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on September 29, 2013
i'm a bit of a newbie to the whole pay as you go plans. was tired of paying almost $100/month with Verizon.

did a fair amount of research and found boost mobile to be really good based off other's reviews. decided to get the kyrocera hydro edge, primarily due to price ($100) and the fact it ran Android 4.1. Didn't want to pay a bundle for a top of the line phone, as i have a IPad 4 that I use for most other on the go things.

Quite pleased so far, phone is a good size, easy to use and is pretty clear on majority of calls placed so far. also like the fact it is waterproof and rugged. based on previous experiences, i wanted either a LG or Kyrocera branded phone preferably, since they tend to hold up well over time and aren't fragile like some other phones.

The touch screen is decently sized and nice and responsive, making it easy to type and text on the virtual keyboard. And it is nice the phone memory can be upgraded with a micro sd card up to 32 gigs extra. The camera is also quite nice at 5MP and has a flash (which most other phones in this cost range do not have). Also like how you can connect to a WiFi spot with the phone, instead of relying on using the data plan, which supposedly caps at 2.5 gigs/month and thus throttles the download speed down quite. bit until the next billing cycle. Especially if you plan to stream Netflix or any type of video/music apps frequently.

now there are a couple of minor cons. it isn't the fastest phone ever (as far as opening/running apps) in comparison with some of the more expensive models (Galaxy, HTC One, LG Venice/F7 models) due the amount of onboard RAM. I don't know how well it would perform on high performance games or apps (as mentioned above, i use a tablet for those). I would imagine things like Youtube and Netflix would run fine with little/no problems. It does not utilize 4G or 4G LTE service, only 3G (which seems to be hit or miss around here, and i live in the suburbs and frequently go into the city).

Overall though it's a nice phone and does what i need it to do. Recommend if you are on a budget, but don't want to sacrifice a lot of the modern features. it's not perfect, but performs admirably well considering. This will hold me until they have a nice sale of either the Samsung Galaxy S III or the LG Venice. I would recommend buying a hybrid armor case (got one off here for $5), just because it adds a bit of bulk and a little more weight making it easier to hold in my opinion.
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on September 18, 2013
Previously I owned a Kyocera Hydro and loved it's durability. After seeing the new Hydro Edge come out I decided to try it.

Kyocera has done a wonderful job with the upgrade. The larger screen and impressive camera claiming only to be 5mp actually seems more like an 8mp. The already installed Panoramic camera! Not to mention texting could not get any easier! Yes it has the voice response but even better, when I text it can tell what phrases I'm going to use. Such as if I said, "I hope you like it" or something like that, I put in "I", then "h" and they automatically show the word "hope" as one of the choices but immediately after choosing the pretexted word 'hope' it shows you the word 'you' and other words that you might say after 'hope'. Almost guessing your next word. I just love it.

Originally, when I had the Blackberry years ago, it was hard for me to switch original from a physical qwerty to touch screen. My first couple of touch screens aggravated me with how sloppy they were and how easy it was to press the wrong letter. With the bigger, easier to use screen on this Hydro Edge and all the additional features that I haven't even begun to mention, you will not be disappointed with this phone! I've never been so impressed. Not to mention it's only around $100. You'd be crazy to spend $200 on a phone with less. I've spent $300 on a phone previously and it didn't have nearly as many impressive functions as this Hydro Edge. I can't believe how sweet this phone is!
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on December 29, 2013
After the big mess up with the mailing from Amazon I finally received the phone almost one month after I ordered it. Then the on-line activation did not work. Now the phone has a life of its own. It will suddenly awaken from its "sleep" mode all by its self and begin making calls. It will change my wall paper; drop my contacts; change my ring tone; and I am having to charge it at least twice daily because it is sucking the battery dry.
It took multiple attempts and hours to get the G-mail account set up. I lost all the contacts I entered when I had to remove the battery to try to clear the phone. If the phone is in my pants pocket it will activate and randomly make calls to the contacts saved.
I purchased this phone especially because of the M4 HAC rating. It is a challenge to find cell phones with an M4 rating that are not overpriced.
So far this phone has been the most frustrating phone I've ever dealt with. I prefer the Android system over the iPhone but I’m not sure the bugs have been worked out of this model yet. I plan to contact a local "Boost" store and see if they can figure out what is going on.
The jury is still out on this model as far as I’m concerned. Buy with caution.
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on June 23, 2014
I have Boost mobile and needed a new phone but didn't want to pay too much. So I found this phone. The first month it was just fine but then while in the middle of texting I would get a message that says "messenger has stopped" and I would have to go back into my text and start over. The same thing when I try to look up a website. It doesn't do that all the time but it does happen. I can't use it to talk on the phone because the sound is horrible, people say Im really muffled and they can't understand me. So I think I will be seaching for another phone soon. You don't always get what you pay for, yes I paid under $60 for this phone, but before this one I had the ZTE Warp which is a more expensive phone and it was bad too! Would I recommend this phone? Not if you need to use it to talk on!
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on December 15, 2014
Well, This really isn't a bad phone. Its fast and has a great back camera. But I guess I was a little mad at first. The photo for this was a huge lie. Fraud id say. The image showed an phone that my sister also had. but that's not what I got. I got a different one. one with a back camera only. no front camera. so don't believe every photo the seller posts. so I guess that set me off.
arms another thing that gets me mad is how This phone only had 2 gb. you can only video record 5 seconds. have only 20 photos on your gallery, and the screenshots? well you can't really take much at all. you can only download 20 apps and when you try to download more, it'll say inefficient storage.
whenyou try to take more than more photos than your suppose to do, itll say your sd card it's too full. you can't pay any online because the sd card it's too full.
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on March 25, 2015
I've had this phone for a little over a year now. I'm about to replace my phone due to issues with this one. The phone is not a bad little phone if you don't want to really store anything on it. This phone has so so so much pre loaded stuff on it, it's more than ridiculous! I was only ever able to add four apps myself to this phone before it told me that there wasn't enough storage space. All the time it's trying to update it's preloaded stuff & then it will tell you that there's insufficient storage space & that some functions may not work properly. It doesn't matter how much stuff like pics that you try to delete...it will never give you enough space. The two apps that I have are low storage apps as well. This phone flat out will not even run a social media app now at all. It did when I first got it, but I made the mistake of deleting it & then I could never re-download it due to "insufficient storage space"! Really it would have been a great phone if you could use an SD card or something, but now I can't even load my emails because of the no storage space issue & that's where I draw the line! Oh well, at least I didn't pay much for it(under $70 bucks)! Would SO not recommend!!
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on April 22, 2015
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on July 28, 2014
I use this phone for things like Swagbucks and PerkTV. It ran videos for a week strait while I was out of town. As a waterproof, cheap phone, this has many uses. I have used to to take pictures while tubing, swimming, and being around water in general. As far as using it as a regular phone, i have not activated it or used it for calls or texts. This phone should stand up to whatever you need it to.
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on May 12, 2014
From the user, translated from Spanish:

Working in landscaping and earth moving, he gets calls from work, his supervisor, the quartermaster, from anyone at any given time during work. Since he is almost 95% of the time outside in the nature-conditions, it is very likely that his phone will be subject to dirt and water. He has dropped his phones before into machines and deep pools...'breaking' the phone. The same incidents have happened with this phone and yet the phone survived. He can still call after picking it up from a body of water, or nearly being buried in fertilizer. With a strong case, he believes the phone is indestructible, yet only time will tell how well that bodes. So far, all the 'oops' incidents have come and gone and it is still working as if brand new.

His previous phones were a variety, but what led him to this was a recent investment into a Kyocera Hydro...that met an unpleasant fate inside a compactor. However being careful and ensuring his phone is more secure inside his pockets, can prevent the Edge from meeting the same fate.

Definatly recommends and loves this phone.

Battery has a rubber seal, further protecting it than the predecessor, Hydro.
Phone quality is clear

'Sonic' technology is hard to utilize (It is easy however habits of holding the phone at certain angles, causes the vibrations to not echo correctly into your ear)
Limited to Boost Mobile (Unless a carrier is willing to re-program, it cannot take a SIM card)
Price (over $100 at the time of purchase)
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on September 22, 2014
I've never used this device as phone. For me, it's waterproof camera with cloud backup (thru OneDrive or Google Photos) over wifi. I love being able to take it kayaking or use it to capture photos from the water. I've fully submerged it with no ill effects.

The only problem? It will try to find a network even without a SIM card in it when I start it, making me hit the camera button. I don't consider this a phone, so it'd be nice if it stopped trying to be one.
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