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on September 24, 2015
Let's face it, you just shelled out a significant amount of money for your new MacBook Pro. If you're like me, you want it to last as long as possible before having to service it, replace it, or do what ever to it. And you spent a lot of money on it, so you should want to keep it pristine and protected as well as possible!

Some of the things I love about it include:
* Excellent price!
* It fits nice and beautifully on the MacBook, in the color of your choice. I bought a gray one, and I'm loving it... You can get what ever color you think suites you well.
* It's very well constructed. The plastic with a rubberized coating gives the MacBook a nice feeling of being protected. I'm a student, so I take my MacBook along everywhere I go. I feel safe knowing that nothing is going to scuff it up or break it.
* You can still see the apple logo light up!
* It sets yours apart from everyone elses
* It IS replaceable, so if you decide to decorate your MacBook, you can put decals on the case cover, knowing that if you get sick of it, you can always buy another case and start fresh.

At the same time, in my opinion, it's still a great idea to get a neoprene sleeve for your MacBook. I have an Amazon Basics sleeve, and my laptop, with my Kuzy case cover, fit in prefect!

I might also like to note that I have had to deal with Kuzy's customer service people. They are one of the few companies who I can confidently say strive for customer satisfaction. I am also a repeat customer, having ordered many other products from them for various computers. My experience with Kuzy has been amazing. I myself am a repeat customer, and love their products. I encourage all MacBook Pro user's to try their products out - you can't go wrong.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon July 27, 2016
I purchased this case over 10 months ago and I could not be any happier with it, it has been on my MacBook since the day it arrived. I owned several cases prior to this one and this is far and away the best I've used. I say that for several reasons.
The 1st being the protection this case provides, the case is question uses a hard and durable rubberized material that molds to the shape of your computer. The material used absorbs shock and protects your MacBook from both scuffs and scratches.
The 2nd reason I'm so partial to this case deals with ergonomics. This case offers unriveled protection without adding heft or bulk. With this case you get effective protection without feeling like you're carrying around an added heavy piece of equipment.
The 3rd reason I am so fond of this case deals with access. I've owned prior cases that block ports that I regularly use, basically making the case not worth using. With this case you have complete access to every single one of your MacBooks features/ports.
The 4th reason I love this case is due to the fact that it features a unique design that includes vents that enable air to seamlessly flow out of your computer, so no more worrying about over heating due to the case.
With all that being said, if you're not happy with the case you have now or have just purchased a MacBook and are looking for a case the offers unrivaled protection and accessibility, I highly suggest you give this case a try, it's ten months later and I'm still extremely pleased with my purchase, I think you will be too.
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on October 9, 2012
When I got my MacBook Pro with retina display over the summer, Kuzy was the first and only seller of hard cases that fit the new MacBook Pro with retina display. In the past, I have used Incase and Speck hard cases for my Macbook.

I swear by hard cases on a Mac. Hard cases are one of the best ways to really take care of your Mac laptop. Without the case on my laptop, I am overall, very nervous about it. I had to get a hard case for my new laptop ASAP.

I was hesitant to try this brand since I had never heard of it. Brand new products that didn't have any reviews got me a little worried. But I really needed a case so I bought it.

Once I received it and put it on my computer, I must say that the quality is the same as the bigger brands - Incase and Speck. It fit perfectly. This is a great case that is affordable. I am so glad that I bought it instead of waiting for Incase or Speck to release hard cases.

I have had numerous compliments on the case and have recommended it to my boss and a few friends. It was a solid buy. I would buy another.
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on February 1, 2017
After plenty of searching through the various cover options, I elected to go with this one as it seemed to have the best soft touch hard case option. I must admit that I was pleasantly surprised at first; however after closer examination I noticed that theentire base unit rear edge of the rubberised soft coating was missing and therein showed the main body of the plastic. The cover arrived intact in its plastic shrink wrap cover inserted within a plastic bag. The missing coating on the aforementioned edge was not damaged in transit; therefore I believe this to be more of a production flaw. and as such may not be something you experience if you chose to buy one.

On the plus side, the cover comes in two parts (no hinges) and the discrete snap on sections fit flush with the laptop. The feel is as expected; very soft and luxurious. The glow from the apple logo is perfect and the overall look exhudes class.

The only downside in esthetics is the ease with which the cover shows finger prints. Other than that, I can't really complain about this cover.

In short, my particular cover has some cosmetic issues; however the overall look, feel and function of the case is exactky what I was after. I would have given the case 4 stars had it not been for the production flaw.
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on March 26, 2016
Superb product. I've had the Navy Blue one before for my MacBookPro until a friend cried so much for it, I gave it to him just to shut him completely up already! I now have the Cyan Blue one and I love this shade of blue even better! My advisement for all Kuzy Hard Case customers: Do not rush installing this case onto your computer. It is very delicate until you actually have it correctly installed. Be ABSOLUTELY SURE when installing both the top and the bottom sections that you GENTLY slide your computer from the middle of the sections toward the BACK EDGES FIRST so that the sharp ledges on the computer properly engage and seat against and into the precision tabs. THEN AND ONLY THEN gently press the rest of your computer until slowly into the case compartments from BACK TO FRONT until the sections snap into place. Once in place, the shape and weight of your Mac will make the case nearly invulnerable, short of literally dropping it from 10 feet to a marble floor. Note: Do not try this just to test this theory, ok? Trust me, though, this is a great product and in so many incredible colors for every taste, although his Cyan Blue version is my absolute favorite. Same color as the deep water ocean channels I swim offshore of my home Island of Maui! You can match it to a coordinating Kuzy Silicone Keyboard Cover/Protector which also comes in amazing colors. I paired my Suzy Cyan Blue case w/ the Blue Ombre Silicone Keyboard Cover. My MacBookPro looks really fantastic and my friend who was crying for my Navy Blue case is now crying for my current set-up. Give you 3 guesses if I'm going to cave and let him this case and cover. Mahalo & happy Mac keyboarding! R of M
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on January 10, 2015
I've had the product for less than 10 minutes and think its great, but why review so soon? Because I've also installed both the top and the bottom wrong the first time around, because there are no instructions, and I suspect the large amount of people reporting that their cover doesn't fit had the same issues. So, if you are sure you have the right cover, here is how to install it right:
1) Install the bottom first, it will guide you to doing the top right. Also, make sure the inside surface of the cover is clean, my top had a lot of plastic particles, and these will lead to scratches.
2) With your macbook upside down and the hinge side facing you, place the edge of the bottom cover so that the two tabs hook onto the laptop and press the opposite side down to lock in place. If you try to place the laptop onto the bottom cover and slide it up the two tabs will not engage and the bottom will keep coming off.
3) With the macbook upright look at the top cover, one side has three tab and the other two, the side with three go to the hinge side of the macbook and the two go to the top/open side. Orient the cover correctly and press down to engage all the tabs. If you have it right, you'll see the bottom has a relief for the two tabs, if they aren't aligned you have the cover backwards, you'll see a third tab where you open the macbook.


I bought the "Gray" finish, since it is translucent think of it as "smoke", if that helps. I like it better than a clear or black one. It actually makes the laptop look the "Space Gray" color of the iOS devices. (Maybe people will think I have a pre-production late 2015 laptop!)

Also, for those wondering. The "rubberized" is a thin paint like layer that makes the plastic more "grippy" so your macbook won't slide out of your hands. It is only on the outside surfaces, so it won't protect the finish of the macbook and it isn't thick enough to be any type of "shock absorber" if you drop it.
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on January 1, 2016
EDIT (18 months of use):
There are some pretty significant cracks and crazes in the top cover; though the base shows no cracks or crazing. As such, the case still has never fallen off, though I often remove it (both out of boredom, and to clean underneath it). Some of the satin finish has rubbed off the front edge, but at this point, appearances aren't important. It's done the job of keeping my laptop clean in my dirty work environment.

EDIT (8 months of use):
I've been using this on a computer in an industrial environment (a machine shop) for 8 months. This isn't made for long-term durability. The black foot pads fell off within a couple months, and now some areas of the top panel are crazed and I have chips falling off around the corners. All that, but it's still holding together enough

I have been impressed in one respect -- the case does not seem to be doing any damage to the computer. I don't notice any marring or wear or discoloration on the computer. The case seems to be taking all the grunt of the workplace, and it itself shows markings from where it has been contacted by oils, sharp edges, etc.

I am still disappointed that the case does not cover the back corner. I'm no longer worried about it falling off (It hasn't ever become detached) but my laptop has taken a short fall and dented the back corner - the only place this case won't protect it. In fact, I would argue that this is the MOST likely place a laptop would impact if dropped. This area should be protected, in my opinion.

It fits like a glove, but I'm very disappointed that the back corners are not covered.
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on February 14, 2017
This is my second Kuzy case for my 2015 15" MBP in the last 13 months; I have to say, when the case functions as it should it is sleek, stylish, comfortable, and feels moderately protecting of the laptop. The sleekness is the fine color and matte-rubberized texture that gives just a bit of grippiness allowing one to feel secure when manipulating the lid or moving the machine. The comfort is in transferring the laptop to and from your bag or carrying-case. And the protection feels like it would just protect your $2000 machine enough so that you would feel confident in spending 20-25$ on a new case instead of staring at a dent.

However, I'll echo the negative sentiments from others: the rubberized feet on the bottom will fall off days after you put the case on, and the case itself is already chipped in under two months after applying it. Keep in mind, this case has never been close to any traumatic spills or falls and seeing a chunk come off the corner unprompted was rather disheartening, which is why I write this review.

I hope Kuzy toughens the fabrication process up or at least uses a better glue, because this case wasted potential.
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on January 26, 2016
My last MBPro was a 17" that I carried in a soft case and used a foam pad to protect the feet and bottom of the case against scratches. Sounds kind of extreme but it makes a difference when it comes time to resell it. For that same reason I decided to try something different when I bought a new laptop.
My current MBPro is a 15" Retina with the Dark Grey Kuzy cover and I love it. I still keep it in a soft case but no more foam pad. There are vents on the bottom of the Kuzy case for air circulation and I've experienced no increase in heat when I use it on my lap. The rubber feet grip the surface VERY well too.
The Kuzy case snapped on easily and I love that the Apple logo can be seen through it. Now I'm thinking about getting a black and red one just to throw my customers off when they see me with it :)
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on January 4, 2016
This case was the first one I bought for my Macbook Pro, and it lasted for a little over a year. The materials are of a decent quality, and the fit for both the top and bottom pieces is very secure. The top piece fits well, and it isn't too dark, as you can clearly see both the Apple logo and any decals through the case. The bottom piece is generally pretty stable, but the two sides do not have any tabs holding it in place. This is not generally an issue, however it means that the sides are a bit more fragile, as there are also slits cut into the plastic for ventilation. After some time, the plastic holding the sides to the bottom plate start cracking, providing less protection and threatening to fall off.

This frosted case slowly grows gray with wear, and the collective smudging on the case and cover will collect and discolor the plastic. In addition, the sides are not completely flush against the computer, so small sediments may sneak under your case at the edges. You can clean these fairly easily though after taking off the case. Also, the area at the base of your computer near the hinge is not protected on the sides, so be careful you don't drop and ding your laptop that way!

It's not indestructible, but this case does do its job remarkably well. The texture of the surface is just grippy enough to give you confidence when holding it one handed, and it looks good on your MacBook.
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