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on August 16, 2012
I really didn't consider myself any sort of collector before this series came out. I mean I appreciated the statue for what it was and the cool poses but I never really saw anything that just stood out and made me say "i want this", until I saw these style of statues!!

The Kotobukiya line are wonderful statues and blend my two favorite styles and characters together. For this review I got Supergirl and as a nifty bonus Streaky also. The statue is perfect especially with the quality. Initially I handled this like it was fine china or easily breakable but when I actually got it out of the box I definitely noticed a durable quality of it and the weight as well.

It is a great statue to have and if you have an area that you can get good lighting you will also notice the semi clear ends of her blonde hair and makes for a nice effect. You won't be dissapointed, get them while you can!!
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on May 31, 2013
I bought the black version and had it signed, mint in box by Laura Vandervoort. However, by keeping the resolve of maintaining a Mint-in-box Statue with true value to it, I bought the traditional Blue suited Super Girl. I love the sculpt and I love her expression. Shipping was fast and easy and the condition of the box was great. However, with that being said, I do have one gripe about this statue. The way she is designed, her base connects to one of her feet via a wooden peg. You need to be very careful putting this in, because if the peg breaks you will have no luck getting this to stand up. It wobbles a bit due to the design but overall I would buy this again in a heart beat. This is a great compliment to my Jim Lee Superman statue and I love the sculpt.
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on December 1, 2015
I recently started purchasing all the Supergirl merchandise due to her return to TV when I stopped in 1985 with the comic book collections from 1960's through the 1980's including the movie. So far, the majority of the Supergirl figurines have been a great addition
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on December 5, 2012
Yay Supergirl! I've always found her (and all the teenage side kicks, really) much more entertaining than her male counterpart. Supergirl is allowed to make mistakes and be a normal person. Well, at least as normal as someone with all her powers can be. I can relate to her much more than I ever could to Superman, who was always so straight and never seemed to have 'serious' problems (because, you know, the world being in danger of destruction/enslavement is totally not serious). I don't mean to say I don't like Superman or all the adult heroes. I just like Supergirl and the younger heroes more. They're allowed to change.

Is this Kara? We're going to just say that, yes, this is Kara, to save time, because Supergirl's origin story is crazy (thank you Escapist and MovieBob for trying to make sense of it). Anyway, this is Supergirl as done by Kotobukiya. Those of you familiar with Kotobukiya, especially their Bishoujo (literally 'pretty girl') line, know to expect two things: amazing craftsmanship and'attention to detail in certain areas'. And Kotobukiya makes no exceptions here. In fact, you might say they upped the bar slightly in one of those two categories. I'll explain.

The detail on Supergirl is flawless, or nearly-so. Her outfit has little folds and ruffles in it, giving the illusion that she is wearing clothes and that they aren't just painted on. Her cape really does look like it's flying behind her, with the folds running through it. Her hair, like her cape, is whipping behind her head and the tips of some of the strands are slightly translucent. The symbol on her chest (her very, very well-developed chest), is detailed nicely and comes together well with the rest of her top. Her boots are simple, looking like something she may have stolen from Wonder Woman's closet, but nicely crafted. They have little folds near her ankles, giving the impression that she is bending her feet. Her skit is ruffled, as you might expect from someone flying in the clouds, and it flares up and flows nicely and, uh...

Okay, they're red. Don't ask me "What's red?" You know exactly what I'm talking about. Her panties are red. Don't tell me that wasn't one of the first questions that went through you mind when you saw this, because the picture is practically demanding you to wonder about it. "Gee, her skirt is flared up in the back. I wonder what they decided to do. Is she wearing shorts under the skirt, or did they really...?" Remember how I said that Kotobukiya might have upped the bar a bit? This is it. They upped the sexual bar a bit. Because Supergirl appears to be wearing a thong. She's not (don't worry parents), but she's leaning forward just enough that the angle makes it appear that she is. Serious fan service going on here. I can't help but think that Superman would be mortified if his cousin was flying around like this. "Put some clothes on, you're embarrassing me!" To which all the young men (and perhaps a few women) of Metropolis would shout, "Hell no! We like cheesecake!" So, there's your answer. They're red. Moving on.
Her figure is beautiful to look at (stop looking up her skirt!) and, as I've already said, extremely detailed. They even painted her fingernails, something I didn't notice at first. Her face in marvelous too, because what would be a Kotobukiya statue without a knock-out face? She has a playful expression on her mouth, teeth included, almost as if she's playing tag with her cat--who I will get to in a moment. Her eyes are a striking green and they even took the time to give her a little bit of eye makeup. You can see her eyelashes and eyebrows. Everything about her look screams Supergirl, the fun-loving cousin of Superman.

Then there's the cat. Who, thank goodness, is not looking up in the slightest, because then it gets a little ackward. Streaky the Supercat. Not as much care went into Streaky as it did with Supergirl. He does look like he has fur, there is the yellow line running through his white lightening bolt, and his cape is flowing just like Supergirl's. But the eyes. The dead, souless eyes. They look like someone just put two drops of black paint on the eyeballs and called it good. They just stare at you, watching you, making you feel bad because you know what color Supergirl's panties are, because you looked!...please don't kill me Streaky (shutters).

There are two small complaints I have about this statue. The first is the base. It's suppose to be a cloud, and Supergirl fits nicely into her little spot. No problems there. But the cloud just, I guess? It doesn't really look like a cloud, but more like foam, or maybe crystal that has been weathered down. More fluff and circles next time, Kotobukiya. Like in cartoons I suppose. My other small complaint is her hair. I know I praised it before, but on my statue you can clearly see the lines separating the four pieces that make up her hair. The seams between the plastic are not as flawless as they could have been. However, you can only notice this if you're looking at the top of her head, which you won't be looking at (Streaky says to stop looking at the skirt!). Put her on a shelf with your other statues and you'll never notice the hair.

Educational--Supergirl's peg A on the bottom of her left leg goes into cloud-base slot A, while Streaky's hip peg A goes into cloud-base slot B. Good job.

Bottom line--Kotobukiya steps up to the plate, knocks it out of the park, everyone cheers, nothing new. These guys really know what they're doing. If you're a fan of Supergirl, there's no question. The cat is a big miss (by Kotobukiya standards anyway) and the statue would have been fine without him. Especially those souless eyes, silently judging you...brrr.
Power Girl is next. That should be...entertaining.
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on November 20, 2014
This figure oozes fun and panache! Supergirl looks lovely on her little cloud and her lovely pussycat looks divine from lower angles. Definitely put her up somewhere high up to get a good view of her smiling cheeks!
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on November 27, 2016
Beautiful sculpture, we'll balanced and detailed.
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on November 18, 2011
I recently just started collecting and before I really did not have any interest in statues. I saw Bishoujo DC and Marvel lines and was drawn in by the detail, what can I say I'm a sucker for a pretty face. Mine just arrived today and I'm glad that I made the purchase. Kotobukiya just keeps rolling out stunning figures and Supergirl is no exception. I highly recommend that anyone collecting to add this figure, you won't be disappointed. As with the other figures in the line, face and body style are amazing. The only thing a little off is the S on her chest, but I consider that minor due to the fact they did a great job on the rest. Most of the characters in the Bishoujo line can still be found for affordable prices (for now), the problem that now when I think about it is not really a problem is that if you see one you like there will be more to follow. So far I have Catwoman and now this one with more on the way.
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on April 25, 2014
My daughter just freaked out when she saw this statue so I knew it was a "find". This is a surprise and she will squeak and squeal all over the place about it.
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on January 13, 2014
Very well made and the paint is well done. Very cute, especially with Streaky the Supercat! A must have if you are a Supergirl fan.
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on February 5, 2015
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