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on September 18, 2007
I bought this knife recently as a work knife at my job. I am a professional chef and I am experienced and well educated on cutlery. This is the second ceramic knife I have bought, the first was dropped by a co-worker and that knife shattered. I love working with ceramic knives because they are the sharpest knives around,period. Nothing is sharper. It glides through food. It requires a bit more care, but if you take good care if it ,it will last a lifetime. This knife is very versitile in the 7" model and very resonably priced. Perfect for meat and fish, slicing, fruit and vegatables. I can cut perfect slices, juliannes, and very fine dice. I laugh when I hear people talk about " my shun knife" or the extremely over-rated "my henckels". They are good all right but very expensive and they will NEVER be as sharp or hold it for as long as a ceramic.

Now, I will say this knife has one thing I don't care for. While the handle is extremely comfortable and feels oh-so-natural( it actually helps cutting in a mechanical sense by design),if the handle is greasy or oily (when cutting steaks from large cuts or dealing with certain fish it can get oily from handeling) it becomes slippery. Not good for a knife as razor sharp as this. Just keep it clean, protect it from abuse and you will have a knife like no other for alooooong time. In a home I suspect it will not be subject to the rigors I put it through, therefore this knife is a great value for the home chef. I would put this knife up against Shun or Henckles or Wusthof any day.
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on March 1, 2016
I love Kyocera's ceramic knives—they're low maintenance and the sharpness is downright otherworldly. I own both the Kyocera Advanced Ceramic Revolution Series 3-inch Paring Knife with Red Handle, White Blade and Kyocera Advanced Ceramic Revolution Series 5-1/2-inch Santoku Knife, Black Handle, White Blade, so it seemed natural to invest in a bigger knife for bigger jobs. Unfortunately, I find I almost never reach for this one. Something about the combination of blade length and material gives me pause. It feels a little bit TOO fragile, and in practice the long, thin blade is less practical than a santoku for most prep, particularly in a vegetarian kitchen. It's good for slicing large, soft items but too long and narrow for chopping, and the length feels awkward when slicing shorter things. In other words, it has a mighty limited use case. When I need a longer blade, I prefer the Victorinox Fibrox 8-Inch Chef's Knife 40520, 47520, 45520, 5.2063.20, which remains the best value in cutlery.
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on April 9, 2017
i received this as a gift, and i din't know the source, but WOW! this is one of my favorite knives for vegetables because it does not have a chemical reaction like steel.

So i somehow chipped the end of it, about 1/2" gouged out of the blade. I was able to use a belt sander to grind the end and simply shorten the knife.

I love this knife.

I also periodically use a 800 grit belt to sharpen the blade
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on July 4, 2013
Had 2 chips after the first day of use. I work in a professional kitchen and wanted to try and persevere my metal knives edge a bit better by having a ceramic knife to handle the acidic fruits and veggies. is sharp, but as I said, it chipped after the first day. I know chips are bound to happen so I didn't think much of it. After about a month of use, it has more chips and I've come to realize, that I'm not much of a fan as the blade is shallow so when I chop things, my knuckle hits the board. I feel like I can't go fast with this knife because I'm scared of chipping it when it hits the board. While it is sharp, It obviously can't take a beating like regular chef knives, but if the blade was a little more deeper, it might feel better.
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on August 8, 2013
Good GRAVY this knife is amazing! Upon unpackaging it, the first thing my wife and I did was try it out on the vegetable (fruit?) it is most well-suited for: a tomato. We were shocked at how sharp the blade is, and how literally effortless it was to cut slice after paper-thin slice of tomato without so much as squishing out a single seed or bit of inside goop! No joke. We cut a Roma Tomato into a couple-dozen perfect, papery-thin slices. I would say that the blade glided through the tomato easier than a hot knife through butter.

Next, to test out how "non-porous" the ceramic blade was, we took it and cut an entire habanero pepper into thin slices. Then we simply rinsed it under hot water, and went back to the tomato again. There was no detectable residue of the habanero when I ate the tomato slices that we cut directly after rinsing. Impressive.

Now it is true, the micro-serrations are really best for cutting waxy-skinned fruits and vegetables that have soft insides. So in addition, we bought some of the other Kyocera Ceramic knives for other purposes too. But I would say that this knife is now part of our regular meal preparation literally almost daily. We love it!
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on May 12, 2016
Magically cutting through. Its extremely sharp, and well made. Of course it has its regulations how to handle it and not cut bones and ice naturally because its ceramic and not stainless steel. Therefore its ceramic and its dangerously sharp. The one that I got is black, almost solid back, and the reason is because black ceramic is more durable than the white ones. Its like a natural metal metal. Its also very light weight even though blade is normal thickness.
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on June 6, 2017
For the price of this is amazing, and I can practically cut some fruits with no problem of struggle. It slices so easily, however with that being said there are some fruits and vegetables this does a poor job. For example pineapples or beets. They don't slice so easily with this knife, your gonna have to put more pressure on your wrists and hand
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on July 13, 2017
I work in a professional kitchen as the "Garde Manger". I estimate in the 3 years since I purchased this knife it has seen appox. 1,000+ hours of chop prep. Even still, this remains one of the sharpest knives in the kitchen to this day. I love steel knives; but you simply cannot beat the resilience of a ceramic blade. Kyocera has earned a customer for life.
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on July 25, 2014
This knife has really changed the way I deal with knives. My wife and I use this knife for the vast majority of our cutting tasks. I also have the small Kyocera slicing knife, and although it is equally sharp, this one is easier to use because it is larger. The bigger blade allows you to stroke through something as opposed to just slicing it. I still use metal knives for anything that is abusive such as cutting meat with bones or cuts that require a twisting motion, but for almost everything this knife is amazing. The ceramic edge after about a year of use is just about as sharp as when I first got it. If this was a metal knife, I would have to sharpen it every week to maintain an edge that probably still wouldn't match the sharpness of this blade. It seems that to dull one off these blades you have to chip it, this can be done fairly easily if you don't know what you are doing. This may be the reason that Kyocera has a sharpening program. They claim they can grind out the tiny chips that occur over time. My first ceramic knife, the slicing knife has some chips in it, that was our training blade, this knife has none because we know what we are doing now. I would bet the tip is rounded to prevent chipping as well as promote safety.

Don't let the fragility of the blade scare you, when you use it for the first time you will probably start laughing. Then you will laugh again every time you use a knife at someone else's house. The sharpness isn't the important thing here, I can sharpen a metal knife to nearly the same sharpness, what is important is that this thing STAYS sharp. Metal knives must be sharpened with every use if they want to compete with this.

This blade is very light and it looks great. Since the blade is quite broad, you will need a really big knife block if its going to fit into a slot.

The black version looks a lot cooler than the white one and it doesn't show the staining that can occurs if you leave certain juices on the blade overnight.

Don't throw away your original package! Kyocera has a free sharpening program, but you will need to send them your knife. The packaging it comes in can handle this for you. I got this idea from a you tube review of their sharpening program.
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on November 24, 2013
This is far and away the best knife I have ever used. It stays sharp for months, is light as a feather. Be careful - it will cut you deep.

Getting it sharpened is another matter. I sent my original one to Kyocera (as directed) and after a month I still do not have it back. Extremely poor service from Kyocera.
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