something that would work with Window's voice recognition software. I had injured my hand and was unable to type for over a month, so I was going to have to dictate to my computer for a while. It was not something I was looking forward to, since in the past I have found the software to be somewhat “glichy”, and more trouble than it was worth. However this time I had no choice. I first tried to use a standalone microphone, but I discovered that it was not very good at picking up my voice, and created lots of neck and back problems since I had to keep bending down to get my mouth as close to the microphone as possible. Therefore I thought perhaps a headphone microphone would work better, and also give me more freedom of movement. I researched many different headphone-microphones, many of which had bad reviews for being flimsy in construction as well as bad electronics. However I tried this unit, and I must say I was quite pleased. Yes it is not extremely solid in construction, yet is quite light on the head which is important if you’re gonna keep it on most of the day. The headphones are indeed stereo, and I have learned to enjoy the intimacy of music and other computer audio. Most important however is that the microphone is quite sensitive, and I realized that the speech recognition software is not as bad as I thought, it was just the quality of the microphone I was using before was not picking up my voice correctly. However this microphone, which is easily adjustable, does a great job of picking up the voice, and I find a 90% reduction in mistaken text from my dictation. In fact, this review is being "dictated" using this unit! For the price this is really a great unit. Of course if one is looking for sound with a booming bass, then I suggest buying specific headphones for that purpose. This is fine for me however and the reason for the purchase really has to do with the voice recognition, which it does perfectly. Its software downloads to your computer easily with the USB port (and a very generous cable length),and the interface between the headphones, the computer, and either Window's built-in speech recognition software, or any other software you may purchase is carefree. It is truly “plugged and go”! No need to look any further for these needs than this Koss Headset-Microphone..
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on November 19, 2016
I highly recommend these for Rosetta Stone software. We had purchased a more expensive headset with mic for our daughter to use with her Spanish Rosetta Stone homework. She was very frustrated, needed to correctly repeat words and phrases several to a dozen times before the software accepted it. Her lessons took much longer as a result and she dreaded them. Then I learned about headsets w/ mic made especially for voice recognition software, decided to give these a try and am so glad I did! Rosetta Stone is now working at least twice as easily for my daughter, she progresses through lessons 15-20 minutes faster and no longer dreads using the software. If you use Dragon or Rosetta Stone, I highly recommend giving these a try!
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on September 6, 2015
I bought this for Dragon Dictate 4 for mac. I bought much more expensive headsets with mic at BestBuy, and although they assured me that the more expensive ones would work - they didn't work at all. The Koss -- much cheaper -- worked right out of the box. I had some music playing on my computer when i first plugged the Koss headphones into the computer. I wasn't thinking about the music when I put them on my head -- and my first response was -- whoa -- that music is really loud and clear. Although I didn't buy them for sound -- I was impressed.

When I adapted the mic to the speech recognition application -- it made a significant improvement. However, I was having a lot of issues with Dragon 4 for mac, so even though there was a noticeable improvement - it was hard to tell how good it really was. I recently upgraded to Dragon Dictate 5 for mac -- which is a significant jump upwards -- from version 4 (the speech recognition still has some issue -- but much better / significantly less frustrating. I tried Dragon 5 without the Koss and with the Koss -- and the Koss mic clearly made a difference.
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on February 6, 2017
The headset's intrinsic microphone gain is very low, so I had to increase the gain by 20 dB in Window's settings for the microphone (and these settings are hard to find in Windows 7). If you have a Realtek audio chip, you can also increase the gain using Realtek's Sound Manager software.

So, after increasing the gain by 20 dB and enabling noise suppression in Realtek's Sound Manager, the headset works very well.
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on February 29, 2016
I got this for dictating to a MacBook Air laptop. My assumption was that the USB plug, being digital, would perform better than the competing product, a similar headphone with a 1/8" RCA headphone jack, which is analog. I tried both and was surprised to discover that the analog input produced significantly better voice recognition accuracy than the USB did.

Voice recognition is iffy at best so using USB rather than analog is the difference between it being easier and faster than typing and not.

Which means that this USB headset is worse than worthless. It not only produces no benefit itself, it prevents the use of a potentially liberating software-hardware combination.
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on January 25, 2017
I was excited to receive my microphone headset as I have carpal tunnel in both hands and need help with typing. Or use the headphones just a couple times and the earpieces came out and won't go back in. They pop back in but come out after. Waste of money. Is ofcourse made in China. I will be returning it.
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on March 23, 2015
Purchased a new computer last July. This new system is a whole lot more powerful than my last system, so I went down the road of VOIP through Google Hangouts on this computer to make local and long distance telephone calls. Holding a cell phone or using a bluetooth ear piece can be challenging and my arm gets sore holding the phone for any length of time.

Read a whole lot of reviews for headsets, particularly USB headsets. Came across this headset. I've always had good luck with Koss products, My first was back in the early 70's with the Koss Pro4-AA headphones. Used them for years before something happened that caused me to discard them in the trash. Dumb me. I could have sent them in to be rebuilt and returned in perfect working order. Oh well, live and learn.

Anyway, I came across this combo 2 ear speaker headset. Peaked my interest and the favorable reviews made my decision. After 9 months of constant use, here is what I have learned:

* Lightweight head set that has two ear sound (I'm half deaf)
* Foam pad for ear protection while resting on your ears
* The ear pad's have some swivel to them for comfort
* The headset hugs your head, but not too tightly
* I wear glasses and I don't have problems with the ear pads digging into my glasses with excessive force
* 2 hour conference calls and my ears remain comfortable
* Adjustable boom mic with noise cancellation capability really helps
* The USB cable is more than long enough - at times too long
* The boom mic swivels up over your head if you want to listen to music
* Lifetime warranty - like better Koss headphones
* The headband adjustment from head to ear height is nice to fit any shaped head

What I don't like:
* I have to keep readjusting the top of the headset over time
* The top band is narrow (3/4"), the head band on top should be wider

On conference calls with multiple people, you can hear everyone clearly. On a single call to a Land line, you hear absolutely nothing (like hiss, pops or clicks). You and your callers feel they are standing right next you talking to each other.

I have not installed my old version of Dragon Dictate, so I cannot comment about Voice Recognition.

I can comment about Google Voice Search in Chrome and the accuracy is spot on. What I request via voice search come up every time.

For the price and the quality, you cannot beat this headset.
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on June 8, 2017
I purchased this to be used with the Dragon transcription program. Unfortunately, when I try to use it for the first time today not only could the program not recognize my voice because it couldn't "hear" me despite repeated adjustments to both the position of the microphone, the tone of my voice, and the volume of my voice. During one of my attempts to reposition the microphone, the arm of the microphone broke. I am unfortunately outside of my return period per Amazon policy. In order to obtain records through cost lifetime warranty, I would have to send it back to them with a check for $9.00 which is not worth it given the fact that I only paid a small amount for the microphone in the first place.
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on February 8, 2016
I ordered this headset to use with my Dragon Naturally Speaking speech recognition program. I also use it with another speech recognition program that I use online.

I've been using it for a good while now off and on. This headset makes it easy for me to complete my writing projects quickly because I can dictate the information verbally instead of typing it.

PROS: You can dictate many writing projects. For example,you can dictate your post for your blogs and websites, for your social media sites, and you can dictate articles if you are so inclined.

The headset is lightweight but sturdy, and it is easy to use. It is adjustable so it will fit any size head from large to small.

The microphone is adjustable. It bends inward or outward so you can easily get it in just the right position from your mouth.

The sound quality is good. I only use it for dictating my writing and for listening to music. I find the sound quality to be perfect for me, although I am NOT a professional of any kind.

My daughter, a communications specialist on her job, has used my headset. She routinely records videos for presentations as part of her job. She reports that the sound quality is very good. She was impressed that I had such a nice set of headphones.

The extra long cord is a plus, in my opinion. The long cord makes it easy to move about the room as you dictate your work. You are not locked into one position where you have to sit still and stay put.

CONS: The earpieces do not cover your ears completely, so they are not as "noise-blocking" as my daughter finds necessary while recording videos.

Also, the two plugs are confusing for those like me who are not tech-savvy. The plugs are called Dual mini-jacks. One of them is for sound and the other one is for the microphone. It took quite a bit of experimenting on my part to find out which plug goes where.

In my opinion, this headset is worth the price. It is a good buy for the money if you are not looking for professional studio quality equipment.

Personally, I recommend this headphone set because it is sturdy, it is adjustable, it delivers good sound, and it is great for writing using speech recognition programs.
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This Koss "CS100 Speech Recognition Computer Headset" works exactly as I had hoped for use with Dragon NaturallySpeaking Home 12.0, English. The headphones that come with the Dragon software is OK, but not really comfortable for long periods of time so I decided to try these out instead.

While they feel sort of "plasticy" and are not great physical quality, they are good enough for daily dictation use in dragon and for the occasional Skype call. The earphones cover the ears well and sound decent, but they do not block out much of the ambient noise (which might be a negative or a positive thing, based on your needs). It would have been better for me if the microphone physically had a greater range of motion, but it is fairly sensitive and works well.

These work well for my needs and play nice with the voice recognition software, making them a good overall value.


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