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on March 31, 2016
This DVD isn't quite what I was expecting it when I ordered it. I think we were expecting something that was more of a yoga routine. This DVD is a series of exercises that work muscles to exhaustion, meaning each separate exercise uses repetitive movement for rather long periods of time until you can't do it anymore (ex., squats for 8 continuous minutes.) She does progress through all the muscle groups, but there is no real stretching activities to counterbalance the work. The music is very beautiful and soothing which was unexpected. Overall, I feel like the DVD provides a great workout - it is just very different from all the other yoga DVDs we have in our collection. We use this routine 1-2 times per month in our rotation.
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VINE VOICEon March 16, 2011
I tried this DVD for the first time this morning. First, let me say that there are other reviewers who gave such great minute-by-minute details about the actual DVD, that I'll refer you to their reviews if you want to learn about the specifics.
For me, this DVD was one, that when I did get to the meditation and relaxation, I felt like I deserved it!
I practice different types of yoga, so I appreciated the fact that the first two flow sets were more traditional poses. It's always nice (for me anyway) to switch things up a little. The second flow, which included downward dog, upward dog, lunges and twists, felt like my whole body was being sculpted.
The Upper Body section was energizing but tough!! I teach group exercise 3 days a week for a national fitness chain and two of those classes are upper and lower body sculpting. Hence, I figure I'm pretty "strong." Well, this 22-minute section gave me a brand new respect for Ana and the other KY practioners who practice this set in it's entirety. The "Ringing of the Bells" (reaching straight up and down for 8 minutes) actually made my shoulders feel warm to the touch. I had to dig very, very deep to even finish half-way. I do (as always) appreciate a DVD that gives me something to work toward. (I didn't think I could finish the "Purify your Past" (holding the arms out horizontally for 6 minutes) section of a previous DVD, but when I did accomplish it, it gave me a renewed sense of my strength and also let me know I could accomplish more than I thought in other areas.
Yes, I loved the DVD, but if I could change anything, it would be the music during the relaxation and swan meditation. The "odd warble" in the gentleman's otherwise beautiful voice, disrupted my concentration. I wish he would sing with an easier vibratto or maybe even no lyrics and/or singing at all during this segment. This is just my observation and I'm sure others love this part.
Thank you again Ana and Ravi for a great experience!
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VINE VOICEon January 22, 2014
As I started this practice, I wasn’t sure why it was called, “Boot Camp.” Then I came to the section called, “Ringing the Bells of Heaven.” Hello – now I know why the title, “Boot Camp.”

This practice grew on me. The first few times I did it, I didn’t like it. I didn’t think it was energizing enough. Then one day, it all clicked for me and I now love this workout.


The Tune In section is the usual chanting of “ong namo guru dev namo.” The new snappy music makes it a bit different.

YOGA FLOW (2 sets)

The 2 Yoga Flow sets felt more like traditional vinyasa yoga rather than kundalini yoga. That was okay, it’s good to mix things up.


I love the cross crawl movement on the back where you raise your right arm and left leg, and then switch to raising your left arm and right leg. I really do feel like I’m getting my center back with this move.

There is a new move where you’re lying on your back and you raise your legs to 90 degrees; you then do a split for 2 beats, bring your legs back up and criss-cross them for 2 beats; legs back to v split for 2 beats and then lower your legs. You do this all while doing the breath of fire! This is tough to get the hang of since there’s a lot going on. It’s fun once you get it.


What a cool name for this section. Your arms certainly feel like they’re ringing something! The first few times I did this section, I didn’t like it. I could only last about 2 minutes with the arm movements. Then something clicked and I can go longer. I love the peppy music; it helps you keep up with the movements.


A new twist on some previously seen exercises. You’re in a crescent pose and breathing deeply. The kicker is that your back foot is not balanced on the ball, but on the top. Due to some severe plantar fasciitis, I was doing this move with my knee down.

You end with a 6 minute chant of “ra, ra, ra, ra, ma, ma, ma, ma, sa tan a ma” for each breath. This was very hard for me since I couldn’t get my breath pattern such that I was inhaling once we started the “ra, ra, ra” again. It is something to work towards.

Bonus sections:


This is a separate section but I always like to start my kundalini workouts with the breath primer because it helps get me centered.


A calming meditation to help visualization. I must admit that I have limited tolerance for meditation, so I haven’t yet tried this one.

As usual, there is the matrix feature so you can mix and match which sections you’d like to do. There are also a few premixes.

All told, there is about 60 minutes of exercises and then you do the meditation and relaxation.

The things to note about this workout:

* There is a lot of chanting and meditation, so if this isn’t your thing, this may not be the kundalini workout for you.

* The transition between sections is very choppy. The DVD freezes for a moment, all sound stops and then the next section starts. To me, this is sloppy editing. Ravi and Ana should know better.

In spite of the things to note, I thoroughly enjoyed this workout and do recommend it to anyone wanting to do more kundalini yoga.
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on May 2, 2011
Since several fellow reviewers have already provided a detailed breakdown of the DVD, I will not restate what has already been articulated so well. What I can say is that this DVD is absolutely fantastic! I am a huge Raviana fan and own all 22 of their DVDs. I wasn't sure that it was possible for them to deliver another fresh new KY DVD because of the fantastic library they have already compiled. Well that is precisely what they have done. It truly is a total body workout that is both challenging, but attainable. While I definitely broke a sweat, I felt totally energized with all major muscle groups being worked. I also felt toned, which I can honestly say is seldom the case after a single workout. You usually need to work up to that point (even when using a DVD that you enjoy)! With Boot Camp the feeling just washed over me. I knew that my body was getting a serious tone-up as well as the workout itself. Powerful stuff!! The music is spectacular and I believe that it offers something for every level whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced KY practitioner. For those of you who are beginners, fear not, Ana and Ravi encourage you to do your best (and to even stretch beyond if you can) but there is never any pressure. Raviana totally allows for those who are not able to achieve the full poses or go the distance for extended routines. Imagine how good you will feel when you have worked up to that point and it will happen! Before you know it you will not focus on the time (the clock will become totally irrelevant). Rather, you will simply focus on the joy of exercising and toning your body while expanding your mind and spirit. You can't go wrong.
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on April 13, 2012
I have never taken a live Kundalini class before, so this may be the closest I'll ever get to one.

This class is well described by one of the other reviewers (except the standing body shaking is 28 min. not 17; believe me, I wish it was only 17!), so I will point out what I felt were areas that could be improved upon. (Hopefully Spirit Voyage will read this review and take these points into consideration for future releases.)

It was sometimes hard to hear what Gurmukh was saying, so subtitles might be nice or at least show the audience so we can see if anything has changed since her last comments.

I would like to see the audience more, particularly during the opening shaking sequence. During part of this extra-long session Gurmukh says to get with a group, make eye contact, mirror each other. This whole time the camera is almost exclusively on the musicians who are seated, playing instruments. It would have been nice if they would show the audience, so we could join various groups by proxy. Even though the musicians are nice to look at, they weren't doing yoga.

After this vigorous cardio segment Gurmukh immediately has the participants sit down. This did not seem like a prudent thing to do. My heart was pounding like crazy, so I walked around for awhile. That was OK because she did a bit of talking before moving on, so I was able to sit in time to go on with the class.

There weren't very many poses, so even though the class was long it also felt kind of short in a way.

All in all I loved this experience. Snatam Kaur does sing like an angel and she made the experience more enjoyable and more doable. I would love to see more yoga classes like this. It would have been nice if they had packaged three or more live classes together so we could get a more well-rounded yoga experience.

There is an amazing energy available to us home participants by doing this live class. I have only done Kundalini videos with single instructors/demononstrators. Doing this video was the next best thing to being there and it was a wonderful difference from my usual fare.

I highly recommend this video and hope people will buy it so Spirit Voyage will continue to make these classes available to us at-home exercisers.
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on March 5, 2013
I received this dvd as a Christmas gift. I got so 'addicted' to this practice/class/dvd that I ordered another copy from Amazon because I just cannot 'live' without this dvd. Amir is amazing. I highly recommend this dvd to beginners to intermediates. If you are new to kundalini yoga, this practice will make you know why it is so lifechanging.
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on September 20, 2015
This is a wonderful Yoga workout, not intense, but there are moves done on the floor, if you have knee problems you can modify the moves by sitting differently with your knees not right underneath you.
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on March 25, 2014
When I first got this one I had to put it back on the shelf for a while -- it really is an intense workout! But I circled back to it with determination!!! It is wonderful having the Kundalini version of sun salutations, it made me realize that I had been missing them even though I love all the ravianas I have (16 to date).

This one makes me feel so empowered and strong. I LOVE ringing the bells of heaven, but it is still too much -- eight minute stretch -- for me in one go, so I alternate in the arm 'jogging' from Solar Power when i feel i can't go on.

This morning when I finished I wanted MORE!!! I can really see how this one is busting through my stamina firewalls.

On a spiritual note, these dvds have really broken through firewalls there too. I started with their dvds back in August. Very gently over time, I find myself coming to a different awareness of myself as a being in the Universe, and the nature of existence on the non-worldly plane. This awareness does not in any way lessen my religious beliefs but solidifies them with a happy sureness that makes every day a blessing. How's that for 5 stars!
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on January 16, 2015
I have five of their workouts and this is pretty good. I have done similar flows with Bryan Kest Power Yoga but this also does an 8 min arm raise and some other arm exercises. The length is 90 min give or take and I do 50 min and then the final 40 later in the day. There is something about their approach that is very soothing yet invigorating. I find myself telling people about how good they are which is not my normal style.
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on June 1, 2011
Raviana Kundlini Yoga has truly saved my life --and now Ana and Ravi have a fan and a practitioner for life! I have been doing Raviana Kundalini Yoga workouts for about three years now and I just want to thank these amazing teachers for what they do. These workouts are transforming my mind, body and spirit like nothing else I've ever done. I increasingly find that I have more energy, strength and courage than ever before to do and complete the things that I desire to do. I regularly find the grace and nerve to push through challenges into opportunity and reward! My hubby (best friend and lover of 30 years) tells me I'm hotter than ever, which ain't bad either!

I added Body Electric and Yoga Flow Boot Camp to my collection (variety is the spice!) and find both of them a fantastic combination of challenge and relaxation. Both new workouts are bursting with great music, great flow, great stress reducers, muscle, flexibility and nerve builders and as always, great words of encouragement! I LOVE KUNDALINI YOGA!! Particularly as taught by these masters!
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