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on November 20, 2015
What can I say Lego is the king and these big kits are the best. I purchased all 4 of the new larges kits for my granddaughter for her birthday and made her a new Lego table. These kits take a lot of time and focus, (warning the bags are not labeled and sorted by section) you have to figure it out on your own. A normal Lego kit comes with split up into lettered bags A,B,C so on. That the assembly books refer to when putting the kit together.These big experts kits do not. You need lots of room to spread out and sort parts, my granddaughter is 8 and she used paper plate to sort all the parts first. They take a full 10 inch by 10 inch Lego square when assembled. Once a kit goes out of production the price shoots up 2x, 3x sometimes 10 times as much. If your thinking about buying one get it now, hang on to it. If you don't use, you wont have any problem selling it later if you don't use it. I am at the point now, when a new big kit comes out I buy it for a future gift rather than wait for the price to get out of sight. You really can't beat Lego expert kits for teaching a child or young person focus.
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on June 22, 2016
This is the oldest modular Lego set you can get for now without having to pay triple the original price. That's only for now, though. Before I purchased this particular set, I called my local Lego store and asked about the status of this one. The representative told me this set is RETIRED. What does that mean?


As a Lego fan, I'm disgusted by such practice. Therefore, I suggest that you buy if it happens to be under $160 at most.
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on February 10, 2014
This is the third modular building in my collection. My wife and I build them much like you might spend time doing a puzzle. It's quiet, we spend time together, and we talk. Often, we talk about all of the clever techniques and adorable furnishings and detail that go into these buildings.

This is a great set in general, but especially for a combined build like that. Both buildings in this set add up to a very nice block. I really love the blue color of the pet shop's walls. There is a lot of red, orange, and brown in the modular buildings still available for purchase which isn't bad, but it's nice to see some variety here.

There are some familiar tricks and techniques in this set if you've built any of the other modulars, but as always, there are clever new things showing up as well. The attention to detail is amazing, and once again there are no complaints of substance for me on this set.

Well, except maybe that I can't also get a mini-modular version from Lego on this yet... but that's not going to change my mind or yours on buying this.

For a family project, this would take a while, but at the same time it's a satisfying build once complete. I would love to see another set that takes a similar idea to this two-building set and expands the modular street a bit further. But for now, this is entirely worth the price.
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on February 8, 2014
Check out the YouTube video reviews of the 'Pet Shop' and you will see most agree this is the best Creator build. Since we purchased this one and the Expert Winter Village Cottage based on YouTube video reviews, I can only say they were both every bit as satisfying as we had expected. Bonus: the sets will probably go out of production in a few years and become valuable to collectors (think double). What other toys can you enjoy and then sell for considerably more than you paid, allowing you to move on to the next generation? Nice!
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on April 18, 2015
I have a 9 year old. He has been yearning for the set for ages. I was very hesitant to buy because the 16+ rating and the number of pieces....and the price! I was convinced to buy the set for his 9th birthday! He had completed the whole thing in 2 days, working after school only! He had no help from any adult, whatsoever! The only help he accepted was to have his brother search for a missing peice! It is done ... In exactly 2 days! Now, he is playing with it like a play house.
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on November 6, 2014
So glad I got this...was on the fence...but Lego keeps surpassing expectations. I wouldn't wait as this set will likely be retiring soon. I purchased this on Amazon when it was still $149.95 and so glad I did. The set still is available at MSRP on I was going to get the Parisian but something told me to go with this set. What a fun build with two very distinct buildings that add color to my Palace Cinema. This is my second modular and will continue to get more as they come out. The pet shop building is the shining star in this set as more detail is involved there. The brownstone is nice, but since it is really empty, due to remodeling/painting, the building is more aesthetically pleasing than having any real play value. I might look for some unique micro builds to fill the brownstone. I hope we see more modular designs in the future that offer dual buildings like this. I can place both buildings on one side of the Cinema or put one on either depending on display preference. I'm late to the Lego modular game but am hooked.
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on December 28, 2016
Although I have only finished half of this set so far, it is fun to build! I'll sit down to work on it for just 20 minutes and end up working on it until I have to pull myself away from it, often after an hour. The details included in this set are great including the painting Lego man. When I complete this set, I plan to put it on display and continue adding more of the downtown modular buildings Lego has to offer. I would recommend anyone who loves Lego to get this set, but get it before they are completely sold out!
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on June 20, 2016
I loved this set. I gave it to my two sons and it was great because they were each able to build their own side. Axel built the Pet Shop and Audrick built the townhouse. They got to enjoy building it without fighting with each other over whose turn it was. (They are 7 and 9). It took them both 2 days to build although they never wanted to stop. I had to force them to go to bed. For myself, I loved the architectural creativity and look forward to purchasing more. My boys added it to their 'Lego City' and like to show it off to their friends.
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on June 5, 2016
Just got back into Lego after the "dark ages". After doing some extensive research, I found that the modulars are highly satisfying due to the following reasons:
1. Big sets, lots of detail
2. The newer modulars have a "story" (see Detective's Office)
3. High resell value (especially when new, see Green Grocer)
4. Can connect several modulars to form a city block

Comments regarding this model:
+ Can be split into two buildings
+ Animal figures
- One of the more "bare" interiors
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on January 20, 2012
What can I say! Of course this is a stupendous product. My son still builds these, (and shhhh he is thirty and works a very stressful corporate job). He has many of the city sets and duplicates of several. These fill his need to create , relax and I think re-live a bit of childhood in a sea of work days and responsibilities. They are so well thought out in design and have such amazing tiny details . He loves lego, I love that he does, and I will continue to buy this great product for him. I hope more come out in this particular series. The detailed buildings such as these are by far his favorites. Ah far as educational..please, it is one of the few toys left that allow you to build as it was designed, and then as we do ...take them apart and re-design with your own ideas.
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