Customer Reviews: LEGO Duplo Green Building Plate (15" X 15") (Discontinued by manufacturer)
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on March 1, 2006
This is a good accessory to go along with your child's duplos. However...

1. After I ordered it off Amazon I realized you can get it for LESS on Lego's website or at a Lego store, if you have one... and no shipping that way, either. I feel like a dolt. I don't know why I didn't think to look - I tried Toys R Us, Target, and WalMart for Duplos, and found nothing good. So I ordered some stuff on line and just ASSUMED Amazon's prices were good, becuase they usually are.

2. Consider a LEGO baseplate instead of LEGO DUPLO. You can use Duplo blocks on a Lego base but not Lego blocks on a Duplo base. Legos and Duplos can go together but their coupling is dependant upon the Duplos' pegs being hollow. The pegs on the Duplo base are solid so you can't use Legos on it. One problem, though, Duplos don't cling QUITE as tightly to the Lego base... but they do work.)

You should maybe also know that this is kind of a bendy peice of plastic, not hard and solid and thick like the smaller Duplo bases that come with some sets (the ones that are 5X5 or so It works fine, but I was surprised to learn this, I was expecting it to be more solid.

Great item, great fun, but don't buy it here!!!

updating my original review to say several years and 3 more kids and my kids really seem to ignore this thing... and it's also taken a permanent bend to it so it doesn't lay flat. The smaller sturdier base plates get way more use - you can get a 3 pack of yellow, red, green. I think if this were solid it MIGHT get more play but it's really bendy and the bricks just pop off too easily.
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on January 31, 2002
My two-year-old daughter was just given one of these and a nice big tub of Duplos. Without a base, all she could do was build long chains of a single block type (and she'd get frustrated when the tower wouldn't hold together perfectly). I had tried to get her to see how to link things in other ways, but she just didn't see it. Enter the baseplate. Aha! She suddenly figured out what to do with the blocks, and builds little walls and houses and beds and things. Much more fun. It's also much more fun for Mom and Dad to play along with her when we can get more creative.
Now, here's the kicker. She had had a set of Maxi Mega Blocks for ages, but hadn't used them much (because of the tower-building problem). It turns out that Maxi Mega Blocks will also fit on this baseplate! You can't build Duplos on top of them, but that's not a big problem here. The Duplo baseplate rejuvenated the Maxi Mega Blocks as a cool toy for a toddler who likes to build.
If you're thinking about buying something for a kid who is too young for Duplos, try Maxi Mega Blocks and a Duplo baseplate (the Primo sets are nowhere near as good as MMB for actual building).
The only bummer is that the baseplate we have is rather thin and flexible, and I'm worried about her stepping on it and breaking it (hence the 3 stars for durability). It hasn't broken yet, but I've taken a fair bit of care to make sure of that. But don't let this deter you!
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VINE VOICEon December 31, 2001
Legos are great. Lego Duplos are great. They are a good size for little clumsy toddler fingers to grab hold of and snap together. They are great for eye hand coordination, pre math skills, small motor skills and more.
One of the things I like about Lego products is that you can buy more of the same thing and it makes for a whole new lot of fun. This base plate makes it easy to build buildings and tall structures. IT gives the structures a great base that is very sturdy.
Unless you want to buy a special table, these base plates are very good. I bought a few and we can build up and out more than ever.
I look for toys that are sturdy and fun and easy to use. I look for toys that have more than a button to push. IF they are somewhat educational or help the child explore the world then that is so much the better. Legos fit into this list perfectly. The base plates only help to increase the fun of playing with the legos/duplos.
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on December 17, 2010
Never, in the history of humankind, has plastic reached such a high bucks per squarefoot ratio. OK, the educational value is great. But come on lego people, how much R&D did it take in Denmark to develop such a breath taking product? what about manufacturing? Do they put gold in that plastic? Does it save what you build over it in a hidden flash memory? What is the hourly wage of the 1 or 2 Chinese workers who make this piece of plastic for the whole planet? 15"X 15" does not equal 15$ nor 5*.

Update after 2 weeks of use:
This product is not made in china but in Denmark, Austria, Czech Republic and Hungaria according to the packaging, which again is impressive for a piece of plastic. To be fair to the product, yes, as soon as my son got it, the magic operated and he stopped building boring towers to explore the three dimensions and it's fascinating to watch. Parents should not let their child miss this major part in the lego experience, but Lego Corp. should not make us pay with the movie theater popcorn kind of pricing....
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on June 11, 2004
It has been the best to buy. This keeps the duplo in place and less cleaning. My 2 year old loves it. I had a toddler table and used velcro to attach it, instead of buying the table.
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on November 16, 2000
If you're going to buy that big tub of Duplo blocks, then you've gotta get this baseplate. It's a foundation for all the neat castles, towers, and other amazing creations your kid's gonna make with all of those blocks. In case you haven't guessed, mommy likes playing with it too.
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on February 12, 2010
I bought two of these baseplates for my children (ages 2 & 4) for 50% off at the Lego site (only difference is the one I purchased is red in color). Definitely check the Lego site before purchasing to see if they are offering any of these on clearance.

This baseplate, which measures 15" x 15" (or 22 x 22 pegs), is absolutely essential to building really fantastic Duplo structures. For some reason I can't find a single store within a 50-mile radius that carries these (I've looked) and that makes absolutely no sense, because what exactly are you going to do with Legos if you don't have a sturdy foundation for the building? Up to this point my daughters have busied themselves making large towers that often topple, scattering the stacked Legos everywhere and creating disappointment. With this baseplate (and a few of the other smaller building plates we purchased) the possibilities are truly limitless. You can actually build a structure for little people to play in, landscape a yard/garden area and plant little flowers around it, and because the baseplates holds it all in place you aren't losing pieces left and right. To be honest, when the kids go to bed tonight, I think I'm going to play! I never had one of these baseplates when we had Legos growing up, but I think it was the one thing we were always missing, and the reason my interest in Legos was never very intense.

So, I think this is a great piece, and without a doubt, it's essential. My only disappointment is with just how thin it is. Basically, if you pick it up by a single corner, the rest of the plate bows. If you hold it up to the light you can see through it - just to give someone who is purchasing on of these sight-unseen an idea of how thin it is. Because this is, as all Lego pieces are, made of ABS plastic, the material is extremely rigid, and I dare say even brittle. It's not a type of plastic that is made to withstand being bent. If we don't mount these plates on something to increase their stability, I feel quite sure that one of the children (most likely my two year old who already shows an interest in roughhousing with the baseplate) will step on it while it's on an uneven surface and break it, or use it as a weapon to club someone over the head and break it. And because it would be a real pain to replace, and because at full price it's not exactly a cheap item, I really really, do not want them to break these plates.

If you happen to have rough-playing youngsters who aren't especially careful with their toys, I would either think of this as a supervise-only item (which is a pain), mount it on a rigid surface (but where to find a surface made of safe materials?) or maybe postpone buying it until the kids are older, and in the meantime stick with the smaller collection of 3 building plates offered on the Lego site (for about a third of what the large base costs here). While the smaller building plates are obviously not the 'ultimate' in Lego building accessories (they measure 7.5" x 3.75" or 12 x 6 pegs), they definitely up the versatility of the basic pieces significantly and allow for a lot more building possibilities. At 1/2 the thickness of standard bricks, the small plates are quite a bit more durable than the large baseplate. They could be broken, but it would require some serious effort and intent, I'd imagine. Lastly, the smaller building plates can also be stacked on top of Duplo bricks as well as serving as a small baseplate, while this large 15" x 15" plate could not, say, serve as a roof for a house. The large baseplate is definitely a single-function item.

I didn't feel like I bought these equipped with a realistic picture of what I was getting, and I hope I can provide that to someone else considering adding the baseplate to their collection. I'm glad I got our baseplates on sale, as I may have been a little disappointed in their durability had I paid full price. I think in the long run, they'll be a great addition to our Lego set - so I have no regrets, but I think the smaller plates will be more durable and suit our needs better while our children are young.
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on September 14, 2014
This is extremely durable,
This has been bent,thrown, stomped and anything else you can think of but still does not have a crack or even a scratch !!

I pleasantly surprised by how strong this is.
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on December 10, 2014
I first bought the Lego building plate for smaller sized Legos because I read that that plate can also be used for Duplo blocks. However, the Lego plate fit was imperfect and frustrated my 4.5 year old when he tried to put Duplos on the Lego building plate. So, I bought this Duplo building plate and it is so much easier for him to get his Duplos to stay put on the plate. The Duplo blocks are the perfect size for his age (4-5 year olds). In a year or two I am sure he will be on to the smaller legos but right now, the Duplos allow him to build easily without frustrating him with extra small pieces.

This Duplo buildiung plate is also a good size at 15 inches. It allows for building of various structures with the Duplo sized blocks. I bought two of them so that both of my kids could play side by side. I am happy with the purchase.
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on November 18, 2013
Used these plates to build a lego table for my grandson. Had to send the first one back due to chipping. These are very flimsy and hollow so they can be damaged very easily if something is dropped on them. Not solid like the older legos. Lego should be ashamed of this product.
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