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Color: Black|Style Name: Vertical Peeler|Change
Price:$9.97+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

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on July 12, 2016
I do really like this thing but I am not quite in LOVE with it. I don't know if it is one of those, "it's not you, it's me," kind of things or not...

Nice and sleek design, I even like that it is black and white because it just looks clean
The ceramic blade looks nice because it won't rust and it just looks "clean" when it is, in comparison to metal which, I don't know, doesn't as much? (my coffee hasn't kicked in yet, bare with me)
Great price, especially if it holds the edge for a long time and I don't have to replace it or search the internet to see if it is possible to sharpen it
It does seem to work well on most vegetables like cucumbers, squashes etc
It isn't insanely sharp, which will be a pro for some of you who are prone to cutting yourself with these things or it may be a con
I personally enjoy this type of peeler in comparison to the other shaped ones, because I feel like this kind keeps my fingers away from the blade a little bit better and that makes me feel safer

I am one of those people who thinks this should be sharper. I peel a lot of ginger, turmeric, sweet potatoes and tough things like that and I feel like I am really having to try with this thing. It works like a dream with softer items, but for those really tough ones I just feel like it is a metal blade that already went dull, which is a real shame. It works just fine, I don't find myself cursing the seas or anything, but I think it could be better in that respect.
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on April 2, 2016
I've had one of these for 16 months now. It's REALLY sharp and does a great job as a peeler...but... After a while, the blade section starts popping off. The mechanism that holds it in place must have gotten a bit bigger over time. It's not a huge problem since you can put it back on easily, but still, a design flaw. Yesterday, the ceramic blade shattered while peeling carrots. The scary part is that if I hadn't noticed, there would have been a ceramic shard in my food. I figured the blades should be replaceable since they can pop in / out, but don't seem them online anywhere. Very disappointing that you only get a bit over a year of light use out of this.

4/2/16 - I've contacted Kyocera to see what they can do for me.
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on March 26, 2014
I purchased one of these about 3 or 4 years ago, and it is by far one of my most used tools in the kitchen. It will peel anything, including skin on your finger if you are not careful. This being said, as all tools are consumable items, one should not expect an under twenty dollar item to last a lifetime. If the manufacturer were to make the blade bezel out of metal, two things would happen; one, the item would cost much more, and two, the chance of breakage would increase, as ceramic is durable yes, but unbreakable no. I just purchased 2 more of these in case they go out of production. If you want it to last longer, peel slow and controlled. These are not meant to peel bark off of a tree branch after all. With all of the money people spend on gadgets these days, to get even one year out of an item such as this, for fifteen dollars is a deal. Stop whining and just buy another one, or two more like I did.
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VINE VOICEon December 8, 2015
I've been using Kyocera Ceramic peelers for a few years now and have had great luck with them. They're sharper than all the other peelers I've used and fit the hand perfectly. I recently bought one to take to work so I can have veggie snacks during the day and several of my coworkers fell in love with it. I may give some as gifts this year since they're so handy.

As I've said, I've used these for years and my primary peeler seems as sharp as the day I bought it.

The peeler handle is made from plastic and is very nicely-shaped. The ceramic blade is part of a pivoting holder which sets the proper angle when peeling. Since there's only a single blade, it's only suitable for those holding the peeler in their right hand. Lefties can use it, but will have to peel the opposite direction than they're used to.

Cleaning the peeler is fairly easy and things usually rinse off pretty well. Now and then, I have to use a small brush to get the area where the blade joins the holder, but usually, just a quick wipe with a sponge takes care of things. Another advantage of the ceramic and plastic construction is that it never rusts. We've used other brands in the past and they look gross after a few years of use.

Overall, I'm extremely pleased with the Kyocera ceramic peeler.
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on March 30, 2015
I bought the Kyocera CP-20 Perfect Peeler in 2013 on the recommendation of another left handed cook. If you're a lefty, you know what a joy it is to have a tool that can actually be adjusted instead of just making do with another righty tool. This peeler is hands-down the best and sharpest I have ever owned, and I've also purchased several for friends and family members. Then, last week in the middle of a cucumber something snapped, and the head would no longer stay in position. Apparently a little pin holding it had broken. I was all ready to shell out for a new one, when I read some of the reviews on this site that mentioned the warranty. I called Kyocera's warranty department, explained what happened and provided the date of purchase, and sure enough they are standing behind their product and sending me a brand-new peeler. The only cost is $5 for shipping. Great product and great customer service!
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on December 25, 2008
Recently ordered this, hoping its blades wouldn't dull over time, like typical metal peelers ... this peeler has a single ceramic blade, which is quite sharp and peels thin sections.

But, the single blade means you can only use in one direction - away from you, if you're right-handed and toward you, if left-handed.

I hadn't really analyzed my veggie peeling directions before but have discovered, depending on the vegetable, some I peel away and some toward.

I briefly thought the blade could be removed and flipped. It can be removed. But it can not be flipped (pegs on the blade and holes in the handle are different-sized).

Kinda disappointed that the blade doesn't flip or it's not a double-blade or they don't offer a left-hand version.

If you peel all your veggies in one direction (the "correct" direction, for your handedness), then this seems like it's a decent peeler.
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on March 31, 2016
A ceramic vegetable peeler? Why not a metal vegetable peeler? Sharpening a metal vegetable peeler is not an easy task. This company uses Ceramics and space travel heavy duty Construction and a number of other areas if they are Ceramics stand up to have that type of exposure think how easily something in your kitchen that is made of the same ceramics will survive. If your kitchen is one that looks like an artist workshop with bright and varied colors you can select a similar color in your vegetable peeler. And if you later decide to try something and knives this manufacturer produces knives that run into the hundreds of dollars and they last and can be sharpened by sending it back to the, you won't have to do it often. This healer can be adjusted for the proper angle that you need for the job you are doing. Enjoy.
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on June 20, 2017
Love this. bought it to replace one that broke a few months ago. We tried a different brand ceramic peeler, but it didn't cut nearly as well, despite having a "potato eye" removal area. That one goes in the "travel" section of our pantry, to take when we don't care if it gets lost. this one stays home :)
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on December 23, 2015
Everyday, I peel one to two dozen carrots. I hoped to find a peeler that would make the job easier and quicker than my old standard stainless steel peeler. First, I purchased a similar ceramic peeler of a different brand and was very disappointed. It cut too deeply into the carrots, which caused the peeler to keep getting stuck. It was frustrating and time-consuming to use it, and the outcome was a choppily-peeled carrot. I used it on one batch of carrots and never wanted to see it again. I wondered if it was worth it to try a different brand of ceramic peeler, and decided to get this one. Wow, what a difference! This peeler is almost too good to be true. It takes off a very thin layer and glides incredibly smoothly... like skis on ice. It smoothly sails over curves and bends without missing a beat. Great item!!
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on March 4, 2017
Best peeler ever. Second one we have owned. First one bit the dust after 5 years. Blade started popping out at the end of the first one. But for the price I will gladly rebuy every 5 years.
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