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on November 26, 2014
We have a 80 pound female German Shepherd.The size of extra large dog pack fits her just right. We have her to wear the pack when we go on a hike and to the park. We can put treats, her water, a tennis ball, and things that we bring to hikes. We don't put heavy things in the pack since she just started with it and we are training her to be comfortable with it. I recommend to treat the dog when they wear it, that way the dog will slowly build the positive association between pack and treats. Also, it looks really good and is made of good materials. Great buy.
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on May 12, 2015
I have a 45lb Husky and the medium fits pretty well on him. Unfortunately on our first 8 mile hike, the pack on the right side started to rip at the seams. The pack was not over loaded as it was only filled with one days worth of dry food. I was even carrying the pup's water. I was able to get a replacement free of charge because it was within 30 days of buying it. The replacement pack is the same model and I haven't seen any reason to believe it will rip at the same spot. Manufacturing is never 100% perfect and flaws fall through the cracks. Overall this pack is good and the pup seems to like it as well.
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on September 29, 2013
I bought this backpack a year ago for my lab and queensland heeler mix. She weighs exactly 50 pounds and the medium size is max for her. A few things you should know, a dog can only carry 15% of thier bodyweight max, and this bag will easily let me put way more than that in it. However the larger gear bags on it are nice because they allow the wight she is carrying to be lower on her body, also there is very nice water bottle loops in the bottom of the pack, therefore not allowing the weight to shift around on longer trips. The bag is a good size for her except that the straps are as big as they will go and it will shift too far forward when we are going downhill. Also make sure that the front belly strap clears the dogs shoulder by at least 3 finger widths, otherwise the pack will shifr around a lot. This is easily done if the saddlebags are removed and the harness is worn alone, it will allow you to see how the dog moves with the harness and make adjustments accordingly. The left pack on mine almost tore completley off when Tikka got stuck in some brush, i was able to stich it back together easily though. An additional fix that i made was to replace the plastic snaps with metal ones, as the plastic ones were unsnapping when we used the grab handle. So if you plan on using this on long backpacking trips like we do, that upgrade would be reccomended. I will share picks of her in the pack.
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on March 2, 2013
The video is demonstrative of the type of activity Alice does.

I'm going to go ahead and get this out of the way. The clips the hold the chest straps together CONSTANTLY come undone. About every 5 minutes or so on our walks, I have to stop and reclip them. I've tried looser, tighter, tried to find a sweet spot where we can get through a walk without the pack coming undone. But nothing has worked. Also if I try to actually pull hard on the top handle, one or both of the clips are likely to fail.

That said, Alice at about 110 lbs is over the recommended weight for the extra large pack. I could not find a bigger one, so was forced to get this one. Perhaps more normally shaped/sized dogs will be fine here.

The pouches are very large and useful. Alice can carry four bottles of water, food for two days, and several rope toys with a LOT of room to spare. I put a small first aid kit in there for when we go on day hikes too. There is also a mesh pocket in each one to keep gear separate.

The top portion with the pouches detaches from the lower portion which is a nice feature if you want to be able to quickly attach/detach the pouches. Unfortunately though, the lower part then has exposed velcro...the scratchy kind that likes to pick up grass and twigs.

The quality of the fabric I would say is medium. It's right smack in the middle of a free bag you got at a convention and a hardcore Alaskan adventure type bag. This is basically what I would expect at the price point, so no surprise there. I would assume, though, that at some point after a couple years of hard use, I will have to buy another pack.

Long story short, if you don't have an oddly shaped/sized dog, the Outward Hound backpack will probably fit your needs. It's not perfect, but gets the job done.
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on August 26, 2015
At first glance this seems like such a great buy compared to other packs on the market. We took our very large Golden on a backpacking trip this weekend. It was easy to get on and adjust so that it fit right. We loaded his pack and took-off for a fairly easy 4 mile hike. During the hike the pack kept slipping like it was off-balanced. We adjusted the straps (thinking that they were too loose) and made sure that each saddle bag was evenly weighted. The slipping continued to happen, but our dog seemed perfectly fine never even sniffing at the pack, so we continued on the hike. because of all of his fur, I didn't notice until we returned and I was given him a bath, large open chaffing wounds on his chest across where the straps would be!! We feel so horrible. Golden are known for being so affable with high-pain tolerances (one of the reasons why they are good with children) that they rarely complain about pain. I would be very careful before purchasing this for my dog. It definitely needs better padding across the chest, something the more expensive packs have. My guess is that if our dog was less easy going, then we wouldn't have gotten far with this pack.
Aside from the horrible design, the quality is definitely not the same as the better packs you see at REI- canvas is thinner and the zippers seem like they would go after a couple of uses. Again, this is a vey inexpensive pack- but you get what you pay for.
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on December 6, 2014
Good bag. Between the sides, I was able to fit 2 water bottles, 2 collapsable bowls, small bag of treats, and small first-aid kit. I could have easily stuck in more if necessary, but we've only gone on day trips with it. There is no way to connect a harness underneath and a leash will slip under the bag if it lags, but not a deal breaker. I like that it can velcro off if needed too, so he doesn't go lopsided if I need to take something out for snack time and I don't have to go through the whole production of putting the entire thing back on him when it's time to head out again. Good for dogs who need that extra weight/sense of duty when walking. I think for someone who needs a multi-day pack for long trips, this isn't the bag for them. More of a daily walk or one night trip. Seems to be made of pretty good material too. I occasionally have to tuck in the belly straps because they're too long and he might pee on them, but that's my only real complaint so far. He adjusted to the bag with no problem at all. (I have a 45lb Blue Heeler mix and ordered the medium which is a little big for him, but its not been a problem)
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Enthusiast: Petson March 28, 2017
Was really wanting to like this pack since had good luck with one of their prior dog back packs. The "vest" portion of the pack fit him really well and seem well made and comfortable. The trouble came when I attached the removable packs. They are held on by only a velcro strap looping around the vest chest strap and then a single snap buckle at the front of the vest. The front attachment strap broke within about 5 minutes of first using it. I figured I could easily sew it back so went ahead and tested it out. It just seems like the packs move around too much. Nothing solid holding them in place. If they attached with one long strip of velcro or actual buckles I think it would work great. A shame...think would be excellent design if either the packs were permanently attached or they improved the type of attachment. Side note....5 stars for the sellers. They promptly responded to my return request and after I sent a photo of the broken strap they sent me a label to make the return.
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on July 16, 2014
My husband and I adopted a 10 month old Australian Cattle Dog in June 2014. Jett is an intelligent and very active young dog, a simple walk wasn't really helping him with his high energy. I would walk him for at least an hour and my husband would take him on runs and still, Jett was raring to go! I've had cattle dogs for over 20 years and I've never had such an active boy before! It was suggested that using a back pack would help him get more out of our walks so I bought the Kygen 2490 Backpack in a size large. The pack fits him ok but I really could have gotten him a medium and had plenty of room for when he grows (he's tall and long for his breed and he weighs about 46lbs). There is plenty of strap left hanging over and I have to tie them or tuck them to keep them from dragging on the ground. It does fit though with a little creative effort so I didn't see the point of returning it. There's been a few comments about it sliding around while on the dog's back but there's a little strap with a clip on the top of the pack, by the dog's neck, and if you unclip it, I believe it's meant to fasten around a harness which keeps it more stable on the dog's back (I would NOT suggest fastening it to a collar as I believe it would choke the dog or at least put undue pressure on their throat). My dog wears a Rogz H harness and the pack fastens to it nicely and it doesn't slide around on his back but I'm sure any good-quality harness will do. Jett LOVES this backpack! He's a wiggle worm and it's difficult to get him to sit still for pretty much anything but he'll gladly put his head through the pack so we can go for a walk. He doesn't fuss with it so I believe he finds it comfortable and it doesn't get in the way of him trucking along as usual on our walks (as long as I tuck the straps up!). I load it with a couple water bottles on each side for weight and it does make a difference in his energy level! He's so much more calm after our walks, it's wonderful! I am also loving this backpack because before, I didn't have a good place to put my keys, my phone, my ID, empty doody bags and my inhaler so I would leave them home or try to stuff them in my pockets which never really worked. Now I can place them in the little mesh pockets within the larger pockets so Jett can carry everything we need! No more bulging pockets or awkward messenger bag pulling on my bad back. My husband doesn't take Jett jogging with it because we're concerned the extra weight will put too much stress on his joints but for walks, this backpack is awesome! The best part is that Jett love it too.
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on March 11, 2015
I love this backpack! I got the blue XL backpack a couple months ago. Up until yesterday we had only used it on simple walks and it was great but yesterday we went hiking all day and used it--the real test. Scamp, my 84 pound mixed breed carried the dogs' and our water and their water bowl the whole time. About halfway through the hike, after jumping over large rocks and climbing around, it began to loosen a bit and slide to the side but after tightening it, it was fine. I think Scamp really enjoys being responsible and useful to us with carrying our supplies. It also doesn't seem to weigh him down at all. This is a great product and it is much more convenient for us during hikes! :)
The only thing that I think is good to know as a buyer, is the sizing. Scamp has an XL. He needed an XL because of his deep chest but the strap that goes around the waist is pretty long for him. It still works great but needs to be tightened a lot to fit. So I think this size is designed for more burly dogs like a mastiff, not athletic deep chested small waisted dogs.
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on November 28, 2015
That you're considering sharing this backpack or saddlebag gift with your best canine friend suggests you've established a great relationship, and understand each others' likes, tolerances, and expectations. Whoever you are, I already know I like you, and I appreciate the way you value and respect your pet.

Marysue is an Aussie Boarder Mix, five years old, weighing 35 pounds. She definitely appears most content when "working," performing tasks I taught or ones she figured out by herself. I think it took me longer than it did her to get used to this new addition to the ways in which we have fun together.
Wearing the pack is not equivalent to wearing a new collar or learning the distance allowed by a different length leash. It's a significantly different experience, an all-encompassing change affecting much of your dog's body.
Regarding the pack it's important to know the design was well thought-out and its quality is high. There are enough points of adjustment to insure a safe and comfortable fit. Common sense will guide you as you keep each side balanced in terms of weight and bulk, and as you both begin a brief learning curve associated with a slight decrease in maneuverability. This is entirely offset by a substantial increase in overall capabilities and opportunities for mutual enjoyment you will both realize whenever you're outdoors for whatever reason and any occasion.

The people who developed, designed, tweaked, tested, and ultimately manufactured the pack deserve credit for a job well done. They made a device that's added significantly more pleasure and value to the ways in which Marysue and I can interact and enjoy our time together. I like to think I share a similar point of view regarding dogs with Will Rogers who said, "If there are no dogs in heaven, then when I die, I want to go where they go."
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