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on July 30, 2010
I bought two of these sets over a year ago and they are still performing like a champ today. They have definitely performed beyond my expectations and trust me, I have put a good amount of use into them. For $10-15, you can't go wrong. Great sound, great mic, and durable build construction.
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on September 25, 2015
I'm a Mac user and really have not had any problems with the mic or the ear piece at all. Once you adjust BOTH the Output Audio Settings Tab and the Input Audio Settings Tab you are good to go. From some of the complaints, it sound like the authors might have forgotten about the Input Settings Tab. The sad thing is the Mac does so much for you automatically, when some users find that a device doesn't do what they want the moment they put the USB in, they declare the device is not Mac Compatible, when it very much is.

Also, I appreciate it for what it does NOT have, namely a volume control on the wire. Yes, models like Cyber Acoustics AC-840 Internet Communication USB Mono Headset and others by Logitech, Jambra, and Microsoft come with volume controls on the wire, but really that just creates another place to check with the audio is too low or too high. Think about it if you're watching a previously recorded webinar or TEDs presentation chances are the website you are on offers volume controls, the computer itself has volume controls, and, if you are watching it through a dedicated application, as opposed to a browser, that too might have volume controls. One less place to check is a good thing.

Finally, let's face it, workplaces and offices in general are interesting contradictions. You want to be be able to review media and other resources online for presentations and other information, but you also need to be clued in on what else is going on in the environment, from an sudden meeting being called to a serious emergency arising. A single ear headset like this one makes sense, for both your functionality in the office and your personal safety. Because if the zombies or anyone else attack, the sooner you hear the sooner you can get to safety.
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on July 24, 2015
Purchased this Item in early-mid June 2015 it is now late-mid July, I used this headset for web conference calls on my PC about 4 or 5 times in that period and now the microphone doesn't work at all.

Before the mic died, there was a problem with the fact that it presented itself to windows as a stereo device so any audio that would come through the right channel was lost instead of being redirected to the left (and only) speaker. I contacted Koss about this problem and the response was that "there is either something wrong with the headphone or the settings on the computer." with no offering of how to check the settings or determine if it was indeed the headphone and start an RMA or something. I wouldn't have contacted customer support if I didn't already know that something was wrong with either the headphones or the settings.

tldr: Product doesn't work, Company doesn't offer support.
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Top Contributor: Cookingon December 29, 2017
This headphone is a low cost replacement for my more expensive Dragon headphones replacement. The cord that's attached to the Dragon headphone keeps breaking and replacing the headset multiple times was getting expensive so I decided to give these low-cost headphones a chance. Surprisingly they work really well with my Dragon dictation software. The only problem that I have is that the band could be more flexible so that it would sit better on my head. For the price this definitely is an affordable headphone set for simple dictations and yes I'm glad I purchased it.
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on October 12, 2016
This headset works great on PS4. For anyone who is curious, these will not work on Xbox One. Also tested this headset on Windows 7, 10 and several Linux distributions with no problems. The cord is very long, a bit long for PC use (tied mine up for PC use) but is well suited for console play if you have the console a 5-6 feet from your chair. Be wary of having the volume up, as my friends would note on how loud I sound when talking into the Mic. Other headsets I have used did not produce the same volumes this headset did.
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on February 6, 2009
I have been using this headset for over a month with Nuance's Dragon Naturally Speaking software. It works perfectly! I am getting over a 99% accuracy rate! Before you spend "big bucks" on another headset, give this one a try. I know you will be happy with it!
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on March 1, 2016
I bought two of these, primarily based on price. I am using one to dictate this review and found it to be very responsive and of decent quality, particularly when considering the price point. Over the last three or four years I ran through 45 sets of these headsets, primarily due to pinching or cutting of the cable. It might make more sense for me to use a Bluetooth headset. However, I don't like the reliability of anything it's battery-powered when I can plug it in. So one hand you pinch your cable into, on the other hand, the dam batteries dead.

These headsets need no battery. Of course, and their cable seems to be about as good a quality as most. There is no independent volume control for the earpiece so you must set your volume using the speaker icon at the bottom left of your window screen. I was annoyed by this. However, I and my are other headsets my shirt would constantly change the volume on the knob anyway. With no volume control on the cable I can set it with the speaker icon and then it doesn't change.

I use this every day with Dragon NaturallySpeaking, and I did have to go through a microphone calibration since his output level is apparently different than the earlier headsets I've used. This only took a minute or two in the headsets work flawlessly sense.

The audio quality of the speaker is pretty good. Once again, money might buy a better headset, but nothing will keep record from being pinched except for going wireless, and I just don't want to do that.

I don't see any reason you'd be sorry for buying these, particularly since they are modestly priced. Good luck.
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on December 26, 2017
I have been trying to give this headset the benefit of the doubt for six months now and I can say beyond a shadow of a doubt that it is terrible. The volume controls are all over the place. I have to mute myself whenever I'm on a call or the flapping of a bird's wings outside the closed window will echo through the other end, but if I lower the mic, no one can hear me when I speak. Either the speaker volume will rupture an ear drum or will be so soft you'd need to be in a soundproof booth to catch anything that someone else is saying. And forget trying to hear anything on an automated menu (which I spend all day having to listen to) - everything is a garbled mess and I have to just guess options. Also, if you wear it for more than 10 minutes, it will try to squeeze your brain out of your exposed ear. I could not recommend this headset less. If I could rate it zero stars, I would.
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on December 31, 2011
This headset might sound great, but it's so uncomfortable on my head! It's narrow and has a "hard" bow to the top of it, so you can't adjust the way it curves over the top of your head. The result is that I have to open it all the way up and then kind of perch it on my head, holding the earphone against my ear. BUT, because of the shape it's bowed at, the hard plastic piece that sits on the other side of my head above my ear ends up pressing too hard and giving me a headache. Honestly, I'm mystified by the great reviews... If I had saved the packaging, I'd return this. Alas, I'm out the money.
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on September 16, 2015
Firstly, I bought 2 pairs of these, one for myself and one for my husband. Within a month, they both stopped working. My pair first. The cord is 9 feet long so it gets tangled in the crevices very easily if u are sitting in a lounge chair. My pair would work for sound but the mic went ka-put. Next, my husbands went. The USB plug was not made very durable, it got bumped and bent as a result. When it says that it is "noise cancelling", that is false. I was in a chat area that used voice and everyone could hear my television in the background, even though my tv was turned down to 5-6. If you are looking for something to use for the short-term, then yes, this is a good product. But if you plan on using it for more than a month or two, might spend a little more and get a better quality.
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