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on December 19, 2015
I was pleasantly surprised with this free promo code, a $7.99 value, I received!

Now I went on my iPad and did all the steps and hit play and said it was invalid. What!?

BUT then I realized you need AMAZON APP in order to watch. So the app is free and then boom. Problem solved.

So for people bashing this, try downloading the app and see if it helps. Worked for me.
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Enthusiast: Star Warson February 17, 2016
This movie works well for kids, teens, and adults. My family went to this for Father's Day and two 40ish-year-olds, 19 year old, 18 year old, and 15 year old all thoroughly enjoyed it, laughing out loud numerous times throughout the movie.

It was a mix of old kung fu movie nostalgia, The Matrix fight scene choreography, awesome animation, and the humor of Jack Black. A winning combination and I hope they do a sequel because I could have watched this all day.

The movie has a great story that keeps you you in anticipation, is paced very well, and while you know how this movie will end it is still surprising and pays off in a big way.
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on March 13, 2016
My kids and I love watching this movie. It is super silly and funny - as to be expected with any Jack Black movie - and shows that even the strangest of people can be amazing. Po a panda bear that was raised by a duck and works at his father's noodle shop is told to take the noodle cart to the ceremony where a new trainee will be chosen. Po has dreamed and fantasized his whole life about being part of the Furious 5, an ancient grouping of warriors skilled in the art of KungFu, so the opportunity to see a new student chosen is almost as good as being able to BE the student. Unfortunately, Po is a Fat panda bear and struggles to get to the top of the stairs leading to the temple especially under the weight of his noodle cart. Little did he know that his desire to reach the top of those stairs would open up a whole new world to him.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon April 13, 2016
Now I get it why Kung Fu Panda raked in box office loot and warranted two sequels. This movie is like a box of frisky kittens or Betty White dabbing. It's damn adorable. I'm normally not a Jack Black guy since I most of the time find him obnoxious and excruciatingly mannered. But now I know I can stand him, provided he's doing only voice work and I don't have to eyeball him in the real. Black engagingly inhabits Po, a bumbling panda who toils ineptly in his father's noodle shop in some alternate ancient China. Let me mention that Po's adoptive father is a goose. A goose! The goose, Mr. Ping (James Hong), hopes that Po will someday take over the family business. Only, Po aspires to a loftier goal. He idolizes the Furious Five, that celebrated quintet of martial arts prodigiousness, each of which member embodies a particular discipline. He has action figures of them - how very anachronistic of him.

And, then, a momentous day, a game-changing day! Time has come to choose, from the masses, the mighty Dragon Warrior - him what's destined to open the dragon scroll and so obtain the secrets of the universe and fulfill an ancient prophecy. Well! Po, giddy fan boy, cannot miss out on such a pivotal martial arts spectacle. He attends on the pretense told his goose dad that he's gonna sell noodly goods.

There has to be dramatic conflict, and it comes two-fold. More immediate is the tense interplay between Po and his reluctant martial arts instructor, his sifu, him what can't believe fate had chosen as the Dragon Warrior a fat, bungling, graceless, dumpling-scarfing panda. Lurking initially in the backdrop is the sub-plot of the malevolent snow leopard Tai Lung (Ian McShane), held in torturous confinement these past twenty years, but not for much longer. Some background on the big bad: Tai Lung, martial artist supreme, harbors a seething mad-on for his teacher. See, Tai Lung had considered himself the ideal candidate to be the Dragon Warrior. His teacher begged to differ. D'you ken how Tai Lung and Po's paths converge?

Kung Fu Panda showed out in 2008 and, eight years later, its life lessons still apply. A type of gentle humor abounds; it'll tickle the young uns' fancy and amuse the wrinklier persons. Po is the centerpiece, and he' so cute and affable, and an ungainly panda learning kung fu is simply a delightful conceit. Someone smartly reined in Black's excesses, and so what we get is voiceover work that integrates well with the visuals. Po consistently exhibits this disarming sense of wonder and of discovery, and this goes a long way into making him so rootable. But he's not the only attraction. It's a cavalcade of celebrity voices, with Angelina Jolie (Tigress), Jackie Chan (Monkey), Dustin Hoffman (Sifu), Lucy Liu (Viper), David Cross (Crane), and Seth Rogen (Mantis) adroitly filling up the spaces around Black.

Don't sleep on the action beats for they are dope, flawlessly rendered by wicked good CG animation. The martial arts sequences are handled with dynamic choreography and strewn with deft comic flourishes. At one point I was rendered giddy by a dizzyingly staged training skirmish between Po and his sifu waged with chopsticks and keying in on one lone surviving dumpling. I wager to brag that that scene qualifies as one of the most inspired sequences in martial arts cinema, let alone in cartoondom. And the life lessons I touched on earlier? I love it when movies don't serve up their messages in heavy-handed fashion. Kids will organically pick up on what this movie imparts: the importance of self-worth, that ain't no secret to greatness besides faith in oneself. Who needs a dumb dragon scroll?
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on September 9, 2016
The digital copy of Kung Fu Panda is great for house parties or just a weekend movie with the family. The benefit to having a digital copy like this is being able to play the file essentially anywhere with good internet, and there's no need to fumble around with cords or DVD players to watch the movie.

As for the movie itself, it's a well animated movie with a great storyline. While I'm not going to say what the movie is really about to avoid spoiling it for anyone, it does have the humor and lesson that is very good for all audiences.
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on July 14, 2016
4 Stars. Dreamworks takes a page from Pixar’s book and creates an animation that was more complex than anything they did before. It also had a charming and captivating storyline and received a Best Animation nomination. It ultimately lost out to Pixar’s WALL-E (2008) but is definitely a close 2nd. Po (Jack Black), the only panda left, is fat and lazy. He has been raised by Mr. Ping, who runs a noodle shop and wants Po to someday take over. Po is also the biggest Kung Fu fan and idealizes the Furious Five; Tigress (Angelina Jolie), Crane (David Cross), Mantis (Seth Rogen), Viper (Lucy Liu), and Monkey (Jackie Chan). When Po tries to attend tournament where Kung Fu Master Oogway (Randall Duk Kim) will chose the Dragon Warrior, he is locked out. Po using a chair full of fireworks flies into the tournament and is named the Dragon Warrior, much to the Furious Five and their master, Shifu’s (Dustin Hoffman), disagreement. Shifu’s vengeful and dangerous pupil, snow leopard Tai Lung, soon escapes his prison and heads their way to get the Dragon Scroll. It’s up the Furious Five and Shifu to overcome their differences with Po, and train him to defeat Tai Lung. It’s up to Po to learn and turn his weight into an ability to become the Dragon Warrior. Original meant to be a parody, the team behind Kung Fu Panda decided to make it an action comedy wuxia (martial hero) film that incorporates the hero’s journey narrative. With influences from a number of classic kung fu movies like Stephen Chow’s action comedy, Kung Fu Hustle (2004), Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (2000), Hero (2002), and House of Flying Daggers (2004). They also play homage to the Shaw Brothers with the characters, KG Shaw and JR Shaw. Tiger, Crane, Mantis, Viper, and Monkey are also all kung fu styles. Production designer Raymond Zibach and art director Tang Heng spent years researching Chinese painting, sculpture, architecture and kung fu films to help create the look of the film. Hans Zimmer even visited China to absorb the culture and get to know the China National Symphony Orchestra before co-creating the score with John Powell. With a stellar cast and all the preparation this charming movie is fun and has a lot of heart, which you expect from a great animation. It’s a must see for kids and fans of the kung fu drama, as it stands up to some of the greats.
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This is a cute movie and has some funny moments. My husband and my niece really love Kung Fu Panda and the sequels. I am not such a big fan actually. I just don't find it nearly as clever as other animated fare out there - Shrek and it's sequels are definitely funnier and smarter. However, my three star rating and the family's five star rating even out to a four star in the end. This is a family friendly movie without a doubt and certainly more palatable on a rerun marathon than Frozen on a loop when my niece is visiting!
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There have been three Kung Fu Panda animated films, plus TV series and other spinoffs, but this is the one that started it all. It's remarkably well made with an engaging story that interests grownups as well as kids.

With seven thousand reviews already posted, I'm not even going to try to add some sparkling analysis or point out some hidden symbolism. It's just a really enjoyable film.
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on December 19, 2015
Got a free movie for an order I didn't even realize there was a promo for, so I can't complain.

For those having issues redeeming the code, you select "More Purchase Options" and "Redeem gift card or promotion code", enter the code, then close out the window and click "Buy Movie HD". You can confirm that you didn't pay anything for the order by going to your digital orders.
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One of Dreamworks best movies ever. Everything about it just works. The name and cast list and promos made it seem kind of stupid (see Will Smith Shark movie) but damn. They pulled it off. Deep layered messages and themes. Amazing voice performances from some top people giving it their all. Dustin Hoffman and Jack Black in particular stand out. And nothing beats James Hong doing voice work ever.

Oneof those rare wonderful kids movies that does not talk down to kids, and that adults can watch over and over. And one of the even rarer few of those not made by Disney/Pixar.
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