Customer Reviews: LARMOR By GGS 4 Generation Self-adhesive Glass Nikon LCD Screen Protector for Nikon D7100 D7200 Camera
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on August 29, 2013
I previously bought similar one for D7000 before the one(s) for D7100 came out. Soon as those for D7100 came out, I bought them to replace the one on my camera right away. I said "them" because I actually bought two sets. One of them is the one in this review and the other one is the non-self adhesive type (GGS III Generation DSLR LCD Screen Protector for Nikon D7100). I bought both just to see which one I would like the most. As it turns out, this Larmor suits me much better.

I was quite a bit skeptical when I placed the order (which is also why I order two types at first). There were several other (Larmor) products for D7100 listing on Amazon at the time when I was looking for it (early August 2013). Most of them except two (different listing products) do not come with the top screen protector and one of the two that do were out of stock. I ordered mine on this one being reviewed and it was sold and shipped by DidoMall straight from China. Without any review for both the product and the seller, that got me worried a bit. However, it turned out to be one of the smoothest transaction I have made. Received the product in 7 business days after placing the order. The screen protectors seem genuine and come with a packet of screen wipe. The seller also throw in a GGS fiber cloth with my order as well.

As for the screen protectors themselves, I think you cannot find any better product to protect your screens. Be it digital camera screens or anything else. I have tried a few other types of screen protector and so far this self-adhesive glass protector works out to be the best.
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on February 6, 2014
So I have horrible luck installing screen protectors. I have the somewhat helpful folks at Best Buy install the Helicopter Armor (Invsishield) on my phones and tablets for me, because when I do it I end up with lots of bubbles.

As with all my tech, I install UV Filters, Cases, and Screen Protectors as soon as I buy them. I can tell you without a doubt, it increases the value at resale by $100-200 depending on your product. Especially for smartphones where the screen is the main source of input. Being able to tell someone that the LCD screen or lens of whatever tech product you are selling has virtually never been exposed to the elements is a powerful message.

But on to the actual review of the LARMOR Glass Screen Protector. This product was purchased for my brand new Nikon D7100. Unlike my last two Nikon Cameras, the D90 and the D7000, Nikon did not ship it with the hard plastic screen protector. I was a bit dismayed at first because I just expected it to be there. The hard plastic ones that Nikon typically includes will get the job done, but add bulk and look very awkward on the back of the camera. It also seems to be a cheaper plastic so the optical quality is not the best. But since I care about protecting my camera I did not mind the look and soon grew accustomed to the it. But now I have used this LARMOR Glass protector I feel I will not be going back.

The visual quality on this LARMOR protector is amazing. It is so thin you cannot barely see its there until you get up close. The border matches perfectly to the large screen on the back of the D7100. It is very thin and does not reflect light at all. If you were to pass the camera on to someone to show them a photo the would not even be able to tell it was there. The glass nature of the protection meant that is does not flex around really much at all and that you cant really "squish" it like you can do with some cheaper plastic protectors. I think if this was on a touchscreen, perhaps I wouldn't like the sensation of using it with my finger but as for protecting my LCD screen on my DSLR, it feels very rugged. I was worried at first because I have never installed a "glass" screen protector nor had seen one in person before so I really didn't know what to expect.

The actual installation took less than 5 minutes and was quite simple. It has a self sealing mechanism which was quite cool to watch, you basically place it on the camera gently and give it a light push and it attaches itself to the camera and the air pockets just go away. But follow the simple instructions included to make sure you do it the right way.

I think the glass protector matches well with the rugged nature of the DSLR. I now do not worry about the screen as I did before, and think that the LARMOR will keep up well with the magnesium sealed body of the camera. The glass is firm but does not look like it protect the LCD from a large impact, I suspect the LCD would only be protected by the large and thick plastic protectors which can more easily absorb the force of a impact. Still I dont plan on smashing my DSLR anytime soon :)

The only con I have run into, and this might just be limited to me, is related to oils on the skin and contact with it. I of course use the optical viewfinder to take photos and sometimes, not every-time, I see a little smudge of oil on the protector when I take my face away. It will go away on its own with out having to wipe it but I thought I would mention this. The other protector never had this issue. Also it might be worse for someone with makeup on, but I dont know for sure.

So that's my review. I say get it for your DSLR. Always protect your gear, so you can sell it for more to buy new gear.

And so the cycle continues ;)

-Austin W
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on October 11, 2015
I took my time and positioned the screen protector correctly without removing the adhesive strip and then taped it to the camera on the bottom with a piece of masking tape just to keep it oriented. I then flipped the protector off the screen with it still being held by the masking tape and very carefully and thoroughly cleaned the screen of all dust using wipes and a blower and an LED. Once I was satisfied I removed the adhesive backing and flipped the protector back onto the screen slowly for an absolutely perfect and bubble free fit. I am extremely impressed with this glass protector and think it's well worth the money.
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on February 14, 2014
After researching screen protectors for my new Nikon D7100, I settled on this after reading all the great reviews. And, for the most part, the reviews were accurate. It was easy to install, made of quality material and does the job it is supposed to.

I carefully installed the protector, cleaning the glass thoroughly and making sure I didn't touch the protector. After installation, the entire right side of my LCD viewer is behind a bubble. I've tried and tried and tried to get the bubble out, but the protector is sealed so tight, there is no way to remove it.

Is this a major problem? No. More of an irritant than anything. And, the bubble does not hinder the appearance of my images when I review them. Still, looking at the LCD and seeing that bubble just irritates me.

I've tried to peal up the corner of the protector to help smooth it out, but it won't budge. This thing is sealed tight. If anyone has any tips on how to remove the protector, I'd love to hear them.

Would I buy this product again? Probably, as it seems to be a quality product. The bubble was probably the result of my error in installing the item. Can I live with the bubble? Of course. But, I still get irritated when I see it every time I pull the camera out of the camera bag.

UPDATED on Feb. 19: After I tried to reinstall the screen after constant bubbles, I managed to wear out the adhesive to the protector. Recognizing that this was a quality product, and that the failure in installation was purely my fault, I ordered another one. I installed it last evening and it fits like a glove. No bubbles. You don't even realize the screen protector is on the camera.

I now give the review a 90 percent rating, and will upgrade that rating as time moves on. I want to see how long it lasts on the camera. I think it will be fine, but I don't want to declare it a perfect product after having it on the camera less than 24 hours.
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on August 10, 2013
Having had some experience with these glass screen protectors for my iPhone I can tell you that they are well worth the money. This particular set I got for my new Nikon D7100. Application was extremely simple but the best part is there are no bubbles! The piece actually looks and fits like it came from the Nikon factory as part of the camera. I'll always chose glass protectors over those over priced plastic peel and sticks that never look right after installation.
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on October 27, 2015
I've worked with screen protectors for my phones and cameras for years, but this one was a disappointment. Its packaging is quite attractive, and the protectors look substantial. I followed the directions, and made sure there were no dust or smudges on the LCD screen, all to no avail. There were so many bubbles, I didn't know where to start, but start I did. After an hour of trying to get rid of the bubbles, I gave up, repackaged them and sent them back. I'm open to suggestions about what I might have done wrong, and whether there is a screen protector on the market that will work -- without bubbles.
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on October 19, 2015
This product did not fit my D7200 correctly, there is one corner with a small air gap. Product has a rigid outer edge that has to fit into the slight recess around the camera LCD. Despite three tries I could not get this protector to fit completely flat, the upper right corner has a 3/8" air gap that is visible when the LCD is off. When the LCD is on - the gap can't be seen. Either the camera, or the screen, is out of specification. The top LCD protector fit perfectly. The glass is very clear and I when the LCD is on I don't notice its there, which is good. I have the same brand protector for my Nikon D750, if that one fits better I'll likely return this one and expect better results.
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on January 27, 2015
I highly recommend this product above all screen protectors on the market as of the time of this writing 1-27-2015.

I have used various sizes and brands of screen protectors for cellphones, tablets and this particular one for my Nikon D7100 camera. My camera's are like my babies; while the beginner level camera's seem to all have a swivel screen which is pretty good protection on its own however the higher end of Nikon's line (Enthusiastic and Pro Levels) do not have the swivel screen. This oversight, design flaw or however you want to look at it leaves the live view screen as well as the top readout screen wide open to nicks, scratches, cracking, smudges, and all other types of nasty things that can make your beautiful, expensive camera look old and beat up in no time. I am a little OCD about this and take VERY good care of ALL my camera, computer, and music studio equipment. Going that extra step is worth it in the long run not only does it make your equipment look better it does help to prevent damage.

I had originally purchased another brand and it was total junk, the bubbles and dust particles were bountiful and all the pushing to get the air bubbles out was a joke. I finally gave up after two solid hours, or better, of trying to smooth out the bubbles and remove the particles. In the end all I was left with was a clumped up ball of sticky mess. I happened on this brand, LARMOR, by accident and thought well it couldn't be any worse than the one I just purchased so I decided to give it a try.

The product is very true to its name in simplicity. You simply remove the #1 strip and make sure it is lined up perfectly then give it a little push with your forefinger and it begins to adhere to the screen without effort. The live view screen had no, and I mean "ZERO" air bubbles, dust or otherwise any other issues. It went on smooth and clear, just as advertised. If you are a super geek like myself its also really cool to watch the self adhesive glass attach to the screen.

It does add a thickness to the screen, nothing noticeable that would draw attention to it or hinder your usage of the camera at all. It is crystal clear once you take off strip #2 coating so don't freak out. It appears cloudy with bubbles until strip #2 is removed. Still take a camera cloth and apply very little pressure to make sure once the self adhesive adheres to the screen to smooth out any bubbles not visible while the second and final #2 strip is removed. It is crystal clear and will blow your mind if its your first time to see this in action. Also the #2 coating strip is sticky so if there is any dust or other particles on the final product just gently tap it with the sticky side of the #2 strip and it will remove any imperfections that may be there but typically there will be nothing there but a crystal clear now safer, protected screen.

Now the small screen protector for the small top screen is a bit more tricky because of the location and the smaller working area which you have to apply the protector. Again remove strip #1 (it is marked) and place it in the small area and slightly press so the self adhesive begins its process. Apply a very small amount of pressure over the entire area with a camera lens cloth to make sure it is has completely adhered itself to the screen. Again it will look blurry and cloudy until the #2 strip is removed at which time it should be crystal clear. I have a very small and I mean OCD nobody else could probably see it bubble in the corner that I was able to smooth out with the camera screen cloth by pushing the small imperfection towards the outside edge of the screen protector. Any damage the screen would be left open to without the LARMOR protection far out weights the small imperfection that may seem unsightly and only visible to an OCD perfectionist. You can't go wrong with this protector and its completely idiot proof, the entire process takes under 5 minutes.

For clarification, yes there is a black border around both screen protectors and at first sight it looks dreadful to the point of second guessing the thought of putting it on the screen. I assure you when the protector is placed on the screen the border is not even noticeable as it blends into the area and appears to disappear as the edges blend completely with body frame.

If you have ever worked with those horrible plastic screen protectors and given up leaving your screen unprotected then you definitely want to give this a try. This protector is made of self adhering glass not plastic and it makes all the difference in the world in applying it to the screen.
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on November 10, 2015
The product was delivered early and was as described. Having applied protective shields before, the lack of more detailed instructions was expected but not a hindrance. Made sure my hands and the D7200 screens were clean and without dust/lint. Applied the shields which fit like a glove. I did catch a bubble under the larger screen, but I lifted an edge pushed the bubble out and there were no further concerns. Now I just hope that they don't actually have to protect the screens from anything other than an occasional smug or fingerprint (which clean off easily). I will provide an additional note if that should unfortunately happens.

01/07/2016: Have been using the camera regularly for awhile, including hot and humid environments, and the screens stayed on the camera, were easily cleaned, and not other problems. Thumbs up.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon December 14, 2015
working perfect from corner to corner , you need to fit it exactly, if any edge is not covered it will not attach 100% , start on the right and left the rest is going to stick from itself . I missed little bit the first time but it is easy to lift again and the second time it worked perfectly .
Also the shield for the top LCD is very easy to attach just drop it in , make sure your screen is clean with no finger prints or any dust even mini or you will get bubble .The shield will not shatter or damage your screen according to the manual or leave any residue .
It was worthy purchase
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