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on October 26, 2015
Thousands of reviews already posted, so I'm sure it's all been stated. I've owned them for about a year now. I listen to all kinds of music with them on my smartphone and laptop. My pros, cons, and conclusion below:

Pros +
+ great overall sound quality, probably unbeatable at this or even double this price
+ potent but not overbearing bass; fairly neutral mids and highs; no listening fatigue
+ comfortable and secure fit (I have a big head); they stay put moving around, jogging, working out
+ continuously adjustable headband (no notches) helps achieve ideal fit
+ on-the-ear design with soft pads so ears don't get warm/hot
+ foldable for portability
+ open back design makes it sound more like listening to speakers in a room instead of music just focused inside your head
+ open back design lets outside sounds in so you're aware of surroundings (great for jogging)
+ lifetime warranty (haven't used yet; if you're careful, these shouldn't break)

Cons -
- bass doesn't extend super low; not much bass output below about 50 Hz
- for electronic and rap/hip-hop music, lack of very low bass is an issue with SOME songs. MOST songs sound fine.
- open back design will leak what you're listening to into the nearby environment
- headband may occasionally pull a hair; adjust the band BEFORE placing on head and do not adjust while on head to prevent this
- occasionally a small hair may get stuck inside the driver causing a slight rattling noise; gently remove earpad and blow out the hair to fix
- earcups pivot slightly for comfort, but mine developed a creeky noise when pivoting in the left earcup; sometimes audible during listening

These are by far the best sounding headphones I've heard anywhere near their price range. I honestly think you'd have to spend at least 2-3 times as much to get better sound. They are also the most comfortable headphones I've ever worn: very adjustable, ears don't get hot, stay firmly put with just the right amount of pressure. It's easy to see why they've been around for about 30 years and their design hasn't been significantly changed. "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" applies here. Very highly recommended. Please let me know if you found this review helpful by voting on it. Thanks!
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on January 8, 2017
I love PortaPros but the past 2 pairs I have ordered from Amazon do not match the quality of previous pairs I have owned.

The latest pairs appear to be manufactured differently; they have issues with sliding the plastic tabs over the metal strap, popping and muddled sound, and a plastic cover where the screw was on the left can. I had assumed initially that this was a change in the manufacturing process, that is until I received a pair of the special edition Koss PortaPros that were recently release, which were identical to my previous pairs in every way except the color-way. So either the generic colors are being manufactured differently or the headphones I have received are not authentic.

I will say these headphones are usable, though having owned multiple pairs the pairs I have received do not live up to my expectations. My review for the previous pairs of headphones would be 5 stars, unfortunately the latest pairs I have received do not deserve the same rating.

I have attached photos comparing the build quality of a previous pair I own to that of what I received from Amazon. You'll notices differences in the molds used to cast parts of the headphones. These capture some of the issues but its hard to explain the feeling of what appear to be tight manufacturing tolerances and warped plastic.
review imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview image
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on November 19, 2016
I'm giving these headphones a five with their low price definitely being a factor in that decision. I'm sure everyone understands that scoring a thing is a relative sort of prospect. These are by no means the best kind of headphones you can buy, but they offer the very best sound you could ever expect from hardware that is under $30.

Really, it's kind of staggering how great these sound for this price. I'm no expert on the tech side of things regarding audio, but I can tell you the sound is crisp, the bass is low and impactful, and the highs are pleasingly lacking in screech and tinny-ness (that's how I'm going to word that; sorry... haha).

Koss doesn't have the best reputation in the world as far as consistent quality, but this model is one of their high points. Here's a breakdown to get right to the point:

--They just sound good. My eyes kind of went wide when I kicked these on through my iPhone (first tried out "We The People" from A Tribe Called Quest because of that great beat right off the bat and was not disappointed, obviously). As I said above: good highs, good lows.
--They are very comfortable. They have a "Comfort Zone" switch from low to high, the pads (which swivel!) are nicely -- well -- padded, and there's another buffer of foam that sits just above your ears to take some of the pressure off your ears as well.
--They are VERY light. Since they are simply headphones attached with a thin metal strip, they seem to weigh nothing at all, a huge bonus for long-term users.
--If you take them off to adjust them, they will probably not pull your hair, which is a common complaint I've seen in these reviews. Do not adjust them while on your head, and you'll likely be fine. I've never had a single hair-pull.
--They accommodate a very large head at maximum adjustment. My head is large enough to have it's own gravitational pull (Thanks, Mike Myers!), and these fit PERFECTLY.
--The cord is not very long, and for my tastes -- especially given these are being sold as PORTAble -- that's VERY appealing. There's nothing worse than doing dishes or cooking and getting your headphone cord stuck around a drawer knob, thus ripping the phones off your head and sending you into a rage that ends nations. The shorter cord mitigates that global tragedy.
--I think they look cool!

--Yes, just one con for me so far: they make my ears hot. However, this is more of a personal problem; most people I know do not have this problem, but if I put ANYTHING on my ears, they are red-hot within minutes. So, ignore this con if you're a normal human being and not approaching the surface temperature of the sun every few hours. If the pads can be traded out for nice leather ones or something, I am not aware of that although I have looked on Koss's website where the pads can be bought.

In short: If you need a spare pair of 'phones or even a single pair for most situations (probably not great for exercise, however; dunno), you really can't go wrong with these. Thumbs up from this fella!
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on September 22, 2017

I first read about these headphones while searching for an inexpensive pair I could keep at the office without being too terribly worried if they 'went for a walk'. The 80s look has a lot of charm, especially up close, and while it can make them look like they're some really cheap throw-away headphones from decades past, they are anything but!

The quality of sound is fantastic. Sure, you're not going to get the ultra-mega-pure-quality you might get from a pair of $400 Senns, but they are absolutely lightyears ahead of anything else I've tried at this price point (fifty bux at the time I purchased them). Exceptionally lightweight, fully adjustable; they have a quality feel to them, and it's great to be able to fold them up, pop them into the included soft case, and toss them into a laptop bag without worrying about them getting busted up or otherwise damaged.

So far I haven't needed to worry about replacement earpads, but they seem to be plentiful here on Amazon in the event you wind up needing any (and for cheap!), which also puts them well ahead of other inexpensive headphones I've had in the past.

The cable is pretty much the perfect length as well; enough slack to connect to a phone or music player without having to worry about the excess getting tangled up or caught on things.

I've been using these with the also excellent and inexpensive Fiio K1 USB amp/DAC, which has made them just that much better - no matter what computer (or phone, with the right USB connector) I plug them into, I get a predictable and high quality music experience.

Overall, I've been incredibly pleased with this purchase; I love the look and feel, and the sound they put out is probably as good as you can possibly hope for at this price point.
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on November 1, 2017
As a long time lover of the Koss KTXPRO1 (which I STILL do love, use and recommend) I wanted to try these. The KTXPRO1 has been around for decades and I've used them even way back when they were sold by Radio Shack. These Porta Pros I never tried though since I was such an avid fan of the KTXPRO1. The Porta Pro as been said to be KOSS' most popular headphone even more so than the KTXPRO1 that I love still to this day.

So I got a pair of these and as I thought... wow they are great too as well. It has that same very warm, broad, spread sound that the KTXPRO1 has, balanced non tinny sounding highs, deep bass, with a very thick and rich mid range. There's no weakness when it comes to the sound quality from Koss. I feel I might be able to even wear these even longer than the KTXPRO1 which were also very comfortable too as well.

To the critics,
-These are not Bluetooth headphones
-These are not noise cancelling headphones
-These are not closed back headphones, they are open back
-These are not around the ear headphones, they are on the ear headphones
-These don't have memory foam or leather ear cups, they are standard foam
-These don't have a remote and mic

KOSS makes excellent SOUNDING headphones that rival the big wigs in the game. Yes... maybe the durability and/or design suffers a bit sometimes. Maybe their look or staying true to the 80s/90s look may not be fore some... true indeed. However, with the price KOSS charges and the limited lifetime warranty they include... these headphones are a steal and as much of a steal as the KTXPRO1. The sound quality rivals headphones that costs 5 to 10 times as much. I suggest you get a pair and try them for yourself. Also put them up against Beats, Skullcandy, Harmon Kardon, Sony, etc whoever else you want when it comes to a PURE SOUND QUALITY COMPARISON and I'm telling you the price and sound quality compared to those other companies can't compare. This is value.
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on January 16, 2017
Have been using these for YEARS. Really. Best sound of any headset, and it doesn't give you that claustrophobic feeling other closed headphones do. I can still hear the outside world if I want to, and there's none of that pressure build up.

I listen to all kinds of music, all day long; every thing from classical to electronica to R&B to reggaeton to Hip-Hop to Middle Eastern and Bollywood. It all sounds great on these (I use my iPod). No other headset I've used makes everything sound this good.

They fold up, so I have a little pouch I carry with me so they don't get tangled with everything else in my purse. The pouch that it comes with is too small (always has been; not sure why that is...)

They look a little funny to everyone else who's only using ear buds, but personally, I hate ear buds. They're bad for your hearing and always make me feel like I'm on a plane making it's final descent into LaGuardia or something.

Highly recommend.
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on October 26, 2016
These headphones are super lightweight and comfortable, easily the most comfortable pair I've ever owned. The sound is way better than you'd expect for $30, too. The highs can be a little bit muffled sounding, but not enough to really take away from the overall experience. The bass is impressive for this style and price point. The sound isn't going to compare to a pair of studio headphones costing several hundred dollars, but I've owned plenty of other under-$50 headphones, and these blow them all out of the water. The sound leakage isn't as bad as I expected, either; as long as you aren't seated immediately next to the person using them and they aren't blasting the sound, you really won't hear much of anything.
So far, I've really enjoyed them for listening to music and watching videos, but they're only so-so for gaming. (Obviously these are not intended to be gaming headphones, but I often plug them into my TV when I game later at night so I'm not bothering my housemates.) However, even though these are by no means gaming headphones, I still wind up using them over any of my other headphones simply due to the comfort. I'm very prone to headaches and migraines, and I can wear these for hours at a time without the smallest bit of discomfort.
The trade-off for the lightweight design seems to be durability. The shape they fold into for travel seems to offer some protection to the ear pieces, but even so, I would treat these fairly delicately. They shouldn't fall apart with normal usage, but I also wouldn't go throwing them into a backpack and forgetting about them, either. If you're typically gentle with your headphones, though, I would definitely recommend these. If I get a few years out of them, I'll be very satisfied.
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on April 9, 2018
My old Koss Porta Pros finally got beat to death about a year ago, so I have been using some larger, heavier, considerably more expensive headphones in the mean time. I finally decided to see if the good ol' Porta Pro was still available, and it was! I immediately ordered a pair. They came quickly and they were still the cheap looking, ungainly, headset they were years ago. Put them on and smiled.

I had forgotten just how comfortable they were when adjusted properly to rest on the head above the ears instead of trying to flatten one's ears.

Then I hooked 'em up and realized that these odd little headphones STILL sounded better than anything else anywhere near their price. Nice honest, accurate sound. Very refreshing.

Likely the best kept secret in headphones is how good the sound and how comfortably they fit.
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on June 21, 2017
The key word to associate with these headphones is EQUALIZER.

Out of the box they're too bassy and the treble is muted. Boost the treble at 1kHz and over and lower the​ bass at around 200Hz and they sound good.

I almost sent these back thinking they were just junk until I decided that all the positive reviews couldn't be so far off, and I worked to tweak the sound (certain websites giving info on their frequency response helped also.) After that, I'd say good headphones for the price.

[Edit] I have attached a screenshot of the equalizer settings I use on the Pi Music Player as a reference.
review image
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on December 21, 2015
I've been using these since the late 1980s. I've got about 4 of them now. Koss recently replaced two pairs that were about 6-10 years old. I may have paid a little for shipping. One was still working but the ear-pads were decayed off and the speakers would easily fall off all the time (though they could also be easily popped back on). One trick for the ear-pads is to knit little ear pads that can be pulled over the speaker, and tied off. My wife did this for me :-). Got a few more years of mileage that way!
One day I walked into a high-end audio shop in San Francisco, to see if some Grado and other headphones were worth buying a pair, just to have a "reference" grade headphone. I do like very good sound. But I have zero tolerance for audiophile BS! As an electronics engineer, they just can't get me to buy overpriced gear. Not surprizingly, I often wind up walking out of that store with their cheapest equipment--which like my NAD C325BEE amp, and Dali speakers, were very reasonably priced, yet are nearly as good as it gets for sound.
Well, to make a long story not get longer, there was nothing about those $300-$600 phones to make me want to buy any of them. The Koss PortaPros are 90-95% as good, for about 10x to 20x less the money. Actually, the high-end phones were also extremely weak on bass response. Probably more accurate, but then I'd need to get an eq. just to raise the bass to noticeable levels.
Though, I'm planning a trick that will cost only $20 or so that might get these Koss to sound more like 95-99% as good as much more $$$ phones: I'm going to build a very low impedance phones output for my NAD amp. That might fix the bit of sloppyness of the PortPro bass.
But remember, compared to most phones, at least the PortPros HAVE bass!
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