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on June 3, 2016
I purchased this microphone/headphone because I needed something that would work with Window's voice recognition software. I had injured my hand and was unable to type for over a month, so I was going to have to dictate to my computer for a while. It was not something I was looking forward to, since in the past I have found the software to be somewhat “glichy”, and more trouble than it was worth. However this time I had no choice. I first tried to use a standalone microphone, but I discovered that it was not very good at picking up my voice, and created lots of neck and back problems since I had to keep bending down to get my mouth as close to the microphone as possible. Therefore I thought perhaps a headphone microphone would work better, and also give me more freedom of movement. I researched many different headphone-microphones, many of which had bad reviews for being flimsy in construction as well as bad electronics. However I tried this unit, and I must say I was quite pleased. Yes it is not extremely solid in construction, yet is quite light on the head which is important if you’re gonna keep it on most of the day. The headphones are indeed stereo, and I have learned to enjoy the intimacy of music and other computer audio. Most important however is that the microphone is quite sensitive, and I realized that the speech recognition software is not as bad as I thought, it was just the quality of the microphone I was using before was not picking up my voice correctly. However this microphone, which is easily adjustable, does a great job of picking up the voice, and I find a 90% reduction in mistaken text from my dictation. In fact, this review is being "dictated" using this unit! For the price this is really a great unit. Of course if one is looking for sound with a booming bass, then I suggest buying specific headphones for that purpose. This is fine for me however and the reason for the purchase really has to do with the voice recognition, which it does perfectly. Its software downloads to your computer easily with the USB port (and a very generous cable length),and the interface between the headphones, the computer, and either Window's built-in speech recognition software, or any other software you may purchase is carefree. It is truly “plugged and go”! No need to look any further for these needs than this Koss Headset-Microphone..
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on November 19, 2016
I highly recommend these for Rosetta Stone software. We had purchased a more expensive headset with mic for our daughter to use with her Spanish Rosetta Stone homework. She was very frustrated, needed to correctly repeat words and phrases several to a dozen times before the software accepted it. Her lessons took much longer as a result and she dreaded them. Then I learned about headsets w/ mic made especially for voice recognition software, decided to give these a try and am so glad I did! Rosetta Stone is now working at least twice as easily for my daughter, she progresses through lessons 15-20 minutes faster and no longer dreads using the software. If you use Dragon or Rosetta Stone, I highly recommend giving these a try!
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on August 31, 2016
I bought this for my macbookspro for a Protools audio editing class at the request of the teacher. However, it requires more power than the mac allows in the battery powercycle even when plugged into 110 and with no power savings option checked on battery. The results are the macbookspro will briefly cycle working properly for a second or two before a power down usb flag comes up even when this headset is on a 7.5 volt powered usb hub. Pro OS X will not reconnect this usb headset without rebooting the Mac which again results in identical power down usb flag results. This headset does work perfectly with my upgrade Windows 10 msi laptop on Skype.
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on September 1, 2014
These headphones are pretty good. It seems to be of good quality and is very comfortable for hours of listening. I've been using this headphone for about a month now to take an online course and it's been performing fine. The first one I received was defective, however, where there was no sound coming from the right headphone. I thought it was my laptop not outputting sound but after trying it on another laptop and a Mac, I was able to conclude that it was not the software, but rather it was the hardware itself. I requested an exchange and Amazon promptly send a new pair even before I sent back the old one. So far, all is good and I'm using the headset almost daily. The cord on the headphone is very long which, for my use, is actually very nice to have. I've used it to test the built-in voice recognition feature that comes with Microsoft Windows 7 and it works well there. Therefore, the microphone is quite sufficient for my use. Other than for online courses, I use these headphones to listen to MP3, FLV, etc and they sound pretty good. The music has enough bass and richness (i.e not flat), but I'm no audiophile. Overall, I like the long cord and the quality of the headset and microphone so I would definitely recommend it. I would give this product a solid 4.5/5.0. - 09/01/2014
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on April 27, 2017
I love this! The reason I bought this was the USB , the sound is good the mic works great, I can now have long talks with my loved ones while still being in my hospital bed and i am thankful for this product, this was not bought just for fun this was bought for my health, I now use it to talk with anyone I have to or need to whenever I like and it is very clear. 5 stars all day long
I also use the dragon software and it works great with that as well as Cortona and any other speech to type you use
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on August 24, 2015
The microphone is very, very sensitive, even at reduced input levels. I had to add a foam wind block to reduce ambient noise interference.

The cord is plenty long for almost any computer configuration, but the microphone arm has poor vertical and horizontal adjustability. (I prefer the microphone below my lip, but it's not possible with this unit)

The arch height is adjustable, but earphone width is not. The wider the head, the more pressure on your ear cartilage. It gets uncomfortable after five to six hours of use.
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on March 24, 2016
Love them I bought both of mine used.

I have experienced some frustration with one windows machine where I had to spend an hour to find the setting to manually
switch between this and and my speakers. On my laptop it is automatic.

The 8 foot cord is also nice.

BTW I use these for Dargon Dictate and also to listen to things when everyone else is in bed.
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on March 19, 2016
Koss Communications USB Headset with Microphone (CS100-USB)

I bought some logitech headphones and I liked them. The problem was that USB plugs on Logitech don't work for long. Constant giggling, etc. So I decided to go up a notch to Koss, a trusted brand name. They worked for a while. Now the same problem. No, I haven't stepped on the plug. First the right side went out, and now the left is shaky. I am very disappointed. I want a REAL PLUG, not a USB. It's flimsy and it stinks! Could be worse, I could have paid more. But if they don't work, I've PAID TOO MUCH. I expect more than a 3 month lifespan. I see headphones for sale on AMZN that don't even show (or say) what kind of plug it is. This is obviously clear, and it doesn't work! What a disappointment. IS Koss better than than most? Really?
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on August 9, 2017
These work perfectly by enhancing my hearing and helping with the clarity of sound by at least 40-80 percent for working on my computer. I highly recommend these if your a person who is working on a computer or needs to listen to audio on electronics.
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on August 24, 2014
Great headset with microphone boom. I wear glasses and find if I don't angle or adjust the headset my ears can get a little sore after a while. I wanted something light and simple to use and this fits the bill. It has 3.5mm stereo plugs to plug into your MP3 player or walkman or your computer. The usual colour scheme on a computer is blue - line in, green - line out, and pink for mic in. Koss decided to stick with black and grey. Black for earphones and grey for mic.

I tried other microphones including the Sony ECMCS3 which was great but could not get it to work with stereo mix mode (might have been a faulty mic from Sony), a Logitech G230 which the speakers were fantastic but again the boom on that was short so my voice didn't pick up well on the stereo mix. These two mics work great on mic in or direct record but not for stereo mix on my computer.

Finally I took a chance on this Koss headset and voila my voice level on the stereo mix recordings is good. Headset is a little tight but some people might like that. What is best for me is the adjustment of the boom mic. The boom mic is long enough to place it close to your mouth if one needs that ability. It is also sensitive enough to pick up your breathing.

The boom was important to me and Koss delivered on this one. The mic sensitivity is right up there with the Sony clip style mic I've mentioned in my review here (-36 dB +/- 3 dB, V/Pa). Did I say this headset is light. It is compared to the Logitech one but to be fair the Logitech is for gaming and the speaker quality was amazing.

I have not tried it for speech recognition yet but may give it a try. The cable length on this is great too. I can hook this up to the front of my computer, sit back and participate on the Webinars and chats with ease.

I might still try to find an over the ear headset with a long boom mic and compare the two.

When you shop for headsets with microphones or just microphones you want to pay attention to the sensitivity of the microphone as this will play an important part is how well the unit performs.
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