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on May 23, 2014
I bought 4 of these for Christmas, 3 for my boys and 1 for a cousin (1-4 years old). It makes building easier and keeping structures from toppling over on our carpeted floors. It's also solved a lot of picking up problems. Our oldest takes a lot of pride in the houses and robots that he builds and doesn't want to break them when cleaning up for the night. Putting them on the plate and then setting the whole plate on top of the toy box keeps them neat and unbroken so he can start to play over again in the morning without rebuilding. The quality is great (it's Lego). These have withstood 3 very rambunctious boys with all their crashing and bashing and tossing and jumping for 5 months. I'm sure we will have these for a very long time. In fact, I still have the Duplo plate from when I was growing up (it is red). These things last. What more could you ask for in a much loved toy.
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on January 5, 2015
The Duplo blocks connect more easily to each other than they do to this board. Not sure what the manufacturing issue is, but there is something non-standard in the board. This board is a bit flexible, & the knobs on it are closed, rather than open like the knobs on the blocks themselves. Not sure if either of these design features contribute to this flaw or not. Board is OK though, just a good bit more difficult for my daughter (or me also) to connect Duplo blocks to this Duplo board. But she is able usually to still make connections. My evaluation is that this board rates as "OK".
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on March 22, 2012
Where should I start on this product?? I guess if my 3 yr old would of been more delighted to received the green base maybe I would be a little bit more happy. Our daughter received 3 sets of Duplo blocks for X-mas and we were definitely getting tired of building "Towers" all the time and having the "Towers" fall everywhere and scatter everywhere in our house. So my husband started looking for the green bases in hopes that she would start to build houses and whatever her little imagination desired. Apparently these bases (specifically for the Duplo blocks) are NON-EXISTING in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Toys-R-Us said they could order @ their store for $34.99...WTH..right away I laughed and said I would look on the internet. Amazon (which rocks) was the cheapest, I could get 2 for not even the price of one! Unfortunately, the green grass bases did not stop her from building just made an even sturdier base for her towers. Also I thought I would mention the bases are very flimsy, my daughter is pretty rough on her toys...she likes to bend them past the point of bendability...definitely NOT worth the $34.99 Toys-R-Us was trying to say...PPPFFFTT. Thanks again Amazon for a super savvy deal!!!!!!!!
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on December 29, 2015
We really like these boards and secured them with Velcro so we can remove and clean them, the kids don't use them
As much as I thought they would but they do use them and they're worth having
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on December 3, 2014
If you played with Duplo as a kid, like I did, you will notice that these plates are a little thinner and less sturdy that the ones from the 80's. This only matters if you're trying to move a masterpiece with one hand (although even with two hands the bending can be a little tricky) but is nonetheless a step down from older models. The good news it that when the plate is sitting on a flat surface like a table it still works perfectly. In general these big building plates are an essential part of any Duplo collection!
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on March 22, 2014
My kids love these, and although they are great for building, this one we ordered seems to be of lesser quality than past building plates. It seems more flexible/flimsy than our other ones. For the price we paid, I feel it should have been a firmer building surface. The kids could tell the difference, too, and could tell it wasn't the same as our other two plates. Can't fool a kid who is a LEGO master! Anyway, if you need one of these, it will do, just a head's up that it may not be made with as strong of materials as the 'old school' models.
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on November 1, 2014
There is nothing more frustrating for a toddler than building a lego project and watching it fall apart because it needed to be moved. My son and I love this building plate that allows him to lock in his scene for fun imaginary play after the building is done. Big as it is, it's still small so we often link buildings to the outer edge of the plate and leave the inside for smaller constructions and play space. He'll be getting a couple more of these for Christmas this year.
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on May 10, 2015
I paid a little over $15 for this item, which I think is high for a single piece of plastic but it has made Duplos much more fun to play with. My kids have two building sets and this is plenty big, a nice size. It seems durable enough to me and I like that the corners are rounded rather than sharp. Pieces attach to it easily and remove easily, but not too easily. No problems. Just as expected.
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on December 2, 2014
Larger than i pictured in my head even though it clearly states the size. Its great for table tops but not for transport as the smaller plates are because of its size it gets flimsy especially with extra weight on it. The only improvement would be to add another layer of plastic on this to make it more sturdry but the thinness of it would be great if your wanting to just have this on a table or glue it to something.
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on April 25, 2015
This produce is too thin for 2-5 year old to play with and not break. My 3 year old daughter could crack it by simply kneeling on it during normal play. I solved this by gluing it onto a piece of plywood. That is too much work for a $15 building plate. Overpriced and poorly made. I'd give it one star but it is something that gets played with after being reinforced with wood.
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