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on August 8, 2012
We already have a coffee grinder, but I wanted a second one to use for non-coffee items. I make our baby's food and I needed something to grind the rice to powder to make rice cereal with. I also wanted something for grinding spices. I did some research and debated between getting one where the grinding chamber is removable and thus easier to clean. However, based on my research, it sounded like those grinders are not as powerful as one where the grinding chamber is a part of the unit. So far I have only used with rice but it has worked well and makes the rice a nice powder.
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on April 21, 2012
Original review was 4 stars simply because I wanted a working coffee bean grinder, and this did that.

Purchased product in Feb 2010, and since purchase after a second or two of grinding, a typical electrical 'burn' smell emits from the device, but quickly dissipates after use. Not as bad if you aren't grinding many beans, but if you're brewing a full pot of coffee and need fine grounds, this product would literally 'stink' while it grinded. Not sure if it's a model issue or a 'dud' from a bad batch.

Very intermittent use since that time frame as I was a Starbucks addict, but now finding it cheaper, more convenient and better to just home brew. After using it more frequently, I've noticed the cord is extremely short, only a 1 year warranty....i'd probably invest in a better grinder that would look better, be of better quality and possible a better warranty on my next buy.
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on July 9, 2012
I ordered this grinder for one primary purpose: to grind crispy-dried tomaotes into a powder for making "instant" tomato sauce, paste, juice, soup, etc. It does a superb job!

Dehydrating has become a preferred method for preserving our garden's bounty; this year, instead of drying tomatoes to the leathery/chewy state, I wanted them REALLY dry for grinding. My old mill-type coffee grinder, which is great for coffee, is difficult (read, impossible) to clean thoroughly, and I did not want tomato-flavored coffee. I chose this grinder after reading many of the reviews, thinking it should be acceptable.

Wow, when I say it turns my brittle-crisp tomatoes into a powder, I mean at least the texture of baking soda, maybe even talc ... skins and seeds and all. There's not a seed that can be identified in the finished powder. This is highly concentrated, flavorful stuff; a little goes a long way (for example, one part powder to three parts water for tomato sauce).

I also ordered an espresso brush for cleaning out the container, which works fine for the way I am using this grinder.
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on September 3, 2013
We have 2 of these. We use one for coffee and the new one for spices. We were unable to find a decent nutmeg grinder that worked as well as this one. Coffee however tends to mark its territory with a distinct flavor and so we have a designated grinder for it.
I have read some reviews the criticize this device for being difficult to clean. I recommend a stiff 3/4 inch wide artist's paint brush with a short handle for getting out the fine grindings. ( I hate wasting expensive coffee and spices.) Follow up with a damp paper towel and it looks like new. As for getting the right grind, I can usually tell the coarseness by the sound. But a better way to track the number of seconds until you get the grind your looking for (Usually 3 to 10 seconds). Our first grinder is 5 years old and still works great.
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on May 25, 2013
My previous grinder lasted 20 years. It finally fell apart. I thought that with newer technology they would have made improvements. My complaints are as follows: 1. It was loud. 2. The lid got stuck and had to have my husband help take it off. 3. It did not grind any faster and I had to shake it to get all the beans ground. I am donating the Krups and have already replaced it with a Kitchenaid which has removable parts that can be washed in the dishwasher.
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on February 12, 2013
I agree with those who say this is a well constructed product. It does a good job of grinding coffee beans. I have issues with the cord though. Other blade grinders I've used have either a space for wrapping up the cord or even a retractable cord. This unit does not. So there's no great way to contain the cord if you want to put the unit away in a drawer or cabinet between uses.

In addition, the oval shape is a bit annoying. I never imagined the shape would create a functional problem, but when I try to open the unit to dump the ground coffee beans into my coffee press, the long dimension is a bit too long... I have to use a big funnel to catch the ground beans. A cylinder shape would have been better, I think.

These would be minor nits except that other blade grinders I've had in the past haven't had these problems.
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on December 8, 2012
The lid on this grinder binds up and is difficult to remove. Alignment slots on the interior aggravate this problem. The upper rim of the hopper is angled, making it impossible to fill all the way. This flaw makes it difficult to fill to capacity. Your suppliers should do more to filter out poorly designed products like this one. I was given a 25% refund on this and am ok with that, I don't want to have to ship it back, wait for a different one. I had a Braun, level topped hopper, for about twenty years before that and I had just wanted to replace that one. I thought, from the photo, that this was similar.
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on August 14, 2011
I of course read reviews of other products before purchasing this one. I have had it for maybe six months and it is great. The price was unbeatable. Made by a good, well known manufacturer. My concern before buying was whether it would chop fine enough for espresso. When I read the description I think that it stated that you could control how coarse the grinds would be by simply holding the grind button down longer. And, that is exactly correct. I just hold the grinder button down until it is fine enough for espresso. This of course only takes seconds. How those blades chop that stuff so fine, I don't know. Would definitely recommend.
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on March 27, 2011
We were sucked into the hype around burr grinders a few years back and tossed our old Krups grinder. It was actually an old one of my mother's and the top was getting a little ragged, chewed up. But this week we came back around and ordered this grinder. You just can't beat its simplicity. I like being able to measure out the exact amount of beans and grind it to my own preference. The burr grinder relies on presets for how fine the grind is. You also are trusting that, when you set it to grind 10 cups' worth of beans, that's what you will get. After a while those things start getting a little wiggy on you.

But not this unit. It grinds exactly what you put in and it grinds it coarse or fine, whatever you want. There's very little to go wrong because there's not much going on. No fancy dials or knobs. It's perfect.
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on October 30, 2006
I finally used up one of my first warehouse purchases: onion flakes. I made onion powder for my homemade burgers in seconds. Wow, what fun. The clear plastic cover is washable but the blade part is not so I don't know how this is dealt with. I just plan on using this for spices and won't be picky about other flavors mixed in.

I purchased this because a mortar and pestle was not grinding up the five spice I needed for a recipe. There are just too many recipes I want to try that call for freshly ground up spices for me not to have this spice grinder.

Is this frugal? yes, grinding refreshes stale spices
Would I have purchased this used at a cheaper price off of craigslist? no
Did I shop around for the best total price including the manufacturer's website? yes and so should you
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