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on December 16, 2014
I bought 3 of the Zak plastic trays with handles on amazon and then cut 3 of these plates to fit. Now all 3 kids have their own lego building tray that can be easily moved and no fighting over space or parts. Easy to cut to size with a utility knife.
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on January 20, 2012
It is great to have this large building plate. We bought four of them, and my husband attached them all to a square piece of plywood with screws and put casters on the bottom. Now my son has a large base to build his LEGO creations, and it slides under the bed with a simple push for neat storage when he's not using it. (Granted, some of his taller creations have to be partially destructed to fit under the bed.) The 2x2 design is large and sturdy enough to build large, complex LEGO sets and scenes. We have some stacking Sterlite boxes for LEGO pieces, and all together it's a very user-friendly LEGO system that keeps both children and parents happy. It has been used almost daily for over a year, and there have been no problems at all.
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on January 9, 2011
It works. Rather expensive even if you can get it for $15. It is flimsy and needs a rigid backer material. Only one color in the 15"! And only in gray. If you need to attach it to anything, the plates are made of ABS plastic. Check the glue labels to make sure they are recommended for ABS. Just don't use the cement used on ABS plumbing pipe, it may just melt and distort the thin plates.
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on January 7, 2015
We purchased 7 of these Lego sheets to convert a homeade train table into a Lego table. The table looks great! However, the sheets do not fit together too create a large work area. Once put together, Legos will not fit from one sheet to another.
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on December 13, 2014
I bought this because my oldest child had a base plate. This new one is flimsy and will probably break soon. I am not sure how the legos are supposed to even be firmly attached as this piece flexs. The one my oldest has is strong and sturdy. I had suggested my older child give his to my younger child, he wouldn't, so I bought this one. Now he never will, because he knows that his is irreplacable. The quality isn't there. The product went from solid and sturdy to cheap and flexing.
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on January 2, 2011
This is a good base plate for lego fun. It's very large but flimsy. I plan on mounting it to a stiffer board to keep it from breaking. But overall it's good to have this as part of our lego kit.
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on November 18, 2013
This is a nice sized based for your Lego building. At 15x15 is well over twice the size of the more common 10x10 plates. Like all Lego products this is still a lot of money for a piece of flat plastic but if you are a Lego collector you should be used to paying for the Lego Brand Name!

Its a shame that this only comes in Grey. The smaller 10x10 plates have more color options. If you want a green for grass for example you are limited to the smaller plates. Ultimately it comes down to how much room you need. If you need the large place area and don't mind the color limitation this plate if fine.

Fore those of you thinking about buying multiple plates to cover a larger play area you should compare these to the 10x10's. The 10x10 plates are actually cheaper if you break them down as price per square inch of building space. Add the additional color options of the 10x10 plates and they are probably a better option for this purpose.

I see a number of people commenting on this plate being a little flimsy. It does indeed bend quite a bit and could probably break with rough treatment. However since this is designed to sit on a flat surface pretty much all the time I don't' think this is a major drawback. On the other hand if you have small children who might rough house with this item there is a good chance it could snap into potentially dangerous shards.
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VINE VOICEon December 19, 2014
This is a flat gray, 15 x 15 inch, flat plate. The lego dots go all the way to the edges making a very large play place for larger sets. Normal lego flat plates run 10 x 10 inch so if you are going for a standard size you may want two of these so you could run three of the 10 x 10 street pieces or whatever you have.
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on May 19, 2016
My 8 y/o wanted a Lego table so we bought a few of these and connected them with glueto the top of a cheap (you build) storage center (similar to a small Kallax). We used super glue (the storage unit came from Wally World like 11 years ago and no one cared) after lining up with duck tape and tried with all our might to line these things up. Try as we might (and hopefully these are knock offs) we could not get them to line up evenly. We got two of them to line up with a barely noticeable difference in the edges, but the third wouldn't fit on either of them without a very noticeable gap between the ends. There was no way to make it look like one long plate. This affects building across the plates because I'm OCD enough that making the choice between the building rows lining up or the edges, I had to choose the edges. I'm hoping that these again are knockoffs or it was an issue with the plates coming from different lots (I did buy at least one of them in a retail store, though I couldn't tell you which one). These are flat on the bottom, which makes it easy to affix them to surfaces, I only wish they came with (or I'd though to purchase and use) the removable adhesive strips. A year later, the storage unit is destroyed and these things are affixed for life :)
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on January 30, 2015
Both my children, girl age 7; son age 4, are huge Lego fanatics. This is especially true of my four year old son (almost 5) who is absolutely passionate about building things. I purchased this building plate for my daughter to use with her LEGO Friends Heartlake Shopping Mall 41058 Building Set. It works great, and the entire mall fits on the one building plate. However, my daughter wanted her mall stores spread out over a bigger area, so I ended up getting her a second plate. Now she has her mall stores spread out over two building plates and it looks fantastic! We've also been buying her extra pieces to add to the mall, such as the LEGO Friends Heartlake Pet Salon 41007.

My daughter absolutely loves having the plates; not only does it look great, but with the plates, moving her Lego creation from one place to the other is a breeze. The plates are very well made and are extremely sturdy--I was surprised about that, especially considering how flexible they are. In any event, I love these plates and plan on buying a few more for my daughter's other creations, as well as for my son. My only complaint is that I wish the plate wasn't quite so flexible. Why couldn't it be as hard and inflexible as the individual small building plates that come with the various Lego collections? This plate bends very easily, which makes it hard to pick up and carry whenever there is a project attached; I have to be very careful when lifting the plate with the Lego Mall attached, otherwise one end or the other, flops over and pieces fall off.

I read one of the earlier reviews where that mom said she purchased plastic trays in which she placed the Lego plate to allow her children to be able to easily move them around. I like that idea--a lot! She cut the plate down to size to fit the trays--maybe she wanted them smaller--but in my case I'm going to try to find a tray that is big enough to accommodate the plate as is. That should nicely resolve the problem. Aside from being too flexible, my only other complaint is that I wish Lego would offer the plates in a wider variety of colors. So far all I've been able to find are gray, green, and blue. My daughter would love them in pinks and purple--probably my son too! LOL Anyhow, just a thought. Bottom line, this is a great product and one that I would highly recommend for any little Lego builder.
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